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BestChange  Jul 27 2020 07:23
[b]Whales are getting ready for an Ethereum pump[/b] Expert at the Santiment analytical service think. They note that investors have transfered 700,000 ETH to exchanges (more than $182 million) for the last three days. Transfers from addresses in TOP-100 of the largest Ethereum owners have been registered. According to the analysts, it indicates an upcoming pump in the price of the cryptocurrency. “The top 100 holders of Ethereum are once again beginning to accumulate higher percentages of the total token supply, in spite of the ongoing consolidation that has been occurring for the past couple of weeks. Generally, when this kind of accumulation starts to mount, it’s a signal that those who have the most stake in ETH (and other respective tokens) are beginning to have a collective sentiment of the token being undervalued and believe it’s a great mid to long-term hold playâ€￾, Santiment experts write. [b]Opinion: bitcoin will rise up to $10,000[/b] Analyst Benjamin Blunts supposes that the BTC price will go up to $10,200. He says that it will already happen at the beginning of August. The trader notes that the price broke through the trend line upwards, tested it downwards and was in the lateral accumulation zone for some time. Now the bitcoin price is ready to go to the upper border of the lateral range that is located at $10,000-$10,200. Benjamin Blunts points out that it has been squeezed between $8,500–10,200 since the middle of May. [b]Peter Schiff urged Paul Tudor Jones to sell bitcoins[/b] Euro Pacific Capital head and gold bug Peter Schiff addressed billionaire Paul Tudor Jones. Not long ago the latter said that he had invested 1–2% of his capital in bitcoin. According to Schiff, it was a mistake and the billionaire made a bet on “the slowest horseâ€￾. “It looks like Paul Tudor Jones ended up betting on the slowest horse in the race. In fact, Bitcoin will not even finish the race. If Paul really wants to bet on a faster horse than gold he should move his Bitcoin chips over to silver, or try some gold and silver mining stocksâ€￾, Schiff wrote in his Twitter account. [img]https://sun9-64.userapi.com/Jd0juiDodUSVy692zGnUTLedZr_u5VdLbLxETQ/oQbefEKb3MM.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jul 22 2020 10:48
[b]Peter Schiff: bitcoin is a financial pyramid[/b] Euro Pacific Capital broker company president Peter Schiff goes on with his criticism against bitcoin. This time the businessman called BTC a financial pyramid whose participants protect the idea of bitcoin because they are personally interested in its efficiency. "The very nature of Bitcoin requires owners to encourage new buyers to enter the market. Without new buyers coming in, there is no way for existing HODLers to get out. As with any pyramid scheme, success is only possible for those who get in early if lots of others get in late", Schiff wrote in his Twitter account. Earlier he had worded the idea that BTC price would drop down to zero. [b]Weak dollar will strengthen the position of bitcoin and gold[/b] DTAP Capital investment fund co-founder Dan Tapiero thinks. The policy of the US Federal Reserve System will weaken dollar in the nearest future, which will supposedly affect bitcoin, gold and stocks. The analyst's position is based on data from the FRS that they plan to weaken their struggle with inflation in order to support commercial activity. Tapiero points out that if the level of inflation exceeds 2%, the dominating role of dollar in the world economy will be undermined. "Dollar consolidating for one month but now on verge of benign selloff that further supports equity, gold and Bitcoin", the analyst worded his opinion. [b]The Morgan Creek co-founder urged everyone to move out of dollar[/b] Morgan Creek co-founder Anthony Pompliano thinks that currencies are prone to inflation so it is necessary to move funds to other assets. Central banks regularly print new batches of cash, which will cause an instant spike in inflation at one moment. Pompliano notes that it is especially true for US dollar since the US Federal Reserve System has recently been issuing a large number of new banknotes. "There is a devaluation of currency. The whole secret to building wealth is to get out of cash and get into assets that are denominated in dollars that will continue to go up in value over long periods of time — stocks, real estate, gold, Bitcoin, all this stuff", the expert advised. [img]https://sun9-54.userapi.com/TgbxP284o58tmXPaHr4gkhD4h5ZZFUR1KXyuJA/kDgyyfnI50c.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jul 20 2020 06:41
[b]Opinion: the BTC price will drop down to $7,000 before a new rally[/b] Blo?kroots analyst and founder Josh Rager thinks that the price of bitcoin is ready to break through its historical maximum of $20,000, but it has to drop down first in order to do that. He studied the chart starting from 2010 and noticed that there had been a powerful fall before each explosive growth. For example, the price formed a bear triangle in 2018, then fell from $6,300 to $3,100 and then rose to $13,800. At the moment, the chart shows a similar formation. According to the analyst, the rate will plummet to $7,000 and then it will rise to the historical maximum towards the end of the year [b]The nearest target for bitcoin is $8,700[/b] Analyst filbfilb writes. According to him, the price lost its key support at the level of $9,250 and is now on its way to the round point of $9,000. According to the trader, the nearest target will be $8,700 where the week support and the lower boundary of the side channel are. The analyst points out that the price has been consolidating since the beginning of May within the range of $8,600-10,000. This week the price of the first cryptocurrency has lost more than $200 alongside hacked Twitter accounts of cryptocurrency exchanges and some celebrities. The hackers asked the subscribers to transfer bitcoins to the specified address in order to get twice as big the amount in return. [b]The bitcoin price is ready to rise up above $11,000[/b] CredibleCrypto analyst thinks that the BTC rate has completed the accumulation stage and is going to break through the point of $11,000. He compared the current situation to the classic Wyckoff accumulation and came to the conclusion that it was completed. The trader predicts that the nearest targets should be the levels of $9,600, $10,400 and $11,000. He points out that the bitcoin price is near the strong resistance of $10,000 and ready to liquidate the positions of sellers with one strong upward surge. [img]https://sun9-42.userapi.com/OgQRVxUr9oKPoA1iA7i-o0yGawZmj3_1eazpAQ/c411A-1ngRI.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jul 15 2020 13:34
