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Spooz Inc (PK)

Spooz Inc (PK) (SPZI)

Closed March 01 04:00PM

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SPZI Discussion

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Shekiboy Shekiboy 3 hours ago
This scam is so obvious even trash can Oscar and 'dr' Drano have been relegated to 'pony boys'...

They have bills to pay like everyone else, give them a break.

You can't make this shit up.

Shekiboy Shekiboy 3 hours ago
Go back to class.

Recess is over champ.

Thanks though.
Shekiboy Shekiboy 3 hours ago
Your moniker is ironic.

Weakness abound...

Truthteller7 Truthteller7 4 hours ago
Finally someone has something intelligent to say. Thank you for posting this. These bashers are just for lack of a better way to put it they are idiots with nothing intelligent or valid to post.
loanshark007 loanshark007 6 hours ago
SPZI= Goon stock with goon pumpers
LesMoore LesMoore 6 hours ago
To the $12 an hour bashers posting nonsense, should I believe you or the Certified Ivy League Compliance and Ethics attorney that joined the BOD.
I’m a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP) and a recognized national leader and speaker in compliance education and ethical leadership. As an entrepreneur I’ve helped lead nine different privately-funded enterprises, filling the roles of Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, business unit General Manager, and innovator. My legal and compliance experience encompasses the fields of education, information services, EdTech, consulting, sales, integrated services and SaaS, the life sciences (including pharma, medical technology, and nutraceuticals) specialized manufacturing, government contracting, private equity and the media.
👍️ 1
LesMoore LesMoore 6 hours ago
To the $12 an hour bashers posting nonsense, should I believe you or the Certified Ivy League Compliance and Ethics attorney that joined the BOD.
I’m a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (CCEP) and a recognized national leader and speaker in compliance education and ethical leadership. As an entrepreneur I’ve helped lead nine different privately-funded enterprises, filling the roles of Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel, business unit General Manager, and innovator. My legal and compliance experience encompasses the fields of education, information services, EdTech, consulting, sales, integrated services and SaaS, the life sciences (including pharma, medical technology, and nutraceuticals) specialized manufacturing, government contracting, private equity and the media.
👍️ 1
Shekiboy Shekiboy 7 hours ago
Simply proof???

Spin it all you want...

Where's the proof you dullards???
jdcpa1 jdcpa1 7 hours ago
That's because the dummy has no substance and can't come up with anything relevant.. maybe he eats at the Panda Buffett and spends his evenings on the hopper.. poor soul...
money-maker money-maker 7 hours ago
Some people still talking nonsense about Korean BBQ restaurant...

Do your DD...
Shekiboy Shekiboy 7 hours ago
Deceitful pumpers no where to be found.

This isn't a new behavior.


Scam all day long.
surfkast surfkast 9 hours ago
Maybe Park can claim his Korean Fast food place is worth $100's of millions just like another Jerseyite did with Your Hometown Deli in Paulsboro, N.J

Feds could be watching this one. Lots of tips were sent in.

SEC Charges Father-Son Duo and Associate in Market Manipulation Schemes Resulting in a New Jersey Deli with a $100 Million Valuation

Washington D.C., Sept. 26, 2022 —
The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Peter L. Coker Sr., Peter L. Coker Jr., and James T. Patten for their roles in orchestrating fraudulent manipulative securities trading schemes. These schemes included artificially inflating the share price of Hometown International, which operated a New Jersey deli producing less than $40,000 in annual revenue, from approximately $1 per share in October 2019 to nearly $14 per share by April 2021, leading to a grossly inflated market capitalization of $100 million.

The SEC’s investigation, which is ongoing, is being conducted by Cecilia B. Connor of the Philadelphia Regional Office with assistance from Leigh Barrett from the Office of Investigative and Market Analytics. It is being supervised by Assunta Vivolo and Mr. Thompson. The SEC’s litigation will be handled by John V. Donnelly and supervised by Gregory R. Bockin. The SEC appreciates the assistance of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.
Shekiboy Shekiboy 9 hours ago
With such explosive news, tweets and sporadic pumps, why isn't this stock in pennies, nickels, dollars like the pumptards claim will happen???

