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Univec Inc (PK)

Univec Inc (PK) (UNVC)

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Professional-Grade Tools, for Individual Investors.

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UNVC Discussion

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Toodles Toodles 1 hour ago
Dalton's post/comments are just like the old (checks in the MAIL)

Comment on a 3 plus week old post, he even copied some from the post in his.


Toodles Toodles 1 day ago
The squad never tells the whole story, IR-Med raised the $715,000.00 by selling shares, plus they raised the Authorized Share Count from 250,000,000 to 600,000,000 shares. You know what happens when the Authorized share count goes up.

We've also heard all this crap PI PREVENTION CARE LLC belongs to Dalton/Univec, why doesn't it have a business license with the Delaware Dept of Revenue.


👍️ 2 💥 1
Toodles Toodles 2 days ago
I guess this is what Dalton's talking about from back 2020, he provides the Platform LOL


👍️ 2 💥 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 2 days ago
They fawn all over it because every post that fake twitter profile puts up by the clown squad is fawned over. It's how they work to pump up a scam.
👍️ 1
4C 4C 2 days ago
I see he's hiding replies on Twitter now.

Just click the box lower right of the original post to see them.
👍️ 1
2016LVK 2016LVK 2 days ago
Too funny Doc....
You have accomplished nothing in the past 10 years
and you write this nonsense. The king of BS.... dalton
“Focus is on you. You don't have to know
my accomplishments only what I can help
change. My goal is to help you accomplish
I just provide the platform. What I can
influence is change. Healthcare is my
zone. Wealth creation is my zone. Millions
toast to it daily. Color is Green as in Money.
Make a better world. Univec Inc. (UNVC)

👍️ 2 🤣 1
Toodles Toodles 2 days ago
It's hilarious, Dalton keeps making his routine meaningless stupid post to get him some attention, they keep fawning all over it with likes e.c.t. then complain about it on other social media boards.

Stop giving him the attention he craves, only influence change he has done is the deterioration of investors health.

Focus is on you. You don't have to know my accomplishments only what I can help change. My goal is to help you accomplish I just provide the platform. What I can influence is change. Healthcare is my zone. Wealth creation is my zone. Millions toast to it daily. Color is Green as in Money. Make a better world. Univec Inc. (UNVC) Otcmarkets

UNVC's ticker symbol should JOKE

👍️ 1
Toodles Toodles 3 days ago
SEC rules for social media
To make sure everyone is communicating about investments with fairness and transparency, the SEC has established marketing rules regarding what you can and cannot do on social media platforms.

What you CAN’T do
Make misleading statements: It is prohibited to make false or misleading statements about a company’s financial condition, performance, or future prospects.

This one is in reference to IR-Med, plus a few others over the years.
Share insider information: Sharing non-public, material information that could influence investment decisions is strictly prohibited.

Engage in manipulative practices: Engaging in manipulative practices to artificially inflate or deflate securities prices is illegal.

We all know Dalton has engaged in these, whether enough to cause charges is questionable IMO, but I got some private messages over the weekend that the SEC has called people.

So evidently, they are investigating UNVC to some extent.

I thought this information should be public.


👍️ 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 3 days ago
Are you EVER going to actually put any kind of relevant info on this board other than attacking other users for putting up an opinion or exposing the truth to this scam?
👍️ 4 💥 2
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 3 days ago
The clown squad is working hard to sell those remaining shares.
👍️ 2
4C 4C 3 days ago
There hasn't been verifiable news for a decade.

How long are you prepared to wait?

In that time the 'business' plan has changed a dozen or so times, yet NOTHING has ever materialized.

And every month that nothing happens Dalton adds around $300k in expenses / deferred salaries / liabilities.

Gave himself 1.1 billion shares for $11k of that deferred salary... not bad work if you can get it.
👍️ 2 💥 1
Toodles Toodles 3 days ago
These aren't opinions in my mind these are factual LIES. Does anyone need more because there are plenty:
Lets start with a good one:

What happened here ?

Where are these Documents ?

Should be a lot of revenue from this where is it?

Where are the patches?

