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PLUG Discussion

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tdtcal tdtcal 40 minutes ago

WeTheMarket WeTheMarket 1 hour ago
Posted 7 hrs ago.

Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 7 hours ago
Steve - Before every opportunity, I feed multiple analysts with tough questions to ask PLUG's leadership. Remember when one asked about the FFI JV ? Ole leaving ?

The problem Steve, is that PLUG only wants softball questions. No questions about key metrics or deals that have faded away ...

If an analysts has the gall to ask a tough or negative question do they get to participate in the future?

I strongly suspect that the GA plant is not fully operational and may not even producing H-2. Yes the plant is Open, will someone ask what the average TPD is?
👍️ 1
scubastevemd scubastevemd 7 hours ago
I have to agree you never get bad news from PLUG unless an analyst asks a direct question. If you know one maybe you can get him or her to ask some tough questions.
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 1 day ago
Steve - SCMF lives in SC, not far from the plant in GA. His last visit was on a weekend, which might explain to lack of activity.

The Foodie company on the same dead end street says there is very little activity on the road, which leads me to believe that the plant is still not fully operational.... or worse. With only 3 businesses on the road, they can see every vehicle that enters or leaves at least during business hours.

A status update from the PLUG would be helpful, but if the news is negative, we will never be informed.

My concern is that operations are still limited or suspended.
scubastevemd scubastevemd 1 day ago
SCMets on Yahoo has driven by a few times. I would go but it would take me all day to get there and back. He has never walked inside to ask what was going on, but just drove by I think.
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 2 days ago
Steve, et al, - Does anyone know anyone close to the shiny, new Hydrogen plant in Georgia, who can swing by and see if it is operational?

I hear that it is still not fully operational. I'm worried that it isn't even running.

Someone needs to swing by and give us an independent status report.
scubastevemd scubastevemd 2 days ago
Well, if they had done thing right as you say we would be profitable by now instead of near financial collapse or a reverse split. You also realize all the misses on revenues quarter after quarter, the accounting issues and fine, the promise to be BE that never happened, the statement we don't need money and then dilution a few times. Lies, distortion, mismanagement and screw ups like the Ga. plant 3 openings. There's just too much to give these clowns a pass. Andy and Paul should fall on a knife if they were honorable men and resign.
👍️ 3
B_B! B_B! 2 days ago
Plug Doing Real Things: Kristinestad, Finland
April 16, 2024
👍️ 2
WeTheMarket WeTheMarket 2 days ago
UK, agree 100%.
uksausage uksausage 2 days ago
PLUG has done everything right as far as markets or its products - read Crossing the chasm and The Gorilla Game for confirmation.

we explicitly decided not to enter the heavy mobile market (buses, trucks trains ships etc) by ourselves (we do have JV s of course where the expertise in those vehicles exists but are using a generic fuel cell “motor” not custom ones like Ballard has). As Ballard are finding out even promises of 500-1000 units dont make the product line profitable.

After securing the Material handling market the generation of hydrogen to supply those customers is a great adjacent pin. Our electrolyzers are second to none. Thats why you see them being used in projects around the world - especially in Europe. They may not be the cheapest but they work and PLUG knows what is needed to make a project successful.

Material Handling GenDrives and electrolysers make 20-30% gross margins so are pretty good businesses. Hopefully the new factories mean that large stationary fuel cells will also be when they roll out in any volume.

By choosing partners for things like the aircraft industry and last mile delivery we share the risks and costs involved.

If only Sanjay hadnt been so confident in the date to get production plants up and running we wouldn't be in this mess. Permitting delays hit all our sites - and will do in the future until the govt sorts this out (see Senator Manchkin). New York is now 2 years late had it been on time we would be selling to third parties 50% of the hydrogen we produce for nice hefty margins.
👍️ 2
B_B! B_B! 2 days ago
We will find out soon!
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 2 days ago
B_B - From $75 to $2.00 ... That's quite the Squeeze !

I don't think PLUG does anything well.

