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NASDAQ : Company Listings

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The NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) is an electronic stock exchange with more than 3,300 company listings. It currently has a greater trading volume than any other U.S. stock exchange, carrying out approximately 1.8 billion trades per day. The NYSE is still considered the biggest exchange because its market capitalisation far exceeds that of the NASDAQ. The NASDAQ trades shares in a variety of companies, but is well known for being a high-tech exchange, trading many new, high growth, and volatile stocks. This is partially due to the fact that the listing fees on the NASDAQ are significantly lower than those for the New York Stock Exchange whose maximum price is only $150,000. The NASDAQ is a publicly owned company, trading its shares on its own exchange under the ticker symbol NDAQ.

The NASDAQ Stock Market - Copyright Kowloonese (English Wikipedia)
The NASDAQ Stock Market

The NASDAQ, as an electronic exchange, has no physical trading floor, but conducts all of its trades through a computer and telecommunications system. The exchange is a dealers' market, meaning brokers buy and sell stocks through a market maker rather than from each other. A market maker deals in a particular stock and holds a certain number of stocks on his own books so that when a broker wants to purchase shares, he can purchase them directly from the market maker.

The NASDAQ is located in New York's Times Square. The building is instantly recognisably by its large outdoor electronic display which provides up to the minute financial information 24 hours a day.