Four years ago

👍️ 3 💥 1
Goteleft Goteleft 4 days ago
And your opinion is all that matters in your mind, I think your opinion is wrong but that is just my opinion.
💩 2 🤡 2
Toodles Toodles 4 days ago
Dalton doesn't need any help lowering the PPS, he does an Excellent job all by himself, with all the Lies.

If you're buying into this ticker, it's for a tax deduction at the end of the year, no other reason to.


👍️ 1 💥 1
Goteleft Goteleft 4 days ago
You are not going to keep this down when we get verifiable news, until then, have fun trying to get it lower.
💩 2 🤡 2
Toodles Toodles 4 days ago
The squad all say they know what they own, but none never say what it is, I can tell you they all own the same as I do RUBBISH

Dalton gets his picture with a rich guy now he's an investor, if he goes silent then It's a quiet period, just plain hilarious!

They let one pump rest a little, start with another one, just recycle them over and over, I read today that Telehealth was Doc's bread and butter now.

Dalton keeps making degenerate statements tagging others post:
1-week ago.
(QUOTE) Univec Inc.(UNVC) OTCmarkets
Black controlled/led public company
Color is Green -Wealth creation

Dalton tags the DE now its imminent UNVC is going to be on the DE, well how did this turn out from 3 years ago.

👍️ 1 💥 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 6 days ago
Sucks to see that people are going to learn the hard way on how to lose money in the OTC with this scam. People, just know that if you buy this ticker, you're going to be left holding a bag when the clown squad sells.
4C 4C 1 week ago
Toying with the trades due to low volumes

9 MM's on the bid / ask - I'd guess the majority of trades are the market makers trading between themselves at this point.
surf1944 surf1944 1 week ago,2);SMA(13);PTP(50);ADX(14);SMA(50);SMACD(12,26,9);RSI(14,100);ACCUM;STOSL(14,3)&sym=CNNA&grid=1&height=500&studyheight=100

I noticed the activity as well yesterday, that was the MM's attempting to generate some interest in UNVC, usually after this type of event the stock price moves lower.
👍️ 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 1 week ago
They aren't doing anything they say they're doing. It's a scam run by a clown squad.
Think1st Think1st 1 week ago
What does unvc have to do with anything they say they are doing??
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 1 week ago
This thing is on a desperate bid for the clown squad. About to finally sing it's swan song and get delisted.
👍️ 3 💥 1 🫡 1
4C 4C 1 week ago
MM's closing 0053 bids at 0098, it's hilarious.

When they get bored with UNVC it's screwed.
👍️ 1
Toodles Toodles 1 week ago
One thing for sure now when Dalton and the paid squad LIES it always comes out and gets exposed! FACT


Goteleft Goteleft 1 week ago
When your buddies figure out that situation, even you will understand why I said what I said.
💩 1 🤡 1
Toodles Toodles 1 week ago
Quote: I could help you out and explain it, but I want: Because all you have is a theory/speculation, which is all UNVC has ever been built on.

Remember this from your fearless CEO, It's just a year old! No more silence and historic because that's what he does! It keeps the Fanclub happy
I'll stick to facts instead. Nice try!


Goteleft Goteleft 1 week ago
Be sure to let us all know the results of this;
QUOTE "One thing is very interesting in 2017 he registered an exact Univec Inc. in Delaware, it is a close corporation, cannot have over 30 tops shareholders, cannot be publicly traded. We've not got to the bottom of it yet, but working on it."
I could help you out and explain it, but I won't.
💩 1 🤡 1
Toodles Toodles 1 week ago
You could be totally correct with Doc, but I believe it will get shut down or delisted before then. If not when he's fully exposed it will be hard for him to keep it going.

One thing is very interesting in 2017 he registered an exact Univec Inc. in Delaware, it is a close corporation, cannot have over 30 tops shareholders, cannot be publicly traded. We've not got to the bottom of it yet, but working on it. One is in compliance, one isn't, he associates himself with some shady people, some convicted some turned evidence.

Hindsight is 100%, hope you got out with a profit.

Just like the IR-Med pump, I can see them getting it approved but, they have already said their funds are very limited, not having funds secured for manufacturing, then they would need to raise funds and with the balance sheet as it is, is unlikely they can.

