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About Taseko Mines Limited

Copper Ores
Miscellaneous Metal Ores
Vancouver, British Columbia, Can
Taseko Mines Limited is listed in the Copper Ores sector of the Toronto Stock Exchange with ticker TKO. The last closing price for Taseko Mines was $3.20. Over the last year, Taseko Mines shares have traded in a share price range of $ 1.45 to $ 4.20.

Taseko Mines currently has 290,000,000 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Taseko Mines is $899 million. Taseko Mines has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 10.87.

TKO Latest News

Taseko Announces that Operations at its Gibraltar Mine have been Suspended

Taseko Announces that Operations at its Gibraltar Mine have been Suspended PR Newswire VANCOUVER, BC, June 1, 2024 VANCOUVER, BC, June 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ - Taseko Mines Limited (TSX: TKO) (NYSE...

Taseko Reports First Quarter 2024 Operational Performance and $50 Million of Adjusted EBITDA

Taseko Reports First Quarter 2024 Operational Performance and $50 Million of Adjusted EBITDA Canada NewsWire VANCOUVER, BC, May 1, 2024 This release should be read with the Company's...


TASEKO MINES COMPLETES NOTES OFFERING PR Newswire VANCOUVER, BC, April 23, 2024 VANCOUVER, BC, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ - Taseko Mines Limited (TSX: TKO) (NYSE American: TGB) (LSE: TKO...


TASEKO ANNOUNCES PRICING OF SENIOR SECURED NOTES OFFERING Canada NewsWire VANCOUVER, BC, April 9, 2024 VANCOUVER, BC, April 9, 2024 /CNW/ - Taseko Mines Limited (TSX: TKO) (NYSE American: TGB...


TASEKO ANNOUNCES OFFERING OF US$500 MILLION OF SENIOR SECURED NOTES DUE 2030 PR Newswire VANCOUVER, BC, April 8, 2024 VANCOUVER, BC, April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ - Taseko Mines Limited (TSX: TKO...

Taseko Acquires 100% of Gibraltar Mine

Taseko Acquires 100% of Gibraltar Mine Canada NewsWire VANCOUVER, BC, March 25, 2024 VANCOUVER, BC, March 25, 2024 /CNW/ - Taseko Mines Limited (TSX: TKO) (NYSE American: TGB) (LSE: TKO...

Taseko Reports Strong Fourth Quarter Financial Performance and $190 Million of Adjusted EBITDA for 2023

Taseko Reports Strong Fourth Quarter Financial Performance and $190 Million of Adjusted EBITDA for 2023 PR Newswire VANCOUVER, BC, March 7, 2024 This release should be read with the Company's...

Taseko Provides Financing and Construction Update for the Florence Copper Project

Taseko Provides Financing and Construction Update for the Florence Copper Project Canada NewsWire VANCOUVER, BC, Jan. 16, 2024 VANCOUVER, BC, Jan. 16, 2024 /CNW/ - Taseko Mines Limited (TSX: TKO...

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TKO Discussion

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pete807 pete807 7 days ago
I think they like the deals they made to acquire 100% of Gibraltar, and fund the Florence build out. They have three other properties that have huge potential waiting in the wings undeveloped.
New Prosperity
No rush
The key will be to work in harmony, balancing interests of their shareholders, Indigenous and their employees. There is enough for everyone.
They appear willing. TGB may be the sleeping giant. Patience grasshoppers.
continuity continuity 1 week ago
It doesn't appear that the director has any concerns about it either. Easy money for him.
pete807 pete807 1 week ago
Regarding the strike nothing on the wires yet.
It will be settled when compromise is reached, so I am looking to add when a bottom is confirmed. Till then I sit on 4 year old .93 shares and have no worries with TGB. Florence will add strength to the company along with the world shortage of CU. JMO
👍️ 1
continuity continuity 1 week ago
Taseko Mines Limited has suspended operations at its Gibraltar Mine due to failed collective bargaining with union representatives, leading to a strike. The mine is currently on care and maintenance, with the company expressing a commitment to reaching a fair agreement. This development may impact the financial markets and investors’ decisions regarding Taseko’s stocks.
AZCUminer AZCUminer 1 week ago
Hearing any news?
pete807 pete807 1 week ago
Union strike shut down Gibraltar.
buy the dip?
👍️ 1
futrcash futrcash 4 weeks ago
Broke $3

