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Innerscope Hearing Technologies Inc (PK)

Innerscope Hearing Technologies Inc (PK) (INND)

Closed April 20 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.00025 Day's Range 0.0003
0.0002 52 Week Range 0.0033
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 1,287
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Innerscope Hearing Technologies Inc (PK)

Misc Retail Stores, Nec
Advertising Agencies
Roseville, California, USA
Innerscope Hearing Technologies Inc (PK) is listed in the Misc Retail Stores sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker INND. The last closing price for Innerscope Hearing Techn... (PK) was $0. Over the last year, Innerscope Hearing Techn... (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.0002 to $ 0.0033.

Innerscope Hearing Techn... (PK) currently has 7,662,715,566 shares outstanding. Innerscope Hearing Techn... (PK) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 0.00.

INND Latest News

InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTC: INND) Retains to Amplify Investor Relations and Digital Marketing Initiatives

InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTC: INND) Retains to Amplify Investor Relations and Digital Marketing Initiatives   ROSEVILLE, CA -- September 7, 2023...

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INND Discussion

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PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 19 hours ago
Correction lawsuit from Adnan incoming
👉️ 1 👍️ 2 ♥️ 1
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 19 hours ago
Ihear lawsuit coming any day now! Wait and see!
👍️ 1 💀 1
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 23 hours ago
mattolotmoney mattolotmoney 1 day ago
lmao this clown pulls crap out of his you know what... he is obviously a paid hack ..he been making shiat up since day 1... where is the ihear lawsuit you been screaming about for months..where is us .. wanna be cub scout field medic
💩 1 🤡 1
tdbowieknife tdbowieknife 1 day ago
Thats a good possibility. And will very likely bring more questions of theft and fraud, and maybe interest from the SEC...


Buyer Beware

👍️ 1
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 1 day ago

Look boys n girls and even Dely too - ANY STINKY PINKY POS crime scene that is on a DAILY 50% SPREAD is a SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM....insert 1000X more's a SCAM TICKER.....thee end.....nothing more needs to be said......

The ONLY ones left on the Bid/Ask are the "who's who" of gutter dilution MM's AND "paid to move the dog shit" institutional "share handlers" aka Fidelity and Big Bank Inc etc who MOVE DOG SHIT DILUTION/LARGE BLOCK DUMPS for the likes of Kurlioff un-loading his BILLION shares and the MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN never ending dilution trickle-spout to FUND THE LAST DAYS.....etc......

NO retail is moving this shit ticker 50% spreads for months and on a daily basis - this is DEATH BED TRADING NOW......last day....thee end is in sight....and game over at the MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN GIG n CRIB......MILLER HIGH LIFE COUNTRY CLUB's about to go lights out.....:))


********************************* :))))))))))))


👍️ 1
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 1 day ago

I've got a theory as to why this SCAM filed the cooked-books worthless "alternative filer" and totally un-audited scam filing - and why they "might" file ONE LAST Qtr filing in less than 30 days from now.......

Their crap-o-matic filing (not worth the paper it was printed on).... it shows...IMO "with intent and by design"....shows they are BUSTED BK BROKE !!!

I "think" this may have been done (and the MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN intentionally drained the cash line to just shy of literal $ZERO.... w/ intent) may have been done to show the lousy $2K cash against JUST accounts payable of almost $19 ma ma MILLION LARGE OWED.... (bills due NOW or 30 to 45 days max from Dec 31 which means past due now already)....ALL done "with intent and mal intent"..... to show a BK and/or a lawsuit judgment holder and/or CREDITOR COLLECTION ACTION aka Lebetter SIX SIX SIX aka Kurlioff aka Hessenn group aka USA-TODAY/ al.....that....

"Hey bros n dude n law firms - we'd really love to pay you BUT LOOK AT OUR FILINGS MAN...we gots $2K bills left in da bank and we gots a penny stock on a 50% scam spread now and going more ill-liquid that a slab of granite at the GRANITE BAY MOORE CRIME CRIB COUNTRY CLUB MILLER HIGH LIFE GIG n CRIB....and we gots $19 MIL LARGE owed to some bad bros n dudes.... we owes them bad dudes and is trying to pay at like $50 a weeks to our bookmakers...we on the 6,435 day re-pay bookie payments plan and gots Gabe Sayegh GS capital ons our ass too froms NY and he say he gonna break Matty's knee caps or slam his hand n da trunks of a 1974 Lincoln Continental....ouch dudes ....sooos bros n collection agencies n shit....ya can'ts get blood from a turnips and we'll just be forced to gos BK on ya alls or ya can just sit n pound's all in our super duper annual filing" blah blah blah......

