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Affluence Corp (PK)

Affluence Corp (PK) (AFFU)

Closed April 20 4:00PM

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AFFU Discussion

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GolfnutBoston GolfnutBoston 9 hours ago
Round of golf on me when this hits. Somewhere between Michigan and Massachusetts.
Maine lobsters for Billyjack.
RichieBoy RichieBoy 10 hours ago
You'll fall off your chair when you find out who else he associates with oldstocks, thanks for the link. I'm still dumbfounded! Goodness gracious this guy's got humongous plans if my DD is right thus far. Hit a snag, hope to have it ironed out by Monday 🫰

Have a great weekend! 👋
RichieBoy RichieBoy 10 hours ago
Sounds great, thanks very much. Have a super weekend too! Cyber drilling all weekend 👷🚧🏗️
oldstocks oldstocks 10 hours ago
Patrick is associated with this list

Patrick is on the board of directors at Connectbase
TJG TJG 12 hours ago
I will get you the requested information Monday. Have a good weekend
👍️ 1
eb0783 eb0783 12 hours ago
Yes. The rest of my order, 20,000s, where I slapped the ask filled later but at the ask price that I put it in at. So all of it went at the ask .0131, just in pieces. $AFFU
TJG TJG 15 hours ago
Came back in to see the close... I see we Got a little action on the ASK there for a bit... As we can see by those small ASK slaps this moves on thin air... when it decides to go, it will be like trying to catch a Upstream Salmon with your bare hands... not going to be easy
TJG TJG 17 hours ago
On the Affluence home page right by the stock symbol at the top you will see a little orange flame, hover over it and it says AFFU trending on IHUB based on user activity..... well there have been 8 different posters on here today.. and between all 8 of us there are 20 posts... Yea so what you say... well its hard to trend with just 8 posters and 20 posts... so what we have a whole lot of people opening the AFFU board and seeing what is going on but not posting Those are the people that will drive this up through the roof when news is put out...So be on the ready next week could be the week we get this rolling.... you never know when Jim will slip a PR underneath us...

But its sunny here in Michigan, one of our 87 allotted sunny days here in the mitten state, so I am headed outside Have a good weekend everyone.
Risk Risk 19 hours ago
Same thing happened to me couple of weeks ago, they are selling in 10k chunks?? Now I do always buy all or none option
eb0783 eb0783 19 hours ago
I just slapped the ask for 30,000s. They gave it to me for the asking price but only 10,000s. ?
TJG TJG 20 hours ago
For sure... but people have to remember that when a public company makes an offer for anyone, be it public or private, that is considered a material event and they have to announce that an LOI is in place... so before the LOI ever goes out they have already agreed on the price and terms... the LOI is there to inform investors of the deal and for both company's to then do the due diligence process to verify what they have told each other about their companys is ture. Once an LOI is signed by both of them neither can negotiate with anyone else for the period they have agreed on for the LOI... 40 or 60 days So unless one of these companies has lied during the disclosure process the deal will be done once the DD period is over.
oldstocks oldstocks 20 hours ago
If you were a company trying to buy a couple lucrative companies wouldnโ€™t you want to try to get the best deal as possible and sign non-disclosure agreements to keep your competitors from trying to over bid the deals on you?
No matter if the companies were private or public.
👍️ 1
georgeofthebungle georgeofthebungle 20 hours ago
Holding good here above a penny.
PeterP1 PeterP1 21 hours ago
ah yes, that I meant, thanks
TJG TJG 21 hours ago
Look at the annual filing its right here you can see all of the shares management and insiders (holders of over 5%) have
PeterP1 PeterP1 21 hours ago
no problem, will check myself
TJG TJG 21 hours ago
I agree with you 100%.. but as I said Patrick does not stay in one place very long... he will get this to where he wants it and then it will be ready for someone to come in a buy it out leaving each of us with several wheel barrels of money to have to deal with. LOL
TJG TJG 21 hours ago
Take a look at the Bid and the Ask... they are now together... .013 Bid .0131 Ask... thats a sign of stacked up orders... the message may be getting out there...
oldstocks oldstocks 21 hours ago
Tj that is why i am here. I very well knew Patrickโ€™s history of growing companies by mergers.
He very likely will turn our gem of $1.3 million revenue into $40 million then that $40 million into $160 million revenue and possibly into a public billion dollar corporation
TJG TJG 22 hours ago
Share in total for what... not sure what your asking.
PeterP1 PeterP1 22 hours ago
yes your explanation makes sense, how many shares are there in total, I did not check these facts yet.
TJG TJG 22 hours ago
You are 100% correct in my opinion... when you look at the last financials James has 18,000,000 shares, the two other board members have twice that amount... James was appointed the CEO for banking purpose and must by reason have more business sense then the other two... but his presence on the new board a mandatory part of the deal that Durham Black accepted to get this merger through means he will continue to represent the two largest shareholders in Affluence currently.

