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Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc (QB)

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc (QB) (KBLB)

Closed February 25 04:00PM

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0.025 52 Week Range 0.0809
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$ 147,648
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About Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc (QB)

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on the development of high performance polymers. Our genetic engineering research has succeeded in developing what many considered to be the holy grail of material science: A practical, cost-effective, and eco-responsible technolog... Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. is a biotechnology company focused on the development of high performance polymers. Our genetic engineering research has succeeded in developing what many considered to be the holy grail of material science: A practical, cost-effective, and eco-responsible technology for producing recombinant spider silk based fibers on an industrial scale. We are moving rapidly to commercialize our spider silk technology, which we believe will have a significant impact on the global textiles industry. At the same time we are continuing to work to create new stronger and more flexible spider silk based fibers with potentially broad applications for consumers and industry in the multi-billion dollar marketplace for textiles and performance polymers. At Kraig, we are passionate about pioneering the research, development and commercialization of the next generation of high performance fibers based on genetic engineered spider silk. Show more

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc (QB) is listed in the Plastics,resins,elastomers sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker KBLB. The last closing price for Kraig Biocraft Laborator... (QB) was $0.08. Over the last year, Kraig Biocraft Laborator... (QB) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.025 to $ 0.0809.

Kraig Biocraft Laborator... (QB) currently has 1,033,374,219 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Kraig Biocraft Laborator... (QB) is $82.67 million. Kraig Biocraft Laborator... (QB) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -21.62.

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KBLB Discussion

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ImjinBridger ImjinBridger 13 minutes ago
Fancy pictures
The fact that he posted those without admitting until later that they had nothing to do with KBL is a little suspicious. I do think we are headed somewhere good real soon. But I can't forget how many times I've fooled about that in the recent past. Hoping history doesn't repeat itself, AGAIN!
💩 1
DimesForShares DimesForShares 3 hours ago
Let me be clear. I think what you are saying is that you have no evidence to support your claims made in an earlier post.

The claims:
“The silk you saw in December was not produced at Prodigy or GSS.
Produced in lam dong by another group .
Almost like it was drop in and go.”

My understanding is that you read the PRs and interpreted them that way.

Am I wrong?
💩 2 🤮 2
arachnodude arachnodude 6 hours ago
You're coming along nicely...added "products SOLD" now, instead of "no products."

"Steady Revenues" instead of No Revenues.

And, of course, Profits.

You're seeing the light and detailing progress. The crows are so thankful!
👍️ 4 💯 3 😛 2
Bob Mullet Bob Mullet 9 hours ago
Hey now!!!!

Fancy pictures

Next some nice words on paper and we are rocking!!!

💩 1 🤮 1
Bob Mullet Bob Mullet 9 hours ago
I’ll be all in supporting KBLB when




💩 1 🤮 1
sickzone sickzone 20 hours ago
I think there will be a program set up that certain criteria must be met to become a small scale contractor.

Yes Mulberry is harvested year round no offseason in lam dong.

I have no doubt there will be egg production at Lam dong facility in future.
👍️ 8 💯 2 🤩 1
sickzone sickzone 21 hours ago
First let me be clear on the Hatchery.
Kbl hasn't used a Hatchery before as far as I know.
Me bringing up a Hatchery is me thinking out loud why kbl mentioned them visiting during December in regards to expansion.

My belief after looking at the puzzle pieces is that the production model for 3rd party contracting will include both small and large scale producers along with hatcheries to supply small producers.

I have no first hand knowledge on your question.
But I think there were signs at both prodigy and gss of small and loose cocoons.
👍️ 3 💯 2
WebSlinger WebSlinger 21 hours ago

Those are mundane / regular silkworms and have NOTHING to do with spider-ish silk.
👍️ 1 💩 2 💯 2
WebSlinger WebSlinger 21 hours ago

For the majority of shareholders, it has actually NEVER paid off before and probably never will.
👍️ 1 💩 2 💯 1 🤮 1
igotthemojo igotthemojo 21 hours ago
“then sends those out to smaller contractors”

This essentially means households/families that grow mulberry and raise silkworms?…my understanding is that there are many thousands of these small family operations…

And my understanding is that in the Lam Dong area, sericulture is not seasonal…it can be conducted year round…is that correct?…

And Kblb will follow this proceedure?…eggs to hatcheries, worms to small farmers, cocoons to reelers/spinners?…

So then the new facility in Lam Dong is truly just a warehouse/distribution center?
👍️ 1
Money4Nothing-M4N Money4Nothing-M4N 21 hours ago
Where did the robustness issue present itself? as early as the hatchery? More at every stage? Or mostly just at the contractor/farmer stage?
SilkRoad SilkRoad 22 hours ago
The baby silkworms need fresh mulberry leaves because the leaves are softer for them to chew. They only eat it for about 2 to 3 weeks until they turn into the biguns. Baby silkworms have fragile jaws, so if they are fed leaves that are too mature and hard their jaws can break which kills them. Fresh mulberry is best, but chow is also used. The only other issue besides freshness is being pesticide free. As you may remember, KBLB launched a certification program in Vietnam to ensure they are using only certified mulberry leaves. We have never been updated on how many, or if any, mulberry suppliers/farmers were certified after this was announced. At least not that I can remember. They’ve got their own fresh mulberry too:

🌿 2 👍️ 3
want2retire want2retire 22 hours ago
Thanks SZ. Knowing there were some issues with mulberry/feed in the past, if a network of smaller farmers are being used, any reason to believe feed/mulberry could be an issue again?