100's of millions of $$$'s in contracts???

Pure flippin' scam...

Big RDC Big RDC 9 hours ago
Name change and 8-k then we fly like eagles 💯💯💯
👍️ 3 💯 1
Xman1959 Xman1959 9 hours ago
didn't bet the farm so I can wait years if needed.
👍️ 1
nicehit nicehit 10 hours ago
This will really pop when the name change happens (Get rid of the Spooz ghost), and the accounting firm is announced.
👍️ 1 💯 1
Shekiboy Shekiboy 10 hours ago
The dullard pumpers are surely in their little world with the emphasis being about the 'bashers'.

Weakness abound...

Any concern about this scam or is it about the members who want proof of the contracts that John 'chicken feet, sugar daddy' Park claims???

Why don't you drab pumpers want proof???

dranesthesia1 dranesthesia1 10 hours ago
Looks like next leg is close to me
👍️ 1
gshores gshores 10 hours ago
Nice! You will be happy you did! I know you have a nice stash already, but a little more never hurts
👍️ 1
Xman1959 Xman1959 11 hours ago
I worked for a subsidiary of Ube Industries, they stated in coal, the Island (Japan) ran out of coal to mine, so they built their own ships to mine local Islands, then began a ship building business. That turned into a machine building business and when no one wanted to buy their Aluminum injection molds they planted a manufacturing plant, hired locals (Ohio) and paid some of their workers to stay here and train us. Point is as it relates to; JP3E, 99% planning and designing and 1% execution. no time is wasted ever.
👍️ 1
ETG58 ETG58 11 hours ago
Not there today but I have been there and it's delicious. So is the bldg and the childcare business on the ground floor..

You been there?
Xman1959 Xman1959 11 hours ago
hey did anyone else notice they have five bedrooms lol I am getting a good picture here.
👍️ 1
learningthetruth learningthetruth 11 hours ago
Yep!! Nothing they can do!!

And if they were smart, and wanted to achieve generation of wealth, they would just buy some shares, lol!
👍️ 1 💯 1
Serpico2005 Serpico2005 11 hours ago
We will be bombarded with news soon just watch as the revenue starts flowing in.
This is not your typical penny stock
This price is a giveaway and everyone on the planet will be chasing this gem.
🌶️ 1 👍️ 2
jdcpa1 jdcpa1 11 hours ago
Bashers are now irrelevant... They are out of bullets so they post nonsense now.. lmfao
👍️ 3 💯 1
surfkast surfkast 12 hours ago
How is the Korean take out doing today?

510 Hamilton St Ste 1 Somerset, NJ 08873
ysung ysung 12 hours ago
When are the fins due for 4th quarter 2023 ?

dranesthesia1 dranesthesia1 12 hours ago
Slapped for 800000
👍️ 2 🤩 1
gshores gshores 13 hours ago
these bashers would question and find issues with amazon, they will find a problem just to cast doubt in investors minds. This is as real as it gets and keeps getting better. Crazy not to own a piece of SPZI at these prices. This is a company investors dream about getting in at the ground floor!
👍️ 1 💯 1
nicehit nicehit 14 hours ago
JP and the company are bringing in 18 million, and Rocky brings 5 million. Win-win for everyone! Rocky will manage the project and ongoing revenues in management fees, which all will benefit!