[b]Transfer funds from bitcoin to altcoins is risky[/b] Thinks Jason Williams, a partner at Morgan Creek Digital. According to him, many investors are selling bitcoin right now to buy altcoins and stablecoins. It is a very risky thing to do. "I am sure, if real honest historical analysis was done, it would show holding is a superior strategy", the analyst wrote. He compared this to indices that are ahead of separate companies' shares regarding profitability. Binance head Changpeng Zhao thinks likewise: earlier he claimed that altcoins were hardly to reach their maximum this year. [b]Charles Edwards: bitcoin is in for a new rally[/b] Renown analyst Charles Edwards said that bitcoin was ready for a new rally. The Hash Ribbons indicator developed by Edwards confirmed the signal for buying. It is just the twelfth signal the indicator has given through the entire history of bitcoin — the earlier eleven ones were for a rise. The last Hash Ribbons signal was on the 25th of April and after it the price of BTC went up by 34%. The indicator is based on the hashrate and complexity measures. According to the author, the hashrate of the bitcoin network falls down earlier than the regular change in complexity occurs. Periods like that are favorable for entering the market, Edwards thinks. [b]The bitcoin billionaire named a "trillion" reasons to buy BTC[/b] Cameron Winklevoss, one of the twin brothers who are bitcoin billionaires, named a "trillion" reasons to buy cryptocurrency. He posted on Twitter the news where the speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi urged the authorities to approve the law regarding the additional support for the population during the coronavirus pandemic. She asked to assign several trillion dollars for that purpose. "We need $1 trillion for state and local. We need another $1 trillion for unemployment insurance and direct payments. Something like that, but probably not as much, for the testing, tracing, treatment", Pelosi said. "A trillion more reasons to own bitcoin", the businessman commented on this news. [img]https://sun9-23.userapi.com/fKmvIAGakBiiCSFiHML4bCzr28D_ZwR8KemC6A/KQwsBCWN3P8.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jul 13 2020 12:47
[b]Bitcoin may get cheaper following S&P 500[/b] The first cryprocurrency increases its connection with the S&P 500 index: according to Skew, the correlation level of the two assets have achieved the record level of 77%. At the same time, the index is predicted to fall. Last week the Citigroup financial corporation informed its investors that it anticipates the asset to go down 10% to 2,900 points. At the moment S&P 500 is traded at 3,169 points, yesterday it added 0,78% to its price. “Another wave of Covid-19 cases that triggers new shutdowns or a slower economic recovery would be challengingâ€￾, the company’s analysts noticed. [b]Altcoins are ready to go up[/b] Renown trader Peter Brandt thinks. He published the ETH/BTC chart where he showed the upward breakthrough. According to the trader, the pair will get up by 24%: from 0,02637 to 0,03276. Brandt noticed that Ethereum was an indicator for the altcoin market so the rest of cryptocurrencies are up for a rise as well. The capitalization of the altcoin market is growing: it has doubled in the last four months and reached $102,9 bn. At the same time, the share of bitcoin in the general capitalization of cryptocurrencies has fallen from 67% to 64% in two months. [b]BTC may go to $9,800[/b] Crypto analyst filbfilb published the short-term prognosis of the bitcoin price. According to the trader, the rate broke through the symmetrical triangle by reaching the level of $9,400. It paves the way to the point of $9,800 where the strong resistance cluster occurs. Filbfilb supposes that the price will fall back to $9,300 at first, but then it will get beyond the level of $9,500. Now the mid-market rate of BTC is $9,383, the coin has become more expensive by 0,97% in the last day. [img]https://sun1-99.userapi.com/iuMWNMprO01vaS5Nax4vempaWKDbt5rKsLiIGg/hmiQPA3CFTY.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jul 08 2020 06:43
[b]CBDC will determine the future of money and cryptocurrencies[/b] According to Guy Sheffield, Visa’s head of crypto. In the next ten years, the development of central bank digital currencies will affect the confidentiality, monetary sovereignty of states, geopolitics and the adoption of bitcoin. “I’d argue that central bank digital currency (CBDC) is one of the most important trends for the future of money and payments over the next decade. Regardless of anyone’s personal views of whether it’s good or bad, the reality is that global interest in it is not going away,â€￾ Sheffield tweeted. He noted that earlier single articles from central banks were issued on this topic, and now there is a non-stop flow of information from experts, scientists and organizations. [b]European companies favor Ethereum[/b] European Blockchain startups most often choose the Ethereum platform, according to research by LeadBlock Partners. 27% of the projects are based on Ethereum, followed by Hyperledger (20%), Corda (16%) and Bitcoin (8%). Analysts note that the choice of blockchain depends on the area in which the company operates. Ethereum is preferred by startups from the real estate, cultural and art sectors since it is convenient to tokenize such assets on the platform. Hyperledger is popular in the healthcare, food and agricultural sectors, and Corda in the financial business. [b]The Block: Bitcoin popularity is far from peak[/b] The massive spreading of bitcoin will come soon, according to the Block’s analysts. Currently, the popularity of the first cryptocurrency is far from the peak levels of 2017, when BTC was worth $20’000. Weekly trading volumes then amounted to $17 billion, and in 2020 their average level did not exceed $2.5 billion. In Google, searches for bitcoin dropped by 8 compared with the end of 2017, and the bitcoin page on Wikipedia was studied 30 times less. Cryptocurrency exchange accounts on Twitter gain subscribers 47 times slower: in January 2018, they received 254,000 new users, and in 2020, an average of 5,340 per month. [img]https://sun9-4.userapi.com/x0unRTTr2hUuq5MFW7AUvOjKrTs3axoj4zS4-g/EODIUDTj-Jc.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jul 02 2020 10:33
