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Seafarer Exploration Corp (PK)

Seafarer Exploration Corp (PK) (SFRX)

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OutOfBounds OutOfBounds 5 minutes ago
What if seasearcher successfully located a decent amount of silver under the toredo crust? They have evidence of silver at the site…. Media plans in the works to document recovery of artifact? Why hire media if nothing exists under worm poop? Ability to use technology to search other sites? Plans for museum? Lot of possibilities that will come to light in the future. Cream rises to top, turds sink to bottom? Or the turds rise to the top, hot air balloon descends… got my popcorn ready.
hedge_fun hedge_fun 5 minutes ago
You're a real good fit here. SFRX has.......

a multitude of shareholders ignorant regarding salvage law.

It's like someone suggesting you don't need to be registered with the state to transact business there. Heck, you can sell produce and sell alcohol, you don't even need a license.

I just linked a Court Order that stated Sea Hunt needed prior permission from Spain, which was upheld by the Supremes, to be awarded a salvage fee.

But the geniuses here think SFRX doesn't need prior permission, and Spain will gladly give a large portion of their cultural heritage to SFRX's SFRX.

And everyone knows SFRX is special.
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 17 minutes ago
Hopefully today is THAT Day !!!
Dang thing gapped up to 109 just like that ....

trueblue trueblue 32 minutes ago
Run forest run!! Sfrx shareholders are making money!!! I also noticed the volume in shares is picking up!! ??? $$$$$$$$$ jmo
👍️ 1
trueblue trueblue 48 minutes ago
Real shareholders love seeing the price per share move higher!!! Jmo oh wait I forgot years ago someone said Sfrx was a hot air balloon!! Wrong, jmo
👍️ 1
IronChefQuezon IronChefQuezon 59 minutes ago
He just insults people all over the site. Having a guy twice your age call you a "little bitch" makes it an easy ignore. I'm here to make money; if you want to act like a child there's plenty of other social media available.
IronChefQuezon IronChefQuezon 1 hour ago
Looking great! Time to close over a cent!
hedge_fun hedge_fun 1 hour ago
SFRX's the sole owner of Juno, period. Spain.......

never made a claim when the Admiralty Arrest was first sought, nor did Florida. Neither were a party in the case.

After the 1987 Abandoned Shipwreck Act was passed, Florida assumed ownership of all wrecks in state waters, but Juno was grandfathered in. Judd apparently didn't understand this, and for some reason neither did SFRX, at least for some time.

Florida made claims on the Atocha and other wrecks, Spain did not. Hence the division with MFT and the state.

Spain didn't start making claims until the late 90's with the wrecks off Virgina. At first Spain won the rights to Juno but lost LaGalga, which was appealed.

IV. Conclusion
Regardless of whether or not JUNO and LA GALGA are considered to be warships, they are subject to a rule of express abandonment under the Fourth Circuit's precedent in Columbus-America. Sea Hunt has succeeded in showing by "strong and convincing" evidence that, through the 1763 Treaty, Spain has expressly abandoned title to LA GALGA. Therefore, title to LA GALGA now lies with Virginia *692 under the Abandoned Shipwreck Act, and Sea Hunt may continue with its salvage efforts according to the terms of the VMRC permits. There has been no such evidence of abandonment, however, as to JUNO. Neither the 1819 Treaty nor the declaration of war in 1898 contain any evidence of an abandonment of JUNO by Spain. Therefore Spain retains title to JUNO's wreck, and Virginia has no claim to JUNO under the Abandoned Shipwreck Act. Sea Hunt may not, without Spain's permission, continue salvage operations on the remains of JUNO.

The question remains as to whether Sea Hunt is entitled to a salvage award for JUNO under traditional salvage law. Spain has specifically indicated that it wishes to treat JUNO as a maritime grave and does not want the wreck to be salvaged. As this issue has not been fully argued by the parties, the question of whether Sea Hunt is entitled to an award under salvage law for salvage work performed on JUNO is expressly RESERVED, pending supplemental briefing by the parties. Each party to the case is ORDERED to submit a supplemental brief on the issue of whether Sea Hunt is entitled to a salvage award for JUNO within 30 days of the entry of this Order. The Court may require further evidence concerning the extent of the salvage conducted on JUNO. Amicus United States is also granted leave to submit a brief on this issue if it so chooses.