What we are seeing here is a deal being done in the manner that Big Board stocks do business...not the typical Pinksheet penny stock buys another penny stock and they become just one more in a sea of hundreds and hundreds of share selling machines that benefit the owners and screw the shareholders...this deal is for future growth and million of dollars in revenue being run by a man who has $800,000,000 in past accomplishments in his portfolio What all of them want is for this to say under the radar for as long as possible and when they are ready they will Release the Kraken and any of Affluence shareholders that stuck it out will reap the benefits.
Risk Risk 22 hours ago
Ditto.. thanks for sharing the knowledge TJ . Much appreciated
Dj56 Dj56 22 hours ago
TJG, you and others like you, are a wealth of information and insight, on a variety of facets. Your telling that 80% of all comments on boards, yours included, are opinions, makes your and other humble contributors' comments all the more appealing and appreciated. [Always, I have felt best placed and at home in a group when feeling the least knowledgable.]
Your and others hospitality is beyond any graciousness ever expected.

Thankful for being included among you all.
TJG TJG 22 hours ago
I dont think people need to get to hung up on the new company they will be starting, Digibriks, as it states in the PR "Along with OneMIndNG the three others will form a new company called Digibriks"

Just as its now stated in the filings, such as the Annual filing just released, OneMind is a wholly owned subsidiary of Affluence... well in the future in stead of saying Company A is a wholly owned subsidiary, Company B is a wholly owned subsidiary Company C is a wholly owned subsidiary and OneMind is a wholly owned subsidiary... they will simple say Company A is a part of Digibriks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Affluence Corp.

The key is the PR did not say anything about the two other acquisitions/merger companys Durham Black or Contriviane being folded into Digibriks... so where do they fall in this whole new company. As of now we have no idea how they fit into all of this.
Dj56 Dj56 23 hours ago
James' lifetime work in banking means he represents THE most invested in dollars and resources people, and so why he will have a seat on the BOD?

This group he represents must have deep pockets for the long term.

It is the only rational explanation for his previous and present lack of knowledge on executing certain Procedural duties as c.e.o.?

His presence now and on the future BOD of digibriks is reassuring given the deep pockets for acquisitions in 2024 and acquisitions referred to and alluded to beyond 2024?

TJG TJG 23 hours ago
Yes and I said that in the post.. but the only time in my 20 years that any merger or acquisition I have seen or been involved with, uses an NDA is when there is a public company involved. The thing that lends this more towards them being public is that fact that in the press release it was stated that they all three had a combined revenue of over $5,000,000 and a EBITDA of $1,000,000.00 That information is already public due to filings, A public company is required to make. So since numbers were already public Affluence CEO chose to disclose them... a private company does not put out the revenue or EBITDA so they would have had to give it to James... why do an NDA on disclosing your name if your private and your passed around your Revenue and Profit... But if your public and your Revenue and Profit are already out there what you dont want out there is your name... and Affluence dose not want to have the price per share for a company they are acquiring to shoot up and therefore raise the price they have to pay.

The release of the numbers in the PR were for the benefit of AFFU shareholders so they could see that the company would be growing, keeping the public from knowing the name of the three others is to keep the price down by not creating a run up on the share price. If they were private there is no way to run the price up because the value can not increase on a private company because people know who they are.

