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Lightwave Logic Inc

Lightwave Logic Inc (LWLG)

Closed March 01 04:00PM

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Nrdc92 Nrdc92 36 minutes ago
You don’t get, AB. Everyone here knows and understands the complexity and challenges. The point is that some, like me, have been hearing the company tell us for nearly two decades that they were on the cusp of commercialization. As I have always written, I can be as patient as necessary, as long as I have the facts. Every iteration of the LWLG management team since inception has been full of themselves and incapable or unwilling to be candid with investors.

That’s the issue here, not complexity, challenging, disruptive or anything else we all freakin’ understand!
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ForrestFruit ForrestFruit 44 minutes ago
I like that they changed 'potential products' to 'products and future products'.
👍️ 4
ForrestFruit ForrestFruit 1 hour ago
Easy to compare old and new at :)
👍️ 1
walterc walterc 2 hours ago
about 90 whatsapp messages when I got up this morning with extensive analysis of the 10k.
👍️ 3
Aimless Blade Aimless Blade 2 hours ago
Some people shouldn’t invest in these kinds of entrepreneurial pursuits.
I probably shouldn’t have as much of my own money invested in such an entrepreneurial pursuit.
There is no roadmap (other than the one Lebby has laid out for the industry).

You know the facts, you know the risks, you should know the complexity involved in closing the deals.
Put up or shut up.
👍️ 1
Nioman Nioman 3 hours ago
Lightwave Logic (LWLG) Unusual Options Activity

Unusual Options Activity identifies options contracts that are trading at a higher volume relative to the contract's open interest. Unusual Options can provide insight on what "smart money" is doing with large volume orders, signaling new positions and potentially a big move in the underlying asset.
👍️ 3
Nrdc92 Nrdc92 4 hours ago
We’ve been hearing about the company’s “beliefs” for the last two decades. There’s nothing new of commercial significance in the new K. Some hires, a few technical achievements, but nothing that makes this more of a going concern today than it was two days ago.
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Lewrock Lewrock 4 hours ago
I disagree 💯
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The Great Pumpkin The Great Pumpkin 4 hours ago
BFD it’s experimental. It’s not going to cover cash burn. Dilution!

Like I’ve said NLM has pulled in a few million over the past 5 years on these same type of deals. They've gone nowhere.

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The Great Pumpkin The Great Pumpkin 4 hours ago
Ashton with his long locks. No skills and thrusted into the role by complete luck. Another leach on the paycheck scam. I won’t give away his ihub handle.

Bro thinks he’s Fabio.

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The Great Pumpkin The Great Pumpkin 4 hours ago
At one point back in the day X was running about 5 accounts and I busted him on each one. I’m somewhat of a linguistics expert and it was so obvious. Especially when he was pretending to be the black iii guy. Seriously these people are sick.


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Lewrock Lewrock 4 hours ago
That shitting licensing deal has 93.8% gross margin so far. Imagine what would happen if one hyper scaler said “replace all of our existing transceivers with your 800g P2PIC transceivers.” What if only 10% bought from us?

Oh that’s right, you still think this is a scam. Y
👍️ 8 💥 2 💩 1 🤡 1
The Great Pumpkin The Great Pumpkin 4 hours ago
His family has/had involvement in the company if that helps.


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Reanimator Reanimator 4 hours ago
2024's officially appointed carrot dangler, KCC (aka "Two Cents"), dangles the carrot that that "there's lots of offline chatter" about the 10k.

Just like he has dangled carrots that he has "industry sources" that he can't confirm and can't give any details about, much as he wish he could. No, really, he wish he could, but you'll just have to take his word. Trust him.

Just like he has reliably and consistently, over the past 2 years, said: "We will 100% see a press release about [XYZ goal that LWLG missed] within [timeline that LWLG missed} for sure!!!!!"

Just like he has been 100% wrong on each and every one of those predictions, and then apologized by saying "I've never lied! I've just been wrong every time! There's a big difference!!!"

At a certain point, it's splitting hairs, Two Cents (oops, I mean - "KCC"). Your carrot dangling has grown a little too transparent. I suspect even some of the cheerleaders have caught on to the fact that you're simply here to raise morale and string people along.
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The Great Pumpkin The Great Pumpkin 4 hours ago
Regarding the licensing deal. NLM has been doing these same type of experimental science experiment deals for access to their polymer for years. It’s good to see the brain trust at Vaporwave finally catch on and stop giving it away for free like they were doing. As typical they are leading from behind.

This whole company and everyone involved is a complete clown show including the geezer retailers praying for a miracle and dreams of riches. They have breached their fiduciary duty countless times.

The licensing deal is meaningless and the way they dropped it before the ASM is criminal if any of you cuck longs had the balls to press it.