Nothing unusual with this partnership. Most likely, when all is done, and occupancy is filled. They can sell the whole package to a RET fund.
👍️ 1 💯 1
jdcpa1 jdcpa1 14 hours ago
I totally agree. LNG demand is there and growing as it is more of a green energy. Prices will rise and fall like they have since the beginning of time..
👍️ 1
Thunderstruck Thunderstruck 14 hours ago
Today is March 1st!! It’s coming!!!
Patience pays!!
Have a great weekend!
ETG58 ETG58 15 hours ago
Prices for any commodity fluctuate by supply and demand. Regardless of price, the demand is always going to be there. Margins may change as they do with any commodity but his partnerships are with very real companies in EU(Germany) as well as Middle east and Asia. Just a matter of time. First should be trial shipping of chick paws, which is expected, according to releases from SPZI, in early March.

jdcpa1 jdcpa1 15 hours ago
I think you're right. Some of these questions I read are Fn ridiculous and lack any common sense whatsoever. I said it before, this is shock and awe what's taking place here. That's my opinion I'm sticking to it..
learningthetruth learningthetruth 16 hours ago

You and I have already done the Real DD.

The bashers have not and never will. They are just trying to find one little discrepancy here and there and they can’t. They are all just foolish and a waste of time.
👍️ 2 💯 1
jdcpa1 jdcpa1 16 hours ago
The question is not a question. The press release said JP3E owns the property for the Harmony Project in an obvious prime location so there is no way any other person could have gone it alone without JP3E at this location... It just seems to be clear day for this project..
jdcpa1 jdcpa1 16 hours ago
Snow JP3E is still relatively new with John Park still adding businesses to the company. They said significant and major LNG and Real Estate is coming. I don't think the price of LNG has stalled anything imo.. j

They also have a separate LNG division on he website.

ust my 2 cents...
👍️ 1 💯 1
snow snow 20 hours ago
jdc "and we haven't even heard much about LNG yet although JP3E has a two pronged approach with Europe/Middle East". Did you read my post about LNG and Europe? I live in the European country that supplies Germany with a large part of its consumption of gas. The weather in a large part of Europe this winter has been very mild and the tanks that store gas are full, which is unusual at the beginning of March. Moreover, Algeria provides a lot of gas to Europe. Thus the situation now is very different from what it was a couple of years ago. For some time Germany has prepared to receive LNG from the USA and other countries. I have read that now there does not seem to be a market for that gas. The gas from Norway and Algeria is expected to suffice the way the situation evolves. The current situation is reflected in the fact that the price of gas is now only about 10% of its highest price during the last couple of years. Thus LNG from the USA will not be competitive with the price charged by Norway and Algeria as far as I can see. It is a quite expensive process to convert gas to LNG, transport it both within the USA and across it the Atlantic and then convert it to gas again in Germany. There may be a good reason why there has been no news about LNG.
Roemp Roemp 1 day ago
Rocky is real, the question is why associate with JP when he could keep it for himself and what does JP give him to share profits with SPZI?
it is this one
Here's an article about it. Pay to see put you can quicky copy and past to word before it hides the article.

1514 E. Morgan St.
A 22-acre property of farmland just south of what will be the home of the two EV battery plants and a handful of other complementary suppliers, may become a large-scale commercial and residential development.
Details of the proposed development are scant at the moment, but developer and new owner of the property, Rocky Singh, of Carmel, is seeking a rezoning of the property from R3 medium density residential to M2 general multifamily residential so he can build an unspecified number of market-rate townhomes.
Singh, during Tuesday’s Plan Commission meeting, cited the city of Kokomo’s recently commissioned housing study that showed the city is in need of more single-family and multi-family housing as his reasoning for buying and wanting to develop the property.
“We know there’s a lot of industrial development coming up on that side (of the city), and we heard there’s not enough housing so we want to make sure we can provide adequate, high quality housing for the residents of the city and state,” Singh said.

The exact number of townhomes Singh is looking to construct is unclear at the moment. Those details, and others, will be known at a later date it once again goes in front of the Plan Commission for development plan approval.
While Singh’s rezoning request focuses solely on residential development, he left open the possibility of developing commercial or recreational on the property some time in the future after developing the townhomes.
“It is a large parcel, and it can create a lot of space that may have complementary use,” he said. “We may need to add facilities so that people can not only live but have recreational use. At this point, we just want to make sure we are able to put multifamily units on it.”
The proposed development did receive some pushback from nearby residents who voiced their concerns with the increase in traffic on Morgan Street the new townhomes would bring to the area.
👍️ 1
jdcpa1 jdcpa1 1 day ago
Ok so now I work for you hunting and pecking. The project is real and there are screen shots of the permits being discussed in early Feb from Kokomo posted on X.. do a little real digging and you will find it.. it's permitted and ground breaking next week. Maybe they will do a few pics for investors next week.. we shall see about that..