If we break through $2.26, we will hit the $1.00's soon after.
igotthemojo igotthemojo 2 days ago
Maybe a ceo who knew how to run a business would be better…
👍️ 2
B_B! B_B! 2 days ago
start doing what we do well

Andy is good at squeezing the shorts.😎
B_B! B_B! 2 days ago
I expect a record quarter with narrowed losses.
The estimates/expectations are very low.
👍️ 2
scubastevemd scubastevemd 2 days ago
Suspect most recent changes will not show this quarter, but a reduced inventory and spending since projects have stopped ought to stem the losses a bit. We should see a small decease in our fuel cost. Things should improve on the cost and revenue side as the supply of our own fuel increases, the price increases and the savings from layoffs show up. The big offset is the increased share count that hangs over us. We need a Hail Mary pass.
👍️ 2
scubastevemd scubastevemd 2 days ago
So, Ballard, a once second-rate fuel cell provider we used to use that put out a sub-par product must be doing better because they seem to be getting quite a few deals we are not getting. The shotgun going after everything and not doing anything that well, but forklifts, seems to have hurt us. Maybe it is time to focus on what we do best or the most potentially profitable and sell off other units? I wonder what the drone, airplane and van businesses have cost us versus their potential any time in the near future. Maybe it is time to start asking the hard questions and start doing what we do well.
👍️ 1
B_B! B_B! 2 days ago
Only 3 weeks until Q1 earnings.
👍️ 1
B_B! B_B! 2 days ago
Ballard announces orders for 70 hydrogen fuel cell engines for delivery to Wrightbus in 2024
Tue, Apr 16, 2024
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 2 days ago
👍️ 1
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 2 days ago

$2.79 ! PLUG just broke through the $2.82 support like it wasn't even there.

Look out below !
B_B! B_B! 2 days ago
There is still too much news 🤣

Japan’s first hydrogen and biofuel hybrid passenger ship enters service
April 16, 2024, by Fatima Bahtic

Japan’s largest steelmaker to invest billions of yen into hydrogen-based direct iron reduction
Nearly 60% of the bill will be footed by the Japanese government
15 April 2024 By Polly Martin

Air Products to open two new hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany
By Molly Burgess on Apr 15, 2024

Hyundai to start hydrogen vehicle trials in Guangzhou this year
By Moon Joon-hyun Published : April 12, 2024
Hyundai Motor Group plans to expand operations at its HTWO Guangzhou facility -- its first overseas hydrogen fuel cell system production plant -- by initiating pilot projects for commercial hydrogen fuel cell vehicles this year.

China's homegrown hydrogen-powered train completes test run at 160 km/h
Mar 21, 2024

China's largest green hydrogen refuelling station is selling H2 at a seventh of the cost of the fuel in California
Sany claims its integrated production and fuelling complex supplies hydrogen at cost parity with diesel
15 March 2024 By Polly Martin

Forvia establishes new hydrogen energy business entity in China

Air Liquide China breaks ground on $20m hydrogen filling centre
By Molly Burgess Mar 06, 2024

China’s Clean-Truck Surprise Defies the EV Slowdown Narrative
By Colin McKerracher 5 maart 2024
The first is that hydrogen fuel cells are finally making their presence felt, with over 1,000 fuel cell-powered heavy trucks sold in December. That’s the highest tally yet and more than twice that of any previous month. China is providing very generous incentives for truck manufacturers to deploy fuel cell vehicles, and the market is starting to respond.

China goes big on green hydrogen using renewable energy surplus

World's longest hydrogen pipeline, covering 700km, set for construction work this year at a cost of $845m
The Chinese record-breaker could facilitate renewable H2 exports from a port near Beijing, developers claim
29 February 2024 By Rachel Parkes

China's four-seater hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engine aircraft completes maiden flight

Ballard announces succession of two Weichai nominees to Board of Directors
Jan 02, 2024
Ballard in China

China's green hydrogen investment tops 300 billion yuan in first nine months, leading the world
Nov 20, 2023

GE’s hydrogen-ready turbines ordered for 1.7 GW gas plant in China
The Chinese State Development & Investment Corp has ordered two hydrogen-ready gas turbines from GE Vernova for a new combined-cycle power plant.

