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Cyberlux Corp New (PK)

Cyberlux Corp New (PK) (CYBL)

( -8.04% )
Updated: 11:54:02

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CYBL Discussion

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gosox12 gosox12 14 hours ago
Always good for some "Alice in Wonderland" humor, though!!!
SuperLogisticsMan SuperLogisticsMan 16 hours ago
Thanks...I think. This lawsuit was settled last year.
SuperLogisticsMan SuperLogisticsMan 16 hours ago
Janga...I think you have lost your mind as a CYBL shareholder. This post is nothing but gibberish.
👍️ 1
abrooklyn abrooklyn 23 hours ago
2022-08-24 (VA Circuit Court) Atlantic Wave v. Cyberlux - COMPLAINT, 4876-7209-8644 - 1
janga janga 1 day ago
And possibly being that the Republicans shutdown of the funding means that the shareholders will be getting totally squeezed like fresh orange juice
janga janga 1 day ago
Supposing that the only reason for CYBL now is to reroute stolen money to those retired four star generals pockets: you know, some kind of a petty cash business so why the making a market at the .0025 range
SuperLogisticsMan SuperLogisticsMan 2 days ago
Like so many stocks, volume will indicate what is in store for CYBL. We crossed 6 million shares today. Don't think that has happened in many months. And even though there was a lot of down volume, we finished unchanged. Let's see if volume is at least another 6 million tomorrow.
SuperLogisticsMan SuperLogisticsMan 2 days ago
My predictions:

1) I know that B. Rosen stated by end of March, but he also pushed the date back a few times prior to his last prognostication. I would say by end of June.
2) In parallel, I believe they are working on getting fully audited. This may take another 6 months. Again, my prediction.
3) I believe that CYBL will report on or before April 15. They better show tens of millions in revenue in Q4. Remember: They need to build and ship all $78 million contract by April.
4) In that filing on or before April 15, if the CE is not removed, Mark will add more color to the CE issue.
gosox12 gosox12 2 days ago
No I haven't sold anything yet. I'm waiting until at least Dec. to see if the CE is removed.

Given the previous $78 million contract and many expected new ones, this stock could easily reach .05-.10 or more if the CE is removed.

So, as maddeningly frustrating as this company has been, I don't want to sell for a big loss right now.

How about you? What do you see as the prospects here and any timeline for the CE removal?
SuperLogisticsMan SuperLogisticsMan 2 days ago
Yes, it is different. I believe it is not litigation, otherwise they would have not brought in the lobbyists in DC to fight on their behalf.

In any case, Semperfiguy is correct: Mark and CYBL are not allowed to discuss this matter in public,
👍️ 1
SuperLogisticsMan SuperLogisticsMan 2 days ago
Gosox...were you sellling today? I hope you unwind your position so you can move on and find another opportunity.
Semperfiguy Semperfiguy 2 days ago
I thought I recalled litigation being mentioned, but I can't recall the context for certain.
gosox12 gosox12 2 days ago
If I recall that FiresideChat interview correctly, he said lawyers were working on the CE, not that litigation was happening. I think that's an important difference.
Semperfiguy Semperfiguy 2 days ago
None of us have anything beyond what Brett has stated.
gosox12 gosox12 3 days ago
Hope you're right about that. Any evidence t support it?
Semperfiguy Semperfiguy 3 days ago
Since there is litigation with OTC I assume counsel has advised them to maintain a silent period until it is over.
👍️ 1
mauiguy2 mauiguy2 4 days ago
I forget......did we hear something from Schmidt right after the CE was placed? Or, have we heard absolutely nothing from him regarding the placement? Before the CE was placed, we heard from the guy all the time! He was constantly making videos or being interviewed. There was a flurry of CYBL activity just prior to the CE placement. The main topic at the time was getting back to Pink Current. Then boom....the CE was added. Then nothing for a LONG time .....and, the nothingness regarding the CE continues.

I've always wondered if one of the conditions of a CE is to keep the CEO quiet. I've seen the same sort of silence from other companies after a CE was placed. For sure, this whole thing with CYBL has been a headscratcher!
gosox12 gosox12 5 days ago
Great info. Do you think we'll ever hear from the company on the CE removal? Strikes me as quite outrageous treatment of shareholders. No official word from the CEO on this for over a year!!!
LuLa LuLa 5 days ago
"The war in Ukraine is a perfect example of how multimillion-dollar military technology is going to be rendered obsolete by $500 drones," Brett Velicovich, a drone expert, former Army intelligence and special operations soldier, told Fox News Digital.
Velicovich's comments come as Ukraine has continued to use inexpensive and widely available drones against Russian tanks, ships and bases with great success since the start of the war, a vital tactic to combat what most view as a lopsided fight between Ukrainian forces and their technologically superior Russian foes.
"One of Russia's top navy ships in the Black Sea was destroyed by what was essentially a jet ski-esque drone that probably cost no more than a couple thousand dollars to build, yet two or three of those slammed into a Russian massive naval vessel and sunk it," Velicovich said.
Meanwhile, Velicovich says the U.S. must begin "understanding how wars are being fought" around the world and adapt, pointing to the seemingly inferior fighting forces that have shown new and effective tactics in current conflicts.
"Countries or terrorist groups or different organizations are defending or fighting wars with very little money," Velicovich said. "The future of warfare is going to be in AI, it's going to be in [vehicles], water, land, air and sea, small, low-cost drones. That has to be in the toolkit of our defense industry, not simply just billion-dollar fighter aircraft."