[b]Bitcoin brought 70 times more profit than indexes[/b] Buy Shares experts compared the profitability of bitcoin and five leading world indexes. It turns out that over the past five years, BTC has generated an average of 70 times higher profit than indexes. During this period, the value of cryptocurrency increased by 3,400%. The NASDAQ index, which includes shares of all companies trading on the exchange of the same name, brought 96% in profit. The S&P 500 index, which includes 505 companies with the largest capitalization listed on US exchanges, grew by 46%. The Dow Jones industrial index showed a similar increase - by 42%. The lowest result was shown by the index of the British stock exchange FTSE 100, losing 7% in price. [b]Bitcoin whale transfers almost $1 billion for a 50 cents fee[/b] A transaction in the amount of 101.8 thousand BTC (about $920 million) took place in the bitcoin blockchain. On June 27, an unknown person sent coins to an anonymous wallet. Then he transferred 5,000 BTC to one address, and the remaining 96,800 BTC to another. At the same time, the commission for each transfer amounted to about 50 cents - the whale paid $1.5 for all operations. The transaction was recorded by the Twitter bot BtcBlockBot. [b]Twitter approval of bitcoin at an annual low[/b] The number of posts with the approval of bitcoin on Twitter fell to the lowest for this year - for a month and a half, the indicator slipped by half. According to Santiment, the day after the halving, the positive mention indicator set a maximum of 12 months at 781 mark. Now, this indicator is 327. At the same time, the total number of Bitcoin posts has also decreased, according to Bitinfocharts. On May 11, on the day of the halving, the number of references reached 82,838, and today it has dropped to 32,380. In Google, searches for bitcoin dropped by three times less after the halving. [img]https://sun6-19.userapi.com/TNOcEx8QtDUAn1TQ5h1MVA-Z2N_w_yPboSRvpQ/rp1Mw_lh2b4.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jun 29 2020 10:35
[b]Messari: bitcoin will go up to $50,000 if institutional investors come to the market[/b] Messari analyst Ryan Watkins estimated how much bitcoin would cost if institutional investors invested 1% of their funds in it. It turned out that BTC would rise up to $50,000 and the capitalization of the crypto market would exceed $1 trillion. According to the expert's assessment, investments from institutional investors are negligibly small at the moment. They are frightened off by uncertainty, hacking and fraud risks as well as by prejudice. "Bitcoin may not need institutions to succeed. But reality is, success as a store of value is measured in price. And if Bitcoin is to become a globally adopted non-sovereign store of value, it will need to convince institutional investors to transfer wealth into the asset", Watkins worded his opinion. [b]OKEx CEO: new aid package from US authorities will help bitcoin[/b] OKEx exchange CEO Jay Hao said that the second aid package for US citizens due to the coronavirus pandemic could push the bitcoin price up. In March, the government allocated $2.2 trillion for these purposes and after that the price of bitcoin rose from $6,580 to $10,400. Now the US authorities plan to give away another $1 trillion, Bloomberg quotes Hao. He specifies that it is difficult for institutional investors to choose where to invest their money since the stock market is artificially inflated and stocks look like a too risky asset right now. "Institutions will be looking for the best rate of return over time and Bitcoin has consistently proven itself here just as Paul Tudor Jones called it the fastest horse. Again, of course, institutional investors will spread their risk across risk and haven assets", Hao clarifies. [b]Miners can trigger a collapse of the BTC rate[/b] Analyst Cole Garner noted that miners had started to massively take coins away from pools. Yesterday the CQ.Live service registered the second largest outflow of miners' funds since the BTC price had reached $10,000. After that the rate fell down to $9,000 last time. Garner supposed that it could trigger sales on the market this time as well. CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young agrees with him. In his opinion, the outflow of coins by miners will result in a short-term fall of the BTC price in the middle of July. [img]https://sun1-16.userapi.com/Kqneqprkb_DRC2rwOWnkuAOledyPDkKTj7eP3w/KwdEwDnQIr8.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jun 25 2020 11:08
