January 13, 2021 -- via pennymillions

Apple's (AAPL) apparent plan to enter the electric vehicle (EV) market should be bringing attention to the connection between EVs and smart communication technologies (mobile phones, internet, telecom, artificial intelligence ...). 
AAPL entering the EV market may at first seem odd, but upon further evaluation, is a very logical fit.  EV's will require software to synchronize multiple electric motors and manage batteries, let alone the integration of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) solutions, and interactive maintenance management functions.  The EVs we are hearing about today are the beginning of what will evolve within the next five to ten years into self-driving cars.  So AAPL's interest in EVs makes sense.  In fact, AAPL is probably not the only tech company heading into the space.

Barron's reported today on the impact of AAPL's interest in the EV Sector:

Another EV Stock Jumps on Apple Car Rumors


A concept vehicle designed by Canoo
The article highlights AAPL's discussions with Canoo (GOEV).

Alternet Systems, Inc. (ALYI) looks to be a step ahead in its understanding of the connection between EVs and technology.  ALYI recently announced a partnership with iQSTEL's Internet of Things (IoT) division to develop smart technologies specific to ALYI's electric motorcycles.

iQSTEL (IQST) and Alternet (ALYI) Kickoff IoT - EV Partnership Today

ALYI and IQST are both penny stocks.  Both company's offer lower price investment entry points for speculating in the red hot EV sector and both company's look to be reasonable bets with sound management, and meaningful business development milestones.