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Fannie Mae (QB)

Fannie Mae (QB) (FNMA)

Closed April 14 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
1.53 Day's Range 1.60
0.409 52 Week Range 2.00
Market Cap
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Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 5,766,946
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Fannie Mae (QB)

Mortgage Bankers & Loan Corr
Mortgage Bankers & Loan Corr
Washington, District Of Columbia, USA
Fannie Mae (QB) is listed in the Mortgage Bankers & Loan Corr sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker FNMA. The last closing price for Fannie Mae (QB) was $1.59. Over the last year, Fannie Mae (QB) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.409 to $ 2.00.

Fannie Mae (QB) currently has 1,158,087,567 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Fannie Mae (QB) is $1.83 billion. Fannie Mae (QB) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 607.69.

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FNMA Discussion

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LegendaryMeteor17 LegendaryMeteor17 5 minutes ago
Yeah, everyone here is into Yuge money, we all bought in at Rock bottom prices. Always sell at the high and buy back in at the low. Only honest person is ACKMAN, a professional stock trader is actually in the red.. guess we are way better stock traders than Pershing
LegendaryMeteor17 LegendaryMeteor17 11 minutes ago
Yeah bro, unfortunately there will be no settlement money. I take it you aren't really serious
stockprofitter stockprofitter 17 minutes ago
Almost a billion dollars in settlement money plus $36,500,000 yearly damages interest payable I would say is not too shabby
bradford86 bradford86 2 hours ago
Not too sure about that. Lamberth in my view seems generally to not care about shareholders at all. He prevented us from getting a damage model that matters
👍️ 2
stockprofitter stockprofitter 2 hours ago
Possibility of Bankruptcy still on the table according to Fannie 10 filing page 14 until clock strikes twelve midnight Tuesday, April 16, 2024

This could be massive for you yo’
💩 1
stockprofitter stockprofitter 2 hours ago
Possibility of Bankruptcy still on the table according to Fannie 10 filing page 14 until clock strikes twelve midnight Monday April 16, 2024

This could be massive for you yo’
💩 2
PennMilitia PennMilitia 3 hours ago
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac do-not-need a Recap

These companies have more Capital now then they have ever had. What they need is a conservator who does not give away there money at every turn of the corner and who works on releasing them.

They have not done anything in the past 3 years that promotes release because the admin never intends on doing it.

This admin has done nothing.
👍️ 1 💯 1
nagoya1 nagoya1 3 hours ago
Now that's funny, you should start with yourself first. It certainly isn't from any common investor group.
👍️ 1 💯 1
bradford86 bradford86 4 hours ago
Yeah. We want to know who funds whalen
👍️ 2 💯 1
Patswil Patswil 4 hours ago
I bought for 0.17
👍️ 1 🚀 1
stockanalyze stockanalyze 4 hours ago
almost 700,000 posts on fnma nearing million posts. no one knows, $1500 down to $0.40
👍️ 1
stockanalyze stockanalyze 4 hours ago
exactly as everyone here has been saying, whlen is a whale to gulp everyone but saying shareholders are getting manipulated while he himself is doing so. lol. brace for more of such hit pieces written by others as he failed.
👍️ 1
RickNagra RickNagra 4 hours ago
Wise Man Wise Man 5 hours ago
Net Worth/Regulatory capital/Stress Test are different things.
Freddie bagholder Freddie bagholder 6 hours ago
if the administration decides to let them
IF IF IF IF #clownShow run by idiots
👍️ 2
LuLeVan LuLeVan 6 hours ago
Tim Howard: "I don’t know Whalen, and don’t want to say or imply anything about his knowledge, expertise or motivation for writing the articles he writes. I will say, though, that the bar for writing critical pieces about Fannie and Freddie is very low. Opponents of the companies know that there is a wide audience for articles critical of them, that is generally (and often completely) uninformed and thus receptive to almost anything negative that is said about them. And the financial media virtually never rebut or refute misinformation printed about Fannie and Freddie, so there is no corrective mechanism in place to prevent misstatements or outright falsehoods about the companies from perpetuating. It has been that way since the conservatorships, when Fannie and Freddie were “discouraged” from speaking out on their own behalf."
👍️ 3 💩 1 💯 1 🤫 1
bradford86 bradford86 6 hours ago
Recap and release is the only path forward. You need the world upended to change that outcome. They have record net worth. They continue to meet their stress tests. They can exit conservatorship if the administration decides to let them.
👍️ 3 👎️ 1 💤 1 🤫 1
imbellish imbellish 6 hours ago
👍️ 2 👏 1
Ispro Ispro 8 hours ago
Or hold! Lol
trunkmonk trunkmonk 8 hours ago
yup. I absolutely agree by any normal means, standards, and business acumen. but i think so little of Yellen and Thompson, one dont care and the other is Maxines girl, which means she is an idiot, never earned anything, knows nothing but take from others and give to freeloaders. they would throw world economy into depression.
👍️ 4
Vancmike Vancmike 8 hours ago
A patient in need of a brain transplant went to a brain surgeon. The doctor said you have three choices a brain from a:

1) philosopher $50K
2) scientist $100k
3) FHFA bureaucrat $250K

The patient asked why is number 3 so expensive? Doctor replied; “never been used”.
👍️ 4 🤣 3
NeoSunTzu NeoSunTzu 8 hours ago
I pretty much agree; however, NOBODY can predict the future and I can give you a multitude of economic scenarios that would make receivership almost an inevitability - but these scenarios have an extremely low probability currently. The point of my post was to address how ludicrous the discussion is right now under the current circumstances.
bradford86 bradford86 8 hours ago
0% chance of receivership, ever. these companies have record net worth and their risk profile --- look at their stress tests. you would an unprecidented world calamity .
👍️ 2 👎️ 1
NeoSunTzu NeoSunTzu 8 hours ago
Beautiful, just beautiful!
🇧🇷 1 👍️ 2 👎️ 1
Guido2 Guido2 8 hours ago
Please retweet:
American families, current & potential new homeowners, stakeholders, seniors, pension fund owners and others deserve to know status of cship re: Fannie & Freddie?

For once please put politics aside over honesty, possible?@SenatorTimScott @SenSherrodBrown @SecYellen @FHFA— Nico (@nicosintichakis) April 14, 2024
👍️ 7 💩 1 🤡 1
TightCoil TightCoil 9 hours ago
It's not too early to

Raise The Ask
👍️ 1 🚀 1
NeoSunTzu NeoSunTzu 9 hours ago
The receivership talk right now is ONLY because someone pointed out a required disclosure in the most recent financial statement reporting. Unless the government is angling for COMPLETE CHAOS or the beginning of the collapse of the U.S. dollar there is a ZERO percent chance of a receivership right now.

Why? The government JUST went through the debt ceiling negotiations and was barely able to pass a temporary resolution; the Fed still holds $2.4 T in agency backed MBS; over $7 T would IMMEDIATELY and irrevocably be added on to the national debt while the government is trying to fund at least one war in the Ukraine and surreptitiously a second in the Middle East. The U.S. credit rating and the banking industry would take a massive hit and the Fed would be forced to reverse direction on the balance sheet clean up they have only recently had the room to begin. In other words, receivership does nothing positive for ANY player in this game other than some hidden globalist agenda to destroy America or the dollar.

It AIN'T happening!
👍️ 6 💯 2
NeoSunTzu NeoSunTzu 9 hours ago
Tim Howard commented on Whalen's article - obliterates his nonsense (
👍️ 2 💯 1 🤐 1 🤡 1
Guido2 Guido2 10 hours ago
Attached is being sent to members of the committee. Would spoil kids and reposts.