20,000,000 share Day!


continuity continuity 4 weeks ago
copper shortage cometh...
Monksdream Monksdream 2 months ago
TGB new 52 hi
👍️ 1
Monksdream Monksdream 2 months ago
TGB new 52 hi
pete807 pete807 2 months ago
Up up and away
pete807 pete807 2 months ago
4 years ago you got me into this one. We endured the punching bag period and very slow permit process for Florence.
I hold the core .93s from the 2020 and flipped the lower 2s twice this year.

Augie says Hi!
tdeck tdeck 2 months ago
I told ya, sorry did not get to the DD page but at the end of the day all should have known and did from the amount in it.

I took a trip to FL to see a dear friend and made a promise to him to trade his portfolio for a year and left mine with all orders in and let the chips fall where they may, but I did add to PED and USAS as I had some room to add and I just cannot let go of a deal as my buddy in FL will tell ya.

I will try and save $20 at a grocery store but then go buy a table ten their dinner and not think twice as it is all relevant. And PED and USAS held the thought well if you're gonna play the pop/short game I will be your Huckleberry and take the lows and all I can.

And same with my family, and my buddy I took a year off to do what many say I cannot do and this year started off funky but with Joe and Co thats the norm. But so all can root against or for me, when i was there I promised him I would take him up to $10M by Xmas (From $1.1M) yeah I am crazy, as a fox. I made him $5M once and he didn't fritter it away and go Lotto winner stupid which I knew he wouldn't he prudently changed his life diversified in property, and some toys (boy toys, cars) but this will set his happy arse up.

So if anyone did follow will have two very detailed and obvious as the nose on your face posts on the other two as the light at the end of the tunnel is shining and if one does anything even if one owns none of any, look for uncalled for dip in TGB or dips in the other two PED USAS as their time is quickly approaching, both have just been tortured like TGB was under a buck 6 months ago, but traders will be traders and one must LIFO flip bottoms keeping the core always so you at least get all or some of your $$ back as you await the reality to set in.

Hope all have done well, kept their heads above water during the last 9 months and that fellow in the WH (well the people making the decisions for him) who have tried to screw the market every way but Sunday.

BTW some did not like the buyout of the last % of Gibraltar but if they rationally think of it, they pay X a year during the year they use that cash flow along with every other monetary catch all as they complete the cash cow Florence. BTW read up on AI they been running and throwing trillions at it trading wise and there is a ton of money around the world that will go into it, and what are the two metals that are heavily needed (as if TGB's Florence copper wasn't already going to be a cash cow with AI will be even more so. Silver and copper #1 and #2 metals needed for the roll out and we all know every big player in the world is getting in that game so customers will be there to buy those metals notice silver the past 4 months? It is like George Jefferson it's moving to deluxe apartment in the sky.

One metal that will also be heavily affected by AI (and it has been rising past week) Platinum, but I have no experience with those mines as I never saw the value as while gold was rising it was shrinking so I never looked at it. At one time gold was $200 and Platinum like $1600 so if anyone knows of one that will benefit in the future from AI I am all ears as I am sure everyone else it, I just don't have a clue, I know of one in South Africa but due to the political situation (it is trying hard to out do Zimbabwe as a total cock up it wants to be # cock up, no participation trophy for SA they want the win for being the greatest to #$%^&*()(*&^%$#$%^&*( a perfect situation (country) handed to them on a silver platter. Africa in general due to the way their politics run (really fail to run properly don't make me sleep well at night when even in for an overnight swing)

not sure if link will show up but here is a try, forget the cans and cannots here, its been a while LOL.

Peace out.