THAT is why I think they even wasted time and a few dilution bucks to file - to "SHOW THEIR BK PROOF" and get it on the record to shield the MOORE MORE CLAN private assets.....

NO WAY does MATTY BOY aka THE PUNK aka SPAZ BOY aka the talking puppet clown of daddy MARK LEE MOORE MORE those two ass hats believe for a NY nano-second that their Alibaba CRAP-o-Matic SHIT-n-EAr-CaNs are suddenly going to start selling....when they have NEVER sold worth a broken wooden nickels' worth.....ever.....the fugazi is up....the smoke n mirrors crime scene is's ALL up to the civil court action now and "maybe" down the road a criminal DOJ/SEC and or some state AG criminal charges for MATTY BOY and DIRTY DADDY MARK LEE MOORE MORE aka THE DON to take their trip to CLUB FED ........

This filing to me looks like "LAWSUIT COVER-FIRE and POP SMOKE-a-CON" - their last shot at running some interference and setting-up the LAST BILLION SHARE DUMPER to "fund their BK filing" and then let the fat lady sing and last one out hit the one light switch left and install the missing door knob for Dely.....

I "bet" the MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN keep the shell just barely alive on life support aka keep it from being a revoked ticker and re-spin the crime scene a few yrs down the road with some new pump and dump scheme or getting a partner to re-light some new-old scan n con....their sociopahts....serial grifter cons...

ONLY "hope" is these big mother load companies SUE THEM INTO POVERTY by piercing the corporate veil and driving both MOORE CLAN households into personal BK and life in a VAN DOWN BY THE DIRTY RIVER.....again....thus their spending their last coin on the shit-filing....they HAD TO SHOW....dudes we gots $2K cash on them corporate books and we tried our damned hardest to "sell some shitty hearing aids"....sort of.....while paying ourselves like running a Fortune 500 real biz......

We'll know by when the Q-1 filing is due + the outcome of these big-hitter mother load lawsuits ALL about to go DEFAULT JUDGEMENT no later than early May it appears to me - IF THIS IS A BK END GAME a 50% spread and near ZERO dollars per day now and silence from INNER-CRIME...the dilution days to get out of the scam are OVER.....they can flip those last BILLION share up into the common for diluting but but but they would fetch not even .0001 IF even a micro sell a day occurred .....the buy-side is deader than a corpse on Halloween and NOTHING is gonna re-pump this stinky pinky crime scene now......

STILL WAITING ON ATTORNEY SCAM LETTER - so they ain't even out of the woods yet on their crappy annual.....MOMMA MOORE MORE aka EASY BAKE aka Ho Ho Sr she owes us the Q-1 filing on MAY 15th 2024.....or she be LATE as always......

That's the "battlefield analysis" as I see it this AM - did my recon and that's what I come up with or some variant very close to that.....

I think we're in the bottom of the 9th and INNER-CRIME is down in the hole so low they can never get out now......just buying time and treading water....MAYBE TO BROKE TO EVEN PAY FOR BK.....literally......they sure as hell are DEAD SILENT and that is also a ACE UP THE BUTT card of Matty thrown on the's looking grim in Roseville....the reaper is knocking and has their numbers......:))


********************************* :))))))))))))


👍️ 1
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 1 day ago
👉️ 1 👍️ 1
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 2 days ago
The only knowledge we have here is that Matt couldn't run a profitable lemonade stand even if he was given all the lemons, sugar and cups for free.
👉️ 1 👍️ 1
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 2 days ago
This is all you need to know here.
mattolotmoney mattolotmoney 2 days ago
look at these clowns they are i never seen so many bashing eyes on a sub penny stock in over 20 years...tells me buy more ...I buy the bash cause it tells me they know something I don't..i made millions doing it...CAUSE IN REALITY YOU NEVER BASH A BAD STOCK.... and WOW THEY ARE BASHING .... SOME BIG NEWS IS COMING AND SHES GONNA RUN HARD ....BUY THE BASH
👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 2
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 2 days ago

$50 in shares traded so far today! Lol

Don't worry dudes and dudettes...ole MATTY BOY aka THE PUNK he duns gots that ole:

"ACE UP HIS SLEEVE...oops...I MEAN ACE UP HIS BUTT" cause he talks out his BUTT every single time his lips are LOL !!!


********************************* :))))))))))))


👍️ 1
Midwestrader Midwestrader 2 days ago
Yep..and if not done and soon this ticker will get BUSTED down to a YIELD sign. would they afford an attorney??