The biggest looter is @fhfa inherited from the 3 previous administrations.
Current Director Sandra Thompson has doubled the payroll.
Her CRT Program loots Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac future revenues to enrichen the politically connected.— Guido da Costa Pereira (@GuidoPerei) April 11, 2024
👍️ 4 💩 1 💯 1 🤮 1
Patswil Patswil 11 hours ago
This should tell alot

The current chair of the committee is Democrat Sherrod Brown of Ohio, and the Ranking Member is Republican Tim Scott of South Carolina.
👍️ 2 💩 1 💯 2 🤡 2
PennMilitia PennMilitia 12 hours ago
Another WORTHLESS meeting in DC

Yes another circus show that will mean nothing as usual.

We need Trump 2024 !
👍️ 5 🚢 1 🪖 1
Wise Man Wise Man 18 hours ago
What we are waiting for on Monday, is Bloomberg announcing that it has received a Wells Notice from the S.E.C., for participating in the Fanniegate conspiracy, commented yesterday.
A Wells Notice doesn't mean that the S.E.C. will end up pressing charges against the corporation.

🚨The image of the Credit Enhancement clause in the Charter Act, was missing at the bottom of my prior comment.
👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
imbellish imbellish 18 hours ago
I can only hope to god your alternative is valid - the only hedge I could come up with while investing in these things was raw gold.
Wise Man Wise Man 19 hours ago
That's more proper of a Charter revoked scenario.
First of all, "GSE Act" doesn't exist. Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac say "GSE Act" when talking about the FHEFSSA currently in force. By concealing the FHEFSSA, they peddle the idea of HERA, when the law in force is the FHEFSSA and Charter Act, as amended by HERA, as a way to conceal the rest of these two only laws in force.

They attempt to blend the FHEFSSA with the Charter Act, and say "GSE Act".
It's also a way to deny the existence of the Charter Act, like all the attorneys and judges have done in the U.S. courts.
FHFA must place us into receivership if they determine that our assets are less than our obligations (that is, we have a net worth deficit)
It turns out that FnF still have around $145B of UST's Funding Commitment remainder in the SPSPA (I don't recall the exact amount), which is triggered precisely when FnF post Net Worth deficit (negative NW). Watch my signature image below with Freddie Mac, to see how it works.

A SPSPA that emanates from the second UST backup of the enterprises inserted by HERA in the Charter Act, that the FnF CEOs want to undermine even its existence, with an Authority of Treasury to Purchase Obligations (subsection (g)).
Therefore, the UST backup of FnF is the Charter Act, not the SPSPA as all the plotters have repeated since day one.

An homonymous provision to the original UST backup (since the Charter's inception) of the enterprises (subsection (c)) that is written in the Charter Act just above the other, and it's the one that prevails, primarily because it's permanent, whereas the other had a deadline of December 31, 2009, and this is why Goldman Sachs' Hank Paulson came up with the idea of SPS LP "increased", instead of issued, so that this deadline on purchases is skipped (Securities Law violations because the obligations SPS are issued to raise cash, so they are dated.)

The original UST backup of FnF was spotted by the Law Professor Nielson, SCOTUS-appointed amicus representing the FHFA in the Collins case, right away, but Calabria didn't want to see.

The SPSPA in light of the second UST backup, has been used to de facto update the obsolete $2.25B limit in the original UST backup established more than 50 years ago when the debt outstanding of FNMA was $800 mll, for instance. Something that the Congress should have done in the first place, instead of enacting HERA.

A UST backup of the enterprises to finance their operations as a last resort (either Equity or Debt), as expressly stated in the section Purposes of the Charter Act, where their Public Mission is set forth, increasing their credit risk and not properly compensated.

The Purpose (2) has more to do with tapping the private capital market for funds. What FnF did in 2005-2008 with multiple issuances of common stocks and JPS. Then, the UST refuses to comply with its part in the Charter Act, or does it badly with a Separate Account thanks to the 2nd UST backup inserted by HERA.

A Charter Act that has already been dismantling through the guarantee fee increases and removing their privileges like Capital standards with the ERCF (Basel framework for capital requirements), and winding down their Investments Portfolios, pursuant to the UST's recommendations on ending the conservatorships, in its Report to Congress in 2011, at the request of the Dodd-Frank law. So, no subsidized g-fee anymore (Point (3)).
The Duty to Serve, point (4), is also outdated, as new markets is what any company is after.
Likewise their countercyclical role (step up in a financial crisis. Point (1) and (3)), also expressly written that all the Public Mission is about secondary market operations (MBSs), not refinancings and loan modifications, which are normal foreclosure prevention actions unrelated to the Charter Act.

