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iShares Bitcoin Trust ETF

iShares Bitcoin Trust ETF (IBIT)

Closed June 16 4:00PM
After Hours: 7:59PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
37.025 Day's Range 38.3899
22.02 52 Week Range 41.99
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Average Volume (3m)
Financial Volume
$ 838,201,634

IBIT Latest News

Miners’ Selling Trends, Bernstein’s Stellar Bitcoin Price Projections, and More in Crypto

Bitcoin recovers slightly; hash rate drop indicates possible miner capitulation After a negative day for the crypto sector, Bitcoin (COIN:BTCUSD) recovered by 0.60% on Friday morning, priced at...

Gary Gensler Predicts ETH ETFs Approval by September, CRV Token Plummets, and Latest Crypto News

Founder of Curve Finance faces liquidation after CRV token drop Michael Egorov, the founder of Curve Finance (COIN:CRVUSD), faced liquidation after the CRV token hit an all-time low of $0.22...

Telegram Introduces New Payment Token; Semler Scientific Bolsters BTC Investment, and More Crypto News

Telegram launches “Telegram Stars” to facilitate in-app payments Telegram announced the launch of “Telegram Stars,” a new in-app token intended for purchasing digital...

Robinhood Acquires Bitstamp for $200 Million, Binance Reactivates Mastercard Purchases, and More Crypto News

Binance reactivates cryptocurrency purchases with Mastercard Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, has announced the reactivation of Mastercard (NYSE:MA) for cryptocurrency...

Bitcoin Surpasses $71K Mark as US Bitcoin ETFs See $886 Million Influx, and More in Crypto

Bitcoin surpasses $71,000 and targets new record Bitcoin (COIN:BTCUSD) surpassed the $71,000 mark today, reaching an intraday high of $71,804.13, marking its highest price since May 21. The...

Crypto: CoreWeave’s $1 Billion Bid for Core Scientific, Bitpanda and Deutsche Bank Form Strategic Banking Partnership, and More

Bitcoin nears record high after strong influx into BlackRock’s ETF The price of Bitcoin surged to a high of $71,108.90 on Tuesday, influenced by record inflows into BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF...

Cryptocurrency Ownership Hits 6.8% Globally; Japanese Exchange Suffers $300 Million Theft, and More in Crypto

Cryptocurrency ownership jumps to $562 million globally in 2024 The number of cryptocurrency owners increased to 562 million in 2024, a 34% growth compared to the previous year. This advancement...

BlackRock’s IBIT Surges as Top Bitcoin ETF, Bitfarms Rejects Riot Platforms Offer, and More Crypto News

Bitfarms rejects Riot Platforms’ $950 million acquisition offer On May 29th, Bitfarms (NASDAQ:BITF) rejected a $950 million acquisition proposal from Riot Platforms (NASDAQ:RIOT), arguing...

Ethereum Nears $4K, Bitcoin ETFs Hold Over 1 Million BTC, and More Crypto News

Bitcoin ETFs reach milestone of 1 million bitcoins held For the first time, Bitcoin ETFs worldwide have surpassed the milestone of 1 million bitcoins held, according to US ETFs lead...

