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Amarin Corp PLC

Amarin Corp PLC (AMRN)

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Updated: 11:33:15

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marjac marjac 13 minutes ago
Allan, warmest regards. I guess we're on the sidelines instead of the trenches for this one.
alm2 alm2 30 minutes ago
Hi Marjac
We are both still here
Best wishes Allan
marjac marjac 40 minutes ago
Agreed that the Company will probably take a "no comment" position on the upcoming oral argument. Nobody has a crystal ball about how a reversal would affect the stock price, but a win and remand on Appeal, would be HUGE for the company and the shareholders, as Amarin would now be in the driver's seat in the litigation.

While the Judge in theory might have the option of rejecting Amarin's claims all over again, the Judge might not be in such a position. A reversal and remand is not the same as the CAFC's hideous Rule 36 one word "Affirmed" nonsense. A reversal and remand will be accompanied by a written Opinion with reasons. That Opinion constitutes binding authority upon the District Court. That Opinion might severely restrict the Judge's ability to throw the case out. In any event, a reversal and remand opens a Pandora's Box of good things for Amarin and it shareholders.
ziploc_1 ziploc_1 41 minutes ago
Bird..."It would be great for the appeals court to revive the lawsuit because it would put Amarin in a better position to negotiate a settlement with Hikma. And it might scare some other generics into being very careful in their sales of a drug that probably makes them little money anyway."

You make a good point...I have long felt that the future of Vascepa is in volume sales...not in price...When the Chinese national health system approves funding for Vascepa for Chinese patients in the mainland, I believe that Amarin will initiate development of an Authorized EPA Generic...and that will make for a much higher volume of sales throughout the world.

Patients worldwide will benefit and Amarin will benefit.
marjac marjac 48 minutes ago
Ani, thanks. I never really left, but just get overwhelmingly busy with deadlines and brain drain. Even as I write this, I am at the Jeep dealer because my driver's side headlight is out, a month after I was here due to my passenger side headlight being out. If you need to reach me, I can be reached at, which is my email.
👍️ 1
marjac marjac 51 minutes ago
Thanks DAR, best to you as well. Hopefully Amarin is in good hands, and the Dyk/Reyna combination is not assigned. What happened in our venture before them was a travesty of justice, as even the Standing argument against us had not merit under 9th Circuit law which was the applicable law. The courts all the way up to the highest levels allowed a fraud to be perpetrated upon the court, to the detriment of so many who deserved better from the legal system.
👍️ 1
johnhancoque johnhancoque 58 minutes ago
On another note, so glad I loaded BLUE below a buck. Will be back over $2 long before AMRN is imho.
Cheers and gl all.
Anilkhera Anilkhera 2 hours ago
I’m so happy to see you back here. I always wanted to write you but didn’t know how to reach out to you... stay blessed always and Thank you 🙏🏻 for coming back..
👍️ 4
Birdbrain Ideas Birdbrain Ideas 2 hours ago
Oh boy. I wouldn't get your hopes up. Amarin has submitted all of its written arguments to the Federal Circuit already. And so has Hikma. At best, the appeals panel can return the case to the lower court to restart all the discovery and motions that would ensue over the next year before the trial judge has the option of rejecting Amarin's claims all over again. It would be great for the appeals court to revive the lawsuit because it would put Amarin in a better position to negotiate a settlement with Hikma. And it might scare some other generics into being very careful in their sales of a drug that probably makes them little money anyway.

But there won't be any surprises or new information about the case forthcoming at this week's earnings call, and a revival of the case by the Federal Circuit would be unlikely to have much effect, if any, on Amarin's share price.
JRoon71 JRoon71 3 hours ago
Seve, yes, I own a lot of NVDA.
DAR53 DAR53 6 hours ago
marjac, I know I speak for many on this board when I say that I wish you were the attorney of record on this case. Your knowledge of the facts and law would certainly benefit Amarin's position. You had a commanding eloquence in your appeal when Dyk and Reyna hid behind the no standing position. My prayers are that the oral argument goes in Amarin's favor and we can begin to undo the harm that Du dealt this company. All my best to you.
👍️ 7
ziploc_1 ziploc_1 9 hours ago
At the C.C. on 2/29/24... a discussion may be forthcoming, as to whether Amarin has plans to present further arguments to the this vitally important case, in which Hikma infringed Amarin's CVD patents by off label sales, ostensibly for the hypertriglyceride indication...but, in fact, for the CVD indication.
👍️ 3
marjac marjac 14 hours ago
Thanks my friend. The open wound of the injustice in the Amarin cases continues to fester, but hopefully relief is on the way.
👍️ 3
marjac marjac 14 hours ago
Well success on this Appeal could be a catalyst to restore some semblance of justice for the company's shareholders. There are several factors in Amarin's favors which were not present in the previous Appeals:

1) The Magistrate's favorable decision. So at oral argument, Amarin's counsel can reference the fact that she got it right.

2) The favorable GSK v. Teva precedent. How that case applies here could be the decisive factor.