[b]Jim Rogers: bitcoin will drop down to zero[/b] Renowned American investor and Chairman of Rogers Holdings Jim Rogers stated that bitcoin continued to be a bubble and at one point in the future its price would plummet to zero. He pointed out that cryptocurrencies could not exist because they were not controlled by authorities. "But their governments have something that crypto people don't have. That is guns. The reason why I think cryptocurrency will be gone eventually is that it is not based on the armed force of governments' power.", Rogers worded his point of view. He added that money was turning into a digital form, but it continued to be controlled by regulators unlike cryptocurrencies that would not be able to become legal tender. [b]Max Keiser: the BTC price will grow to $400,000 when dollar collapses[/b] Bitcoin investor Max Keiser confirmed his forecast about the growth of the first cryptocurrency exchange rate up to $400,000 and specified that specific dates would depend on the collapse of the US dollar. According to Keiser, the interest payment on the USA's national debt comprised the main item of expense for the government. "The debt is big. But the interest on that debt is now bigger than America’s number-one budget item, the military’s 1.6 trillion spend. When the interest on the debt gets close to 100% of GDP then America will officially be a failed state. This looks like it will be the case within 5 years — as short interest rates snap back to historic levels of 5%, not the current 0.5%", the trader said. He added that he had been waiting for BTC to grow up to $100,000 since 2011, but had recently increased his forecast to $400,000. The increase will start with the collapse of US dollar, Keiser thinks. [b]Anthony Pompliano encouraged pension funds to buy bitcoin[/b] Co-founder of Morgan Creek Capital Management Anthony Pompliano addressed pension funds encouraging them to invest money in the cryptocurrency. Last week he sent a letter to investors where he called bitcoin the most effective equity in the nearest years to come. According to the businessman, pension funds should invest at least 1% of the capital in BTC — the optimal level would be 5%. "And you want to know where the greatest innovation is occurring at the moment? Bitcoin. There is a group of individuals who have built a $150+ billion asset with the goal of assuming the position of the next global reserve currency. If that happens, it will be the best performing asset for the next 20+ years. But even if that doesn’t happen, things will be okay", Pompliano pointed out. [img]https://sun9-11.userapi.com/J5ulfifTB7pKDrt-UnbxcMN1Vf3_h1vQYqiSxg/SaFP9kNrvFY.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jun 22 2020 10:19
[b]Bitcoin should cost $18,000 today[/b] Analyst PlanB writes. According to his estimates, the correlation between the S&P 500 index and bitcoin is 95% and the cryptocurrency is underestimated today. With the current index, BTC should cost $18,000, the analyst points out. PlanB also notes that the charts of both equities fit into the S2F model — according to the forecast, the next peak of bitcoin will occur at the level of $288,000 and S&P 500 will rise up to $4,300 in this case. [b]The BTC price will continue to fall[/b] Popular trader CryptoCapo posted a series of tweets where he compared the current bitcoin chart with historical data. The detected "fractals" presuppose that the bitcoin exchange rate will continue to go down. According to the analyst, the price is ready to break through the support trend line. If the rate goes below $9,200, the next goal will be the level of $8,550, the breakthrough of which will definitely confirm the bear trend. CryptoCapo earlier posted the Wyckoff method estimate according to which the current accumulation would trigger the price movement to the point of $1,600. [b]Bitcoin will go down to $6,900 towards autumn[/b] Crypto analyst Dave the Wave points out. According to his conclusions, the bitcoin exchange rate should drop down to the lower side of the global triangle where there is also the Fibonacci correction level of 0.382. The analyst points out that indicators confirm the bearish attitude and "the last but one chance" to buy at a low price will be near the level of $6,900. [img]https://sun9-11.userapi.com/0H7s2LMnq1jSATm4oI_pLyT8f0hPXqRIq_j7yQ/-khHmuPM8dw.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jun 18 2020 07:25
[b]Buterin: the growth of the bitcoin price is not related to halving[/b] The co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin stated that the theory that the growth of the BTC exchange rate was related to halving did not work. The developer attached a chart of the S2F model according to which bitcoin periodically increased its cost together with halving the reward for mining a block. "The last $20k peak was near the halfway point between the 2016 and 2020 halvings", he pointed out. In the comments Buterin was told that the model predicted the quantitative growth of the bitcoin price, but it did not presume that the maximum will coincide exactly with the event of halving. The developer agreed that the absence of the direct correlation between halving and the growth of the bitcoin price did not disprove the theory, but said that he still did not agree with it. [b]The price of Ethereum can rise up to $7,500[/b] If the BTC exchange rate increases up to $50,000, Chris Burniske, a partner in the Placeholder venture capital firm, thinks. "If $BTC goes > $50,000 in the next cycle, and $ETHBTC returns to its former ATH, then expect to see $ETH > $7,500", he wrote in his Twitter account. According to him, the price of bitcoin will rise up to $50,000, even if the volatility of the new rally will be twice as less as the previous indices. In this case, the capitalization of the first cryptocurrency will rise above $1 trillion. It will allow bitcoin to strengthen its "macro equity" status, while ETH will be able to become a mainstream instrument, the expert thinks. [b]The price of bitcoin will go down following the stock market[/b] Analyst Satoshi Flipper thinks. If the US shares continue the correction, the BTC price will fall to $7,300 before the middle of July, he writes. Satoshi Flipper points out that, by going below $9,400, the exchange rate has broken through the trend line that has been acting as a support one since May. The S&P 500 index fell down 2.79% this morning — the crypto market followed it as well, the trader points out. He adds that he has been holding the short position regarding bitcoin since the weekend. [img]https://sun9-59.userapi.com/blIUct7H-doWSxyn1kLvVtPvd7AZJkUG3UJ4aw/NDiqEXlmdRc.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jun 11 2020 11:16
