Epocrates, Inc., today announced its top-ranked clinical reference application for the iPhone® and iPod® touch devices will be customized for the new iPad™ computer tablet. The iPad is already receiving a warm reception from the healthcare industry with nearly 20 percent of clinicians expressing plans to purchase in an Epocrates survey conducted days after the Apple announcement.

“By optimizing our software for the iPad, we are capitalizing on the larger screen real estate and interactivity provided by this sophisticated device. We are committed to providing the most productive experience at the point of care, keeping physicians informed and focused on the patient rather than searching for answers,” said Rose Crane, chief executive officer of Epocrates. “We are continuing to explore the advanced capabilities of the iPad and ways it can help Epocrates address the evolving healthcare technology needs.”

In addition to announcing its engineers are using Apple’s SDK to optimize Epocrates’ offerings for the iPad, Epocrates surveyed more than 350 clinicians to gauge their interest in the new tablet. Findings include:

  • Nine percent of survey respondents plan to buy the iPad when it was immediately available,
  • Another 13 percent plan to buy it within the year,
  • Thirty-eight percent of respondents expressed interest in the iPad with the request of more information to solidify their purchase decision.

Epocrates®, the first medical application available using the iPhone SDK, was quickly adopted by medical professionals across the nation. Today, as the most popular medical program in the Apple app store, more than one in five physicians are actively using Epocrates on their iPhone or iPod touch. The majority of Epocrates’ 275,000-plus physician subscribers actively use its free or premium software on a “smartphone” such as an iPhone, Blackberry® or Palm® device.

More than 900,000 clinicians worldwide rely on Epocrates software at the point of care to help improve patient safety and increase efficiencies with fast, reliable access to a host of clinical information, such as drug dosing, health plan coverage and disease treatment guidelines.


Epocrates is a leading provider of clinical information and decision support tools to healthcare professionals. Epocrates currently has more than 900,000 healthcare professionals, including one in three U.S. physicians and 40 percent of medical students, in its active network. The company’s subscription-based services enable healthcare professionals to make more informed medical decisions, reduce medical errors and practice more efficiently. For more information about Epocrates, please visit www.epocrates.com/company.

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