3) As Captain Beer noted, this was a Motion to Dismiss on the pleadings. Such motions are generally disfavored, and should be denied unless there is no set of facts upon which the plaintiff can prevail, and the defendant is entitled to judgment as a matter of law.
👍️ 4
DAR53 DAR53 16 hours ago
marjac, it is good to see you post again. As always, I appreciate your undaunting support and wisdom concerning the righting of a wrong by the US Judicial system.
Best of luck to you.
👍️ 3
Gusman Gusman 18 hours ago
@CaptBeer Maybe my investorrelations question was timely after all!
CaptBeer CaptBeer 18 hours ago
Jasbg Jasbg 18 hours ago
Marjac, Been awhile'. Your Ok - and working hard 'as always' I suppose 🙂

Me and many others supported your - 'Lone Wolf' - fights against the failed justice system - couple of years back.

We haven't entirely given up hope - to some day see - justice restored for a small bio company - being caught in 'the US political generic volcano' - which were not concerned about 'small things' - like Patent Rights !

You and your dogs be well - and hope you will 'look in' now and then - to be aware if at some point a 'Legal Opening' - with some substance should appear - (new leadership of Amarin getting behind 'Standing') 🙂

👍️ 1
marjac marjac 19 hours ago
Plus while it may seem like ancient history, Amarin originally received a fully favorable ruling from the Magistrate Judge, but Judge Andrews took it upon himself to go out of his way to reverse the Magistrate Judge as to her denial of Hikma's Motion to Dismiss. Thus unlike the first two appeals, Amarin can compare and contrast the Magistrate Judge's favorable ruling.
👍️ 9
jfmcrr jfmcrr 24 hours ago
Agreed. I’m up 40% since first of November in an all biotech trading account I’m still committed to amarin, But when the The lift off happens that’s when I jump back in just like it was 2017.
👍️ 1
jfmcrr jfmcrr 1 day ago
At 84 years, there’s got to be an arthritic component. EPA 500 and then the did a remarkable job of relieving me of arthritic pain within 30 days of starting. That’s how I got a prescription for V. Every oar in the water helps.
👍️ 1
DAR53 DAR53 1 day ago
kiwi, thanks for the additional information. FWIW and full disclosure, his Dad, my grandad died at age 94 from AD / old age. My uncle just completed successful radiation treatment for prostate cancer. V could be a good benefit for him if the doctor recommends. He'll get more info from his cardiologist this Wednesday. I'll let you know.
👍️ 1
DAR53 DAR53 1 day ago
DMC8, thanks for the links and information provided.
👍️ 2
DAR53 DAR53 1 day ago
rmb, I agree. The last two "random" draws for judges were Dyk (Dick) and Reyna. Statistically impossible. Well, not impossible but I have a better chance of winning a billion dollar lottery. Let's just pray that we don't draw those arrogant condescending AH's again.
👍️ 2
alwayswatching1 alwayswatching1 2 days ago
100% agree. That was rigged from the start!
Whalatane Whalatane 2 days ago
DAR53. This is the latest Real World Data ( something I'd like to see on Vascepa ) regarding using IVL for calcified coronary plaques. There are instances where stents are not inserted because the interventionist fears they can not be deployed properly .You might consider passing this on if you feel appropriate.

The presence of coronary artery calcification (CAC) remains one of the main challenges in the percutaneous treatment of coronary stenosis.
Several factors, such as age, diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, smoking, and impaired renal function, have been linked to CAC development.
Its presence is associated with unfavorable outcomes in both the general population and patients undergoing revascularization.1
CAC hinders percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) by impeding device crossing, leading to procedural failure and increased complications.2
Calcification can cause substantial surface damage to the stent polymer or drug coating by scratching and scraping against the arterial wall

Real World Evidence helps increase the Level of Evidence leading to increased reimbursement ...something AMRN needs to IMHO gain reimbursement in Germany

rosemountbomber rosemountbomber 2 days ago
Thanks, that is good stuff! Hopefully another piece to help with the EU. Until Generics are run out of town, not much help for the US.
👍️ 1
johnhancoque johnhancoque 2 days ago
Likes the finer things in life kinda man. I like it
DMC8 DMC8 2 days ago
👍️ 2
Meowza Meowza 2 days ago
Judges (like Justices) are (putatively) paid public salaries.
caddiedad caddiedad 2 days ago
To have gotten Dyk and Reyna twice is statistically a problem and just reeked of a judicial hatchet job,as evidenced by what eventually happened.
👍️ 1
rosemountbomber rosemountbomber 2 days ago
For sure Zip, especially since this case (infringement) is not the same as what Marjac and North were working on and got shut down on standing.