Then they maybe have an option of selling the IP on a payment+royality basic.

They already have stiff competition with the product, it's hard to get a new product like the pressure safe in the market, and especially with the newly formed company PI Prevention Care LLC in Delaware, who they pump belongs to Dalton/Univec.


Think1st Think1st 1 week ago
I took me few years to finally get out.
However this is the market from big to small .its lies or misleading statements
If you got the energy keep going. This will keep going to doc dies imo
💩 1 🤡 1
Toodles Toodles 1 week ago
Dalton has $hurt$ several of my friends, with his lies, usually someone who directly lies to you will steal also, he directly lied to me.

If someone isn't a shareholder in UNVC, then me exposing him shouldn't bother them. Fauci isn't the CEO of a publicly traded company.


Toodles Toodles 1 week ago
Because Dalton is a FRAUD, I intend to expose him, the squad makes every excuse for him in the book, mine are truths, so until I'm done, I'll be exposing him.

I'm for from being done.

AS of now his private companies are no more than in name only, website that isn't functional, no corporate address, proven he fakes his credentials, continually lies to shareholders, tags other posters on LinkedIn hoping someone will fall for his BS and keep buying shares.

I could make a longer list, but this is plenty for now.

👍️ 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 1 week ago
Maybe you should actually, "Think1st" before you post. Anyone that posts something like this in response to exposing truths about a ticker are just another clown in the squad.
👍️ 2
Think1st Think1st 1 week ago
Why are you not leaving unvc and buying other stocks ..I did
So why are you posting ..move on imo
💩 2 🤡 2
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
The pumpers of IR-Med fail to tell the whole story: IR-Med filing March 13th 2024: Page 12, We do not own or operate manufacturing facilities. While we plan to depend on third-party contract manufacturers for device manufacturing, we plan to perform the final assembly, quality control, and release of finished goods in our facilities.

We do not have any current contractual relationships for the manufacture of commercial supplies of any of our product candidates:
if they are approved.
We intend to enter into contract manufacturing agreements and one or more backup manufacturers for the commercial production of our product candidates when they are near potential approval.

It is expected that market penetration will be achieved through original equipment manufacturing agreements with one of several large medical device companies
already selling to the target market. At the current time, we have no commitments from any such distributors or original equipment manufacturing partners.

Page 7 B Going Concern
As a result of the Company’s financial condition substantial doubt exists that the Company will be able to continue as a
going concern for one year from the issuance date of this first quarter of 2024 Report.

Page 9
Note 6 - Contingent Liabilities and Commitments
On May 29, 2023, a lawsuit was filed against the Company, the Subsidiary and Mr. Aharon Klein (the “Plaintiff”), a Company Director and the Company’s Chief Technology
Officer in the Tel Aviv District Court of Israel, by an individual who provided, on part time basis, certain consulting services to the Subsidiary between October 2015 and
October 2016, before the acquisition of the Subsidiary by the Company. The suit alleges breach of contract by the defendants based on non-payment of amounts purportedly
owed to the Plaintiff in respect of the services rendered, including the market value of the Company’s common stock that the Plaintiff alleges should have been issued to him in
respect of services. The suit seeks declaratory judgment that the defendants breached certain agreements with the Plaintiff and claimed damages in the aggregate amount of
approximately $2.1 million based on the current exchange rate between the U.S. Dollar and the Israeli NIS.
The Company records a provision in its financial statements to the extent that it concludes that a contingent liability is probable, and the amount thereof is reasonably estimable.
Based upon the status of the case described above, management’s assessments of the likelihood of damages, and the advice of counsel, no provisions have been made regarding
the matter disclosed in this note. Litigation outcomes and contingencies are unpredictable, and excessive verdicts can occur. Accordingly, management’s assessments involve
complex judgments about future events and often rely heavily on estimates and assumptions.

👍️ 1
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
The Dream Exchange is preparing its application and operations to become the first minority-controlled company to operate a licensed stock exchange in the history of the United States. In addition, Dream Exchange is championing the creation of a new type of stock exchange called a venture exchange, which will list and trade the securities of smaller, early-stage companies. Dream Exchange's mission is to create equal access to a marketplace that instills ethics, humanity, and fairness into finance.