[b]Survey: 36% of large institutions invested in Bitcoin[/b] Fidelity Investments surveyed 774 institutional investors from Europe and the USA - it turned out that 36% of them had purchased Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These include hedge funds, financial managers, pension funds and other market participants. At the same time, the share of such investors increased from 22% to 27% over the year in the USA, while in Europe the figure is even higher - 45%. Tom Jessop, CEO of Fidelity Investments, explained that this is due to more relaxed European legislation and the prevalence of negative rates. “These results confirm a trend we are seeing in the market towards greater interest in and acceptance of digital assets as a new investable asset class,â€￾ he concluded. [b]80% of ETH holders are in positive territory[/b] 80% of Ethereum owners bought cryptocurrency at a price lower than the current one, according to Glassnode. Over the past two years, the indicator was at such a high level only three times. At the same time, the last time the price of ETH was $700, now the asset is trading at around $245. At the end of March, with the price dropping to $108, the share of investors in profit fell to 18%, a record low since 2016. The historical maximum price of Ethereum was set in January 2018 at around $1,430 - since then, the cryptocurrency has fallen in price by 83%. Glassnode previously noted that more than 77% of ETH has not moved over the past six months. [img]https://sun9-40.userapi.com/MAkE5-Rq4ruHdRsYDytjHhZUnz9H_0V28xDktA/dP0yT0Vf9Go.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jun 09 2020 08:30
[b]Again, miners sell more BTC than they mine[/b] After the halving of the block reward, miners have to sell more coins than they can earn, according to a report by Arcane Research. The company uses the Miner’s Rolling Inventory (MRI) metric, which tracks the number of coins generated and moved by miners. If the figure is above 100%, then they sell more BTC than they mine. In March, the MRI reached 105%, then began to decline and fell below 100% on the verge of halving. Immediately after the event, the indicator began to grow and now has again reached the level of 105%. According to Arcane Research analysts, this indicates a change in the mood of miners after halving. [b]Commission fees at ETH have surpassed BTC[/b] Ethereum network activity continues to grow: last Saturday, daily transaction fees exceeded Bitcoin levels. According to Glassnode, for the ETH network, the figure was $498 thousand against $ 308 thousand for BTC. Analysts attribute this to the growing demand for transfers in Ethereum. In addition, recently the capitalization of stablecoins has been growing, the bulk of which operates on the ETH blockchain. Earlier, the founder of Mythos Capital, Ryan Sean Adams, noted that there is a direct correlation between commission fees and the price of Ethereum. If the trend continues, then we can expect a growth of cryptocurrency price. [b]What altcoins will surge in price along with Bitcoin?[/b] Simon Dedik, co-founder of the Blockfyre analytical portal, shared his opinion. He noted that in 2017, during the rally of Bitcoin price, almost all altcoins went up in price. In the next cycle, this situation will not happen again, and only the most important altcoins for the crypto industry will surge in price. These, according to the analyst, include Ethereum, Litecoin and XRP. Not all representatives of the crypto sphere adhere to this opinion. So, TV presenter Max Kaiser said that altcoins can not compete with the first cryptocurrency in the future. A similar position was expressed by the CEO of Morgan Creek Digital Anthony Pompliano: in his opinion, all altcoins will become useless and disappear from the market. [img]https://sun6-14.userapi.com/ve6E1AhQBIJWiRl5K8WBTEsq8srvsjstfZ-DEA/BUR5jkForI0.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jun 05 2020 08:22
[b]CoinMetrics: signs are emerging that may mark the beginning of an altcoin season[/b] The analytical service CoinMetrics drew attention to the price growth of some crypto assets. Cardano has risen 40% in the past week after announcing the launch date for the next major update “Shelleyâ€￾. OmiseGo price doubled after Coinbase announced the coin’s listing In addition, ETH price grew by 14% per week, ahead of a number of “core assetsâ€￾ - and the majority of altcoins work on the ethereum blockchain, analysts note. “Such market movements in response to mainnet launches, new product upgrades, and exchange listings are reminiscent of late 2017,â€￾ CoinMetrics experts conclude. [b]Miners reduced bitcoin sales[/b] The Glassnode portal has published data on the influx of coins to exchanges from mining pools. It turned out that after the halving on May 11, miners reduced sales, and now their volume is much lower than the average values for 2020. Over the past two months, sale peaks were observed on May 3 and 7, when Bitcoin price surpassed the $9,000 and $10,000 marks, respectively. Service experts also noted that a surge in BTC price on June 2 above $10,000 provoked an eight-fold increase in the flow of traders’ funds to large exchanges. After the dip to $9,500, the indicators returned to average, which indicates the importance of the round level of $10,000 for market participants. [b]Bitcoin has got protection against attacks by authorities[/b] Bitcoin Core 0.20.0 was released on June 3. It contains a solution designed to protect the network from attacks of major players, such as nation-states or corporations like Google. Software “Asmapâ€￾ was included to protect against a theoretical “Erebusâ€￾ attack. Such an attack involves blocking or substituting P2P connections to isolate a specific part of the network. The attacker must connect to as many nodes around the victim as possible so that all eight of its external connections go through the attacker's network. Thus, the victim is completely isolated from the main blockchain. Theoretically, such an attack, carried out by an entire nation-state, could fracture the entire Bitcoin network. [img]https://sun6-19.userapi.com/LTWMc9cdqr0-eOB-XnZEsF8tkufdhOzXQAFiPg/WNDXWk0DhsU.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jun 03 2020 07:22