There are many people that would love to place FnF into Receivership, but that cannot be possible with the Charter Act. That would be once the Charter Act is revoked, where FnF are bound for.
Beginning with the ambitious Calabria, another "libertarian" carrying out a Bolivarian Socialist revolution: "Nationalize it!", just like Pagliara.

You have to recapitalize FnF first:

And then, Charter revoked. If the UST wishes, by acquiring our stocks at their Book Value.

For a Receivership, you need the Critical Capital level trigger in the first place,

Not meeting a capital threshold called "critical" bothers to the plotters that claim that FnF have been rehabilitated, like the FNMA CEO.

Calabria was the first to remove the Critical Capital requirement in the ERCF in effect since February 16, 2021 (they are 3, not 2 capital requirements), two months before he enacted the Final Rule: Resolution Planning for a Receivership, and one month after writting with Mnuchin the SPSPA amendment with CET1 > 3% of Total Assets for the release, well above the ERCF with Tier 1 Capital > 2.5% of Adjusted Total Assets, which was the mandatory release in the prior FHEFSSA that he struck with HERA (Core Capital > 2.5% of ATA. Undercapitalized threshold).

Let alone using in the same SPSPA amendment the capital metric "Capital Reserve", invalid in the FHEFSSA.
All made up, aiming to thwart the reality of Conservatorship and a Charter Act.
It was not chosen a Receivership in 2008 and neither a Conservatorship is a temporary Receivership, nor calling it "Federal Government Conservatorship" will change anything.
The fact that Calabria forgot to include the typical section 18-month implementation, written always when a law directs a regulatory agency to do something, like changes in the Capital standards (like in the FHEFSSA with capital ratios for the first time in FnF), is evidence that he wanted a "back-end capital rule", that is, after the typical transition period to build capital, given by any regulatory agency when there are changes (For instance, the Federal Reserve to the banks, for the Basel endgame, currently in place). Along with a double UST backup of FnF, he wanted a Separate Account plan, that resembles the one for the FHLBanks in 1989, written by statute.

With $426B of Core Capital sent to UST through capital distributions (Dividends and SPS LP increased for free/offset) restricted in the Restriction on Capital Distributions (Hello) and an adjusted $402B Core Capital deficit over minimum Leverage capital level, the ambitious Calabria even dares to make jokes about where FnF can find $100B in capital among the audience of the numerous luncheons he loved to attend, in need of public recognition.
He doesn't understand that it's $402B the capital shortfall to begin with, because he is thinking of the flawed Capital Reserve that he and Mnuchin made up.

Finally, the revolutionary Calabria in favor of using the conservatorships to create a shadow Housing Finance System with the Credit Risk Transfers.

When it's precisely a Housing Finance System revamp what we are waiting for, as per the UST's 3-option Privatized Housing Finance System chosen for the release in 2011. But it's the role of Congress, not ambitious Calabria's.

CRTs, barred in the Credit Enhancement clause of the Charter Act and in the Fee Limitation of the United States posted above, if it's money syphoned off to UST. A Charter Act that they deny, instead of revoke it.
👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
Ace Trader Ace Trader 19 hours ago
Lets take a look at the stants Porky Lambert has in the past and against the Gov.

1, we know that he's not happy at the Gov and lawyers for lying to him in his court and wants to stick it to them, hence why he wanted a 8-0 verdict win! He really wants a win for shareholder more now he seen the dealing the Gov stole from private shareholders. Then there no recourse to over turn as he knew the Gov would file such a motion! You get a sense of this with the interest per day! He really wanted the Gov lawyers to waste time and add to the award. Remember he only gave $612 + interest !