China’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vessel Enters Service
OCT 11, 2023

China's largest green hydrogen project — a $4bn, 640MW ammonia/methanol facility — begins construction
28 September 2023 By Leigh Collins

👍️ 1
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 3 days ago
An Interesting Read:

From Another Board;

"A lot of people on this board talking about the DOE loan coming through and the stock climbing. Reminds me of the GA plant opening (or waiting for months for it to open). By the time in finally happened it did nothing for the stock price. Waiting for a loan is no way to bet on a successful company. The facts are Andy and Paul (Laurel and Hardy) set ridiculous forecasts, dropped hints of partnerships, boldly told us again and again they would be breakeven end of 2023. They are both so out of touch with running a business, they ran Plug into the ground. The cost cutting measures should have been done a year ago. I really don't see a positive outcome for Plug, it feels too late. Margins are all negative, fuel delivery negative, help me out if you know something different. I am long but totally soured on management."
👍️ 1
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 3 days ago
B_B - SPAM Much ?
B_B! B_B! 3 days ago
BMW Reignites Investor Interest in Green Hydrogen
Paul Hoffman Apr 15, 2024

During BMW’s annual investor conference, the green hydrogen sector received a positive jolt when the BMW CEO, Oliver Zipse, affirmed the company’s dedication to advancing the technology. BMW (FWB:BMW) has already deployed a fleet of hydrogen fuel cell cars worldwide for more than a year. The company plans to introduce three hydrogen vehicles at dealerships in the upcoming year. This announcement follows a period of subdued activity in the hydrogen automotive industry.
👍️ 2
B_B! B_B! 3 days ago
Hyundai Motor ramps up hydrogen bus production in 2024

South Korea’s sole hydrogen bus manufacturer Hyundai Motor Co. is set to boost its hydrogen bus production capacity sixfold in 2024 after sales of electric buses made in China surpassed those for domestically made ones for the first time.

According to industry sources on Sunday, Hyundai Motor‘s Jeonju plant recently ramped up its annual production capacity for hydrogen buses to 3,000 units, up from 2023’s 500 units. This expansion comes on the heels of a recent facility upgrade dedicated to hydrogen bus production at the company’s Bus 1 plant.

The Jeonju plant serves as a specialized production hub for buses and other large commercial vehicles. Hydrogen buses were primarily mass-produced at Bus 2 Plant until 2023, following trial operations at the Bus 1 plant.

With this increase in annual production capacity, Hyundai Motor is forecast to produce and sell over four times the number of hydrogen buses compared to 2023, amounting to about 1,500 units. According to data from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, Hyundai Motor sold around 370 hydrogen buses that year.
👍️ 1
B_B! B_B! 4 days ago
No panic yet at Plug Power.
The insiders are not selling.
Hydrogen is hot, so the talented managers (Jose Luis Crespo, Cortney Mittelsteadt, Hector Maza, David Mindnich etc.) could easily get a good job elsewhere, but they are not leaving Plug Power.
👍️ 1
B_B! B_B! 4 days ago
HyLight raises $4M for hydrogen-powered airship drones
The HyLighter offers easy control, long-range sustainable data collection with HD cameras and advanced sensors for precise detection and analysis.
Cate Lawrence 2 minutes ago
The weight of hydrogen fuel cells has always been a pain point in aviation— "For one kilo of hydrogen, you have 20 kilograms of cylinders, "explained Bocken.

However, HyLight has solved the problem by removing the cylinders and storing the hydrogen directly inside the envelope (aka balloon). This is much lighter than air, allowing the airship to float and carry payloads aloft.