Why doesn't multi-millionaire MattolotoMISTAKES loan MIA MATTY some cash?

👍️ 2 😂 2
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 2 days ago
$50 in shares traded so far today! Lol
😂 2
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 2 days ago
Sell out of stock at Walmart
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 2 days ago
I'm not going to miss that clown. Him being gone is a clear sign BK is incoming.
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 3 days ago
Awesome close today. Down 33% lmao!
👍️ 1 😂 1
DrAsd333 DrAsd333 3 days ago
I mean wasn’t it obvious anyway?

But atleast before it was like watching a drama show…. Now it’s a documentary….
Not as fun reading

spartyJ spartyJ 3 days ago
Good to see the scam is in full force and “the family” is going down the crapper. What a show man! Bag holders on the brink!
👍️ 1
DrAsd333 DrAsd333 3 days ago
It’s kind of not the same without Matt….

That’s like firing the main actor….
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 3 days ago

Look boys n girls....TWO massive civil suits are "live" as we speak and that be USA-Today/GANNET seeking well over a $million in damages and closer to $2 mil when attorneys fees are tacked on which 100% will happen.....PLACER COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT aka local to where INNER-CRIME HQ is located aka the "county courthouse" so to speak.....

AND then the mother load BIG BOMBER CASE (for Dely that means a B-29 Super Fort with "Dragon Lady" as her nose art ) aka delivering the 1.3 megaton NUKE STRIKE about to hit this shit house - the Hessenn global group aka "WE BUILD KIOSKS and STORE DISPLAYS" who MATTY BOY and INNER-FRAUD "Stiffed" to the big ole sad tune of $2 Ma Ma MILLION PLUS........,_Inc_et_al

April 26 aka TEN SHORT DAYS FROM NOW the MOORE CLAN MUST ANSWER THAT COMPLAINT and have been "SERVED" - and this be big-boy federal court.....the and it's CA federal court 100% rock-solid jurisdiction over INNER-FRAUD and the company behind it Hessenn ain't some country bumpkin crew or attorney who fell off the turnip truck yesterday "down on the ole Alabama truck farm" (that's for you Dely - Yellow Brick Road... "should have listened to my old man....should have stayed on the farm.....going back to my plough" and "naked Lady" Dylan know good music lil smokie're well read and know real music...I'm're very literate too.....we need to talk.... LOL !!) ...Hessenn LLC is the "USA presence" of a VERY large Taiwanese big ole manufacturing company and they hired a big ole serious ass kicking law firm w/ enough "staff attorneys" to choke a attorney convention ......
They're "over the target and lining up for their final run-in and drop" and about to wipe INNER-CON off the map....smoking hole in the ground....rubble.....over...toasted....that kinda finishing off the job.....:))


********************************* :))))))))))))


👍️ 1
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 3 days ago

FINANCIALS DUE in FOUR WEEKS. Yes...Easy Bake barely got the Annual filed with an EXTENSION which ended up being 105 DAYS to do a 90% copy and paste financial. NOW....she has to have the Q1 out by May 15--exactly four weeks from today.

Get ready for yet another LATE FILING NOTICE. 👈️

AND and and CAN THEY EVEN AFFORD TO PAY SOME 2-bit BOTTOM DRAGGER OTC "SHIT LETTER WRITER" as they must must must have a "LTR" for this con or the OTC will punt them and punt them hard to YIELD SIGN ASAP -

My "gut feeling" is they may need to AMEND THAT SHIT ANNUAL FILING meaning the OTC likely balked on it and punted back to them - and thus it's likely "on hold" and thus NO ATTORNEY LTR yet.....this POS is going to bump right into their Q-1 filing barley having finished the GIANT LIES of that POS's comedic how bad n dirty this crime scene is.....

The CIVIL LAWSUITS are catching up and will BK this shit pile IMO - before it continues on much longer....I mean come on boys n girls....$2K cash left and their shares are ILL-LIQUID as dried concrete now so DILUTION "don't work" any longer......

$2K cash against $18 Ma Ma MILLION just "accounts payable" aka BILLS DUE RIGHT THE HELL NOW and most in default ...I mean who the F are the MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN trying to kid here folks..... AND.....and that's w/o the serious civil lawsuit bulldozers actually plowing these clowns under with COLLECTION ACTIONS which should start to happen in the next approx 30 short days....:))


********************************* :))))))))))))


👍️ 1
Midwestrader Midwestrader 3 days ago
FINANCIALS DUE in FOUR WEEKS. Yes...Easy Bake barely got the Annual filed with an EXTENSION which ended up being 105 DAYS to do a 90% copy and paste financial. NOW....she has to have the Q1 out by May 15--exactly four weeks from today.