Now onto my two DD posts this weekend, I obviously need not go into TGB as it is clicking right along, and may have some pull backs when the algos set in if copper drops down, they are cruising, just took care of the note for and pushed that forward to 2030 by then Florence will have 5 years of $1.15 or even 1.20 copper cost (inflation) under their belt and they will be rolling in cash to jump to their other two (but please management only one at a time) I say Yellowhead although Alley sounds sweet too with the Niobdinum? spelling? But the management here has been executing, all that we knew would happen is they really honestly have done in my mind an excellent job executing.
👍️ 1
futrcash futrcash 3 months ago

pete807 pete807 6 months ago

Many of us have been waiting for two years for the recently approved permit, which saw a short spike to $1.60 here.
No mention?

Harmony, Aley and Prosperity may be part of TGB's future.

Florence is their Focus now. It is NOT open pit and IS going to be the game changer for TGB,

👍️ 1
Stingray Stingray 7 months ago
Steve Booyens
November 19, 2023

Penny stocks are listed equities with prices below $5 per share or market capitalizations lower than $300 million. They are highly volatile, thinly traded, not very transparent and often poorly governed. Nevertheless, they can provide investors with scintillating returns as most penny stocks to buy are secured by early-stage growth companies. Moreover, penny stocks are under the radar, meaning they can be “smart money stage” investments at times.

I dialed in on the market and discovered three best-in-class penny stocks to buy that may surge in due course. Let’s get stuck into a discussion about each!

Taseko Mines (TGB)
Piece of copper set against black background
Piece of copper set against black background
Source: Coldmoon Photoproject/

Taseko Mines (NYSEMKT:TGB) is a Canadian open-pit copper miner. The firm’s flagship assets are the Yellowhead and Gibraltar mines. In addition, Taseko Mines is on the cusp of expansion as it is in the planning phase for three additional mines, namely Harmony, Aley and Prosperity.

InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips

Although a risky bet, Taseko’s CapEx roadmap suggests significant value-additivity is in store. Its latest geophysical study showed that its proven and probable reserves total a whopping 2,728 million metric tonnes. Moreover, Taseko runs low-cost open-cast operations. As such, its operating profit margin of 27.26% comes as no surprise.

Taseko released its third-quarter earnings report at the turn of the month. The firm delivered 143.84 CAD in quarterly revenue, amounting to a 60.3% year-over-year increase. In addition, Taseko experienced a 17% decrease in operating costs, concurrently delivering welcoming residual value to shareholders.

I think Taseko stock is a good buy. Its price-to-book ratio of 1.26x is a tad higher than most investors would like to see. However, we could see enhanced book value in 2024 if further reductions in Taseko’s cost base occur.
tdeck tdeck 9 months ago
Well, well, well.......... let me double/triple check things and I will give my opinions on the matter, been busy with family things for quite the while, but it's on now. One thing, well two things I will say prior to my DD post.......... this is the mining game and the big kids in this game don't think the way other sectors do and second, besides that do the math. This is is like stealing sometimes it is so easy and this one tops the list of class C felonies out their. Peace out.
pete807 pete807 9 months ago
👍️ 2
pete807 pete807 9 months ago
Set em high so they are not available to "borrow".
👍️ 2
pete807 pete807 9 months ago
Games are afoot Sherlock!!

I need a pressure washer to get the dust off my shares!
👍️ 2
Swampdude Swampdude 9 months ago
Tick Tock is over. The bell has rung. The shorts are on the RUN lol. Our time to shine is HERE. All is well and life is good. Let the games begin.
slider33316 slider33316 9 months ago
Finally got the permit
tdeck tdeck 1 year ago
Take advantage of the situation though, as they push her down, bounce that bottom make freebies, this one is the epitome of "so easy it is like stealing"

They been throwing $15M+ per Q pre-ordering shit, paying shit up front they are going to hit the ground running when that permit hits the ATM til 2025 (remember the dates) as was the extension of revolving credit facility which they increased the $$ to what $80M and it riuns now until 2026 they are just planning ahead, full stop.


tdeck tdeck 1 year ago
Sorry a late reply, I don't post here anymore kind of a waste of time to many manipulators and liars. I hate liars, thieves and cheats and this place is full of them. Shipping? With TGB? Kind of lost there, one thing I do know and really did not wish to sell a soul the ATM offering anyone with half a brain gets it, check the dates, is the same as the increasing their revolving credit facility and changing the date to 2025. They are setting themselves up so that ZERO can pause Florence, they still have the Gibraltar work put off until 2024 and Yellowhead which is switching gears after this last dealing with govt it won't take as long as it does in US and first is first if I remember correctly is the road that needs to be built, but yeah they are just doing what proper business people do, planning ahead so that nothing interrupts that cash cow that Florence is. Anyone who even remotely thought they were ATMing shares now, needs to dunk their head in ice water and think, DUH.

pete807 pete807 1 year ago
How is it that $EXMGF got through the red tape so quick?