Hydrogen is used as both the lifting gas in the envelope and the fuel source. It enables the HyLighter to achieve exceptional endurance, allowing it to fly for up to 10 hours, over 350 km, at 35 km/hr.
👍️ 1
B_B! B_B! 4 days ago
This hydrogen engine is revolutionizing the automotive industry: neither American nor German
by D. García 04/14/2024

The new hydrogen engine the industry has been waiting years for arrives directly from Korea. Imagine one that leaves internal combustion behind and doubles its range. This is precisely what they have achieved by developing a new type of injection, which could be described as second-generation. We show you all the technical characteristics of this invention that comes to unseat the electric cars.
👍️ 2
B_B! B_B! 4 days ago
German chancellor hails Germany-China hydrogen technology cooperation

CHONGQING, April 14 (Xinhua) -- Federal Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz said on Sunday he is impressed by the cooperation between German and Chinese enterprises in the field of hydrogen technology, and Germany is willing to continue to deepen friendly exchanges with China and push bilateral cooperation to a new level.

Scholz on Sunday visited a Sino-German joint venture and a Sino-German cooperative scientific research project on water monitoring, among others, after his arrival earlier the day in Chongqing Municipality to kick off his three-day official visit to China.

At the joint venture Bosch Hydrogen Powertrain Systems (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., Scholz learned about the hydrogen powertrain products and fuel cell powertrain solutions, and experienced the assembly of hydrogen fuel cell power modules.

Scholz said the company's technology progress and the factory construction speed were gratifying.

Scholz is being accompanied by senior representatives of a number of renowned German companies, including Siemens, Bayer, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Zeiss.

More than 5,000 German companies are operating in China -- which has been Germany's largest trading partner for many years.
👍️ 1
B_B! B_B! 4 days ago
We lost the EV race and now we are losing the Hydrogen race.
Thanks to the manipulative fossil fuel companies and the slow populist government.
👍️ 1
WeTheMarket WeTheMarket 5 days ago
Steve, agree. What puzzles me the most is the fact that the Treasury Department and the DOE seem to have conflicting interests. Instead of collaborating on these important issues, they seem to be in conflict. Furthermore, the DOE, which has many more years of experience on every aspect of the hydrogen economy, instead of taking a leading role and provide guidance to the Treasury Department on setting the guidelines, is playing a passive, wait and see role on the sidelines.
👍️ 2
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 6 days ago
B_B - Wow. Congrats.

What is the value of this deal to PLUG ?

A one-off ? Continuing revenues?

Did PLUG make enough to cover the celebration?
👎️ 1
scubastevemd scubastevemd 6 days ago
Sadly, that looks like where we are heading also. 45V was important to signal it is isafe to dip your toes in the water and they messed it up and delayed it. Prett typical of this administration to promise a bunch and then slow walk it or forget about it. Gee, sounds like Andy. Either way Plug cannot get a break. This story is getting uglier.
👍️ 2
B_B! B_B! 6 days ago
“We are thrilled to celebrate, in partnership with MOL, the inauguration of one of Europe’s largest green hydrogen plants supporting a refinery,” said Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power.
“As a potent way to reduce carbon emissions within refinery operations, we are proud to equip MOL with cutting-edge electrolyser technology to efficiently produce green hydrogen.”
Having started up its first green hydrogen production plant last year, the country is set to have several more operational green hydrogen plants in the near future.

MOL launches largest green hydrogen plant in Central/Eastern Europe
By Anthony Wright on Apr 12, 2024
👍️ 1
B_B! B_B! 6 days ago
Shares in hydrogen truck maker Nikola slump by 25% after chairman recommends reverse stock split
Move to reduce the number of shares is needed to avoid delisting from Nasdaq exchange, the US company admits
12 April 2024 By Leigh Collins
👍️ 2
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 6 days ago
More Bad News :

When you are a struggling company in a nascent sector, you don't want to hear "Delays and Cancellations.".

Delays and Cancellations in new orders.

Delays and Cancellations in existing projects starts or completions

Delays and Cancellations in FUNDING.

The Hydrogen Sector and PLUG are facing growing DELAYS and CANCELLATIONS

When we should be seeing exponential growth.

B_B! B_B! 6 days ago
Could newly announced public consultation on US hydrogen tax credits delay their roll-out?
Treasury Department now seeks comments on proposed emissions value request process
12 April 2024 By Leigh Collins

A new public consultation related to one aspect of the controversial proposed regulations for the US 45V hydrogen production tax credit was announced yesterday by the US government that could further delay the implementation of the all-important subsidy.
However, it seems that only projects planning to use technologies that are not included in the official emissions modelling tool — 45VH2-GREET (Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Technologies) — would need to apply for a PER. The GREET model only covers electrolysis, methane and landfill gas reforming, and coal and biomass gasification, leaving out production methods such as waste-to-hydrogen and pyrolysis (heating methane in the absence of air so CO2 cannot be produced).