They might get to launch sometime next year, they haven't filed anything with the SEC yet.

Here is the only filing they've made to date.

The Venture Exchange depends on the Bill in Congress to be passed.

Good luck pumping the DE>


4C 4C 2 weeks ago
Apparently I was wrong, Doc isn't blocking people

Allegedly - and without a single iota of evidence - it's JHB's people, not Dalton.

Personally, I'd speculate JHB is keen to keep as far away from Dalton and Univec as possible.

If I were him, I would.
👍️ 2 💥 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 2 weeks ago
Just another lie made up by the clown squad with the ratchet as the fake twitter profile scamming doc.
👍️ 1
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
Mental Health will drive you MAD and let you have an excuse to be a LIAR:

The truth is UNVC hasn't leased anything in a new building for 10 years, or an old one: Two weeks ago Merritt Properties were happy to search their system to see if Dalton / Univec had ever been listed as leaseholders - which they confirmed was not the case - they stated none of them are listed in the database and therefore are not current or previous tenants.

Feb. 8th


👍️ 1
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
If some of those advertisers were notified about how he was running the sham site they might pull their advertising.


BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 2 weeks ago
That same owner wouldn't allow me to call things out as scams. He directly told me on the ONCI board on the safe haven site that you aren't allowed to call tickers scams on this site. You should know that the same owner/founder of that site is the same owner/founder of this site. The guy just allows scams to fester on his boards. It's what pays his bills.
👍️ 2 💥 1
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
Some on the safe haven fan club board are starting to wake up to this UNVC sham, they've even started to ban more members for expressing their concern.

This was nothing more than a joke post by the owner, guess he's not liking where his investment is going. Hopefully the SEC can help him out.
This site and board is all about free speech, as long as the rules are followed. When mods delete posts they simply disagree with, you create an echo chamber for other posters and readers. All posters have the right to share their opinions either positive or negative.

From now on any mods deleting posts they disagree with that don't violate rules will be removed.



👍️ 2
4C 4C 2 weeks ago
I wonder what takes Doc longer to do?

Writing his cryptic hollow fluff posts, or deleting the replies and blocking all the responders?
🎯 1 👍️ 3 😆 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 2 weeks ago
I have my doubts that this post is even real to begin with. Looks like a bad photoshop job.
👍️ 2 💥 1
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the pump stories, but Dalton wasn't making a public reply to the CEO of Shopify: It looks better in the pump to label Harley Finkelstein as the CEO, but he isn't.

The CEO is Tobias Lütke (Apr 2008–) also one of the founders.

Wonder what products Dalton has to sell.


👍️ 1 💥 1
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
I believe a lot of lookers and investors are starting to use some Common Sense now-a-days, we keep hearing IR-Med is the ticket for UNVC, well none of the ones pushing IR-Med know if Dalton is connected to PI PREVENTION CARE LLC registered in Delaware.

If they know for a fact publish it for all to see. The Distribution and License Agreement was entered into Oct,07/2022 between IR-Med/PIPC LLC

Rumor is Dalton has told some longs that PIPC-LLC is his and UNVC WILL BE in business with IR-Med.

We all know what Rumors/speculation/hype does, used to run the PPS up some for UNVC but it isn't any more for good reasons, they never come true.

PI PREVENTION CARE LLC, doesn't have a Business License with the Dept. of Revenue in Delaware, nor does it have an EIN number registered with the IRS. I searched in 4 different business activities all came up 0 results.


👍️ 1 💥 1
BearRickPunch BearRickPunch 2 weeks ago
and they're falling for your scam clown squad tactics? LOL. Look how well that's working out for ya bud.
🎯 1 👌 2 👍️ 2
Toodles Toodles 2 weeks ago
Let’s take a moment to reflect, remember and honor all the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

👍️ 1
Toodles Toodles 3 weeks ago
When you read other social media sites, they still preach UNVC is going to be listed on the Dream Exchange, how is a Shell company supposed to accomplish this, it's all they have left to try and pump.