[b]Chinese authorities to close 64 mining farms[/b] After the meeting of Yunnan province officials, it was ordered to shut down 57 illegally operating mining farms that were disguising themselves as Big Data companies. Another 7 facilities under construction must cease working. The region’s authorities noted the benefits of mining companies that take away excess electricity, but pointed out that many of them come into direct agreements with hydroelectric power plants and evade taxes. Earlier, the local power grid company demanded to stop the illegal energy consumption by miners who connect to the stations bypassing the authorities. It is reported that some farms have already put up their equipment for sale. [b]Bitcoin steadily rises in price in May[/b] The principle of traditional markets “sell in May and go awayâ€￾ does not apply to bitcoin, according to analysts at Messari. Last month, BTC added 9%, slightly higher than the 2020 average of 8.5%. At the same time, in 2019, cryptocurrency in May rose by 54% with an average return of less than 8% per month. And in just 10 years, Bitcoin showed a positive trend in May 8 out of 10 times, while in 6 cases it was higher than the monthly average. Among classical traders, there is an opinion that in the summer there is no significant growth in the market, so it makes no sense to open long positions until the fall. [img]https://sun6-16.userapi.com/tcME9eQ7RCeW0IeCILoM2E662L4qVzsBDLjEZQ/7nycyQtghcE.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Jun 01 2020 07:58
[b]Whales accumulate $4.8 billion in ETH[/b] Ethereum held by large investors recently reached a 10-month high. The 100 largest wallets have accumulated 21.8 million ETH (about $4.8 billion). At the same time, whales have acquired 145 thousand coins over the past two days, according to the analytical service Santiment. Against this background, Ethereum price reached a 2-month high at around $224. Over the past day, cryptocurrency has risen in price by 5.77%. In addition, the number of ETH long positions on Bitfinex hit a new all-time high: since the beginning of the year, the indicator has grown by 246%, updating the historic maximum at 1.76 million ETH. [b]Gavin Andresen: crypto trading is all speculation[/b] Gavin Andresen, Chief research officer at Bitcoin Foundation, expressed the opinion that traders speculate at the price of digital currencies, not paying attention to the essence of the underlying technologies. He compared the graphs of the IOTA and ZCash rates over the past year and noted that he does not see significant differences between them. At the same time, from February 12 to March 10, no transactions were made on the IOTA network due to the suspension of the wallet that was attacked. Andresen said that he could not determine from the price chart which of the projects was experiencing problems. “Probably nobody is thinking, and it is all day traders and bots,â€￾ the scientist concluded. [img]https://sun6-16.userapi.com/mIzKB7nqaMNROOi0v7GDWe_vbujFAh2WJ81VPg/6yYZ_apLiOU.jpg[/img]
BestChange  May 28 2020 07:25
[b]JPMorgan: Bitcoin is trading 25% below the real value[/b] Although the investment bank JPMorgan does not work with cryptocurrency, the company's specialists occasionally provide analytics on it. According to the bank’s report of May 22, bitcoin today is trading “25% below what the intrinsic price would be after the halving.â€￾ The intrinsic value is calculated on the basis of the average cost of mining one coin. Thus, BTC should be trading near the $11,500 mark, which is about $2,400 higher than the current figures. According to JPMorgan, "eventually bitcoin will catch up." [b]Miners push the market[/b] Miners turned into sellers, exerting pressure on the market, says analyst CryptoKea. Over the past seven days, they have sold 955 coins over what they mined. “We reached Bitcoin miner capitulation territory,â€￾ the analyst concluded. At the same time, the BTC hashrate fell to its lowest level in 2020. Even during Black Thursday, when the rate of the first cryptocurrency fell to $3,800, the computing power of the network was 94 TH/s. Now it has fallen to 90.30 TH/s. Miners switch off outdated devices, but they are forced to sell bitcoins to pay for current expenses, CryptoKea notes. [b]The number of “hodlersâ€￾ increases to the levels of 2016[/b] The number of coins that have not been moving for more than a year has reached 60%, according to cryptanalyst Philipp Swift. This indicates a significant increase in the number of "hodlers" - investors who prefer to hold coins for a long time. The last time this was observed in 2016, it was several months before the bull rally, Swift notes. The analyst used the data of his own HODL Wave indicator, which estimates how long the coins did not move from one address to another. Currently, the indicator value is at levels close to the historical maximum. [img]https://sun1-22.userapi.com/PEhu6dbFgVLj_W8LLrwOsgEDc72P4OsgK2ypJA/D8sZyWI3wWE.jpg[/img]
BestChange  May 21 2020 11:32
[b]Bitcoin whales withdraw 17,000 BTC over a few hours[/b] Large holders of bitcoin in several transactions withdrew 17,320 BTC (about $169.4 million) from several exchanges, the Whale Alert service noticed. First, 5,000 BTC was sent from Bitfinex to an unknown address. Then 3,058 BTC was transferred from an account on Binance exchange; 2,645 BTC were moved from OKEx in two transactions. A little later, another 3,164 BTC were withdrawn from OKEx, and 1,593 BTC from Coinbase. The senders and recipients are unknown; all transfers were made during the evening and night of May 19. Twitter users have suggested that whales accumulate coins on the verge of the upcoming Bitcoin price increase. [b]Bitcoin price drops to 0 on BitMEX[/b] On May 19, the BTC/ USD price collapsed to zero at BitMEX, one of the largest crypto derivatives trading sites. After that, the platform suspended trading for several hours. Representatives of the exchange did not explain whether there was a real deal at the rate of $0, or whether it was a technical malfunction. BitMEX said that “all funds are safeâ€￾, now the website is working as usual. The other day, a lawsuit was filed against BitMEX, among other accusations, the exchange was accused of price manipulation and fraud. [b]Bitcoin mining difficulty