The PER clause in the NPRM document provides no detail about how the government would determine the provisional emissions rate — which seems to have led the Treasury Department to launch a public consultation on this process.
Developers and members of the public now have until 13 May to comment on the new PER proposals.

This means that it is highly unlikely that the controversial 45V regulations will be finalised until after this new consultation ends and is analysed by government officials — suggesting that regulations are unlikely to be finalised until June at the earliest.
The GREET model has also proved to be controversial among developers because it is due to be updated annually or can be replaced by a similar system as determined by the Energy Secretary of the day, meaning that projects that qualify for one tax credit bracket in one year might not qualify for that same tax bracket the following year — adding a layer of uncertainty that is unhelpful for calculating future income and securing loans.
👍️ 4
B_B! B_B! 6 days ago
European hydrogen infrastructure projects can draw from €850m pot of EU funding from the end of April
The 65 H2 projects of common or mutual interest will be eligible for development grants from the EU's Connecting Europe Facility
12 April 2024 By Polly Martin

An EU-approved list of 166 cross-border energy infrastructure projects — including 65 hydrogen pipelines, import terminals, and electrolysers — will be able to draw from a €850m ($905.5m) pot of funding from 30 April.
👍️ 1
B_B! B_B! 6 days ago
Bill Gates really digs his visit to a hydrogen startup, filling a pothole with carbon-trapping asphalt
BY LISA STIFFLER on April 11, 2024

Bill Gates grabbed a wheelbarrow and shovel on Wednesday to fill a parking lot pothole with a new carbon trapping asphalt.

Gates was visiting Modern Hydrogen, a Seattle-area climate tech startup that has developed a device for cracking natural gas molecules, producing hydrogen for fuel and a product known as carbon black that has a variety of industrial applications — including as a key ingredient in asphalt.
“Bill was great,” said Tony Pan, Modern Hydrogen’s CEO, of the Microsoft co-founder’s visit. “He was super engaged, hands-on.”
B_B! B_B! 6 days ago
New Rotterdam Hydrogen Facility to Boost Energy Transition
By Maya Derrick April 12, 2024

GES and Provaris are to develop a new import facility in the Port of Rotterdam to improve energy efficiency & support the timely supply of green hydrogen
A collaboration agreement has been made to develop a gaseous hydrogen import facility at the largest seaport in Europe, the world's largest outside of East Asia.

GES and Provaris have collaborated for the project which will see a multi-client, multi-product gaseous hydrogen import facility set up at the GES terminal at the Port of Rotterdam. The site will see the import of refrigerated ammonia and compressed hydrogen, with redeliveries into barges, rail, truck and the HyNetwork.
B_B! B_B! 6 days ago
Port of Antwerp-Bruges to host ‘largest’ AEM electrolyser installation
By Charlie Currie on Apr 10, 2024

Belgium’s Port of Antwerp-Bruges plans to host a trial of an AEM electrolyser for hydrogen production.

Under the port’s NextGen District in the heart of the Antwerp port, Ohio, US-based Power to Hydrogen (P2H2) has signed up to install an AEM electrolyser, which the project partners say will be the “largest in the world.”
Despite not disclosing the capacity of the AEM system, the companies have said it will be installed during the fourth quarter of 2024.

P2H2’s Clean Energy Bridge™ AEM electrolyser systems are claimed to cost less than equivalent PEM systems due to its low PGM catalyst and a 200+ bar operation which it says “eliminates compression” to achieve storage pressures.
The company was selected for $6.6m of funding by the US Department of Energy (DOE) in March (2024) to focus on building out the US domestic supply chain for manufacturing.