Get ready for yet another LATE FILING NOTICE. 👈️
👉️ 1 👍️ 2
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 3 days ago
Stone cold facts. Don't walk run from this garbage company!
👉️ 1 👍️ 2 💀 1
mattolotmoney mattolotmoney 3 days ago
wow look how concentrated they are on us.. these poor hacks lol. don't believe a word these fools say here ...they are paid to bash and scare new investors..they want the price to .00000
.. they lie about everything ask them where is the ihear lawsuit lol REMEMBER I MADE MILLIONS BUYING THE BASH ..THANKS AGAIN DRAGOON ....THE COUNTER CLAIM by matt against kuriloff is powerfull ...hook line SINKER ... BUY THE BASH
💩 1 🚽 1 🤡 1 🪠 1
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 3 days ago
LOL Brilliant again !!! Actually, all the Attorneys are gone. The other one filed a day or so before the firm that he got a job with another firm and was leaving. They are waiting on the Judge's order.

The office cleaning company didn't get paid either.
Do not do business with InnerScope!! We provided cleaning services and they do not pay their bills!! They promised payment and will not return calls or messages. They are just trying to ignore us and walk away. Do not do business with them!!

Oh man oh man oh man HOLY FREAKING COW - that CLEANING LADY getting "stiffed" is just Soooooooooooooo (insert a mile long LOL !!) SOoooo freaking "indicative" of WHAT THIS SCAM IS and ALWAYS HAS BEEN -
The MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS "pay themselves and pay for their luxury cribs" and have ZERO morals or scruples about stiffing literally anyone on planet earth FOR THEIR OWN ENRICHMENT......thee definition of SOCIOPATHS and GUTTER CONS......!!

They paid MASSIVE PROPERTY TAXES LAST MINUTE OF COURSE ON BOTH LUXURY CRIBS THEY KEEP FOR THE CLAN - aka THE MOMMA/DADDY MOORE MORE GRANITE BAY MILLER HIGH LIFE CRIB + the massive sq-footage behind gates place they bought for MATTY BOY aka THE PUNK occupied by FOUR PEOPLE with enough sq-ft for most people on the planet to house 9 or more in comfort......they PAID FOR THOSE CRIB BILLS WHILE "KNOWINGLY and WITH INTENT" willingly STIFFING other and now we know INCLUDING SOME "CLEANING LADY" just trying to make an honest living and survive in this world - damn, what gutter scum the MOORE CRIME CLAN REALLY ARE !!

4/8/2024 (TWO days before 4/10 due date of all CA property taxes !!) - they paid $8,349.04 on the GRANITE BAY 5001 Manchester Ct, Granite Bay, CA luxury golf course MILLER HIGH LIFE CRIB.....they PRODUCE NOTHING OF VALUE IN THIS WORLD and sell shitty penny con shares....and stiff paying ALL OTHERS THEY OWE...but by god they pay to KEEP THAT CRIB and won't let it go until a civil suit takes the damn place from them and rightfully so.....!!!

AND Matty's private crib in a gated community the INNER-CRIME CLAN bought n paid for THE SPAZ - the 1501 Deer Hollow Way pad in Roseville a stones throw from golfing at the country club and hagin with THE DON aka Mark Lee MOORE MORE and crew in style :

EXACT same day 4/8/24 they paid the Granite Bay MILLER HIGH LIFE PAD - they barfed up $4,380.83 for MATTY BOY aka THE PUNK and his private lux crib ole 1501 Deer Hollow Way, Roseville, CA - AS THEY STIFFED PAYING a lil ole cleaning lady and about 100 other people on this planet - SOCIOPATHS !!!

BUT but BUTT as they PAID THEIR OWN CRIBS TO KEEP THEIR PROPERTY TAXES "CURRENT" they went FURTHER DELINQUENT and further DEAD BEAT on that "INNER-CRIME HQ" scam building of which Daddy Moore more holds the 51% interest via his private micro LLC gig n scam:

2151 Professional Dr, Roseville blah blah DELINQUENT and DEFAULT PROPERTY TAXES... owing $30K PLUS now in back-due dead beat PROPERTY TAX aka which are mainly used to pay for public schools and key city infrastructure the MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN use to live their gig high life - scumbags !!!
DUE 4/10/2024 $15,380.96 FAIL TO PAY + DELINQUENT from 2023 another $15,380.96 now + penalties assessed = over $30K DELINQUENT OWED !!