So yea I would bet they are all three public companys. But its just my opinion, which is what 80% of all posts on every message board in the country is, opinions.
PeterP1 PeterP1 1 day ago
This is an assumption, you do not know if they acquire public companies, can as well be smaller private companies and the whole process take more time, right?
RichieBoy RichieBoy 1 day ago
I say thanks awfully old chap stellar DD.
Got a lock on one, now the other two. Try & message you tomorrow during happy hour. Time crunched TJ get back to you.👍
TJG TJG 2 days ago
The key is Patrick Shuttโ€ฆ look at his background he has built up several different companyโ€™s then sold them or as you say merged them into a different company. Nothing about his background says he is in anything for the long haul.

And here is something I have been waiting for someone to bring up, they have not so I will just put it out there. We are merging with Durham Black the top two people we know of from Durham Black will become the CEO of Affluence the other COO. Yet Patrick is listed on the Durham web page as the managing director at Durham. Does it seem a bit strange to anyone but me that this guy who has dealt with three different multimillion dollar companyโ€™s is taking over a Penny Stock company, A company that had a whopping revenue total in 2023 of $1.3 million dollars. Just look at the numbers from the companies he has ran in his Durham Black bio on their web page. There is a whole lot more going on here than anyone of us can figure out. Pay very close attention to the last section and ask yourself if in fact it does not sound like what is going on here.

Patrick Shutt Bio:

A serial entrepreneur, Patrick has led or been involved in over $800m in capital transactions across his career. As CEO of Unitas Global, he grew annual revenue from $2m to $81m with a focus on innovative connectivity platform model and acquisition. As CEO, Co-founder, and Chairman of Universal Access, he grew the company to $144m in 4 years and took the company public in 2000. He served as CEO at Global Capacity a $200m company formed with series of mergers, then selling to GTT.
👍️ 1
RichieBoy RichieBoy 2 days ago
I got the strong sense from that link posted earlier. That Affluence would manage the rest of all this under the subsidiary titled, DIGIBRIKS.

Now entirely subject to change I understand that but it was only like 8 days ago. I'll be perfectly upfront with you this subsidiary is getting so large. It almost feels like there should be a celebrity behind it or some kind of financial guru. It's awfully big by the feel of it.

Given the increasing size of all this. If not a celebrity, at least there could be another Reverse Takeover or whatever you want to call the financial instrument. This "subsidiary" , they're making waves. You have to wonder if that isn't the end goal in yet another* merger?
TJG TJG 2 days ago
OneMind is neither public or private... they are a wholly owned subsidiary of Affluence.... so in a sense they are public, but its kind kind of like asking is Chevrolet public or private... Chevy is a subsidiary of General Motors, and General Motors is public...

If all of this goes through then this is what Affluence will look like no matter who is the leader of it.

1. Affluence
2. OneMindNG
3. Durham Black - Pending
4 Contriviean - Pending
5 Unknown acquisition #1 - Pending
6 Unknown acquisition #2 - Pending
7 Unknown acquisition #3 - Pending...

Based on that I think that eventually when all of the dust settles they will label Affluence ( or what ever its new name may be ) as a Holding Company... and that will change their tax structure, but nothing will effect shareholders.
TJG TJG 2 days ago
I will dig it up, but in the Annual 10-K just filed they specifically state its a Merger not them acquiring them... the 10-K is the gasohol when it comes to that subject
👍️ 1
RichieBoy RichieBoy 2 days ago
OK thx agree on all that but what about 1Mind?

Are they public or private. I got the sense another private company. TJ that's 7 different companies all involved here. I hope I wasn't boring you guys. Took a wee while to get my head around all the hub-bub. There's a shipload of negotiation attached to all that is Digibrik. Gadzooks!
RichieBoy RichieBoy 2 days ago
I got the general impression they were public.

Ignorance is bliss wasn't that worried about it either. DID NOT know the need for secrecy on them though. Thanks for the backgrounder.