Seeing financial support from American Electric Power, EDP, E.ON and ESB as part of the Free Electrons Utility innovation programme, the Belgian trial is hoped to demonstrate the potential of the electrolyser technology in reducing the cost of green hydrogen production.
Paul Matter, CEO of Power to Hydrogen, said, “With our installation in NextGen Demo, we want to demonstrate that AEM electrolysis, which significantly reduces the cost of green hydrogen production, is capable of operating sustainability in a port environment.”
The NextGen Demo zone is a two-hectare site within Antwerp’s industrial cluster where start-ups, spin-off companies and pilot projects can test new technologies.

In 2022, Plug Power announced it would build a 100MW green hydrogen plant in Antwerp, as part of the NextGen District.

Jacques Vandermeiren, CEO of Port of Antwerp-Bruges, said the zone was the “quintessential” place where new technology finds access to the “fabric of the port and industry.”
B_B! B_B! 6 days ago
Belgian hydrogen factories are delayed for years
TOBE STEEL April 2, 2024

Due to the difficult market conditions, the energy company Engie has been postponing a major hydrogen project in Charleroi for at least a year and a half. The arrival of the American Plug Power in Antwerp is also delayed. Even with subsidies worth millions, investors will not be able to complete the financial picture for the time being.
In Belgium, it looks like the large hydrogen plant that the American Plug Power wants to build on the former Opel site in the port of Antwerp will also be delayed. The company recently provided its Antwerp subsidiary with 7 million euros in start-up capital and submitted a permit application. When the project was announced two years ago, it was stated that the investment of around 300 million euros should produce a working factory by 2025. With a capacity of 100 megawatts, the factory would then produce 12,500 tons of green hydrogen annually.

The permit application shows that deals have now been concluded with local partners, such as the power producers Vleemo and Luminus - to provide the necessary renewable energy - and with the water purifier Ekopak, which will supply the water to make hydrogen. But on a web page presenting Plug Power's Chymia project, the start-up date has been pushed back two years to an expected 2027. Despite repeated questions, no one at the American company was available for explanation.
(Google Translate)
👍️ 1
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 6 days ago
More BAD News :

From Another Board:

"Just thought I should share some news that I read in a Belgian paper the other day. Apparently the project that they were going to do in Antwerp is postponed until 2027. Even with subsidies in place, the project is considered too risky. You see this development across the board. Companies are hesitant to invest in green hydrogen production, since infrastructure is not in place, costs are too high, and demand is weak. There is currently too much uncertainty surrounding these projects which is why many companies either delay or cancel green hydrogen projects.

The hydrogen hype has been over for a while now, but it now seems it might come to a definite end. It's not looking well for us green hydrogen investors. "
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 6 days ago
B_B - Sad news, especially for the 107 who are losing their jobs.
👍️ 1
B_B! B_B! 7 days ago
Spokane Hydrogen Power Company Closing Plant, 107 Jobs Go
John McKay Published: April 11, 2024

Spokane hydrogen power cell plant closing.
According to company information online:

"Plug Power Inc. is an American company engaged in the development of hydrogen fuel cell systems that replace conventional batteries in equipment and vehicles powered by electricity." (Wikipedia)

The company is based out of Latham, New York, and has plants in Spokane and Rochester New York.

A WARN alert was released this week indicating 107 workers will be laid off in June, due to what ESD said was a "closing."

According to Morningstar online, the company announced layoffs that will save the company about $75 million, and help with restructuring going forward.
No word was specifically given as to why they are closing the Spokane plant, but it could be related to the state of natural gas pipelines in WA under Gov. Inslee's green energy mandates. Hydrogen, if it achieves widespread use, would or could utilize these natural gas pipelines as well.

There has been a noticeable development movement in the area of hydrogen energy in Eastern WA.

The layoffs are expected to commence, and then wrap up in June.
👍️ 1
Jack_Bolander Jack_Bolander 1 week ago
Oh, Boy !