decreases by 6%[/b] On the morning of May 20, the first change in the complexity of mining Bitcoin took place after the recent halving — the indicator fell by 6%. The reason lies in the hashrate falling after halving the block reward. Now outdated equipment can once again generate revenue at the cost of electricity below $0.05 kW/h. In some provinces of China, due to the rainy season, tariffs for miners have been reduced to $0.03 kWh/h. This may prompt miners who have switched off, to return to cryptocurrency mining, according to Alejandro De La Torre, vice president of the PoolIn mining pool. According to BTC.com, in two weeks, complexity may decrease by another 6.3%. In early March, the indicator updated its historical maximum, but after the collapse of the exchange rate to $4,000 at the end of the month, it fell by 15.95%. [img]https://sun6-14.userapi.com/pteh17jsOhn9ANkpN_UcSMrXdPQSDvqfIQYdQA/bo2YKh7J8ck.jpg[/img]
BestChange  May 19 2020 08:17
[b]Andreessen Horowitz: the cryptocurrency market is growing randomly but steadily[/b] Venture Fund Andreessen Horowitz from Silicon Valley has analyzed the cryptocurrency market and came to the conclusion that it has been showing a “choppy yet consistent growthâ€￾ since 2010. Experts studied four metrics: the price of bitcoin, activity in social networks, developer activity and startup activity. All four parameters showed positive cumulative annual growth rates. The company noted the importance of the 2017 cycle, which became the reason for the launch of “dozens of interesting projectsâ€￾ from various business areas. “Even though crypto cycles look chaotic, over the long term they’ve generated steady growth of new ideas, code, projects, and startups — the fundamental drivers of software innovation. Technologists and entrepreneurs will continue to push crypto forward in the coming years. We are excited to see what they build,â€￾ Andreessen Horowitz concluded. [b]Miner hackers attacked supercomputers[/b] Last week, a number of supercomputers from the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Spain were attacked by crypto miners. The University of Edinburgh, Leibniz Computing Center, the Bavarian Academy of Sciences, the Swiss Center for Scientific Computing are among the victims. Experts from Cado Security examined samples of malicious code and concluded that hackers gained access through compromised user data and SSH keys. There is no official evidence that the attacks were carried out by one group of attackers, but Cado Security pointed to similar virus file names and network identifiers. [b]Cardano creator: misinformation prevents bitcoin from spreading[/b] Cardano founder and Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson suggested that bitcoin is misunderstood due to the abundance of false information and fears. “I started with Bitcoin and started with something called the Bitcoin education project. The goal there was to try to bring as many people as possible into our ecosystem and to also dispel a lot of the common myths, fear, uncertainty, disinformation, and misnomers and things that have been cropping up. In 2013, there was certainly a lot of them, and unfortunately today there’s even more,â€￾ the businessman said. Hoskinson created a 40-minute video in which he explained the essence of the first cryptocurrency and called for similar actions by all industry participants. The reason was the tweet by the writer Joan Rowling, who asked to tell her what Bitcoin is. Having received many answers, including from Ilon Mask and Vitalik Buterin, the author of Harry Potter books has not understood the idea of cryptocurrency and expressed her disappointment. [img]https://sun6-19.userapi.com/FjzOrMIUCVPt84XLXosxyd-p5JdU1_UCfFypjw/O7kabrLI-iw.jpg[/img]
BestChange  May 14 2020 11:11
[b]The profit of miners fell by 44%. Halving is to blame[/b] Daily earnings of miners fell from $16 to $9 million after halving on May 12. Obsolete equipment, for example, Antminer S9, has now become unprofitable. At the same time, the bitcoin hash rate fell by 16%, and the block mining time increased to 10 minutes 32 seconds. The problem should be fixed by a correction of complexity, which is expected in 5 days. The estimated difficulty will decrease by 2%. [b]Stablecoin capitalization exceeded $10 billion[/b] The volume of all existing stablecoins reached $10.4 billion, having updated the historical maximum. Tether holds 85% of the market, second place is occupied by USDC, which accounts for 7.2% of capitalization. Since February, the total supply of stable coins has grown by 79%, and the share of USDT has increased by 3%. Most USDT tokens were issued on the Ethereum blockchain - $5.73 billion, $1.8 billion are working on the Tron network, $1.3 billion use the Omni blockchain. [b]Pavel Durov announces the closure of the TON crypto project[/b] Pavel Durov, co-founder of VK social network and Telegram messenger, announced the closure of the Telegram Open Network blockchain project. The reason, he said, is the decision of the American court. "Unfortunately, a US court stopped TON from happening. How? Imagine that several people put their money together to build a gold mine – and to later split the gold that comes out of it. Then a judge comes and says: 'These people invested in the gold mine because they were looking for profits. And they didn't want that gold for themselves, they wanted to sell it to other people. Because of this, they are not allowed to get the gold," Durov wrote. He noted that the court banned the use of GRAM cryptocurrency in the whole world since a US citizen can get access to it. According to the businessman, this is a paradox decision, because it implies control of the American authorities over the sovereignty of other countries. “Unfortunately, we – the 96% of the world's population living elsewhere – are dependent on decision makers elected by the 4% living in the US,â€￾ concluded Durov. The businessman said that his team is stopping work on the platform and urged not to be fooled by fraudsters using the name of the project. [img]https://sun6-13.userapi.com/u5xEQJSPgmpTcodanncoK7ytmLsjVZC_eRbcoQ/gP6ujwkwJTg.jpg[/img]