It is ORDERED, as to Spain's Motion for Summary Judgement that Spain retains title to and ownership of JUNO, and that its claim of ownership and title to LA GALGA is DENIED and DISMISSED. It is further ORDERED that Sea Hunt's Motion for Partial Judgement on the Pleadings is GRANTED to the extent that the Commonwealth of Virginia owns and has title to LA GALGA and was acting in accord with existing authority in issuing a salvage permit to Sea Hunt for LA GALGA.

Upon appeal, the 4th Circuit ruled with Spain, and later the US Supreme Court upheld the 4th Circuit's opinion.

We reverse the judgment of the district court that the Kingdom of Spain abandoned the vessel LA GALGA. We affirm the judgment of the district court as to JUNO. Both vessels remain the property of Spain. The judgment of the district court is accordingly

We affirm the district court's denial of a salvage award to Sea Hunt. The district court found, "It is the right of the owner of any vessel to refuse unwanted salvage. Sea Hunt knew before bringing this action that the JUNO was a Spanish ship and that Spain might make a claim of ownership and decline salvage. . . . Because Sea Hunt had prior knowledge of Spain's ownership interests and had reason to expect Spain's ownership claim and refusal to agree to salvage activity on JUNO, Sea Hunt can not be entitled to any salvage award."

But this is the most important part of the ruling.

The United States "is the owner of military vessels, thousands of which have been lost at sea, along with their crews. In supporting Spain, the United States seeks to insure that its sunken vessels and lost crews are treated as sovereign ships and honored graves, and are not subject to exploration, or exploitation, by private parties seeking treasures of the sea." Amicus Curiae Br. of U.S. at 1. Protection of the sacred sites of other nations thus assists in preventing the disturbance and exploitation of our own. Here the government's interest is rooted in customary international law. See 8 Digest of U.S. Practice in International Law 999, 1006 (1980) (noting that interference with sunken military vessels, "especially those with deceased individuals," is "improper" and that foreign governments' requests to have such views respected "should be honored").

It bears repeating that matters as sensitive as these implicate important interests of the executive branch. Courts cannot just turn over the sovereign shipwrecks of other nations to commercial salvors where negotiated treaties show no sign of an abandonment, and where the nations involved all agree that title to the shipwrecks remains with the original owner. Far from abandoning these shipwrecks, Spain has vigorously asserted its ownership rights in this proceeding. Nothing in the law of admiralty suggests that Spain has abandoned its dead by respecting their final resting place at sea.

Now Kyle and Huffy can claim all the merchant vessel BS they want, but they're full it. The Juno site is grandfathered. Whatever is there belongs to SFRX and no one else.

Any other new wrecks found would not be grandfathered, and a Spanish vessel, unless abandoned by an expressed act, would remain the property of Spain.

Glad I could help.

Me no no no see.
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 2 hours ago
SFRX has an Admiralty Claim at Juno I believe.
This would definitely throw a wrinkle into everything you are speaking about.
sctts sctts 5 hours ago
$$$$$Today is the Day$$$$$
$$$$$ SFRX $$$$$
hedge_fun hedge_fun 13 hours ago
Florida doesn’t own Spanish wrecks even in……..

state waters, Spain does.

Florida can’t issue a permit excavation on such a wreck. It’s against the law, as Florida told Kyle and Timmy in the links I provided.

If you would simply read the links I have provided, but that appears to be too challenging for you.

Spain owns those wrecks and those wrecks are protected via Sovereign Immunity.

