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Net Savings Link Inc (PK)

Net Savings Link Inc (PK) (NSAV)

Closed March 01 04:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.0013 Day's Range 0.0016
0.001 52 Week Range 0.00544
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 23,683
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Net Savings Link Inc (PK)

NSAV Holding's vision is the establishment of a fully integrated technology company, which provides turnkey technological solutions to the cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset industries. Over time, the Company plans to provide a wide range of services such as software solutions, e-commerce,... NSAV Holding's vision is the establishment of a fully integrated technology company, which provides turnkey technological solutions to the cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital asset industries. Over time, the Company plans to provide a wide range of services such as software solutions, e-commerce, financial services, advisory services and information technology. Show more

Computer Programming Service
Business Services, Nec
Reno, Nevada, USA
Net Savings Link Inc (PK) is listed in the Computer Programming Service sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker NSAV. The last closing price for Net Savings Link (PK) was $0. Over the last year, Net Savings Link (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.001 to $ 0.00544.

Net Savings Link (PK) currently has 3,711,722,872 shares outstanding. Net Savings Link (PK) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 0.00.

NSAV Latest News

No news to show yet.
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NSAV Discussion

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carlson carlson 7 minutes ago
Varmit remember the countdown clock? What a joke!
🤡 1
varmit varmit 4 hours ago
What about the peeps that bought at .08/.10/.12./.14????????

We lost a freaking fortune !!!!!!!
rc310q rc310q 4 hours ago
You ask a question and I took it as a statement so you're not wrong
rc310q rc310q 9 hours ago
Now it looks like you're wrong Laker. If we were at one penny I'd be happy but there's nothing wrong with wishing and hoping and I hope nsav goes like crazy soon
bethkc bethkc 12 hours ago
👍️ 1 🤩 2
lydia1981 lydia1981 14 hours ago
Ego is the enemy.
jrsh jrsh 14 hours ago
Isn't the asset valuation due today???

But wait, we are back in clown's land since some time, so probably we won't get anything soon!!!
Turtle006 Turtle006 15 hours ago
I’ve got some bridges for sale in foreign countries and prim real estate overlooking the beautiful Florida Everglades, 😜 $NSAV for the win!
IronDwarf46 IronDwarf46 1 day ago
Yep. It was always just alfonso. Just him at his house with over $2m of judgements put against him. Hes in foreclosure and hes delinquent on his taxes. There is no team. No devs. No coding. Nothing. The exchange sell was fraudulent and im sure the guys suing him are gna file more fraid charges. I seen all the stuff against him on x. Its crazy.
🤡 2
lakers17 lakers17 1 day ago
Who cares? You charting sucks period. I have never seen someone so wrong. Throw out early 2021 when everyone made lots of money which you love to talk about and you have made virtually nothing in the OTC from 20+ plus years prior. Or lost money! Let's see those account figures prior to November 2020 for 20+ years and 2022 and 2023. Funny those are never posted. And I guess we finally will stop hearing about 3 year OTC cycles. They don't exist. You made it up. LOL December 2023 was nothing like December 2020. Strike 1. January 2024 was nothing like January 2021. Strike 2. And February 2024 has totally sucked and nothing like February 2021. Strike 3 and you're out. Wrong as always. And BTC is over $60,000 now and where is NSAV? Are we at .0114 yet, yet another horrible wrong call.

Zero correlation between NSAV and BTC in this 2024 market. Small cryptos and small OTC crypto companies have gotten killed. NSAV needs to get rid of JT and put out revenue news. And it needs to be significant revenues. Charts don't work in the OGTC and you are a total fraud, Rainman. 10 minutes to Wapner.

This is chartfraud AKA Rainman in action
❣️ 1
jrsh jrsh 1 day ago
If JT is involved don't hold your breath for any information soon!!!