Now we have something for our airship to do besides tourist rides :

Clipper Airship
Long-haul hydrogen and freight transport

Meet the world's first point-to-point hydrogen delivery system. The Clipper can transport vast quantities of liquid hydrogen to destinations around the world with greater affordability, safety, speed, and efficiency than any other method.
😂 1
B_B! B_B! 1 week ago
Jeonju City builds two liquefied hydrogen charging stations
Charging infrastructure added to Sanglim, Songcheon, and Jeonmi-dong this year
Reporter Choi In-young Entered 2024.04.11

[Today Energy Reporter Choi In-young] Jeonju City, Jeollabuk-do, announced plans to build two liquefied hydrogen charging stations and one gaseous hydrogen charging station this year to expand the use of hydrogen vehicles.

Jeonju City announced on the 11th that, in addition to the four hydrogen charging stations currently in operation, it plans to build three additional stations this year to provide a stable supply of hydrogen energy and increase the convenience of charging for hydrogen vehicle drivers.

Previously, from 2020 to 2023, Jeonju City built hydrogen charging stations in a total of four locations: Songcheon-dong, Samcheon-dong, Pyeonghwa-dong, and Saekjang-dong. This year, a total of three stations are planned to be built, including Sanglim Hydrogen Station, Songcheon Liquid Hydrogen Station, and Jeonmi Liquid Hydrogen Station.

The liquefied hydrogen charging station, which will be installed for the first time this year, is expected to contribute to the spread of hydrogen commercial vehicles such as hydrogen buses and hydrogen trucks as it has a larger facility capacity than the existing gas system and enables fast charging.

The Sanglim Hydrogen Charging Station is being promoted by Jeonbuk City, entrusting the construction project to the Jeonbuk Development Corporation, and approximately 3.1 billion won, including national and provincial expenses, will be invested. Songcheon Liquefied Hydrogen Charging Station and Jeonmi Liquefied Hydrogen Charging Station are being promoted by Hyosung Hydrogen and SK Plug Hybus, respectively, and each charging station will invest approximately 11 billion won, including government funds.

The Songcheon liquid hydrogen charging station is scheduled to begin operation in June, and the Sanglim charging station and Jeonmi liquid hydrogen charging station are scheduled to begin operation in September.

An official from Jeonju City said, “If the number of hydrogen charging stations in the Jeonju area increases to 7, the daily supply of hydrogen fuel will approximately triple from the existing 2,150 kg to 6,400 kg,” adding, “About 1,200 hydrogen passenger cars and 350 hydrogen buses per day.” “This is the amount that can be recharged,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Jeonju City has been providing subsidies for the purchase of hydrogen vehicles since 2019 to expand the supply of hydrogen vehicles, and announced that it plans to purchase and support a total of 330 vehicles, including 211 hydrogen passenger cars and 119 hydrogen buses, this year.
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MOL Group inaugurates green hydrogen plant following 22 million Euro investment
Petre Barac APRIL 11, 2024

MOL Group has handed over a 10 megawatt capacity green hydrogen plant in Százhalombatta (Hungary) which is the largest in Central and Eastern Europe. The 22 million Euro investment makes fuel production more sustainable: the plant will reduce the Danube Refinery’s carbon dioxide emissions by 25 000 tonnes. MOL will be able to produce 1,600 tonnes of green hydrogen per year.

The new technology will gradually replace the natural gas-based production process, which currently accounts for one sixth of the MOL Group’s total carbon dioxide emissions. The plant will start producing in the second half of 2024: MOL will use the green hydrogen primarily in its own network for fuel production.

Plug Power’s electrolysis equipment uses electricity from renewable sources to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen. This means that no polluting by-products are generated and, in fact, the plant produces 8-9 tonnes of pure oxygen per tonne of hydrogen.

“MOL Group has reached another milestone: we can now produce green hydrogen without producing any greenhouse gases. Using this technology, we are able to achieve the same emissions reduction as if we took roughly 5,500 cars off the road overnight. Today, our new green hydrogen plant is only making MOL’s industrial operations greener, but tomorrow it will offer solutions for the whole industry and hydrogen mobility. After Száhalombatta, we will take the technology to the other two fuel production units of the group to make the fuel production process more sustainable at each of MOL Group’s refineries” said József Molnár, CEO of MOL Group, at the inauguration ceremony of the new green hydrogen plant.
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