2, Either he played his hand and stuck it to the Gov and the DOJ told him. Wait to we file the motion, over turn it collect your BIG fat bonus and retire so we can put in a Democratic judge in your place !
👍️ 2
jcromeenes jcromeenes 22 hours ago
I've been waiting for the bottom to fall out of the fake money backed by nothing.
blownaccount9 blownaccount9 1 day ago
No worries! Happens to the best of us
Golfbum22 Golfbum22 1 day ago
Crypto market took a big hit today with Iran news.

Likely Monday will be very red also.

Go FnF
👍️ 1
Patswil Patswil 1 day ago
The effective date for most of the amendments will be April 2024; however, some of the amendments—including those
relating to the method for computing exposure and risk-weighted asset amounts for derivatives and cleared transactions
—will be effective January 2026.
Receivership and Resolution Planning
Under the GSE Act, the Director of FHFA must place us into receivership if they determine that our assets are less than
our obligations (that is, we have a net worth deficit) or if we have not been paying our debts as they become due, in
either case, for a period of 60 days. FHFA has clarified that the 60-day measurement period will commence no earlier
than the SEC filing deadline for our Form 10-K or Form 10-Q for the relevant period.
Under the GSE Act we could also be put into receivership at the discretion of the Director of FHFA if the statutory
grounds for the discretionary appointment of a receiver are met. This includes: a substantial dissipation of assets or
earnings due to unsafe or unsound practices; the existence of an unsafe or unsound condition to transact business; an
inability to meet our obligations in the ordinary course of business; a weakening of our condition due to unsafe or
unsound practices or conditions; critical undercapitalization; undercapitalization and no reasonable prospect of
becoming adequately capitalized; the likelihood of losses that will deplete substantially all of our capital; or by consent.
👍️ 3 👹 1 💯 1 🤡 1
Freddie bagholder Freddie bagholder 1 day ago
What will POS Sandra say this week?
Last time this idiot said she has not spoken to yellen. Treasury report says FHFA has never initiated release talks. I bet this idiot is going to say lots of words without any substance
👍️ 2 😢 1
Stern is Bald Stern is Bald 1 day ago
Yep and well earned…
Rodney5 Rodney5 1 day ago
Nothing on page 14 / 10k puts the company in receivership. The person posting nonsense is a fear monger sowing discord! Fannie’s net profit $18 plus billion per year is not in danger of receivership.
👍️ 3 💯 2
LegendaryMeteor17 LegendaryMeteor17 1 day ago
No storming the Treasury building, folks get in trouble for that kind of behavior
LegendaryMeteor17 LegendaryMeteor17 1 day ago
Unfortunately, meeting will be useless. Sandy Thompson is Director by name only
👍️ 2
TightCoil TightCoil 1 day ago
Conservatorship Protest Boycott Rally Tomorrow in Wash. D.C.
Location: Front Lawn of Treasury
Be There, Bring your Signs, and Chants
Starts at 10am - Start without me if I'm late
👍️ 3 🤣 1
stoxjock stoxjock 1 day ago
Exactly! The Govt is ;Poking our Eyes with our own Fingers'.
👍️ 1
stoxjock stoxjock 1 day ago
What /Why do they care? It is 'Our Own Money' that they are going to pay as 'Interest on Judgement award' anyway....
imbellish imbellish 1 day ago
No you're right I misspoke.
👍️ 1
blownaccount9 blownaccount9 1 day ago
It costs the government nothing. Fannie/Freddie set aside the funds to pay for this back in like Q3 2023 I believe. I’m guessing funds are sitting in a high yield account or short term gov bonds earning the interest they’ll likely have to pay out. They might have to add a little extra if they cannot earn the interest needed to pay us, but should be minimal relatively. Either way doesn’t matter to FHFA, treasury, lawyers, or any other entity. Shareholders are being fought with funds that shareholders should be entitled to…
👍️ 1 👎️ 1 🤐 1
FOFreddie FOFreddie 1 day ago
Hi Imbellish. Thanks for the link. It looks like they are challenging whether or not the plaintiffs were properly certified as a class and entitled to bring a class action?
🤡 1 🤥 1

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