Companies listed on the NASDAQ
Company NameSymbolChartPriceChange% ChangeVolume
American Airlines Group IncAALAAL -0.1921.95-0.19-0.84%13,916,336
Apple IncAAPLAAPL -0.53133.97-0.53-0.39%45,141,608
Acasti Pharma IncACSTACST -0.040.40-0.04-8.74%11,248,635
Advaxis IncADXSADXS -0.040.48-0.04-8.09%5,284,932
Alexion Pharmaceuticals IncALXNALXN +6.26163.80+6.26+3.97%4,672,956
Applied Materials IncAMATAMAT -0.86133.55-0.86-0.64%4,180,500
Advanced Micro Devices IncAMDAMD -0.6182.41-0.61-0.73%30,725,747
APA CorporationAPAAPA -0.2217.85-0.22-1.23%3,600,676
Aphria IncAPHAAPHA +0.2313.82+0.23+1.69%6,187,684
Assertio Holdings IncASRTASRT -0.050.48-0.05-8.90%5,991,745
Atossa Therapeutics IncATOSATOS -0.071.66-0.07-4.05%3,494,558
AstraZeneca PLCAZNAZN -0.0850.75-0.08-0.16%14,722,833
Biolase IncBIOLBIOL -0.050.72-0.05-6.92%4,290,369
Ballard Power Systems IncBLDPBLDP +0.9421.57+0.94+4.53%3,539,154
Bionano Genomics IncBNGOBNGO -0.495.62-0.49-8.04%16,312,276
Canaan IncCANCAN +0.4313.16+0.43+3.38%9,073,606
Centennial Resource Development IncCDEVCDEV -0.324.15-0.32-7.06%5,139,472
Cinedigm CorporationCIDMCIDM -0.011.17-0.01-0.97%7,455,718
Clover Health Investments CorporationCLOVCLOV +2.159.50+2.15+29.23%130,183,401
Comcast CorporationCMCSACMCSA +0.7754.91+0.77+1.42%7,644,085
Coinbase Global IncCOINCOIN +16.47339.22+16.47+5.10%14,421,778
Cisco Systems IncCSCOCSCO +1.1952.83+1.19+2.30%14,264,277
Color Star Technology Company LtdCSCWCSCW -0.101.12-0.10-7.85%3,774,484
Castor Maritime IncCTRMCTRM -0.000.45-0.00-0.13%86,770,794
Citius Pharmaceuticals IncCTXRCTXR -0.041.67-0.04-2.34%4,533,792
Discovery IncDISCADISCA -0.3137.52-0.31-0.81%5,435,519
DraftKings IncDKNGDKNG +0.4057.88+0.40+0.70%10,296,674
Esports Technologies IncEBETEBET -10.4226.00-10.42-28.61%7,229,010
Ebang International Holdings IncEBONEBON +0.394.61+0.39+9.12%61,815,114
Editas Medicine IncEDITEDIT -6.8834.10-6.88-16.79%4,123,267
Energy Focus IncEFOIEFOI +0.314.06+0.31+8.27%6,385,414
EricssonERICERIC +0.2114.05+0.21+1.55%4,545,796
Facebook IncFBFB -2.75305.08-2.75-0.89%6,375,533
FuelCell Energy IncFCELFCEL +0.039.69+0.03+0.31%15,540,971
Future FinTech Group IncFTFTFTFT -0.193.63-0.19-4.86%3,789,429
Gevo IncGEVOGEVO -0.016.36-0.01-0.17%7,811,953
Genius Brands International IncGNUSGNUS -0.051.50-0.05-3.23%14,998,549
Huntington Bancshares IncHBANHBAN +0.0216.12+0.02+0.09%5,918,459
Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment CompanyHOFVHOFV -0.243.03-0.24-7.40%5,383,381
iShares Global Clean EnergyICLNICLN +0.6723.72+0.67+2.91%3,588,627
Ideanomics IncIDEXIDEX -0.152.38-0.15-5.75%15,077,458
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc NewINOINO -0.388.64-0.38-4.16%5,762,918
InpixonINPXINPX -0.051.24-0.05-3.88%12,037,079
Intel CorporationINTCINTC -0.1764.85-0.17-0.26%11,043,326
iQiyi IncIQIQ -0.2114.96-0.21-1.38%13,619,736
Iterum Therapeutics PLCITRMITRM +0.021.07+0.02+2.30%10,210,633
Jaguar Health IncJAGXJAGX -0.191.22-0.19-13.60%10,720,389
JD com IncJDJD -0.1677.33-0.16-0.21%6,353,065
Li Auto IncLILI -0.4819.20-0.48-2.44%7,163,149
Lattice Semiconductor CorpLSCCLSCC +6.3257.47+6.32+12.36%6,240,563
Marathon Digital Holdings IncMARAMARA -2.6439.50-2.64-6.26%15,971,208
Maxeon Solar Technologies LtdMAXNMAXN -1.0318.28-1.03-5.33%3,658,006
Meten EdtechX Education Group LtdMETXMETX -0.031.93-0.03-1.53%28,648,813
Moderna IncMRNAMRNA +10.54170.41+10.54+6.59%11,696,672
Marvell Technology Group LtdMRVLMRVL -0.5548.23-0.55-1.13%5,889,858
Microsoft CorporationMSFTMSFT +0.90260.40+0.90+0.35%12,697,257
MER Telemanagement Solutions LtdMTSLMTSL +1.123.99+1.12+39.08%81,375,004
Micron Technology IncMUMU +0.4790.74+0.47+0.52%6,266,668
Microvision IncMVISMVIS -0.2411.11-0.24-2.11%5,241,367
Naked Brands Group LtdNAKDNAKD -0.040.47-0.04-8.43%47,355,348
Nikola CorporationNKLANKLA +0.2010.83+0.20+1.88%8,461,088
Nano Dimension LtdNNDMNNDM +0.047.12+0.04+0.56%7,516,796
Nuance Communications IncNUANNUAN +0.1753.15+0.17+0.32%10,587,379
Neovasc IncNVCNNVCN -0.100.76-0.10-11.43%3,561,967
NVIDIA CorporationNVDANVDA -6.00639.49-6.00-0.93%5,224,676
NXT ID IncNXTDNXTD -0.220.82-0.22-20.93%3,823,603
Ocugen IncOCGNOCGN -0.435.73-0.43-6.91%12,593,580
Organigram Holdings IncOGIOGI -0.032.45-0.03-1.21%7,148,093
Onconova Therapeutics IncONTXONTX -0.030.60-0.03-5.41%6,747,827
Opendoor Technologies IncOPENOPEN -1.0518.70-1.05-5.32%7,848,614
PLBY Group IncPLBYPLBY -2.7339.85-2.73-6.41%4,818,473
Plug Power IncPLUGPLUG +0.5726.66+0.57+2.18%23,407,268
PPD IncPPDPPD +0.2846.08+0.28+0.61%10,895,633
Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1QQQQQQ +0.32341.93+0.32+0.09%22,396,043
Lordstown Motors CorporationRIDERIDE +0.3210.11+0.32+3.22%5,041,442
Riot Blockchain IncRIOTRIOT -3.2844.83-3.28-6.82%16,297,693
Sunrun IncRUNRUN +5.1352.33+5.13+10.87%5,802,195
SeaChange International IncSEACSEAC -0.101.00-0.10-9.27%11,627,504
Seanergy Maritime Holdings CorporationSHIPSHIP -0.070.91-0.07-7.04%4,152,245
Sirius XM Holdings IncSIRISIRI +0.046.28+0.04+0.64%7,109,633
Sundial Growers IncSNDLSNDL -0.040.81-0.04-4.92%155,142,596
Splunk IncSPLKSPLK -11.88136.50-11.88-8.01%3,743,202
ProShares UltraPro Short QQQSQQQSQQQ -0.0110.58-0.01-0.11%29,514,182
Tellurian IncTELLTELL -0.121.79-0.12-6.29%4,784,883
Tian Ruixiang Holdings LtdTIRXTIRX +1.3213.69+1.32+10.67%8,802,892
Teligent IncTLGTTLGT -0.060.51-0.06-9.91%3,606,897
Tilray IncTLRYTLRY -0.1016.84-0.10-0.59%7,577,195
iShares 20 plus Year Treasury BondTLTTLT -1.06139.29-1.06-0.76%6,422,458
Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding CorporationTNXPTNXP -0.080.96-0.08-8.09%10,314,254
ProShares UltraPro QQQTQQQTQQQ +0.36111.70+0.36+0.32%18,078,296
Torchlight Energy Resources IncTRCHTRCH -0.071.48-0.07-4.68%8,086,268
Trevena IncTRVNTRVN -0.401.85-0.40-17.78%8,036,472
Tesla IncTSLATSLA +5.69744.54+5.69+0.77%14,454,638
TuSimple Holdings IncTSPTSP +0.0640.06+0.06+0.15%3,514,934
TherapeuticsMD IncTXMDTXMD -0.091.12-0.09-7.45%11,637,080
United Airlines Holdings IncUALUAL -0.1056.03-0.10-0.17%5,752,569
Uxin LtdUXINUXIN +0.081.31+0.08+6.65%6,827,000
ViacomCBS IncVIACVIAC +0.1139.36+0.11+0.27%16,678,548
Vuzix CorporationVUZIVUZI -0.0923.07-0.09-0.40%3,806,179
Workhorse Group IncWKHSWKHS +1.6513.30+1.65+14.16%25,621,636

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