If SFRX wants to excavate what they believe is a Spanish wreck, they need to talk with Spain, the owner of the wreck and get permission.
trueblue trueblue 14 hours ago
Back in the day it was mentioned that this expert person had invested in a company that he thought would go higher! Apparently the company’s chart he was reading for the future was upside down!! Jmo I’ll stay invested also in Sfrx like other intelligent people!! Jmo
RC62 RC62 14 hours ago
So, you know that if the treasure is found and seafarer requests to make an underwater archaeological excavation with the goal of “not plundering “ the treasure. Allowing the artifacts to be placed in museums, that Spain and Florida would absolutely, unequivocally deny that because Sir Hedge has predetermined that just can’t happen. Underwater archaeology would be amazing, but it just won’t happen because Sir Hedge knows how it works. This featherweight bows down to the almighty Hedge
hedge_fun hedge_fun 14 hours ago
Is Florida wrong regarding the SMCA? If so……


I know you can’t, as it seems beyond your ability to address anything I have provided.

You’re a good fit in your field.

hedge_fun hedge_fun 14 hours ago
Spain has ALREADY responded to SFRX……geez

I linked it.

Further, Spain is bound by a legal treaty they signed. The US never signed on to UNESCO but their stated policy is Spain’s wrecks are protected under Sovereign Immunity.

I have provided links, as has Raider.

What is the UNESCO Convention on Protection of Underwater culture heritage?

Recognizing that underwater cultural heritage is largely undervalued, the 2001 Convention provides a common legally binding framework for States Parties on how to better identify, research and protect their underwater heritage while ensuring its preservation and sustainability. Sep 22, 2023

I don’t have time for lightweights.

Perhaps you can respond to the links I have provided instead of saying I haven’t provided proof.

Kyle says the tech works.

Ask him for proof.
RC62 RC62 14 hours ago
Did I mention Florida being wrong as well? Nope.
RC62 RC62 15 hours ago
I’m pointing out that you don’t know what the response from Spain will be. You throw down your wild card and pretend that it’s the game changer. Game over. Sorry, I don’t buy it. And for you to claim unequivocally what will happen, is per usual for you. Nobody knows. Admit that. But you can’t. I’m not sure what will happen.
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 15 hours ago
hedge_fun hedge_fun 15 hours ago
When did I imply silver dissolves? Link……


Spain’s attorney has addressed Kyle’s and Craig’s bullshit claims. They have representation. They don’t need me.

Me no hear… no hear… no hear.
hedge_fun hedge_fun 15 hours ago
The Federal Register doesn’t provide evidence……

of Sovereign Immunity protections?


You don’t know Spain won their battle with OMEX claiming in part, Sovereign Immunity?

I guess the next thing you’ll tell me is the State of Florida is wrong too.

Not like they cite chapter and verse of the SMCA when communicating with Kyle and Timmy.

Me no see….me no see……me no see.

trueblue trueblue 16 hours ago
I am enjoying the pps moving higher!!! The silence is golden!! Especially since they have been here for years and don’t own any shares?? Odd in the least!! Very!! Jmo
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 17 hours ago
Right !!!!
trueblue trueblue 18 hours ago
After watching and responding to some posts over the years I found the ignore button is great!!! Just maybe I’ll turn it off soon when we hit .02? Jmo
RC62 RC62 18 hours ago
Let’s see.

I never said I was a “you’re a self-professed hedge expert”. You did. Why did you do that? Oh, wait, if you can throw me into the mix then you can attempt deflect my questions.

“Silver degrades in salt water. That’s a fact.” True, enough, but you’re implying that it’s all gone.

You build the straw man argument then prove your prowess by knocking it down. TKO by Sir Hedge!!!

Rut ro, wasn’t a knock out …. What about silver that gets buried under sand, mud, whatever? Is that gone as well. How do you know what happened to the silver? Proof please.