Golfpd Golfpd 7 days ago
anyone else wondering if they are going to try and take this straight to an uplist?
SuperLogisticsMan SuperLogisticsMan 7 days ago make wild assertions when you no nothing about what is happening with CE and company. To state that they are selling shares is ridiculous without any proof.
🤡 1
janga janga 7 days ago
Seems that after or if when the CE gets removed that the companies only intentions will be to sell into the Bid: just see after my last saying to them just what they did; because they’re the only ones now selling
midnighttoker midnighttoker 1 week ago
👍️ 1
awesomed007 awesomed007 1 week ago
What’s the longest, how many years, anybody has seen a ce on a stock, before it is removed?
gosox12 gosox12 2 weeks ago
None of us have the slightest clue as to what is happening here.

The company appears to be making progress on many fronts and Rosen's enthusiasm is encouraging. The only problem with that, however, is that his past track record here leaves much to be desired.

Nuttin we can but hope and wait.
👍️ 1
janga janga 2 weeks ago
So when the CE comes off if so, are they now going to be selling back into That
janga janga 2 weeks ago
So maybe they’re selling down there to keep it low so that they can buy it back low
👍️ 1
janga janga 2 weeks ago
Normally if you’re squeezing it for all it’s got then you dump it?
janga janga 2 weeks ago
So if selling shares on the guise for petty cash must have no other intention at the moment?
LuLa LuLa 2 weeks ago
OTC Updates - $CYBL
Outstanding Shares Updated:
🔴 5,728,914,810 (2024-01-09)
🟢 5,815,533,550 (2024-02-16)
Difference: +1.5% (+86M)

Restricted Shares Updated:
🔴 467,344,847 (2024-01-09)
🟢 553,963,587 (2024-02-16)
Difference: +18.5% (+86M)

👍️ 1
gosox12 gosox12 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the info. Sure love Rosen's optimism on this: He's gotta have some basis for a statement like that. And given his close involvement with the company, one has to pay serious attention here Only wish his track record on earlier predictions was more accurate.

[b"]$CYBL is going to shock the world!"
👍️ 2
LuLa LuLa 2 weeks ago
Brett Rosen on the "X" Network:
Just to be clear, $CYBL doesn’t have to file a 10-K as they are NOT a full SEC reporting company yet. They would have to file their year end report, similar to a 10-K but nowhere near as in depth.
$CYBL is going to shock the world!
Just to be clear, $CYBL doesn’t have to file a 10-K as they are NOT a full SEC reporting company yet. They would have to file their year end report, similar to a 10-K but nowhere near as in depth.— Brett Rosen (@BrettRosen325) February 15, 2024
Do ever stop being a hater? It’s like you wake up in a bad mood everyday. $CYBL is going to shock the world!— Brett Rosen (@BrettRosen325) February 15, 2024
gosox12 gosox12 2 weeks ago
Re: The Uniqueness of CYBL???

Has anyone ever seen another pinky stock with this much potential, and documented revenues, that simply can't get a CE removed after 14 months? anyone know of anything concrete and positive in the works here?

Comments welcome
cashmagnet cashmagnet 2 weeks ago
That's undoubtedly true. But the fact that he's likely in profit already as a result of those centi-million dollar contracts with military suitors decreases the exigency of solving the mess he and his CFO had a hand in creating right from the start due partly to lax Series B documentation--penalizing his shareholders and tarnishing his image as a result...(if that even matters)
mauiguy2 mauiguy2 2 weeks ago
I disagree, CM. I'm assuming Schmidt owns a boatload of shares. If and when(?) the CE is removed, he will benefit hugely.
gosox12 gosox12 2 weeks ago
You're absolutely right. Shareholders don't matter at all here. He'll get to us when he feels like it. No sense of public responsibility at all. Makes sense to what till December, though, to see how it plays out before taking one's losses.
cashmagnet cashmagnet 2 weeks ago
The sad fact is that as long as Cyberlux is making money anyway via Pentagon (and other) contracts, there's much less urgency or incentive for Mark Schmidt to suss things out with the OTC regarding the unfathomable length of time it's taken thus far to put this caveat emptor issue to rest once and for all...
gosox12 gosox12 2 weeks ago
What can one say about all this? Just despicable treatment of shareholders. Company seems to be progressing on many fronts but no info for us on the CE situation for a year now.
cashmagnet cashmagnet 2 weeks ago
Soon after the restriction was imposed, didn't Mark Schmidt tell us that he'd be providing weekly--or at least monthly--updates related to his progress in removing the Caveat Emptor designation? If so, what happened to them? (And WHY, more tellingly...) I mean, he may actually be trying his damndest to make things right with the OTC through his attorneys but we ought to be hearing SOMETHING from him as to where the company stands with its efforts...
gosox12 gosox12 3 weeks ago
Re: Sad Anniversary Day for CYBL

Today is 14 months since the CE was first applied on 12/9/22. Things are looking good for the company in general. The only ones doing badly here are the long-suffering shareholders.