So now they childishly go to bashing other longs that question how, are post facts, they've told their selves for so long this is all legit with the help of Dalton that they can't see the facts in front of them.

Why don't they ask him to address the SHELL Status.

The Shell Risk designation indicates that a company displays characteristics common to Shell Companies. This designation is made at OTC Markets’ sole and absolute discretion based on an analysis of the company’s annual financial data and may differ from issuers’ self-reported shell classifications in their own public filings. Our analysis evaluates asset composition, operational expenditures, and income related metrics. No action is required by a company to perform the evaluation other than publishing current annual financial information.

In limited circumstances, OTC Markets will consider removal of a company’s shell risk designation upon written request by a company. Please be advised that such requests will only be considered when there has been a material change in financial condition since the most recent fiscal year-end that is reflected in publicly available interim financial statements. Examples include a material increase in asset composition or operating revenues with related financial disclosure as a result of an acquisition or change in control transaction.

Truth isn't Defamation of Dalton's Reputation:

1) Senatorial Medial of Freedom, False

2) FASHP, CPEL, Accredited, False

3) First black Pharmacist Executive in chain drug industry: False

4) Founder of over 40 Companies: No where to be found: Registering a company in a state then letting it be dissolved or fortified, there isn't that many to be found.

5) Buying awards: Hilarious


🎯 1 👌 1 👍️ 5 💥 1
surf1944 surf1944 3 weeks ago
With some of the share counts a few have, it could even mean billions for them and their families. I have no idea where our PPS is going. If we are indeed eventually going to the Fortune 500 as some here have already indicated, I have no idea how high in double-digit dollar range we surge now. I hope UNVC provides generational wealth for many families on our board.

That is exactly how most of us longs will feel. Vindicated, relieved and finally euphoria will set in!

People are learning about this once in a lifetime opportunity daily. Getting in now is an easy 50 bagger minimum when we are on the NASDAQ. Shock and awe in Q1 is as per our beloved CEO!!

I dont want anyone spreading doubt or fear without facts so here is what Doc told me as a reminder to all...

Remember, one of Doc's goals is not just to change the industry and help millions of people that need it , but he has a desire to create wealth . He knows that is how you truly empower people in the physical world.

Every pharmacy in the USA on OUR Universal platform!!
Household name partners!!

A 100.00 worth of lottery tickets "might" get you a bunch of free plays maybe even a couple 20.00 wins. Not bad
A 100.00 dollar investment here will proly generate a 90k return in a year with this company with maturity...odds definitely better

Expect the 8K to be about as long as War and Peace! I say longs conference call as soon as it's released so we can discuss.

Oh, for sure. It's all I think about at my job, with how close we are. Especially these last 11 months for damn sure. Highly, highly stressful environment and made more so because the majority of customers don't seem to respect any kind of social distancing at all. I hope our days to prosper are very nearly here for us now. Nice close as well, but this will absolutely pale in comparison on every level when things really get going for us..........which I hope happens at any moment now. This is beyond the real deal.

Looked back over some pumper comments from the day UNVC hit its all time high of .165 & LMAO!
👍️ 2
Toodles Toodles 3 weeks ago
Not my fear mongering tactic, just facts, it's the regulations of the State of Delaware, there are good reasons to incorporate in Del. and some fall backs from it. They want reprimand UNVC for not following the shareholder meetings. But if enough investors start complaining then he'll have to do it.

Lamont Ellis, Christopher Farnworth, Lauren Herron, Kennth Grant, would be the first (because of their position) even though they are listed as not having any shares, then they can go after shareholders.

I could have filed a complaint this past week, but I told them I didn't want to, because there's another part to this post for a later date.

Tricky Dick Dalton and his attorney friend Donald R. Keer, why do you think he isn't addressing the SHELL status.

Google the phone 302-683-8801 number at the bottom of the post see where it goes. I'll tell you where it goes to Delaware Division of Investors Protection Dept.

I'm not trying to get anyone to sell or buy none of my business, I'm just giving investors some facts that they haven't been able to get on the safe haven board.


🎯 1 👌 1 👍️ 2

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