BestChange  May 08 2020 11:24
[b]The balance of bitcoins on exchanges fell to a minimum[/b] The number of BTC that users store on exchanges has dropped to a 6-month minimum. According to Glassnode, the current balance is 2.36 million coins. The indicator has been declining since March 13, when the price of bitcoin fell below $4,000. At the same time, the network activity has grown to record levels since 2017. According to TokenAnalyst analysts, investors are withdrawing cryptocurrency from exchanges, since they are considering long-term storage of coins. [b]65% of Twitter users believe in the strengthening of BTC after halving[/b] The topic of halving is growing in popularity on the social network Twitter along with increased Google searches. Over the past two weeks, the number of posts mentioning the word "halving" has grown tweets-fold, reports The TIE. On May 6, users posted 2,500 tweets: 65% of them are positive, that is, their authors expect that the event will positively affect the value of bitcoin. The TIE notes that the topic of halving at the end of April surpassed the popularity of coronavirus among crypto enthusiasts. [b]Ex-President of Bank of China: digital yuan will replace cash[/b] The digital version of yuan, which is already being tested by the Chinese authorities, may completely replace cash in the future, said Li Lihui, the former President of the Bank of China. He noted that unlike traditional currencies, CDBC will not depend on a third-party bank or payment system. In this case, the virtual currency must meet four key conditions: “Whether the digital yuan can become the dominant form of currency and mainstream payment means, depends on whether it has greater efficiency, lower transaction costs, enough economic scale with commercial value, and people’ acceptance,â€￾ said the former President of Bank of China. He added that CDBC will have anonymity, like Bitcoin, but the regulator will set limits on the number and frequency of operations without confirming the identity. [img]https://sun1-90.userapi.com/GXTZpve3S6XebttoesdN0LbSCoI2ymnUqhTfpg/SXf4nkkcd8w.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Apr 29 2020 11:46
[b]BTC and S&P 500 correlation hit a nine-year high[/b] Bitcoin price and the S&P 500 index have been changing most correlated for 9 years, said eToro analyst Mati Greenspan. The correlation of the prices of the two assets reached 0.6, whereas before it did not exceed 0.3 - with a value of 1, the charts move completely identically. The analyst explained this by the coronavirus pandemic. ?Bitcoin is still considered a ?risk asset? and hasn?t achieved the safe haven status that gold has taken thousands of years to build up,? Greenspan summed up. However, he added that the profitability of BTC is still higher than the stock market: since the beginning of the year, BTC added 7% in price, while at the same time, the price of oil collapsed to the levels of the 2000s. [b]Opinion: only large miners will survive halving[/b] Representatives of the mining industry believe that only large and effective miners will remain after the halving. F2Pool co-founder Wang Chun said that due to a decrease in rewards from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC, unprofitable operators could be absorbed by larger players. A similar position was expressed by Alejandro de la Torre, Poolin Vice President. In his opinion, miners using old equipment will have to disconnect after halving. The head of New Mine, Ibrahim Alkurd, noted that one should not hope for a rise in the price of bitcoin after halving. ?Miners hoping that the BTC price will jump up after halving the block reward, making their operations profitable, are in trouble,? he said. Wang Chun added that after halving, those farms will stay that are capable of mining bitcoin at a cost of $3,500. [img]https://sun9-18.userapi.com/ZaMn96vCM8iE4wk8ZLLMiMYWMw9XQF2rK82-VA/_kZ1pDhDL-A.jpg[/img]
BestChange  Apr 10 2020 11:07
[b]Bitcoin Cash undergoes halving[/b] On April 8, in the Bitcoin Cash network block reward was halved. It was reduced from 12.5 BCH to 6.25 BCH at block height 630’000. The night before halving, the coin went up from $251 to $275, but today it has again dropped in price to $257. In about 12 hours, halving of Bitcoin SV, another fork of the first cryptocurrency, will happen. According to BSV developer Bat Jasper, this will negatively affect cryptocurrency as it will make its mining less profitable than mining bitcoin. We would like to remind that halving in the network of BTC itself is expected on May 13, the reward will drop from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. [b] U.S. national debt hits a record $24 trillion[/b] According to Trading Economics, the U.S. public debt is currently $24.018 trillion. It grew by an additional $4 trillion over 4 years under Donald Trump. The sharp increase of this figure was caused by the U.S. Federal Reserve program to support the economy during the financial crisis brought about by coronavirus. The regulator intends to print $6 trillion worth of banknotes. Earlier, TV presenter Max Kaiser called the dollar “debt coupons,â€￾ and popular writer Robert Kiyosaki called for investing in bitcoin and gold: “IF US Debt to GDP ratio 60% world sound. Today US Debt to GDP 110% and climbing. US bankruptâ€￾, he tweeted. [b]The number of ETH addresses has exceeded 70 million[/b] The number of addresses in the Ethereum network has reached 70 million, the Glassnode service draws attention.The figure began to sharply grow in November 2017 before the coin set a price record of $1,300. Since that time, the cost of ETH was mostly falling and today it is $171. Despite this, the number of addresses has increased 8.2 times since November 2017. The number of active addresses in March was about 230 thousand - the figure correlates with the price of ethereum. The maximum at the level of 715 thousand was set in January 2018, when the cryptocurrency price reached a historical record. [img]https://sun9-47.userapi.com/4IOPBx-oZel8xH8vBdMy2xyfk_FW2rPDo8PXlQ/S_IyuatOZuc.jpg[/img]
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