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Dow Jones chart
0.0 (0.00) dot
Dow Jones16,501.650.00Citigroup$48.33$-0.07
NYSE Comp10,573.707.85General Electric$26.46$0.04
NASDAQ Comp4,148.2321.63Microsoft$39.85$0.16
AMEX Comp2,618.538.82Google$524.96$-1.98
S&P 500 ETF$187.83$0.38Intel$26.75$-0.01
USDJPY102.35950.1095Exxon Mobil$100.01$-0.49
USDEURO0.72320.0006JP Morgan$56.19$0.14
FTSE 1006,703.0028.26Omx Nordic 401,304.184.98
Dax Perf9,548.684.49AEX Index397.100.24
Omx Stockholm 301,365.2712.21Wig202,447.346.14
Cac 404,479.5428.46PSI 207,445.718.32
Euronext 100840.693.38All Swiss Shs520.792.39
Ftse Mib21,819.48143.73RTS Index1,145.6626.33
ISEQ General6,610.7523.65Athens Comp1,230.551.96
Nikkei 22514,367.5437.45Jakarta Comp4,891.080.00
Hang Seng22,567.350.00Straits Times Inde3,273.4310.50
Bse Sensex22,876.540.00Shanghai Comp2,057.030.00
TOPIX1,165.250.35ユーグレナ 元0.00元0.00
S&P/ASX 203,494.500.70REA Group Ltd$47.70$0.76
SH & SZ 3002,178.490.00Cheung Kong元136.40元0.00
Athens Comp1,230.551.96Cochlear Limited$57.72$0.62

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