Huya Collaborates with Domestic and International Partners and Broadcasters to Implement CSR Initiatives

GUANGZHOU, China, March 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On the evening of March 4, 2023, HUYA Inc. ("Huya" or the "Company"), a leading game live streaming platform in China, hosted the annual gala "HUYA Boom Night" at the Venetian Macao's Cotai Arena in Macao, south China. During the event, an exciting line-up of top celebrities and Huya's popular broadcasters put on memorable performances, delivering an unforgettable interactive experience to both onsite and online audiences. At the annual gala, Li Meng, Senior Vice President of Huya and Chief Executive Officer of Nimo TV, shared insights about Huya's efforts in applying the innovative "live streaming-empowered" model to public good in areas including rural revitalization, youth protection, intangible cultural heritage revival, cybersecurity, assistance for persons with disabilities, as well as environmental protection and animal conservation. He also presented awards for "Broadcaster of the Year for Positive Social Impact", "Partner of the Year for Public Good" and "Co-Brand of the Year for Public Good" to Huya's broadcasters and its domestic and international partners who have worked with the platform for years on the mission of building an ecosystem of positive social impact.

Huya presented three major awards at the annual gala “HUYA Boom Night”

Huya's practices to contribute to the greater good out of three goals

During the "HUYA Boom Night", an event with the aim of conveying positive thoughts through live streaming, Huya, by way of a short-form video, took a nostalgic look back at its corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts over the past five years.

Take the "Let Your Dreams Set Sail" program that supports broadcasters with disabilities for example. The company, in cooperation with provincial disabled persons' federation, national public-raising foundation, NGOs, charitable talent agencies and others to provide the anchors with employment and entrepreneurial opportunities by helping them develop the skills and expertise needed to become qualified for the role. The innovative "live streaming-empowered" model has inspired and motivated a group of streamers with disabilities, including Qi Zai, who has changed his life by becoming a game streamer; and Jin Kai, who has created a wonderful future for himself by virtue of his optimistic attitude and strong personality. In addition, Huya produced a Live Streaming Handbook especially for its broadcasters with disabilities, making it the first live streaming platform in China to publish such a guide.

"Huya rolled out the CSR initiatives out of three goals. The first goal is to achieve something that would benefit both the platform's users and the wider society. Secondly, we intent to raise individuals' awareness of social responsibilities through live streaming, a relatively advanced communication form to convey such messages. And the third goal is that we try to integrate various content genres with live streaming, in a way that may contribute to social management," said Li Meng, Senior Vice President of Huya and Chief Executive Officer of Nimo TV.

Huya expands its efforts in initiating CSR activities by collaborating with partners worldwide

In recent years, issues of sustainability, ecological civilization and biodiversity have received worldwide attention. The public's environmental awareness is also increased as they gradually realize the environmental issues and relevant hazards. Huya has succeeded in drawing the attention of large audiences to the importance of environmental protection and animal conservation by leveraging the innovative "live streaming-empowered" model in tandem with implementing its CSR initiatives globally.

In 2022, Huya, by teaming up with domestic and international NGOs, including TRAFFIC, International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), and the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA), launched the "Protect Our Home Planet" campaign, aiming to raise public awareness of preventing and resisting illegal wildlife trade online, and promote harmony between human and nature. As part of the campaign, Huya rolled out a wild tiger conservation activity. Celebrities and e-sports broadcasters were invited to leverage their influence to give more visibility to the issue of wildlife conservation. Meanwhile, NGOs and e-sports broadcasters found it easier to establish the two-way communication with the netizens and convey the message of biodiversity protection and sustainability.

One of the highlights of the campaign was the "Protect Our Home Planet" painting contest. It received hundreds of submissions, including creative works from illustrators and artists with autism, as well as amateur works from Huya's volunteers, broadcasters and fans, reflecting their own understanding concerning wildlife conservation while utilizing an entertaining approach.

With Huya's international business — Nimo TV allocating advantageous resources to Southeast Asia and the MENA markets, Huya plans to collaborate with partners both at home and abroad and make these CSR initiatives more diversified and inclusive, in a way to boost the engagement of domestic and international users through the application of the "live streaming-empowered" model.

By creating diversified "live streaming-empowered" CSR content, HUYA broadcasters help build a greater ecosystem for positive social impact

In addition to getting the message out about the importance of caring for people with disabilities, and protecting the environment and wildlife, Huya is also building a more comprehensive content ecosystem that conveys positive social impact. The effort has been reflected in several of the company's activities, including the "Keeping You Safe" themed event focusing on better education about safe behavior for youth, an online lecture on how to recognize and avoid becoming a victim of online fraud, as well as a featured program about raising awareness of the importance of conserving intangible cultural heritage. At the same time, by using virtual reality technologies, Huya set up a digital CSR initiative gallery at e-sports tournament live broadcasting, delivering an immersive viewing experience for e-sports audiences. This has opened up more possibilities for CSR activities while conveying the positive spirit of e-sports.

Many of Huya's popular broadcasters are also doing their bit by exploring CSR-related content that users are interested in. Citing a few examples, on the Global Tiger Day in 2022, Zhang Daxian collaborated with IFAW to share knowledge with the audience on wild tiger conservation and their habitat protection during a live broadcast in an interesting manner. Sha Yu Yo, in his role as the exhibition ambassador for the "Protect Our Home Planet" painting contest, engaged with the audience and called on them to care for environment protection. To support farmers and agriculture, broadcaster Buqiuren, hosted a live broadcast, during which he promoted and assisted in the sale of produce from Wuhua County in Meizhou City, south China's Guangdong Province, with the result that more than 21,000 orders were placed. Another broadcaster Gu Ying helped sell produce from Xuwen County of Zhanjiang City in Guangdong Province, the "hometown of pineapples" in China, with daily sales exceeding 3.4 million yuan. Currently, an increasing number of broadcasters are joining Huya in its CSR initiatives.

Huya invites more people and partners to join its CSR initiatives

At the annual gala "HUYA Boom Night", Huya presented three important public good awards, with Zhang Daxian, Gu Ying, Buqiuren, Sha Yu Yo, Qing Wa and Wan Zi Yo being "Broadcaster of the Year for Positive Social Impact", CWCA, IFAW, and TRAFFIC being "Partner of the Year for Public Good", and LPL's charity arm "LPL Cares" being the "Co-Brand of the Year for Public Good".

Even the smallest light matters when the night falls, while in joint efforts, everyone can step up to the plate and deliver extraordinary value. "We are looking forward to creating a social good model for the company that engages the platform itself, broadcasters, talent agencies, users, volunteers and NGOs so that we all can participate more in our CSR initiatives," added Li Meng.

Based on its ongoing commitment to good causes, Huya has organized over 21,600 live streaming activities totaling up to more than 250,000 hours and spanning some 20 topics, along with participation from over 30,000 streamers. All these efforts have helped build a sturdy foundation for future CSR efforts, and Huya plans to continue producing more positive content by collaborating with its domestic and international partners, with the goal of fostering the healthy and positive development of the Internet through the implementation of CSR initiatives.

About HUYA Inc.

HUYA Inc. is a leading game live streaming platform in China with a large and active game live streaming community. The Company cooperates with e-sports event organizers, as well as major game developers and publishers, and has developed e-sports live streaming as one of the most popular content genres on its platform. The Company has created an engaged, interactive and immersive community for game enthusiasts of China's young generation. Building on its success in game live streaming, Huya has also extended its content to other entertainment content genres. Huya's open platform also functions as a marketplace for broadcasters and talent agencies to congregate and closely collaborate with the Company.

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