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IBIT Discussion

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trunkmonk trunkmonk 6 days ago
Bump for ETFs
Cosa Cosa 4 weeks ago
$41.99 is the high here. Doesn't matter when you buy, if you hold long, you will make profit.
trunkmonk trunkmonk 2 months ago
ETFs popping up on crypto constantly, here are a list of the Top or bigger ones.
squidster squidster 2 months ago
Correlation between IBIT and BITO is 1 so there shouldn't be much of a difference in volatility
I'm not a day trader so I can't speak to trade by trade volatility between the two.
I guess anyone buying BTC directly or indirectly would be reducing the availability, last time I checked ETF's were holding about 4% of global supply
skydog526 skydog526 2 months ago
I would tend to think BITO is good for day and swing trading and comes with volatility. Technically not reducing the amount of BTC as it is not a spot ETF and has management fees. Direct investment in IBIT is reducing the available BTC while giving you an indirect/direct hand in BTC. I am assuming....
squidster squidster 2 months ago
This would be the appropriate time to talk about contango and futures...
BITO= futures contracts
IBIT= BTC spot price
skydog526 skydog526 2 months ago
BITO has a dividend yield of 15.64% and paid $4.62 per share in the past year. The dividend is paid every month and the last ex-dividend date was Apr 1, 2024.
trunkmonk trunkmonk 2 months ago
i dont know anything about BITO, since you loaded some, what are your thoughts and reasons behind it? All i know is IBIT is very stable and not impacted by derivatives, yet that i know of.
skydog526 skydog526 2 months ago
Can you explain the difference between BITO and IBIT for me trunk? Ive loaded some BITO and have a ton of GBTC I bought many years ago. What do you see as an IBIT advantage over BITO?
MrCheap MrCheap 2 months ago
Adding more!!
trunkmonk trunkmonk 3 months ago
If u don’t know what this means, u should find out. They have to go somewhere now that China and other Sovereign’s are not buying them. Something I now have to watch for in auctions. Crypto as a sector are all tied together. Very clever people in deep state Country Clubs.
💤 1 💩 1 🤡 1
squidster squidster 3 months ago
Nice trade
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
Added 35.53 on this pullback, damn near LOD
squidster squidster 3 months ago
Thanks for sharing
barnyarddog barnyarddog 3 months ago

Bitcoin offers a permanent solution to this issue. Its supply is capped at 21 million, a number that is hard-coded and safeguarded by proof-of-work mining and a decentralized network of nodes. Thanks to its decentralized nature, no single entity or government can control Bitcoin’s issuance or governance. Furthermore, its inherent scarcity makes it resilient to the inflationary pressures that are typically seen with traditional fiat currencies.

As a distributed system, Bitcoin users can ensure that the supply never deviates from the predetermined supply cap by running the software that downloads and validates the entire transactional ledger. By verifying every transaction in Bitcoin’s history, where every coin came from and where it went, users can be absolutely sure that the supply has not been debased and no coins were created that should not have been.

Full node software like this for Bitcoin is essentially a counterfeiting detection machine that anyone can run. It guarantees the supply is intact, that coins being spent were properly authorized, and no funny business is happening. Any Bitcoin wallet software can also ensure that no one can restrict your access to your own money.

In times of economic uncertainty, or when central banks engage in extensive money printing, investors often turn to assets like gold and bitcoin for their store-of-value properties. As time progresses, there’s potential for people to recognize Bitcoin not just as a store of value, but as the next evolution of money.
trunkmonk trunkmonk 3 months ago
Support level next is 40.01, Resistance is 44.88. moving averages all say buy, Oscillators are mostly Neutral to Sell.
💩 1 😂 1 🤡 1
squidster squidster 3 months ago
Hello IBIT good bye GBTC, management fees...
barnyarddog barnyarddog 3 months ago
Bitcoin Has 6 Months Until ETF "Liquidity Crisis"

Ki: Bitcoin bears “can’t win” while ETF flows continue

Bitcoin as an institutional investment allocation is only just getting started, industry participants have said, as United States-based spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) gain momentum.

Now holding nearly $30 billion, they have become the most successful ETF launch in history.