Maybe next week!!!
rlpflorida rlpflorida 1 day ago
In my opinion, the discord updates tend to contain believable news/progress about NSAVx but I have no idea if the 'smoking news' mentioned today is going to be material or fluff. Usually, the discord news relates to NSAVx application updates, new tokens, licenses, etc. Wait and see!
bluefish1 bluefish1 1 day ago
Real, actual material news or more fluff PR stuff?
Chartmaster Chartmaster 1 day ago
Buying 14's here today! Big volume dip'n'rip day with bullish stochastics divergence!
👍️ 1 💩 1 🖕 1 🤡 1
rlpflorida rlpflorida 1 day ago
NSAV volume over 43M so far today. Very interesting...
👍️ 1
rlpflorida rlpflorida 1 day ago
For what it's worth, here is today's AWC/Discord/NSAVx Update:

DiVinciPay β€” Today at 11:47 AM
We have some smoking news. Waiting for approval to send

mick87#2019 β€” Today at 11:50 AM
Who needs to approve ? James ?

DiVinciPay β€” Today at 11:55 AM
He runs the company so yes, James.
👍️ 1
tapioca tapioca 1 day ago
Yea, and I posted it for them as a reminder.
jrsh jrsh 2 days ago
Because they are not delivering.. everything seems to be delayed into March at least!!!

Same old bring, frustrating and pathetic JT game!!!
Lokotony Lokotony 2 days ago
Only a few tried to sell that it was attached to BTC....Never was.
tapioca tapioca 2 days ago
BTC- 63k,, Nsav 0014
Lokotony Lokotony 3 days ago
Just need them to shine bright enough to get a good P&D that gets us to .012 and I can slough this off. I want my 10K back! Losing the money sucks, but the mental stress of the daily hope being dashed over a 3 year period.....uggghhhhh. I mean, yes, penny stock, I should have known, but I did learn the expensive lesson.
wi11iamp wi11iamp 3 days ago
They bought the exchange software off of amazon for 1k with hosting. They literally entered their cc info and clicked a button a boom they have an exchange. If you have 1k burning a hole in your pocket you could do it to! Its not like they hured engineers and built in from the ground up. They are still putting in minimal work to give the illusion something great is going on. Lookup that dude alfonso. Hes more crooked then jt!
👍️ 1
jrsh jrsh 3 days ago
Well, they CLAIM to have an operational exchange turning in revenue and a license, so there APPEARS to be progress, all what is needed is proof!!!

❣️ 1
Lokotony Lokotony 4 days ago
August 2021......I've seen ZERO results since. It's a penny stock. I think that means they are allowed to play these games.
jrsh jrsh 4 days ago
If all the stuff we did read the last 2 months is fake, I'm sure some folks will have some serious legal challenges!!!
Lokotony Lokotony 4 days ago
It's so very frustrating and as it never improves, let's me know it's a scam.All the news and dates and acquisitions I feel are just smoke up our butt and smoke that attracts new investors and the cycle continues.
jrsh jrsh 4 days ago
Will the NSAV asset verification be late as well??? I almost guess so!!!

In this respect nothing has changed.....dates given are seldom met and NEVER EVER did come in early!!!
Lokotony Lokotony 4 days ago
We're not real investors to them.....we're the dummies that pay for their drinks. Just give enough to hopefully produce more dummies. All we can wait on is a true P&D that gets us back to our avg.
jrsh jrsh 4 days ago
Missing another one of their own deadlines, and I really don't care who is responsible, would it be too much to asked for to get any information what is going on???

They know that we are sitting and waiting and I almost feel to be back in the clown's days who made some grazy stuff up and than just went silent for a long time or just dropped the ball!!!
boothjp21 boothjp21 5 days ago
The team is making progress and fins are due in a couple weeks. Once we see the increase in income, share price will follow.
👍️ 1
neomania neomania 7 days ago
I guarantee they won't have any revenue. The probably will say the pilot testing went well.
👍️ 1
jrsh jrsh 1 week ago
We will know soon enough!!!

The license is an important milestone proofing that they are making real progress!!! If they fail on that watch out!!!