Same place and time, perhaps even the same copper. What about patent to use acid injection?

Long both now cuz it only cost .20 to play! 1/8 the cost here. 6 months from now Q's will be answered.

Is EPA a pay to play secret scam misunderstood by Canadians?
tdeck tdeck 1 year ago
It is all working out swimmingly, they play it, LIFO that stuff, this one is a thing so easy investment wise it should be illegal, a stone cold felony.

Peace out.
👍️ 1
futrcash futrcash 1 year ago
TGB Corporate Presentation

RyGuy RyGuy 1 year ago
$7 Taseko shares in the future will be nice
RyGuy RyGuy 1 year ago

This sets the option value of Florence alone at (10%) to be approximately $3.50 a share. Doesn't account for any additional value of Gibraltar today or the future asset value of Yellowhead...

Taseko (TGB) based on this valuation alone should easily be a $7 stock.

VANCOUVER, BC, Dec. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - Taseko Mines Limited (TSX: TKO) (NYSE American: TGB) (LSE: TKO) ("Taseko" or the "Company") is pleased to announce it has signed agreements with Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.) Inc. ("Mitsui") to form a strategic partnership to develop the Company's Florence Copper project (the "Project"), located in Arizona USA.

Mitsui has committed to an initial investment of US$50 million, with proceeds to be used for construction of the commercial production facility. The initial investment will be in the form of a copper stream agreement (the "Copper Stream") on 2.67% of the copper produced at Florence Copper.

In addition, Mitsui has the option to invest an additional US$50 million (for a total investment of US$100 million) for a 10% equity interest in Florence Copper (the "Equity Option"). The Equity Option is exercisable by Mitsui within a three-year period following completion of construction of the commercial production facility. If Mitsui elects to exercise its Equity Option the Copper Stream will terminate.

As part of the arrangement, Taseko and Mitsui have entered into an offtake contract for 81% of the copper cathode produced at Florence during the initial years of production. The parties intend to use this period to develop premium sales channels for 'green copper' in the United States, leveraging Mitsui's existing US cathode trading business and the unique environmental benefits of Florence Copper, which is expected to be the lowest carbon- and energy-intensity copper producer in North America.

Stuart McDonald, President & CEO of Taseko, stated, "This agreement with Mitsui establishes a strategic partnership with a leading international company. Mitsui's investment will complement Taseko's financing requirements and construction timeline and advance our goal of ensuring the copper produced at Florence is recognized for its unique low-carbon profile that will advantage US manufacturers and consumers. In the future, Taseko and Mitsui will collectively evaluate additional investments toward establishing Florence Copper as a zero-carbon copper producer (Scope 1 and 2)."

Sayu Ueno, President & CEO of Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), commented, "We are excited to partner with Taseko and its unique, low-carbon and low-impact Florence Copper project. When in production, Florence Copper will significantly expand our US cathode trading business, while providing an environmentally sound, domestically produced product that can be marketed on the basis of its low-carbon advantages. We believe Florence Copper will be a preferred source of 'made-in-the-US' copper for many end users in North America."

Transaction Details
Under the terms of the initial US$50 million Copper Stream agreement, Mitsui's first deposit payment of US$10 million will be available for drawdown after receipt of Florence Copper's Underground Injection Control permit, with additional US$10 million instalments available each quarter thereafter to fund project construction. Mitsui will receive 2.67% of the copper metal produced at Florence and pay a delivery price equal to 25% of the market price of copper delivered under the contract.

If Mitsui elects to exercise its Equity Option and invest an additional US$50 million in the Project, these additional funds and the Copper Stream will be converted into a 10% equity interest in Florence Copper. At that time, the initial offtake agreement will cease and be replaced with a marketing agency agreement.