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The Great Pumpkin The Great Pumpkin 5 hours ago
This is the guru that people are following here lmao.

Your dementia is showing. I’m telling you it’s in the water in Delaware.

We just went over this last week and I provided the link.

Check the page with the 800g transceivers. How are they doing it without Vaporwave? I thought Silicon Photonics was maxed out. 2X400 is shipping now.


Muh 10K. Cash for insiders paychecks and bonuses for another year. What a clown!

🏆️ 1 👎️ 2 💤 2 💩 2 🤡 3 🧻 1
The Great Pumpkin The Great Pumpkin 5 hours ago
These people are sick eom

🏆️ 1 👎️ 2 💤 1 💩 2 🚽 1 🤡 2 🧻 1
JJ8 JJ8 5 hours ago
LWLG share price BEARISH SIGNAL REVERSED today on 29-Feb-2024 GLTA
👍️ 1
Lewrock Lewrock 5 hours ago
Dead On Arrival Dead On Arrival 6 hours ago
Benzinga should be a hoot. They should let Marcelli do the interview.
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Think1st Think1st 6 hours ago
Our Company is also in various stages of photonic device and materials development and evaluation with potential customers and strategic partners. We expect to [[[continue ]]]

to obtain a revenue stream from technology licensing agreements, and to obtain [[[ additional revenue streams from technology transfer agreements]]] and direct sale of our electro-optic device components. We have seen increased interest in our materials during 2023 and we are in discussions on future license agreements
Rocking Jack Rocking Jack 6 hours ago
Wow! This is a 10K? It's huge! It is supposed to tell all that happened in a year, I understand, but for a small company it's again very detailed and long. Nice illustration and diagrams, etc. It was probably done by one of the new hires. Nice job for sure but who is gonna read that all? I like to read the 10Q reports, they are much more interesting.
🤣 1
Lewrock Lewrock 6 hours ago
Are you asking me to be your administrative assistant? My fee is $500 per hour.
👍️ 6 💥 2 💯 3 🤡 1 🫏 1 ❤️ 2
tedpeele tedpeele 6 hours ago
I was just going through what I read here Lewrock. If they omitted something and you think it’s meaningful, feel free to share it for the benefit of others.
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Lewrock Lewrock 7 hours ago
In the end, it sounds like nothing unexpected or new. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

Analyze this sentence by Ted:

“in the end” - doesn’t that mean a conclusion has been made?

“I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet”

Conclusion is so obvious: you will spend the next several days supporting the conclusion you made yesterday.

Ted is Ted and that “ain’t” saying much unexpected or new!
👆️ 2 👍️ 8 💥 3 💯 1 ❤️ 2
spartex spartex 7 hours ago
X, Cool and reminds me of this fav Floyd Song....
and I'll add...shorts, keep your hands off of my stash!😜🤑

It's a gas
Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash
👍️ 3 🚀 2
KCCO7913 KCCO7913 7 hours ago
Teep watch those spelling errors. You must be at happy hour.
👍️ 1 🤣 3
DanM51 DanM51 7 hours ago
So the nerds have gone from dismissing the 10k as boilerplate language to overanalyzing and getting overexcited with every word change? Yup. Typical....the increase in r33 for 2024 seemed new and interesting. That's about it. How about they announce a deal tomorrow and talk about it on crappy Benzinga?
tedpeele tedpeele 7 hours ago
In the end, it sounds like nothing unexpected or new. I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet.

Not to be negative though, if it summarizes some things for people that like to read the 10k and have trouble finding it elsewhere then that’s a good thing for them. And it’s good to have it in an official filing. If it hasn’t been already.
👎️ 2 💩 2 🚽 1 🤡 2 🧻 1
Slim_Jim Slim_Jim 7 hours ago
Browsing the 10k as time permits, loving that spider chart, can't get much better than that. Material stability at high temps, cash on hand, debt , etc
👍️ 4
tedpeele tedpeele 7 hours ago
The “on rhe fencers” or the outright skeptics could chamge their minds if such information is shared.

Ive always thought the good ol boy mentality here is just strange. Don’t you want more buyers?
👎️ 2 💤 1 💩 3 🚽 1 🤡 4 🧻 1
astro2 astro2 7 hours ago
I’m sure their in a group chat at this moment
👆️ 1 👍️ 2 💥 1 💯 1
Zardiw Zardiw 7 hours ago
$LWLG Chart from #DDAmanda - #1 Stock Screener :

#Scans are preset. Push a Button. Find Winners Early:

Lewrock Lewrock 7 hours ago
They are busy trying to punch holes in the 10-K. That is not easy to do. But they are relentless. We will see their best efforts in the coming hours and days.
👆️ 1 👍️ 7 💥 1 💯 1 ❤️ 1
astro2 astro2 7 hours ago
Seems as though the asshats vanished tonight
👍️ 4 💯 2
KCCO7913 KCCO7913 7 hours ago
Lots of offline chatter this evening on the 10K comparing new/changed language. Plus a new section on revenue recognition for the licensing agreement.