Great catch as always Td on that address "change" on the filing - I totally missed that obvious one ! So it's 100% a FACT they are booted from "2nd floor" aka the "big space" of that building. Time for a "little birdy dropped a tip on the office path where I walk to work" to some lawyers suing these cons and "trying to serve them" as to "You can FIND THEM HERE NOW" as their legally "filed" address ....:))

Based on all the above + the "we are manufacturers" total LIES + "we are in Target stores" and "we are in" insert name of LIE about some large retailer - their ENTIRE OTC PROFILE IS A MASSIVE PACK OF LIES and FRAUD - and they damn well know it takes them literally 5 minutes tops to log-in to the OTC-IQ back-end system and UPDATE THE LIES on their profile - BUT of course they will not !!
TOTAL LIE-FEST and they WILL NOT CORRECT IT - we know these cons won't !!

And that includes their DEAD URL/DEAD WEBSITE SCAM which no longer exists as a "website" on any server or webhost on planet earth - more total smoke n mirrors scammary !!


********************************* :))))))))))))


👍️ 1
tdbowieknife tdbowieknife 3 days ago
Actually, all the Attorneys are gone. The other one filed a day or so before the firm that he got a job with another firm and was leaving. They are waiting on the Judge's order.

The office cleaning company didn't get paid either.
Do not do business with InnerScope!! We provided cleaning services and they do not pay their bills!! They promised payment and will not return calls or messages. They are just trying to ignore us and walk away. Do not do business with them!!

And this lady says they are selling junk.
I ordered these for $499.99 in December, 2022. They were terrible and if watching TV and someone entered the room and talked, it sounded like they were using a microphone. If the phone rang, the sound was amplified so much that it hurt my ears. When swallowing or coughing it sounded like an explosion in my ears. I returned them, in perfect condition, in mid January, with tracking information, and got an email (by Jessica);that a refund was being processed. It is now March 24, 2023 and my money has not been refunded. Numerous calls to a recorded number have not been returned nor have many emails to an Andrew H and Jessica are not returned. Im concerned that I will never receive the $499.99 that is due to me. Today I filed a complaint with the BBB of Roseville, CA. BUYER BEWARE!!!

New address on latest filing. No mention of the move though.


Buyer Beware

👉️ 2 👍️ 3
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 3 days ago
Yepper !! They didn't have much to say...

We know for a fact the MOORE MORE CLAN "legal team" is jumping ship like rats escaping the Titanic as she cracked in half and is about to go to the bottom of the deep waters ......thus.....

Their "attorney that's left"... for probably his last payment made or received.... said, "Fine, I'll file a 2-bit answer of deny and obfuscate and legal diaper load gibber-jabber textbook delay tactics" ....blah blah and filed the POS "answer" w/ the court and probably ran like escaping a nuclear holocaust after hitting SEND on that POS worthless "answers" reply LOL !!!

They got nothing - they committed straight-up textbook FRAUD (among other civil and potentially criminal violations) and now they have the civil court "Remedies" coming after them like the attacks from hell itself - frontal, flanking, by-pass and circle around, siege, swarming, guerilla, fog, smoke, attrition, Blitz, bait and bleed, annihilation, encirclement, exhaustion, air campaign, land, sea.....the MOORE MORE CLAN are getting pounded now on all sides and all fronts and about to face the sad music of utter defeat .....:))


********************************* :))))))))))))


👍️ 2
tdbowieknife tdbowieknife 4 days ago
They didn't have much to say...


Buyer Beware

👍️ 2
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 4 days ago

For the pump clowns here aka MatToSuCkAlottA and the MOORE CRIME FAMILY aliases - the Kurlioff case is VERY MUCH ALIVE and moving ahead.....,_Inc_et_al

BUY "COURT ORDER" and MOTION RULINGS of the judge.... the MOORE CLAN was mandated to answer the formal complaint !!!



********************************* :))))))))))))


👉️ 1 👍️ 2
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 4 days ago

Folks.....IT IS OVER.....they CAN NOT SELL/DUMP DILUTION SCAM SHARES ANY LONGER - the dupes and marks and baggies are on to the MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN who are more exposed now than a naked woman standing on Main St USA......that one's for you Dely.....:))

350,000 shares traded at 12:30 Noon Eastern X .00025 = $87.50
LMAO !!!

JUST "ACCOUNTS PAYABLE" exceeds $18 Ma Ma MILLION LARGE and they ain't selling a damn thing in terms of "hearing aids" - by April now...they've got NOTHING in terms of "Revenues" and they live on dilution....BUT dilution needs volume + inflated pumped share price and them days are Looooooooong gonner.....