Also did not discern Durham Black and Contrivian were private companies so thanks there TJ.

I'm still getting conflicting meanings with this Reverse Merger melee. Affluence is saying THEY are acquiring everything. I took it you were saying DB was acquiring Affluence and all else. Can you make the Reverse Merger a little less ambiguous or can it be both? 🤔
TJG TJG 2 days ago
The upshot? More lawyering, more negotiations needed.

The biggest and lengthiest delay will come from the financials that will have to be checked over. The first two acquisition are private and looking at their books of a private company takes half the time as it does looking at a public company... particularly if any of the three are fully reporting... Affluence is alterative reporting, not SEC Full reporting which is way my in-depth.

But we will also know what we are getting right down to the number of swivel chairs they have in their offices. LOL LOL
TJG TJG 2 days ago
That right there created a problem for some or maybe I should say confusion.

When AFFU announced they were submitting an LOI with the intention to acquire Durham Black in the January 30 press release, they indeed announced Durham Black company name... They then as a follow up in the Press Release announcing the 3 company's they intended to acquire they stated that the Definitive agreement with Durham Black would be completed in a definitive agreement with Durham Black and Contrivian in a FEW WEEKS.

So why did they name Durham Black in the first PR stating they were going to acquire them but not in this last PR saying they were going to acquire 3 more.

The answer is very simple but many missed it, Durham Black and Contrivian are both private company's and no NDA is required unless either of them asked for it. The 3 NEW company's are almost 100% for sure public company's and none of those company's want their current shareholders to know they are about to be sold... that for the most part can take a stock if they are not crazy about going to the new company acquiring them. So everyone who did not understand that, you now know almost for sure that we are getting public company's in this deal.
RichieBoy RichieBoy 2 days ago
Yes Durham Black and Contrivian (spelling) are two separate entities. Here is an update from the company I haven't seen posted here. Been busy might of but quite comprehensive, worth a second read. There's a lot going on behind the scenes. Onemind keeps such a low profile easy to forget they're there!

Dj56 Dj56 2 days ago
This would exclude DB, as they are not an May 19th or so is a hard calendar day for the 40 days mentioned in previous posts to end?
RichieBoy RichieBoy 2 days ago
The upshot? More lawyering, more negotiations needed.
RichieBoy RichieBoy 2 days ago
"Definitive Acquisition Documents " will be SEC filings IMHO

From an earlier PR. AFFU claimed they needed to do a deeper dive into each of these companies, necessary for more comprehensive DD.

Quite understandable given the international enormity of the merger. AFFU has not given any predicted date for the conclusion of this extra DD to the best of my knowledge.
RichieBoy RichieBoy 2 days ago
For clarity to all, excerpt from last AFFU PR

Affluence is under NDA with all three companies , and the acquired companies will be identified via press release upon completion of the definitive acquisition documents .
oldstocks oldstocks 2 days ago
Yes we need that Attorney Letter posted
TJG TJG 2 days ago
Well we will continue to await your words of wisdom DT when you see fit to pass them along... in the mean time Live Long and Prosper

DTGoody DTGoody 2 days ago
Good Morning AFFU! Just checking in from time to time. Not posting much on anything as I am in stealth mode! :)
Dj56 Dj56 2 days ago
Strongly agree TJG!
TJG TJG 2 days ago
Just wondering if we can all, myself included, just focus on the stock and not each other People donโ€™t have to like it to have an opinion but letโ€™s avoid the name calling if we can. Donโ€™t want this board to turn into a JAGX board

Now can we get the Attorney Letter posted Jim
PeterP1 PeterP1 2 days ago
When I hear information, will share as well obviously.
TJG TJG 2 days ago
What was your name before empress something like that. Now your John trades till u make a fool out if yourself again. You can change the name but you canโ€™t change how you write and post. So donโ€™t pretend your not the Empress, you called it Emperor but I think empress suits you better 🤣🤣
TJG TJG 2 days ago
Following us around are you You Seen how we called JAGX and now your wanting in on the next big one. Itโ€™s a free country so guess we canโ€™t kick even a loser like you out.

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