When did Spain make you their spokesperson? I’m confused. Have they told you that it’s not going to happen? No other options? No negotiation? 10-90, 20-80, 30-70, …

Again, bring out the straw man and TKO Sir Hedge. I’m not the one claiming that I know exactly what and how Spain will react. You are. Hence, proof please.
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 19 hours ago
👍 🎯 😜
RC62 RC62 19 hours ago
I’m not the one that has given any opinions. I’ve only reflected upon your comments that I just pointed out that you have yet to provide evidence for your claims. Definitely believe that you are an able politician who has yet again deflected the question of where your evidence comes from. You’re the one who’s making outrageous statements and my calling you out for you to provide evidence still stands.
Raider21 Raider21 20 hours ago
Quote: " Paid-Bashers "

No little birdy I am definitely not a 'paid basher'. Yes, I have monitored and posted here for a long time, recognizing the inexperience (meaning they seem to never learn) and incompetence of this company based upon my own experience having dove and salvaged shipwrecks in many parts of the Western Hemisphere. I've dove for some of the best.

The up coming 'worm poop show' will spell it all out for you.
hedge_fun hedge_fun 21 hours ago
Welcome to Ihub. 2 posts so far and….

you’re a self-professed hedge expert, which is flattering. That field is growing.

A couple of things real quick. I haven’t said the tech doesn’t work. I have asked for proof it does. SFRX has claimed it worked since July 2019. How do they know? Where’s the data to support that claim?

SFRX has made claims about the Melbourne site that their own Bureau reports contradicted….ie “we’re on the wreck.”

Silver degrades in salt water. That’s a fact. Glad you have seen the coin. Seems like SFRX would show it off to the public. Maybe the big media deal requires them to keep it on the down low. Yeah, that must be it.

Lastly, can you site the law that gives SFRX the right to Spain’s cultural heritage? I suppose you not only have a law degree, but are an engineer as well.

US policy, as stated in the Federal Register clearly states their cultural heritage is protected by Sovereign Immunity. Here’s the link below.

Have a nice day. And again, welcome to the Hub.

Juno is NOT protected by Sovereign Immunity, as the Court Order predates the policy stated below.

In accordance with Spanish and international law, Spain has not abandoned or otherwise relinquished its ownership or other interests with respect to such vessels and/or its contents, except by specific action pertaining to particular vessels or property taken by Royal Decree or Act of Parliament in accordance with Spanish law.
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 24 hours ago
" Paid-Bashers "

Him and his Buddy, Raider, have More posts on this board over the years than Everyone Else combined !!!!!

( FACT )
Look it up ....
Ridiculous on a Good Day, IMO.
👍️ 1
RC62 RC62 2 days ago
I apologize to Sir Hedge and the board. I realize that I am new to this adventure and after reading tons of past posts I have concluded that I have confused Sir Hedge’s fascination with expertise. I mean what qualifies someone to be an expert in evaluating turds? Perhaps it is only a fascination. A master’s in Biology with a specialty in turds?

I’ve read that Sir Hedge has a problem with someone’s toy …. So, what direct knowledge does Sir Hedge have with it? Has he seen the schematics? Has he seen any of the test results? And what degree in engineering does he have? He never mentions any concrete facts, but he looks deep into his toilet bowl and suddenly he knows all about the toy … He says, with authority, that it doesn’t work. How exactly does he know that? Proof not poop please.

Sir Hedge is quick to point out the law and unequivocally makes conclusions based on his knowledge about past cases… where did he get his law degree? If he had, he would know that every case stands on its own merits. According to Sir Hedge, it’s a lost cause. Probably thinks O.J. really was not guilty.

I was particularly impressed by his claim that if silver was lost in the site that it would have been destroyed or something like that … how does he know that? They found a coin that looked pretty intact to me. A silver real. Hmm, but if you follow Sir Hedge, it’s all gone now. So sorry. Move on. Did he look deeply into his toilet bowl and watch the silver degrade? Yes, silver in contact with salt water, over time, will do this. But, I ask you, Sir Hedge, how do you know that has happened? Proof not poop.