The only thing that I find as a negative is the flip of the coin as to who we get. What I mean by that, is of the 12 judges (I just checked and saw that there are 12 listed but I could have sworn that there were only 9 at the time of Marjac's case) Newman is out and then we have to hope not to get those other same 2, Dyk and whoever. So I guess 9/12 still leaves a good chance but I still fret about getting Dyk and the other guy.
ziploc_1 ziploc_1 2 days ago
After seeing the proceedings in the judge Du case, I now believe that "anything can happen in a court of law"...With this in mind, it is realistic to think that Amarin can prevail in the present infringement case against Hikma...even after the case was previously dismissed.
rosemountbomber rosemountbomber 2 days ago
Thanks Capt for the additional info about the dismissal. Hopefully, any potential settlement doesn't simply involve both parties dropping their respective suits against one another. They are not equal.
👍️ 1
rosemountbomber rosemountbomber 2 days ago
Thanks DMC8.
👍️ 1
DAR53 DAR53 2 days ago
whalatane, thanks. I am not pushing him to use V, just providing some information and for him to ask his cardiologist. I did mention the relative low side effects of increased bleeding and afib. I by no means would recommend a Rx medication as I have no medical training. I don't even stay at Holiday Inn Express as I am more of a Hilton guy.
Thanks again for all the information.
👍️ 1
CaptBeer CaptBeer 2 days ago
It’s important to note that the CAFC is not being asked to reverse any judgement of infringement by the Defendant (Hikma), because no such judgement was rendered.

You’ll recall that the case against Hikma was “Dismissed “ by Judge ANDREWS for failure to “state a claim.” Amarin is simply asking the CAFC Panel to remand the case back to the lower court to be heard on the merits.

This should be an easy matter for the CAFC (if they don’t have an agenda). You never know with some judges who seem to have a hard-on against Amarin.

If Amarin wins the appeal the case against Hikma will continue and IMO will quickly be settled. As for the other generics they’ll be paying close attention for fear of being thrown in as the next defendant.

Furthermore, I believe these actions will weigh heavily on the DRL antitrust case against Amarin.
👍️ 5
DMC8 DMC8 2 days ago
If Amarin wins the appeal after the Oral Argument, it will be a black swain event to all generics of Vascepa, and also to the delusional shorts of Amarin.

Amarin’s SP has got nothing to lose. Essentially, SP has not yet priced in the fact that what if Amarin wins the appeal case. A win will dramatically increase the market share and revenue of Amarin (from generics). That will send the SP on its surge up to $15-18, follow by a BO. Possible game plan by Sarissa/Denner.

Even if Amarin loses the appeal, SP not likely to be impacted much. Amarin still have BRAVE and PREPARE trials outcome, Europe’s success to look forward to.
👍️ 7
DMC8 DMC8 2 days ago
Nathan K. Kelley
Nathanael D. Andrews
700 13th Street NW, Suite 800 Washington, D.C. 20005
Phone: (202) 654-3343
👍️ 1
DMC8 DMC8 2 days ago
Issue(s) Presented

1. “Did the district court err by failing to consider the combined weight and effect of evidence demonstrating Hikma’s repeated extra-label encouragement of using their generic version of Amarin’s patented drug for both the approved skinny-label use of treating severe hypertriglyceridemia and the non-approved and infringing use of reducing cardiovascular risk in patients who do not suffer from severe hypertriglyceridemia when it dismissed Amarin’s complaint for failure to state a claim?”

2. “Did the district court err by implicitly making a factual finding on the pleadings regarding what Hikma’s conduct communicated to prescribing physicians, a key element of induced infringement?”

3. “Did the district court improperly analogize Amarin’s allegations to Grunenthal, a label-only case where the asserted patent covered a use narrower than the generic label instructed, whereas Amarin alleged extra-label inducement activity by Hikma in the context of Amarin’s patents, which are directed to a use broader than Hikma’s approved use?”
👍️ 2
DMC8 DMC8 2 days ago
Apr 02, 2024
Details of Oral Argument in the links below.

rosemountbomber rosemountbomber 3 days ago
Do we know who will be doing the arguing that day for Amarin?
Meowza Meowza 3 days ago
How much AI learning and inferencing goes into stock buy/sell decisions? Are you fucking for real?

Designing silicon for AI applications that don't exist yet has far more room to grow than social media or selling mass amounts of Chinese counterfeit goods.
CaptBeer CaptBeer 3 days ago
Here we go again. Let's hope we don't draw Dyk and Reina again! We won't get Newman (who would be our best choice) because the Court has suspended her for the rest of the year for refusing to be cognitively tested. It's looking like a crap shoot again.
👍️ 1
Birdbrain Ideas Birdbrain Ideas 3 days ago
Let's hope we get a better reception from the judges than we did when the Judge Du ruling was before a panel.
caddiedad caddiedad 3 days ago
Thank you Skipperdog…Oral arguments on 4/2/24 @ 10:00 am for Hikma case. Not able to be delayed/rescheduled so it’s happening. 15 minutes for each side.
Saw steven1x post on Stocktwits about this
👍️ 1
north40000 north40000 3 days ago
Why 4/2/2024? AMRN’s earnings are 2/29/2024 when we expect a corporate update discussion, including Q&A from analysts that may affect share price.
CaptBeer CaptBeer 3 days ago
I've asked him if generics have been tested for bioavailability. He said he assumed so but had no knowledge of it.
Skipperdog11 Skipperdog11 3 days ago
CAFC April 2, 2024
👍️ 1
seve333 seve333 3 days ago
So are you buying then seems it is a zero risk high reward buy base off what you have said. It is only like 770 a share are you going to pull the trigger?

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