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NASDAQ : Company Listings

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The NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) is an electronic stock exchange with more than 3,300 company listings. It currently has a greater trading volume than any other U.S. stock exchange, carrying out approximately 1.8 billion trades per day. The NYSE is still considered the biggest exchange because its market capitalisation far exceeds that of the NASDAQ. The NASDAQ trades shares in a variety of companies, but is well known for being a high-tech exchange, trading many new, high growth, and volatile stocks. This is partially due to the fact that the listing fees on the NASDAQ are significantly lower than those for the New York Stock Exchange whose maximum price is only $150,000. The NASDAQ is a publicly owned company, trading its shares on its own exchange under the ticker symbol NDAQ.

The NASDAQ Stock Market - Copyright Kowloonese (English Wikipedia)
The NASDAQ Stock Market

The NASDAQ, as an electronic exchange, has no physical trading floor, but conducts all of its trades through a computer and telecommunications system. The exchange is a dealers' market, meaning brokers buy and sell stocks through a market maker rather than from each other. A market maker deals in a particular stock and holds a certain number of stocks on his own books so that when a broker wants to purchase shares, he can purchase them directly from the market maker.

The NASDAQ is located in New York's Times Square. The building is instantly recognisably by its large outdoor electronic display which provides up to the minute financial information 24 hours a day.