Or would this be a network of contracted farmers who either receive feed/mulberry from KBLB or are directed on where to source from?

One other thought on this: could it be the “more robust” iterations now being used are more resistant to feed issues in addition to their increased size, etc? Maybe this is what the work from 2023 helped to resolve?

As was suggested by someone else, maybe the spring trials are in part looking at these issues so, when they go “live”, they will have selected the proper combination of inputs to ensure we get the output sought.

Interesting times…
👍️ 1 🤩 1
Money4Nothing-M4N Money4Nothing-M4N 23 hours ago
Great! Thanks for clarifying!
sickzone sickzone 23 hours ago
From the information by kbl so far and meeting with hatcheries I'm thinking prodigy sends eggs to hatchery.
The Hatchery then hatches eggs and then sends those out to smaller contractors.
Cocoons then sent to Prodigy Lam Dong branch or directly to reelers.

👍️ 3
Money4Nothing-M4N Money4Nothing-M4N 23 hours ago
Ok. Thanks for clarifying on origin of the worms pictured.

Thanks for the photos!

Was I right about how this would go… prodigy works> farmer>cocoon collector>reeler?

But a few farmers also reel their own?
👍️ 1
EOT EOT 23 hours ago
I see he responded, but I like the setup for different farms.
👍️ 1
ImjinBridger ImjinBridger 23 hours ago
You seem to be well informed. Any knowledge of when the spring trials will start and how long until they are completed?
sickzone sickzone 24 hours ago
The pics are from a hatchery in lam dong.
They are not kbl worms in the pics.
Just showing the process used when farmers buy from hatchery instead of buying eggs.

👍️ 4 😎 1
fza fza 1 day ago
Thanks for the info. Where were these photos posted and by whom? I didn't see any listing or possibly missed the post that stated such.
👍️ 1 🙂 1
Money4Nothing-M4N Money4Nothing-M4N 1 day ago
So… I want to be clear what is happening here... In these photos, we are watching a farmer pick up the worms from prodigy, then load them on a truck to take to his farm?

He then raises/feeds them , then some cocoon collector takes them to a reeler?
Money4Nothing-M4N Money4Nothing-M4N 1 day ago
Prodigy needs the ideal conditions that beast was talking about. But once they’re worms (with the right hybrid) it appears to really be a “drop in replacement”.

That appears to be the takeaway

👍️ 1 😀 1
geostorm geostorm 1 day ago
Hi all - been a whale/believer/enjoying this board's back and forth since 2008 - Hi long time holders - was just wondering what board name I picked way back when and so thought Id post to say thanks for the memories lol - go KBLB
👍️ 1
SilkRoad SilkRoad 1 day ago
I wonder how much he cranks out per year.
SilkRoad SilkRoad 1 day ago
I hope so. Because if Kim sells out to a conglomerate for cash and an in-house salary, Kim and the conglomerate will be laughing and we’ll be left watching from the sidelines holding our cash for shares as this once-in-a-lifetime spidersilk technology takes off and others make money off of it well into the future. I’m really hoping KBLB can become a self-sustaining juggernaut so that a b/o never happens and that we can enjoy long-term organic pps growth vs a short-term or near-term b/o that takes us out of the game completely. Just think, after a b/o, this Board will disappear and you won’t be able to hurl insults at anyone.
👍️ 1
arachnodude arachnodude 1 day ago
Your willingness to go down with the ship is admirable. At this juncture, though, you'll be better served by just going ahead and supporting KBLB'S success. Come on. It'll be alright. Think of all the crows you'll save!
👍️ 2 💯 1 🤣 1
EOT EOT 1 day ago
Now that’s a lot of spider silkworms!!
👍️ 5 💯 3 😀 1
Bob Mullet Bob Mullet 1 day ago
Boiler room unite!!

Hold the company line!!

Everything the company pumps out must be believed!!!!!!!





👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤮 1
sickzone sickzone 1 day ago
I can confirm that kbl did vet additional production locations and partners, for 2024 and beyond.

It is not a production site yet.
Just like with gss,trials first and then signed agreements.

I'm not aware if an agreement has been signed with potential partners.
👍️ 4 😀 3
sickzone sickzone 1 day ago

👋 3 👍️ 6
SilkRoad SilkRoad 1 day ago
Brother, where are you getting this from:

“A popular earner in lam dong is buying young silkworms from hatcheries because of the quick turnaround and paid in a couple weeks.”
sickzone sickzone 1 day ago
Another paragraph that intrigued me was from the upcoming vietnam visit pr in December

This trip will lay the groundwork for the upcoming spring rearing season, strengthening its team, and preparing its facilities. The Company is leveraging the winter offseason to align its staff and contractors to ensure ideal conditions for the launch of the 2024 season. Senior management will also meet with hatcheries and spinners to look for opportunities to expand the Company’s integration into the supply chain and to vet additional production locations and partners, for 2024 and beyond.