98% sells today shows that the market bets on a failure!!!
👍️ 1
Lokotony Lokotony 1 week ago
Disappointment is absolute. This is all BS and we've learned that. I wonder if they have meetings and come up this BS.....thinking, we'll keep averaging down or they can get some more dummies...
jrsh jrsh 1 week ago
An update from TG from 2 days ago! !!! Very much appreciated!!!

But AGAIN they put time frames, so maybe another chance of disappointments!!!

rlpflorida rlpflorida 1 week ago
I think this was in response to a post by Vik Grover earlier today:
Nagrom10 Nagrom10 1 week ago
It’s not doing well.
panda11 panda11 1 week ago
Good morning All
Is this update good news for Nsav share price ?
Also , if the Exchange is doing so well with volume/commission fees then why why is the share price this low ?
Bless day
Arti3boy Arti3boy 1 week ago
Thanks for the update!!!
Nagrom10 Nagrom10 1 week ago
β€œGood morning $NSAV shareholders. Yesterday, and on time, we filed a response and objection to the Motion for Summary Judgement with the Illinois Court, in regards to our current litigation. Any statements to the contrary are false and a wilful attempt to deceive shareholders.”
tapioca tapioca 2 weeks ago
BTC at 52k, Nsav nadda..
😴 1
Lokotony Lokotony 2 weeks ago
I agree. Concern is, that this was a scam all along. Their marketing ploy from the beginning with the exchange and then after the countdown failed, one "agreement" after another with these little companies and ZERO to show for it. I'm 10K down......want to at least get half back!
lakers17 lakers17 2 weeks ago
The problem is they have had years to prove it's real. Their strategy to get the price up worked in 2021 but not in this 2024 OTC market. It's up to NSAV to prove credibility and revenues now. The filings in April or May for Q1 will do that. And JT needs to go. Seriously, he was supposed to be gone a long time ago. If he is still running the show, not good. Crypto has also developed more and all the micros and DeFis are not following BTC this time around like 2021. Same with the small crypto companies. Not following BTC in this latest run. Most will fail. Like I have stated before I would not put my money in any central exchange unless it was big and stable. Right now I use Kraken, as I own a lot of crypto. And even bigger exchanges can have issues like FTX.
poor2blessed poor2blessed 2 weeks ago
Great advice!!

What a crappy way to live!!
Lokotony Lokotony 2 weeks ago
I don't think any of it's real and even though I've lost so much with it, worst part is the stress of the dream, as it slowly went down the toilet...
fozzystephen fozzystephen 2 weeks ago
Great advice shotsky. Ignore button has served us well over the years. GLTY
lakers17 lakers17 2 weeks ago
This stock will be done by April or May if they don't show significant revenues in Q1. Not like $10,000 or some crap number. I own over 40 cryptos and personally I would never use them as an exchange. too risky as many of the small ones fold. And I sure wouldn't buy their native coin. What happened to Safshop? But first get rid of JT and have a new strong leader.
👍️ 1
shotsky shotsky 2 weeks ago
They aren't naysayers. They are only working hard to get responses. They won't respond to YOU, but YOU respond to them. Put them on ignore.
Just try to understand that they make shit up to say about any stock they are working. They do not respond, ever. The point is solely to get responses from the rest of us. They aren't shareholders and never will be. They don't trade stocks. They ridicule stocks to get people to respond. Just don't.
👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1 ❣️ 1
Arti3boy Arti3boy 2 weeks ago
I agree with you there, I’m just pointing out the obvious, the naysayers will say look they aren’t making shit and work hard to sink it. That’s my point, just stay strong until first quarter financials come out.
👍️ 2 ❣️ 1
jack7377 jack7377 2 weeks ago
NSAV#$$: Hey Bulba, it won't be until mid May before we get the full 1st Qtr. Financials. That's when this Puppy is going to make a jump to PennyLand.
👍️ 1
jrsh jrsh 2 weeks ago
But it will proof that they are serious with us now and HAVE any revenue and it will be an indication how much rev we can hopefully at least expect in the future!!!

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