Companies listed on the NASDAQ
Company NameSymbolChartPriceChange% ChangeVolume
American Airlines Group IncAALAAL -0.8020.37-0.80-3.78%31,208,643
Apple IncAAPLAAPL +0.22145.86+0.22+0.15%70,388,306
Adamis Pharmaceuticals CorporationADMPADMP +0.131.19+0.13+11.79%19,581,436
AGNC Investment CorporationAGNCAGNC -0.2815.90-0.28-1.73%7,723,957
Allied Healthcare Products IncAHPIAHPI +2.318.25+2.31+38.89%110,004,496
Applied Materials IncAMATAMAT +2.42139.92+2.42+1.76%8,555,119
Advanced Micro Devices IncAMDAMD +3.27106.22+3.27+3.18%125,579,526
Amazon comAMZNAMZN -272.333,327.59-272.33-7.56%9,957,667
Ardelyx IncARDXARDX +0.031.74+0.03+1.75%83,647,152
Atossa Therapeutics IncATOSATOS -0.922.98-0.92-23.59%41,191,554
Activision Blizzard IncATVIATVI +0.0583.62+0.05+0.06%7,054,986
AstraZeneca PLCAZNAZN -0.3957.25-0.39-0.68%7,336,451
Bridgeline Digital IncBLINBLIN +0.486.36+0.48+8.16%13,221,077
Vanguard Total Bond MarketBNDBND +0.1186.74+0.11+0.13%7,555,329
Bionano Genomics IncBNGOBNGO -0.165.93-0.16-2.63%6,185,282
Borqs Technologies IncBRQSBRQS +0.010.76+0.01+1.69%10,027,711
Bit Digital IncBTBTBTBT +1.038.99+1.03+12.94%36,676,351
Chembio Diagnostics IncCEMICEMI +0.052.84+0.05+1.61%6,368,642
Cinedigm CorporationCIDMCIDM +0.041.61+0.04+2.23%14,039,725
Clover Health Investments CorporationCLOVCLOV -0.148.08-0.14-1.70%7,433,801
Comcast CorporationCMCSACMCSA +0.7558.86+0.75+1.29%22,478,353
Cocrystal Pharma IncCOCPCOCP -0.041.16-0.04-3.33%17,119,726
Cisco Systems IncCSCOCSCO +0.3155.38+0.31+0.55%13,437,590
CSX CorporationCSXCSX +0.2432.33+0.24+0.75%7,802,727
DraftKings IncDKNGDKNG -1.2748.52-1.27-2.55%7,627,599
eBay IncEBAYEBAY -5.1968.22-5.19-7.07%11,991,952
iShares JP Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond ETFEMBEMB +0.30112.73+0.30+0.27%6,767,855
Ensysce Biosciences IncENSCENSC +0.015.57+0.01+0.18%6,717,491
Erytech Pharma SAERYPERYP +2.246.35+2.24+54.45%58,563,985
Facebook IncFBFB -1.96356.36-1.96-0.55%15,968,211
FuelCell Energy IncFCELFCEL -0.096.34-0.09-1.40%9,271,509
Fifth Third BancorpFITBFITB -0.3436.30-0.34-0.93%8,250,813
Flex LtdFLEXFLEX +0.4717.97+0.47+2.69%7,500,158
Futu Holdings LtdFUTUFUTU -2.41102.47-2.41-2.30%8,124,630
Gilead Sciences IncGILDGILD -1.5268.31-1.52-2.18%9,619,744
Huntington Bancshares IncHBANHBAN -0.2814.08-0.28-1.95%13,944,083
Robinhood Markets IncHOODHOOD +0.4535.27+0.45+1.29%40,595,750
Histogen IncHSTOHSTO +0.060.90+0.06+6.63%15,771,511
Ideanomics IncIDEXIDEX -0.052.37-0.05-2.07%7,739,483
iFresh IncIFMKIFMK +0.231.34+0.23+20.72%17,480,204
Infinity Pharmaceuticals IncINFIINFI -0.222.11-0.22-9.42%9,812,151
Intel CorporationINTCINTC +0.0253.72+0.02+0.04%16,460,137
iQiyi IncIQIQ -0.1711.17-0.17-1.50%6,620,550
Iterum Therapeutics PLCITRMITRM -0.090.78-0.09-10.66%10,553,886
JetBlue Airways CorporationJBLUJBLU -0.3614.79-0.36-2.38%8,495,291
JD com IncJDJD -1.0270.91-1.02-1.42%9,945,993
Lucid Group IncLCIDLCID +0.3423.69+0.34+1.46%11,104,088
Li Auto IncLILI +2.7233.38+2.72+8.87%27,440,322
Mondelez International IncMDLZMDLZ -0.0963.24-0.09-0.14%6,402,626
Meta Materials IncMMATMMAT -0.033.51-0.03-0.85%7,085,371
Marin Software IncorporatedMRINMRIN +1.808.26+1.80+27.86%58,159,517
Moderna IncMRNAMRNA +7.94353.58+7.94+2.30%11,336,114
Microsoft CorporationMSFTMSFT -1.55284.95-1.55-0.54%20,941,624
Micron Technology IncMUMU +0.4877.56+0.48+0.62%12,588,058
Naked Brands Group LtdNAKDNAKD -0.000.53-0.00-0.73%12,320,066
NanoVibronix IncNAOVNAOV +0.062.47+0.06+2.49%42,607,880
Nikola CorporationNKLANKLA -0.1711.86-0.17-1.41%16,543,699
NVIDIA CorporationNVDANVDA -1.73194.89-1.73-0.88%18,324,393
Newell Brands IncNWLNWL -2.4624.76-2.46-9.04%9,563,427
Ocugen IncOCGNOCGN -0.116.71-0.11-1.61%7,069,729
ON SemiconductorONON +0.4539.06+0.45+1.17%7,525,225
Opendoor Technologies IncOPENOPEN -0.1414.83-0.14-0.94%6,415,807
Opko Health IncOPKOPK -0.303.44-0.30-7.91%11,388,431
Peoples United Financial IncPBCTPBCT -0.1615.71-0.16-1.01%18,734,954
Plug Power IncPLUGPLUG +0.0927.29+0.09+0.33%10,444,412
PayPal Holdings IncPYPLPYPL -7.64275.53-7.64-2.70%11,686,689
QUALCOMM IncQCOMQCOM -1.18149.81-1.18-0.78%8,402,460
360 DigiTech IncQFINQFIN -0.7421.24-0.74-3.37%6,408,730
Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1QQQQQQ -1.96364.52-1.96-0.53%36,457,584
Lordstown Motors CorporationRIDERIDE +0.046.24+0.04+0.65%8,230,822
Royalty Pharma PLCRPRXRPRX -0.0538.20-0.05-0.13%6,971,807
Cassava Sciences IncSAVASAVA -33.7569.60-33.75-32.66%25,148,818
SiNtx Technologies IncSINTSINT +0.091.69+0.09+5.63%6,568,389
Sirius XM Holdings IncSIRISIRI -0.036.46-0.03-0.46%16,151,647
Sundial Growers IncSNDLSNDL +0.000.82+0.00+0.21%57,324,263
SoFi Technologies IncSOFISOFI -0.1615.44-0.16-1.05%6,633,947
ProShares UltraPro Short QQQSQQQSQQQ +0.138.34+0.13+1.60%79,965,898
Skyworks Solutions IncSWKSSWKS -12.17184.50-12.17-6.19%7,402,953
Taoping Inc BVITAOPTAOP +0.193.41+0.19+5.96%23,957,465
Trip com Group LtdTCOMTCOM -1.7925.95-1.79-6.45%7,880,594
Tellurian IncTELLTELL -0.213.78-0.21-5.15%11,624,057
UP Fintech Holding LtdTIGRTIGR -0.1815.98-0.18-1.11%6,440,024
Tilray IncTLRYTLRY -0.8214.60-0.82-5.32%22,124,149
iShares 20 plus Year Treasury BondTLTTLT +0.78149.60+0.78+0.52%14,342,140
T Mobile US IncTMUSTMUS -0.61144.02-0.61-0.42%6,599,872
ProShares UltraPro QQQTQQQTQQQ -2.07132.69-2.07-1.54%28,256,466
Tesla IncTSLATSLA +10.25687.60+10.25+1.51%29,604,253
United Airlines Holdings IncUALUAL -1.7746.72-1.77-3.65%12,060,730
Upwork IncUPWKUPWK -5.7651.78-5.76-10.01%7,050,988
ViacomCBS IncVIACVIAC -0.7640.93-0.76-1.82%8,012,338
Viatris IncVTRSVTRS -0.2214.07-0.22-1.54%6,902,900
Vaxart IncVXRTVXRT -0.607.20-0.60-7.69%8,972,736
Energous CorporationWATTWATT +0.102.53+0.10+4.12%6,594,275
Walgreens Boots Alliance IncWBAWBA +0.1547.19+0.15+0.32%9,694,350
ContextLogic IncWISHWISH -0.049.94-0.04-0.40%24,510,719
SCWorx CorporationWORXWORX +0.222.22+0.22+11.00%31,114,705
Waitr Holdings IncWTRHWTRH +0.081.69+0.08+4.97%6,855,631
Xenetic Biosciences IncXBIOXBIO -1.294.01-1.29-24.34%18,341,264
Exela Technologies IncXELAXELA +0.032.63+0.03+1.15%13,153,630
Zynga IncZNGAZNGA -0.1110.10-0.11-1.08%18,245,301

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