Mar 14, 2024
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
YEP.........but you have to check continually......+/- about .20¢.....but so far its pretty serves no purpose other than to 'check' IBIT vs BTC
squidster squidster 3 months ago
So 1 share of IBIT roughly equates to .0005697 of 1 BTC
👍️ 1 🤡 1 ☠️ 1
squidster squidster 3 months ago
IBIT Nears 200K Bitcoins With Latest Purchase
Wall Street big boys now own over 4% of the global supply of BTC
🤡 1 ☠️ 1
Cosa Cosa 3 months ago
I’m nearing 100% paper profit. Everyone is buying!
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
good group here!......I used to be really kean on IHUB back when! got fed up the arm chair quarterbacks with no skin in the game
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
multiply it......btc price x .0005697.......and you'll come up with the IBIT price +/- .20¢ or so.........i'm gonna be in it a while and sometimes i wont be at my computer and its a good way to double check pricing
squidster squidster 3 months ago
Gotcha so dividing IBIT price by BTC to come up with the multiplier
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
Squid.........I used the multiplier to make sure that movement is on an equal basis........0005697 is the multiplier .......right now using 72,561 x 0005697 = 41.33 and the actual is 41.48.....and that's close enough for me.....lets use 100,000 x .0005697=56.97.........using 150,000x .0005697=85.45.......or thereabouts........again, close enough for me.....I think that muliplier is carried out more numbers than i care to put .00056975625 or whatever......
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
All out of MARA........Adding IBIT AND BITO 35's dated 4/26
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
looks like a bunch of pinky players sometimes
👍️ 1
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
ok thanks......we'll put it on the calendar
squidster squidster 3 months ago
SEC pushes back decision to open up options trading on spot Bitcoin ETFs
🤡 1 ☠️ 1
trunkmonk trunkmonk 3 months ago
Mike too many whackos in crypto. I just float, and won’t be telling anyone my trades. I will say this ETF is one of the more safer ones. Never ever throw your pearls among swine, lest they trample on them.
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
lol, old age has taken its toll,'ve been in this for a while?
trunkmonk trunkmonk 3 months ago
I like the way u think Mike. It’s a good sign of good investment wisdom. If u don’t have tools u may end up like the fools.
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
The multiplier for IBIT is .0005697 x BTC price of 68,895....+/- .20¢ and you'll get IBIT price

actually if you want to carry it out all the way its : .00056975625
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
gonna be here for a while, thanks......hopefully, they'll have options up the road, too
trunkmonk trunkmonk 3 months ago
Mikey Mikey 3 months ago
ok we're in there, first buys 38.88 avg........hopefully, my kids & grandkids will cash out, lol
Canna_Business Canna_Business 3 months ago
Will my bitcoin get erased during a solar flare or EMP?
trunkmonk trunkmonk 3 months ago
call it 38.79 so far, BTC 68k.
trunkmonk trunkmonk 3 months ago
some folks just pump, i am a technical and fundamental guy, crypto folks dont like anyone that understands either, they always post abstract useless info. Im glad this board is not full of them, and like it small.
squidster squidster 3 months ago
55% in 5 weeks, I'm happy with the entry point thanks.

What's odd is your buddy doesn't know the difference between a futures ETF and a spot ETF maybe you can fill him in.

Relatively overvalued? That's not how open ended funds work, it's called trading at a premium. A few reasons why it currently trades at a premium
but I'm sure you know that

Not sure how you can correlate the # of posts here to interest in IBIT, check out how much Bitcoin BlackRock owns.

Have fun trolling, lmao
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 3 months ago
Hey.....Excellent trade entry there Snr. Squidster but

Wow......Only 79 posts on IBIT Board thus far. and almost all of 'em just only by you an the trunkster ?......

Why, shouldn't that strike one as being rather odd ?

Anyways, this is what IBIT would look like if it had a longer history

But what I don't get is........

Shouldn't thoses ETF's currently be hovering slightly BELOW Bitcoins' ATH ?

I wonder if it's possible for the ETF's to become "relatively" overvalued.........

Or relatively "over-pumped".......

Judging fro the lack of posters here on this board AND the low volume seen in the Canadian Spot , neither of the SEEM ro be overly flushed with investor interest....


squidster squidster 3 months ago
The correlation between IBIT and BTC will get closer to 1.0 as IBIT gets older.
trunkmonk trunkmonk 3 months ago
call it 38.9 so far, BTC 68.8k.
squidster squidster 3 months ago
BlackRock and Fidelity Capitalize on FOMO From Bitcoin ETF Mania
squidster squidster 4 months ago
Soon to be the largest spot bitcoin ETF
🤡 1 ☠️ 1
Stock Guy777 Stock Guy777 4 months ago
Black rocks, ETF! $IBIT LETS GO!
squidster squidster 4 months ago
Jumped in 30 days ago IBIT transferring wealth, to me.
Luv it!
Cosa Cosa 4 months ago
Anyone that bought shares here before February 23 is up.
trunkmonk trunkmonk 4 months ago
32.6 so far today, BTC 57.25k

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