If the Copper Stream is not converted into an equity interest Taseko will have the right to buy-back 100% of the Copper Stream, otherwise, it will terminate when 40 million pounds of copper have been delivered under the agreement. Mitsui's offtake entitlement would also reduce to 30% until the Copper Stream deposit has been reduced to nil.

About Mitsui & Co.
With a long history in the United States, Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc. ("Mitsui USA") is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, one of the most diversified and comprehensive trading, investment, and service enterprises in the world. Mitsui & Co. pursues "360° business innovation" that ranges from product sales, worldwide logistics and financing, through to the development of major international infrastructure and other projects. More information on Mitsui USA may be found at

About Taseko
Taseko is focused on the operation and development of copper mines in North America. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Taseko is the owner (75%) and operator of the Gibraltar Mine, the second largest open pit copper mine in Canada. Taseko's Florence Copper Project in Arizona is a near-term growth project, which will nearly double the Company's annual copper production. Construction of Florence Copper is expected to commence in 2023. Taseko's Yellowhead Copper Project, New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project and Aley Niobium Project are all advanced staged projects which provide the Company with a diverse commodity pipeline.

Stuart McDonald
President and CEO
👍️ 1
futrcash futrcash 1 year ago

Once in commercial production, Florence Copper is expected to have the lowest energy and greenhouse gas-intensity ("GHG") of any copper producer in North America, and will contribute to reducing the United States' reliance on foreign producers for a metal considered to be foundational for the transition to a low-carbon economy. It is a low-cost copper project with an annual production capacity of 85 million pounds of copper over a 21-year mine life. With the expected C1* operating cost of US$1.10 per pound, Florence Copper will be in the lowest quartile of the global copper cost curve and will have one of the smallest environmental footprints of any copper mine in the world with carbon emissions, water and energy consumption all dramatically lower than a conventional mine.

The Company has successfully operated a Production Test Facility ("PTF") since 2018 at Florence to demonstrate that the in-situ copper recovery ("ISCR") process can produce high quality cathode while operating within permit conditions.

The next phase of Florence Copper will be the construction and operation of the commercial ISCR facility with an estimated capital cost of US$230 million (including reclamation bonding and working capital) based on the Company's published 2017 NI 43-101 technical report. At a conservative copper price of US$3.00 per pound, Florence Copper is expected to generate an after-tax internal rate of return of 37%, an after-tax net present value of US$680 million at a 7.5% discount rate, and an after-tax payback period of 2.5 years.

In December 2020, the Company received the Aquifer Protection Permit ("APP") from the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality ("ADEQ"). During the APP process, Florence Copper received strong support from local community members, business owners and elected officials.

The other required permit is the Underground Injection Control permit ("UIC") from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ("EPA"), which is the final permitting step required prior to construction of the commercial ISCR facility. On September 29, 2022, the EPA concluded its public comment period on the draft UIC it issued following a virtual public hearing that was held on September 15, 2022. Public comments submitted to the EPA have demonstrated strong support for the Florence Copper project among local residents, business organizations, community leaders and state-wide organizations. Over 98% of written comments to the EPA were supportive of the project and supplement the unanimous public support voiced at the EPA's public hearing. Taseko has reviewed all of the submitted comments and is confident they will be fully addressed by the EPA during their review, prior to issuing the final UIC permit.

*Non-GAAP performance measure. See end of news release


Detailed engineering and design for the commercial production facility was substantially completed in 2021 and procurement activities are well advanced with the Company having awarded and procured the key contract for the major processing equipment associated with the solvent extraction and electrowinning ("SX/EW") plant. The Company has incurred $79.6 million of costs for Florence in the nine month period ended September 30, 2022 and most of ordered SX/EW plant equipment is expected to be on site by the end of year. Florence Copper also has outstanding purchase commitments of $16.4 million as at September 30, 2022. Deploying this strategic capital and awarding key contracts has assisted with protecting the project execution plan including against supply chain challenges, mitigated inflation risk and should ensure a smooth transition into construction once the final UIC permit is received.