Meeting with hatcheries wasn't about learning from them.
A popular earner in lam dong is buying young silkworms from hatcheries because of the quick turnaround and paid in a couple weeks.

This aligns with the smaller contractors.
Possibly a cooperative is formed strictly for spidersilk.
This might be the avenue for monster silk.

👍️ 4 💯 2 😀 1
arachnodude arachnodude 2 days ago
Last laugh belongs to KBLB.
👍️ 4 💯 3
saintcalvus saintcalvus 2 days ago
Same here. Patience always pays off with this stock.
👍️ 1 💯 1
DimesForShares DimesForShares 2 days ago
Speculation or based on evidence?

If you found evidence of a new production site, I would appreciate a pointer.
💩 2 🤮 2
SilkRoad SilkRoad 2 days ago
Con t?m còn hài hu?c hon b?n.
igotthemojo igotthemojo 2 days ago
didnt buy anything fine with my .06 shares i got the other day...but .08?...the technicals are back up to overbought...they could bust up higher anyway...but im not really sure what news there is to come...if it goes to .10, im good with that...if it drops, ill buy more...feel like im chasing it at .08...

if i didnt have shares or felt like i didnt have enough, i might have just bought anyway because in the grand scheme of things, thats still going to be a low price...but ill wait to see how it goes...
👍️ 2 😀 1
arachnodude arachnodude 2 days ago
Yep. I'd say I got about 12 years of "balance and reason" remaining. I'll see if I can meme things up for you to make it more bearable. Lol
👍️ 2 💯 2
SilkRoad SilkRoad 2 days ago
There you go again.
👍️ 1 💯 1
bananarama bananarama 2 days ago
Thanks, Money. What a great article. The world is waking up to KBLB!
King Bolaba King Bolaba 2 days ago
So comrade. Are you getting ready to announce to the board that you and your wealthy orcs have established a major position? When you do, would you please do it in the broken English Russian accent that you were once so good at? Can’t wait.
So exciting!
👍️ 3 🤣 1 🤪 2
igotthemojo igotthemojo 2 days ago
"In the process of that test, we also learned how we can improve our procedures and business model beyond mere silkworm robustness to achieve our production objectives. We have active negotiations in process with public and private sector actors, which would have been unimaginable six months ago."

this paragraph actually makes more sense now that i know the production was in Lam Dong...
👍️ 2 💯 1
trainer2 trainer2 2 days ago
If one has a lot of shares, a rise from .035 to .08 is very significant.
👍️ 4 💯 2
want2retire want2retire 2 days ago
“Expecting a big run up at the close”

Just can’t buy a good prediction right now can ya?

👍️ 2 🤣 2
want2retire want2retire 2 days ago
We are entering a phase where all of the bashers are going to try and squirm their way out. Guess you’re up first.

In terms of reading comprehension, here’s where we’re at:

- you have claimed for years KBLB is nothing more than a scam and Kim is a crook
- today you are acknowledging that it “looks like” Kim has maybe figured some things out.

If it’s scam a with a crook for a CEO then it’s impossible to “figure it out” since, by the definitions of scams and crooks, there was never any intent to succeed at doing anything but stealing everyone’s money.

So, you can’t say it looks like Kim is figuring it out and stand by your years of claims that he is nothing but a crook.

This is a lot of words so take your time.

After years of listening to basher bullshit, Kim may be ready to leave them in the dust “soon”. Then FOMO will kick in which should be another nice catalyst.

Since you are struggling to complete the word, I’ll do it for you:

It’s “looking like” you were WRONG.

👍️ 2 🤣 2
arachnodude arachnodude 2 days ago
Can you read?

Well maybe Thompson has finally got his act together. Expecting a big run up at the close

Where exactly is "Looks like"

👍️ 3 🤣 3
ruskie1 ruskie1 2 days ago
First I said "Looks like"..can you read
and you think a rise to 8 fricking pennies is some HUGE success...dude seriously

Where is the production
Where's the contracts
Where is the revenue?

Calm down little man.
👍️ 2 💩 1 💯 1 🤮 1
want2retire want2retire 2 days ago
How could he “get his act together” if he’s only a crook out to steal everyone’s money, which you have claimed for years as you’ve warned everyone away? It wasn’t that he was struggling with the tech, it was that he’s a flat out crook, according to you.

Do you have something you want to tell the board?

Something like “I was wron….”

You can finish it..

👍️ 2 🤣 1
ruskie1 ruskie1 2 days ago
Well maybe Thompson has finally got his act together. Expecting a big run up at the close
Money4Nothing-M4N Money4Nothing-M4N 2 days ago
Pakistan talking as well.
👍️ 5 🤩 1

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