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crossrates table
0.00742 0.000070.010250.006150.000100.058170.072000.03832
1.01903137.39000 1.407610.845231.316307.992909.891235.26470
0.7239697.605500.71043 0.600490.935125.677587.027053.74018
1.20564162.548001.183101.66540 1.557319.4552011.702346.22666
0.77420104.375500.759711.069360.64210 6.072207.514203.99962
0.1275117.191000.125120.176130.105760.16469 123.763500.65867
0.1030313.890560.101100.142310.085450.133080.80799 0.53267

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