JUST OF THEIR MAJOR LAWSUITS and now DEFAULT JUDGMENTS..... mounting a decent "collection action" sends this epic POS crime scene to BK COURT CA STYLE......

ONLY question now- ARE THEY TOO BROKE TO "AFFORD" their BK FILING LMAO...and I ain't joking kids....BK IS EXPENSIVE and the MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN and INNER-FRAUD are busted ass broke....$2K cash....I've got more "emergency cash" sitting in my damn safe a few feet from me and 15X that at a VERY "local" bank for emergency use in a safe is dangerous as insurance won't cover losing it in a fire etc...but $2K these days....that's just enough to flip a few $bills to someone IF the damn world collapses or a natural disaster hits and one needs some fuel for cooking out back or extra food or more bullets or whatever the hell (we keep 5 propane filled at all times - can always cook outside and boil water to make rice which we keep in 50 lb sacks = life !!) ....we even keep some gold and silver coins for barter/trade if things ever got that bad.....

REAL GOLD (and a bit of other fine jewelry my mother had) was the only thing that bought me my freedom and "way out" of 4 yrs as a communist prisoner...."money" as in "paper bills"... was something you could carry in a wheelbarrow and used to light a damn fire to boil a tin can of water to make some "grass tea" to drink to try and stay alive another day and quell ones aching stomach and raging hunger headache.....$2K total cash...ain't even a trip across a border via paying a "handler" out of some 3rd world shit hole on this's noise level money.....

Reality - my "guess" is the MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN is "on purpose" and "by design" DRAINING INNER-CRIME OF ALL CASH and liquidity to set-up for BK and "JUDGMENT PROOF" the corp to where there's literally not a damn thing left going after....WTF....some used computers and office furniture and Alibaba shit-o-matic "inventory" going for LITERALLY pennies on the dollar on EBAY real-time as we speak.....

I smell (and it stinks like an open air latrine) the stench of Mark Lee MOORE MORE aka THE DON and his dirty paw prints all over this....MATTY aka THE SPAZ...he ain't smart enough kids...the dude screws up his own wet's DIRTY DADDY behind it me......

$2K don't go far at all anymore.....and THAT is all INNER-CRIME has "on the books" and "in the bank" to run their shit show happy share printing machine scam....noise level rounding-error kinda coin.....funny money....not even a decent MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN LUXURY VACATION or a round of golf for FIVE at their MILLER HIGH LIFE COUNTRY CLUB GIG n CRIB.....literally won't cover the crime clan playing a round of golf w/ some guests + dinner....


********************************* :))))))))))))


👍️ 2
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 4 days ago

MORE on the ultra SCAM cut-n-paste crap filing - the inventory is FAKE as a broken wooden nickel along with HYPER inflated scam "assets" the MOORE MORE CRIME CLAN uses to arrive at their bolded "POSITIVE SHAREHOLDER EQUITY" giant lie lie lie crime lie lie lie lie !!!

Q3 2023 aka the period prior to the annual report just filed aka July, Aug, Sept 2023

Inventory line on scam-o-matic balance sheet period/date ending Sept 30th 2023: $4,903,288

AND since we're exposing the crime the accounts receivable line just above this is : $5,525,733

NOW go to the annual report filed in which THREE MONTHS OF "business conducted and sales made claims" are included and look at the same to line entries period ending Dec 31st 2023 :

[color=blue]Q4 2023 (Oct, Nov, Dec) aka the period prior to the annual report just filed ending Dec 31, 2023

Inventory line on scam-o-matic balance sheet period/date ending Dec 31, 2023: $4,904,286

AND since we're exposing the crime the accounts receivable line just above this is : $5,495,437

Soooooo......WE ARE TO BELIEVE MOMMA MOORE MORE aka Ho Ho Sr aka EASY BAKE the CHIEF BOOK COOKER that supposedly according to the ANNUAL FILING they had sales of $3,980,701 in 2023.........

BUT but BUT BUTT......BUTT........for the THREE LONG MONTHS of the final QTR aka Black Friday + Christmas etc......THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED WTF :

$4,903,288 (Q3) to $4,904,286 (Q4) aka WENT UP as in NOT DOWN as in NOTHING SOLD...and change by EXACTLY $4,904,286 - $4,903,288 = $998 bucks WTF LMAO ?????? Really ???
THREE MONTHS of "business conducted" and inventory changed by $988 COOKED BOOKS BUCKS .....I'm calling a audible here on the field...BULLSHIT !!

AND lets check that scammary loaded fake receivables hyper inflated BULLSHIT number:

Q3 $5,525,733 - Q4 $5,495,437 = $30,296 WTF again ?