No choice but to keep hoping something changes with the lawyers working on this. If not, one can always sell by Dec. for a tax-loss write-off.
Semperfiguy Semperfiguy 3 weeks ago
This is the equivalent to free advertising/brand impressioning for Cyberlux to every purchasing agent in DoD.
gosox12 gosox12 3 weeks ago
Thanks. Looks like good news.
LuLa LuLa 3 weeks ago
Datron World Communications, Inc. to Cyberlux Corporation Acquisition and Name Change

Effective immediately, Datron World Communications, Inc. will change as follows: Cyberlux Corporation. Due to the volume of authorizations requiring amendments to reflect this change, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense Trade Controls is exercising the authority under 22 CFR 126.3 to waive the requirement for amendments to change currently approved license authorizations. The amendment waiver does not apply to approved or pending agreements.
All currently approved DSP authorizations identifying Datron World Communications, Inc. will not require an amendment to reflect the change to Cyberlux Corporation. A copy of this website notice must be attached to the currently approved license by the license holder.
Pending authorizations received by DDTC identifying the old name on the license will be adjudicated without prejudice. A copy of this website notice must be attached to the approved license by the license holder.
New license applications received after February 14, 2024, identifying the old name on the license will be considered for return without action for correction.
All currently approved agreements will require an amendment to be executed to reflect this change. The agreement holder will be responsible for amending their agreement. The executed amendment will be treated as a minor amendment per 22 CFR 124.1(d) and must be submitted as such. New DSP-83s must be executed as a result of the name change, as applicable.
Pending agreement applications that require amending must be brought to the attention of the assigned Agreements Officer by the agreement holder. The necessary changes will be made prior to issuance when the Agreements Officer has been notified.
A copy of this website notice must be maintained by the license holder and presented with the relevant license to U.S. Customs and Border Protection at time of shipment.
👍️ 1
mick mick 3 weeks ago
$CYBL courtesy of $CYBL & SignedSealedDelivered
I just noticed that
has updated their profile here with their business divisions
Cyberlux Defense
ADS, SA, UAS & MCT capabilities. $CYBL #CYBL with their updated webpage too look to be getting things aligned here!

9:47 AM · Feb 6, 2024
👍️ 1
Semperfiguy Semperfiguy 3 weeks ago
As expected. Drone warfare will be the dominant focus moving forward as they have proven the best ROI on the battlefield.
👍️ 1
LuLa LuLa 3 weeks ago
Russia will allocate 100 billion rubles ($1,102,990,000) over three years for the development and production of drones, said Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Manturov.
We are talking about the production of "hundreds of thousands" of FPV drones and "tens of thousands" of heavy drones, he noted.
🐰 1 👍️ 1 🦁 1 ⚽️ 1
gosox12 gosox12 4 weeks ago
Breaking News Today: Drones Playing Major Role in Ukraine. Let's hope CYBL is involved here.
👍️ 1
gosox12 gosox12 4 weeks ago
I agree. The lawyer is our only hope here. May very well be a lot of bad blood between the CEO and OTC Markets folks.

With the DOD contract and the Datron acquisition, if the CE ever comes of shares could do quite well
mauiguy2 mauiguy2 4 weeks ago
He appointed that lawyer in N.C. that got the CE label applied on 12/9/23

I think you got your date should be 12/9/22, not 12/9/23. Yeah, it's already 2024 with no word from Mark.

It's my best guess that Rosen knows just about as much as Mark does. It could be a lot or a little......who knows??!! As I've stated here a few times already, our best hope is our attorney who supposedly is very qualified in this sort of thing. I think Mark really screwed up and a good attorney is absolutely necessary to get him out of the mess he created. All fingers point to Mark for the cause of the CE.
gosox12 gosox12 4 weeks ago
Yes, the CEO and his atrocious judgment caused all this crap. He appointed that lawyer in N.C. that got the CE label applied on 12/9/23.

He's got lots of "splaining" to do along with amends to the long -suffering shareholders here. At any rate, I'm not holding my breath expecting any share-holder friendly action here in the near future.

And the idea that an investor like Rosen, with several millions dropped here and frequent contact with the CEO, knows nothing about the CE situation, strikes me as totally absurd.

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