Taseko's strategy has been to grow the Company by acquiring and developing a pipeline of complementary projects focused on copper in stable mining jurisdictions. We continue to believe this will generate long-term returns for shareholders. Our other development projects are located in British Columbia.

Yellowhead Copper Project

Yellowhead Mining Inc. ("Yellowhead") has an 817 million tonnes reserve and a 25-year mine life with a pre-tax net present value of $1.3 billion at an 8% discount rate using a US$3.10 per pound copper price based on the Company's 2020 NI 43-101 technical report. Capital costs of the project are estimated at $1.3 billion over a 2-year construction period. Over the first 5 years of operation, the copper equivalent grade will average 0.35% producing an average of 200 million pounds of copper per year at an average C1* cost, net of by-product credit, of US$1.67 per pound of copper. The Yellowhead copper project contains valuable precious metal by-products with 440,000 ounces of gold and 19 million ounces of silver with a life of mine value of over $1 billion at current prices.

The Company is preparing to advance into the environmental assessment process and is undertaking some additional engineering work in conjunction with ongoing engagement with local communities including First Nations. The Company is also collecting baseline data and modeling which will be used to support the environmental assessment and permitting of the project.

New Prosperity Gold-Copper Project

In December 2019, the Tsilhqot'in Nation, as represented by the Tsilhqot'in National Government, and Taseko entered into a confidential dialogue, with the involvement of the Province of British Columbia, to try to obtain a long-term resolution to the conflict regarding Taseko's proposed gold-copper mine currently known as New Prosperity, acknowledging Taseko's commercial interests and the Tsilhqot'in Nation's opposition to the project.

*Non-GAAP performance measure. See end of news release


The dialogue was supported by the parties' agreement on December 7, 2019 to a one-year standstill on certain outstanding litigation and regulatory matters that relate to Taseko's tenures and the area in the vicinity of Te?tan Biny (Fish Lake). The standstill was extended on December 4, 2020, to continue what was a constructive dialogue that had been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The dialogue is not complete but it remains constructive, and in December 2021, the parties agreed to extend the standstill for a further year so that they and the Province of British Columbia can continue to pursue a long-term and mutually acceptable resolution of the conflict.

Aley Niobium Project

Environmental monitoring and product marketing initiatives on the Aley niobium project continue. The converter pilot test is ongoing and is providing additional process data to support the design of the commercial process facilities and will provide final product samples for marketing purposes.

The Company will host a telephone conference call and live webcast on Friday, November 4, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time (8:00 a.m. Pacific) to discuss these results. After opening remarks by management, there will be a question and answer session open to analysts and investors.

The conference call may be accessed by dialing 416-764-8688 in Canada, 888-390-0546 in the United States, 08006522435 in the United Kingdom, or online at

Stuart McDonald
President & CEO

RyGuy RyGuy 2 years ago
Your back!
tdeck tdeck 2 years ago
Just get ready Freddies, that thing dips, will by like stealing a class 2 felony. Many thought they wouldn't get the permit as soon as they have the silly town meeting which is closing in, checkmate. Biden and their minions need the copper out of the ground so they can put it back in the ground, common sense, infrastructure, their silly arses want all electric cars, just look at a map of the US there is a ton that needs to happen with the red gold in the ground to realize their utopian fantasies. Until then, flipping this puppy for peanuts is the easiest money, like stealing, class two felony
artfulife artfulife 2 years ago
ice1922 ice1922 2 years ago
EPA released the Florence Copper draft permit!
slider33316 slider33316 2 years ago
I’m new here..can you explain more about the shipping delay or have a source I can read please??
tdeck tdeck 2 years ago
Sorry, not production, although that is entirely possible, they have done it numerous times before in this part of the mine, I meant 36M pounds of copper and 600K of Moly sold, as they had all the excess just waiting to be transported.

Peace out.
tdeck tdeck 2 years ago
As well IMHO, last Q they got hit a bit on EPS, this Q will be the opposite they have all that ore just sitting there 5M+ pounds from last Q, and the copper prices, and I am sure we will hear in the CC as we have previously that more things are being prepaid ordered with the excess FCF, that big sack of cash they secured, will IMHO be re-paid post haste and not really used if copper continues as we all kno it will. Infrastructure alone to comer the EU and the US/CA alone, the amount of copper to do that is extreme, that needs to be done before any EV in every drive happens.