So.....THREE MONTHS OF "DOING BUSINESS" and their inventory only changed by $988 bucks BUT BUTT their receivables aka PAYMENT FOR CRAP SOLD changed by $30K and only a lousy $30K when they "claim" that FOR THE YEAR 2023 they supposedly SOLD $4 MIL PLUS OF CRAP-o-MATIC-ear-JAM-NO-Hear-AIDS ?????

Folks - these books are COOKED....and I mean MOMMA MOORE MORE crime clan BURNT TURKEY DINNER kinda cooked....CRISPY FRIED SCAMMARY COOKED.....ALL a fugazi.....a shit show.....STINKY PINKY 101 for dumb people and crime families......

TOSS THE FAKE "Assets" of GOODWILL and "INTANGIBLES" - literally DUMPSTER BURN UM cause ash is all those fake numbers are worth......

This scam is a smoke n mirrors CON MACHINE - they filed this LAST DITCH LAST TIME SHIT FILING to buy time on their BK filing which they CAN NOT afford and to "pretend" like they still have a hand grenade's chance in hell itself to beat Kurlioff in court - which now with the Hessenn group + USA TODAY/GANNETT makes no damn difference anyway.....they're on the BK FAST BULLET TRAIN TO getting station stops......


********************************* :))))))))))))


👍️ 3
Midwestrader Midwestrader 4 days ago
THIS SHAM IS NOT A START UP COMPANY. Pffftttt.....Start up Company my azzzzzz. This CON has been trading now for OVER SEVEN YEARS on the OTC and was a Company selling hearing aids years and years before 2017--until they got BUSTED in California.

👉️ 2 👍️ 4 💯 1
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 4 days ago
With millions in inventory as the earnings report suggests why is the matrix out of stock.
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 4 days ago
Innd stock doing what it does best. Opens 33% down.... Lol. What garbage!
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 4 days ago

I took this screenshot 2 minutes ago. Check out Walmart yourself to see it's out of stock and has been for a month.
mattolotmoney mattolotmoney 4 days ago
we are a start up company in a billion dollar industry trading in the swamps of the otc..the hacks here talk their bs like we should have #'s like apple .....opposite of what the hacks here say, we are still selling ihear in walmart we still made couple million even though we were going through a very rough patch we have 5 million in inventory ...5 million matts counter is plain as day against kuriloff where all the hacks here said there was no counter ...and from what I see some huge names own alot of our shares and from reading kurilofs claim for him to take more shares from matt tells me alot..matt had to show him something huge to make it happen ...
👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1
TreasuredTrades TreasuredTrades 5 days ago
This report and the Moores need to be investigated. The US Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of California (Phillip Talbert) could investigate this if someone knew how to get the right information to him. Plenty of these US attorneys have dealt blows to plenty of people who are involved with stock fraud. Look it up!

$9.2M in other expenses? Come on! This is no different than the Baker saga that I already explained in an earlier post. Fraud, fraud, fraud. They are just trying to put a document together to submit as evidence that INND is flat broke! Baker game written all over it!
👉️ 2 👍️ 3
Midwestrader Midwestrader 5 days ago
The Moore Cabal BANKED $112,243.61 PER WEEK in 2023 DUMPING SHARES. 😲 ☠️

DUMPING SHARES is the business....selling cheap Alibaba hearing aids is a sideline.
👉️ 4 👍️ 3 💀 1 ☢️ 1
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 5 days ago
How long will Walmart allow the matrix to be out of stock before they replace it with a competitor?
Midwestrader Midwestrader 5 days ago
"Mr. No more promissory notes" LIED and took on more. Just another LIE to add to the list.

👉️ 2 👍️ 1
Dragon Lady Dragon Lady 5 days ago
Bingo !! Innerscope has turned into a real share selling scam company using a cheap product for the story, to sell shares.

It's in the "filings".

They sold/DUMPED/DILUTED nearly $6 Ma Ma MILLION in shares in order to LOSE $10 million LMAO - and and and THEIR "SALARIES" line is a huge part of their bloated SG&A !!

But wait - a federal lawsuit says they DID NOT PAY THEIR "employees" so who the hell did they pay....oh yeah....THE THREE MEMBERS OF THE MOOR MORE CRIME CLAN + lil sis Elizabeth aka Ho Ho Jr and the "THREE" ea get $220K PER YR + benefits AND and and they PAID THE PORTION OF THEIR LEASE that goes straight to Daddy Mark Moore More aka THE DON !!!

The lease thing is a real problem - they paid both the "company" $12K per month obligation aka approx $144K annual......