Hoping to see more productive conversations here on the same.
👍️ 16 💥 3 💯 4 🤙 4
x993231 x993231 8 hours ago
Perhaps purp can comment, pretty sure discloses are not required under, um, um certain government um, um situations.

👍️ 2
Abig Abig 8 hours ago
repeat delete
Abig Abig 8 hours ago
Carl here is a little nugget for you to look into

Page 31

Our Past Government Program Participation

Our Company has been a participant in several vital government sponsored research and development programs with various government agencies that protect the interests of our country. The following is a list of some of the various divisions of government agencies that have provided us with advisory, financial and/or materials support in the pursuit of high-speed electro-optic materials. Our previous relationships included:

· National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
· Properties Branch of the Army Research Laboratory on the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Aberdeen, Maryland
· Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA)??
· Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division in China Lake, California??
· Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio??

We are aware of a multitude of government programs that include for example the Chips and Science Act amongst others. As noted above, we are not currently partnered with or financially supported by any governmental agency at this time, however, we are exploring future opportunities as our Company grows and gains the additional resources and personnel necessary to support these efforts.
👍️ 4
prototype_101 prototype_101 8 hours ago
Oh my!! The silence will be broken tomorrow!!!

Somebody knows something!!!

And that somebody is Lebby!!!

Benzinga interview on tap for tomorrow!!

9:05am Before the Bell!!!

Tune in tomorrow to Benzinga All Access to go in-depth with growing companies and the people behind them!

Watch here 👉 to catch Lightwave Logic
(NASDAQ: $LWLG) live!— Benzinga (@Benzinga) February 29, 2024 ?
👍️ 9 💗 3 💥 4 💩 1 🤑 2 🤙 2
prototype_101 prototype_101 8 hours ago
Lewrock, what page are you seeing this

Gross margins of 93.8%

I knew gross margins would be high, but WOW!!
👍️ 1
Lewrock Lewrock 8 hours ago
Ted, are you seeing what cautious statements that were in the 2022 10-k are now missing from today’s report. Why? Why? Why?

They must be significant meaning there! Spend a few days on that and get back to us! (Please)

Gross margins of 93.8%

Should be able to calculate breakeven revenues now. But not tonight!
👍️ 19 💗 4 💥 6 💯 2 🤑 3 🤙 2 ✅️ 1
x993231 x993231 8 hours ago
So just so everyone understands. I met a Chinese Dow EO polymer guy, he said that he wanted to do a deal with lightwave for his country, he could get the money, no, no, and no I was told, why I asked. Because,
"ITAR prevents it".

As info ITAR
(ITAR) explained. ITAR rules regulate the export of defense articles and services, including technological products and services and technical data.

X. Remember that.
👍️ 7
CarlinNM CarlinNM 9 hours ago
Your remarks are out of context related to X's comments, but I continue to wonder what Lightwave is doing related to the NIST Collaboration. Defense in that context comes to mind.
👍️ 4 💩 1 🤡 1
x993231 x993231 9 hours ago
Nice Find.

👍️ 3
theroc66 theroc66 9 hours ago
X, I know what you mean, but then, there's
p2:"Our Company contemplates future applications in market verticals that may address the needs of semiconductor companies, optical network companies, Web 2.0/3.0 media companies, high performance computing companies, telecommunications companies, aerospace companies, automotive companies, as well as for example, government agencies and defense entities."
👍️ 4 💥 2
LightwaveLong LightwaveLong 9 hours ago
Back on Bezinga tomorrow….

Tune in tomorrow to Benzinga All Access to go in-depth with growing companies and the people behind them!

Watch here 👉 to catch Lightwave Logic
(NASDAQ: $LWLG) live!— Benzinga (@Benzinga) February 29, 2024
👍️ 12 💗 1 💥 3 🤑 2 🤙 2
DJknows DJknows 9 hours ago
You're right Carl.

-Carl, as in "Carl in New Mexico" 8^)

I should have known this as I recall having read you before saying so... be well!
👍️ 1 🤣 1
x993231 x993231 9 hours ago
All proactive business legal expenses, no defense related expenses there.

Cool cool.

👍️ 10 💥 3 🤙 3
Slim_Jim Slim_Jim 9 hours ago
"I'd say LPC selling is done now". This is what I'd like to know for sure, but am leaning towards they're done as well.
My order for some Jan calls yesterday went thru, didn't get anything today.

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