But IMHO best buy in the copper game by a mile.

All good in the hood.

Peace out
tdeck tdeck 2 years ago
Good opinion, well thought, the only thing I have to disagree with is the avg price per pound sold with copper. Look at the /HG chart daily or weekly 1/1/22-3/31/22 it lived well above 4.50 the entire Q

You will see, have to up your average price IMHO by at the minimum a quarter, thus why having all that excess copper they couldn't ship and had to wait to sell until this quarter worked out well, blind squirrel and all.

The production side I disagree with only on the "I think" factor, last Q was an anomaly due to issues, should be back to normal so my guess for production 600K Moly and 36M pounds of copper

Just off the cuff let's call my guess $160,877,259.00 CAD as they only get 75% as they have a JV partner, which thankfully the honey hole Florence there shall be none.

Peace out.
RyGuy RyGuy 2 years ago
Guessing about 33 Million pounds of copper sold in Q1 @ say a $4.40 average... Say 500,000 pounds Moly is around $20.50 average per pound. This my estimate.

Copper Q1 = $145,200,000 Million
Moly Q1 = $12,300,000 Million

Total = $157,500,000 Million
tdeck tdeck 2 years ago
Any guesses on the numbers? I mean we alll know they are going to blow it out of the water, 5M+ pounds they couldn't ship in Q4 because of the fires/flooding etc had to ramp up shipping and selling of it all this Q, and a funny thing happened on the way to sell it, it jumped another 10%, better than cash in the bank, but seriously. Honest guesses, within reason.

The gang is all here kids, we wouldn't miss this extra load for the world, golf clubs and all.

Peace out.
4Godnwv 4Godnwv 2 years ago
Wow! Great News!! New highs, here we come!
ice1922 ice1922 2 years ago
Figuring out you've got 40% more copper than you thought you had, priceless!!
chaostrader chaostrader 2 years ago
Been patience on this one
ice1922 ice1922 2 years ago
Patience required on this one, the EPA will produce the draft permit one of these days, then hold on tight it's going to be a ride.
4Godnwv 4Godnwv 2 years ago
Trying this one again
artfulife artfulife 2 years ago
Thanks for posting...

Let's hope that the renewed agreement between Gibraltar and WLFN will set the stage for successful negotiations for New Prosperity with the Tsilhqot’in National Government. I'm sure it's a different beast altogether, but I suppose Taseko's negotiations team would be the same folks.

RyGuy RyGuy 2 years ago
Taseko Mines Ltd. Zoom Meeting - February 2, 2022 with Brian Bergot

pete807 pete807 2 years ago
Len was a great friend a long ways back, 10 years or more in some oil plays... RIP We all miss his optimism. Talked him into rcel and epd. He already had TGB on the radar. Met back in the days of tiny MLP single refiners.

My wife just got a call from a friend in NW Ontario. She seemed to have some good news to share when she is off the phone. I was tested 5 times from Aug 10- Mid October to get across the border. I heard from a friend last week wondering if I was coming fishing. Been too busy to take the time off. Deep snow there I hear will require a loader to get into my place. We are at the end of a road,... then comes a 1/4 mile private driveway through woods. My Dad bought the land after the war. 70+ years ago. It was not expensive.

Snow machines await there in the garage. Hopefully soon.

artfulife artfulife 2 years ago

Yes, we agree green is the future (along with oil - I'm long EPD) and will require lots of copper. Len convinced me of that, and that TGB was the right company in which to invest. I'm holding >28K sh of TGB which, for me, is a large position. My goal is 50K shares as my funds will allow. so I'll continue to trade a bit here and there and add when the opportunities (like now) arise.


pete807 pete807 2 years ago
Trudeau and his nonsense

Sorry, but you said it yourself. I am close to the situation with property on both sides of the border.

I am confident change is coming.

Long and strong on TGB

Green requires a lot of copper, right?

Agree to agree?

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