BUT explain why their rent-lease line is almost exactly TWICE THAT at $288K.....are they paying Daddy Mark Lee MOORE MORE's portion of his PRIVATE HELD MICRO LLC aka self-enriching the we KNOW they stiffed Kurloff and Shenib if iHear and never paid what they promised to pay on those now FORECLOSED and vanished facilities......

Something stinks BAD as to those facility lease payments - me thinks they're kicking-back buckaroos to momma and daddy "washing" it via the HQ building and the private micro LLC daddy uses to hold his 51% interest in that real estate and that be illegal most likely.....

AND they also have a mystery "Other expenses" that just POOF shows up out of nowhere on their statement of operations to a MASSIVE TUNE OF $9,267, who or WTF got that $coin.....$9 MILLION LARGE......washed under "other expenses".....????????

AND here's the GRAND POO-BAh KICKER "ACE UP THE SLEEVE" CARD KIDS - in what Qtr did their already pathetic sales REALLY GO DOWN THE Jeopardy theme song here....wait....wait......Q4......WINNER WINNNER CHICKEN DINNER.....OCT....NOV....DEC....uh...ummm....uh.....THE HOLIDAY SHOPPING SEASON boys n girls.....ole SPEND BIG BUCKS BLACK FRIDAY and blah blah all the rest and INNER-CRIME "SALES" WENT DOWN THE POWER FLUSH TOILET to less than a decent sized EBAY SELLER........LOL !!!!

Q1 aka Jan Feb March aka LAWSUITS ARE US INC is going to make THIS TRASH FILING look like gold plated bars with platinum trim....IF THEY DO NOT FILE BK before the May 15 filing date.....we shall see....BUT IF I WAS A MEDICAL DOCTOR or PLAYED ON ON TV....I'd say this patient is ON LIFE SUPPORT AND THE MONITOR IS GOING Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep....with a FLAT LINE on the screen.....:)))

FEW HOURS TO PLACER COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT NEXT DEFAULT like a Dely Perez hot nuke PI boom boom girls happy bottom club ride....for you dely...smokie no luv you even short time Dely......I know you read ALL my posts LOL....:)))

For Dely w/ no luv.....I lived right next to a place like this for almos 2 freaking yrs Dely...this was filmed in Subic.....I ride jeepney...I see $4 dolla boom boom bad girls evry day....I see GI sailor boys...."hey cherry boy yu wanna go to school...what ship yu from sailor..".....I see all.....and I be happy as it still 1000X better than 4 yrs starving n sleeping on dirt at gun point in waited in PI to get to Merica...still have pictures and knows the PI Dely.....:

I always hide my Dely "secret encoded Stocktwit test messages" in a very legit post....lets me keep tabs on his "reading habits" and comprehension n bad boy smokie schedule..... LOL :))
👉️ 1 👍️ 3 ❤️ 1
Midwestrader Midwestrader 5 days ago
$11M LOSS FOR 2023. But the Moore CABAL DUMPED enough shares to bag THEM nearly $6M big ones.

SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!
👍️ 1
Midwestrader Midwestrader 5 days ago
They BANKED nearly $6 MILLION DUMPING SHARES in 2023 and have a mere $2,000 bucks in cash??!?! 💀

👉️ 1 👍️ 3 💀 1
tdbowieknife tdbowieknife 5 days ago
Innerscope has turned into a real share selling scam company using a cheap product for the story, to sell shares.

It's in the "filings".


Buyer Beware

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trading.jeff trading.jeff 5 days ago
I was wondering where you were. Maybe you were doing millionaire things like building a millionaire house.
👍️ 2
mattolotmoney mattolotmoney 5 days ago
if anyone believes these lying hacks u deserve what you get ...they 1st bash no report now ther bash the actual report while SKEWING THE #'S.. LMFAO .. give it up ..all I remember was all the bashing in 2021 whiles others listened to these same hacks I bought up hundreds of millions of each co. they were bashing n made millions..thanks alot
💩 1 🚽 1 🤡 1 🤪 1 🧻 2 🪠 1
mrmk mrmk 5 days ago
Well it is a real company and it has a real product so I don't know your point there. Numbers are disappointing but we all knew that was coming. Let them sell their product and see if they can survive. The mods on this board don't give INND a chance so anything anyone says gets bashed, what a life you mods have....
trading.jeff trading.jeff 5 days ago
This company played a lot of people for fools making them think they had a real product and a real business.

👍️ 2
PRCubaDog PRCubaDog 5 days ago
The Company has an accumulated deficit of $24,615,052
👍️ 1

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