I’m new at this and this is my honest opinion about Sir Hedge’s fantasy about seafarers future.
Raider21 Raider21 2 days ago
’ll stay seated and finish watching how this movie ends! Grabbing more Carmel popcorn!! Jmo

Inevitably, a sad ending forthcoming.
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 2 days ago
RC62 RC62 2 days ago
Well, the amazing, the astute, and the all knowing turd examiner has spoken and must be acknowledged for their ability. I hereby and forever acknowledge that they are indeed the king of turd knowledge and as such I am limiting their expertise to the same. What fertilizer penny stocks should we be buying Sir Hedge? Your constant inputs remind me of my kids complaining about scraping turds off their shoes.
👍️ 1
trueblue trueblue 2 days ago
Not sure when they will be digging? Not sure what is there when it comes to $$$ I do know I have been here a long time, and have what I think is a lot of shares. I’ll stay seated and finish watching how this movie ends! Grabbing more Carmel popcorn!! Jmo
hedge_fun hedge_fun 2 days ago
I think you meant, lay another turd…….

That’s what they’re known for in the industry, turd laying.

There is a huge gap in what they want to be known for (industry leading recovery process, game changing tech) and what they’re actually known for.

The gap is so wide you could place 15B turds end to end within said gap.

Most shareholders have gotten so used to the smell, there won’t be any ramifications if they lay yet another turd at Juno.

For the record, I hope they don’t. I hope they prove us skeptic wrong. TB promised fried crow.

Happy Saturday!
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 2 days ago
Honestly, can't see all the things that have happened just for SFRX to lay a Turd here.
They obviously know the ramifications of all this.
ricksterva ricksterva 2 days ago
They'll dig in the next 4 weeks. All that matters is if they find/don't find treasure.

Volume is nice, but unless you sell, it's only paper profits, that could (hopefully not) disappear in a several hours.
trueblue trueblue 3 days ago
.006 to .0097 in a month is fine!! .0097 to .016 or so next month is fine!! Main thing is moving higher on fairly large volume! Jmo
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 3 days ago
Maybe we can close over a Penny/Share by EOM
EmpressWanderer93 EmpressWanderer93 3 days ago
I don't use twitter but SFRX only has 405 followers. That just goes to show many people don't know about this yet.
ricksterva ricksterva 3 days ago
Seeing more action/posts on Twitter/X, then I've ever seen !! $SRFX
trueblue trueblue 3 days ago
I’m seeing almost triple value, since we found out about the permit!!! .004 to .011 yesterday!! No complaints from this shareholder!!! Triple my Sfrx money once a month!!! Priceless!!! Jmo$$$$$$$$$
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 3 days ago
Very Soon .....
sctts sctts 3 days ago
$$$$$Today is the Day$$$$$
$$$$$ SFRX $$$$$
trueblue trueblue 4 days ago
Dang missed all the excitement today almost!!! I was busy counting nvd@ money!!! .01 is a nice start!! In my opinion! Of course that is what this real shareholder thinks!! Next stop .013!!! Jmo
sctts sctts 4 days ago
Back to lurking. I don't like posting much

Always appreciated your posts, from way back
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 4 days ago
Thanks for the correction.
Personally, I'm glad to see you on here.
We need more " intelligence " on this board.
👍️ 1
jrf30 jrf30 4 days ago
"Damn Market Makers !!!!"

SOrry dude. T-trades almost never are caused by market makers.

They are private shares being sold for the first time, and then reported a second time after closing as one MM settles with the other. I have sold numerous companies, including this one, where they showed up on t-trades. If a stock is decreasing in value and has t-trades, it means someone is selling and knocking it down. If the stock is still rising, like this one is, then it means the seller is slowing the ascent, but still is a positive event, because it means when that large seller is done it can move up faster, as buyers obviously are still buying.

Back to lurking. I don't like posting much
👍️ 1
LittleBirdin my Ear LittleBirdin my Ear 4 days ago
Damn Market Makers !!!!
Would be really nice if we could get this outta the Crooked OTC ...
jrf30 jrf30 4 days ago
Second T trade in a week, NOw we know why it has been held down below a penny, including today.

912K in T trade shares. dissemination and still rising. A very good sign.
👍️ 1

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