While your at it, look up each of the new Board members and tell us what you think. Look into CIG and tell us if it's real or not. Maybe call China and see if the selling license is real. Or maybe the US Dept of Homeland security to see if they have a real license. Or call Rocky and see if he is real and going to put $5M into a project you can't find.. please report back all your findings.. lolzz

By the way, your original link yesterday looking for missing discussion on the 18M was the 2023 results for Kokomo and nothing to do with 2024.. Maybe ask IGoR to help??? Lol
dukeb dukeb 1 day ago
Here is a link to the Howard County Indiana Tax Assessor's web site that lists every parcel in the County. Howard County includes Kokomo.

Search on StarPlus Energy, the company building the battery plant, and you'll see lots of properties owned under that name.

Search on SPOOZ, JP3E or any other name associated with John Park and share with the board the properties that are owned by one of those entities.
jdcpa1 jdcpa1 1 day ago
The project announced will be mint with the new business Park generating a ton of interest and business for the JP3Es Harmony Villas Project. Breaks ground next week!

JP3E partners with the city of Kokomo and the state of Indiana, assuming responsibility for the Harmony Villas Project. This project will contain a new mixture of residential and commercial buildings to Kokomo, IN. The JP3E Harmony Villas Project in Kokomo, IN development is 23 Acres that will have 500 apartments, 42 townhouses, 40 retails mixed usage and 100 keys of 4 stars brand hotel accommodations with an estimated $112,000,000 Capital Expenditures (CAPEX). The company successfully secured $23,000,000 cash as GP and LP capital. Upon completion of development, JP3E expects the development to be valued at $192,000,000 with $14,000,000 Net Income annually. JP3E plans to break ground in the first week of March 2024 and expects to offer 21 townhomes by June 2024 for sale to the growing local community, facilitating the influx of Samsung factory workers and families.
👍️ 1 💯 1
dukeb dukeb 1 day ago
You are delusional.

The project is JP3Es and it's 100% authentic!! It's on JP3E owned property too!!! Amazing!!
jdcpa1 jdcpa1 1 day ago
From the press release 3 weeks ago about data centers below... Connect the dots people.. John Park is banking $$$ in multiple ways on each project..

"The initial deployment of the technology will be in New York and Kokomo, Indiana. This strategic agreement aims to integrate Archeo Futurus' patented serverless cloud native technology into JP3E's upcoming Data Centers."

Opportunity is boundless with JP3E it seems. They expect to grow the commodity side to $2.5B soon, more RE projects are coming they stated yesterday and we haven't even heard much about LNG yet although JP3E has a two pronged approach with Europe/Middle East and then Asia with the Two Stud Directors on board... Wake up people's..
👍️ 5 🤑 2
Xman1959 Xman1959 1 day ago
more verification of the least tiny bit would light the fuse imo
all those "adopted workers" have to have a place to dine. that's hard work. factory workers.
bashers are too short sighted to put the dots together. imo.
👍️ 2
uber darthium uber darthium 1 day ago
I hear the ribs are good

How is this Korean fast food play going?

Just another Sterling front loaded pump
surfkast surfkast 1 day ago
How is this Korean fast food play going?
great questions! at 007 a share and a 35 million dollar market cap
these questions are valid....especially if your buying here and not triple 0s
Mr Smith 34 Mr Smith 34 1 day ago
And I don't expect anyone on this board to have definitive answers to my questions. I just would like some additional information from the company's announcements. As with all of you, I have my own method to value stocks and their future potential. I guess I would like a bit more detail from the company to feel comfortable in my analysis.
👍️ 1
yet it still trades 006s-007s ...mind boggling

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