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Dollar Tree Inc

Dollar Tree Inc (DLTR)

Closed June 16 4:00PM
After Hours: 7:58PM


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
96.008.2511.300.009.7750.000.00 %00-
97.007.7010.250.008.9750.000.00 %00- %00- %00- %049- %00-
102.003.455.303.304.3750.000.00 %106/14/2024
103.002.925.303.234.11-0.77-19.25 %836/14/2024
104.002.392.752.502.570.000.00 %2106/14/2024
105.001.902.001.681.95-0.60-26.32 %34536/14/2024
106.001.331.421.211.375-0.37-23.42 %56456/14/2024
107.000.850.970.930.91-0.29-23.77 %691976/14/2024
108.000.540.630.550.585-0.29-34.52 %40906/14/2024
109.000.330.410.360.37-0.18-33.33 %62746/14/2024 %772596/14/2024 %63386/14/2024 %111916/14/2024 %6796/14/2024 %41876/14/2024 %415486/14/2024

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StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade %00- %00- %106/14/2024 %1506/14/2024 %425,6906/14/2024 %3606/14/2024 %573506/14/2024 %17806/14/2024
104.000.490.540.620.5150.1019.23 %77656/14/2024
105.000.800.840.850.820.011.19 %955546/14/2024 %782406/14/2024
107.001.741.861.791.800.1710.49 %362596/14/2024
108.002.392.702.402.545-0.02-0.83 %161486/14/2024 %142696/14/2024 %1474,6906/14/2024
111.003.907.105.255.500.7316.15 %31446/14/2024 %0136-
113.005.308.206.506.750.000.00 %0128-
114.006.309.808.258.053.2565.00 %61196/14/2024
115.007.9010.259.339.0750.242.64 %161,3066/14/2024

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DLTR Discussion

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Southern Gal Southern Gal 2 weeks ago
Up she comes. Looking good. Earnings release soon
Southern Gal Southern Gal 3 weeks ago
Court filings show that DLTR is buying dozens of 99 Cents store locations
Southern Gal Southern Gal 3 weeks ago
Bought at $114 - $115.50

Looking to return to $140+
Southern Gal Southern Gal 4 weeks ago
Dipping pretty significantly. Looking to pick up a few should it get close to $110
Banjo50 Banjo50 2 months ago
I went to Dollar Tree to buy hotdog buns price $3.00. I walked across the street to Aldi $1.29. Almost everything at Dollar Tree is over priced. I hardly buy anything in there anymore.
Monksdream Monksdream 3 months ago
DLTR 10Q due March 13
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 8 months ago
Walmart fka
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 9 months ago
Banjo50 Banjo50 10 months ago
Yes, I did notice that they have many items that are more than the $1.25 price that everyone expects.
TRUISM TRUISM 10 months ago
Sadly, it should now be called "DOLLARS TREE," as items get even more expensive.

entertaininvesting entertaininvesting 1 year ago
lets see when they put more PR on this one. you may be right or i may be making some good $$$. i like how some hedge fund backing the deal.
Banjo50 Banjo50 1 year ago
Looks like a scam to me. Easier to take you money to the closest toilet and flush.
entertaininvesting entertaininvesting 1 year ago
New startup in dollar store trading in OTC, Labwire (LBWR), just announced its Q1 earning today:

it said that $2m in 2023 projected sales - not bad from $0 in 2022.
Banjo50 Banjo50 2 years ago
I couldn't help but notice that foot traffic in the Dollar Tree stores in my area are quite brisk. Price increases with other retailers have made many of Dollar Tree's products competitive again, even with the 25% price increase. I may have sold too early.
Bunti Bunti 2 years ago
Nice breakout
Bunti Bunti 2 years ago
Bull Flag was formed on the daily chart
Rebel In The FDG Rebel In The FDG 2 years ago
Exactly how I read it.

Banjo50 Banjo50 2 years ago
My point is that Dollar Tree no longer offers value for a dollar spent and their frugal customers will eventually catch on.
Rebel In The FDG Rebel In The FDG 2 years ago
Well said across the board!!!

My model Chevy truck same options has gone up $17K in the last 8 years or soโ€ฆ

Everything is effected โ€ฆ.

The only things we can control are our thoughts and actionsโ€ฆ..

Getting some ESPP shares cheap this quarterโ€ฆ.

โ€”-> DLTR <โ€”-

Good luck to you :)
Banjo50 Banjo50 2 years ago
Unless inflation pushes prices up with Dollar Tree's competitors, I see this company losing market share. I used to spend about 60 dollars per month in Dollar Tree now I spend about $5.00. One example is lemon juice. Two years ago in was $1.00 for a 33 oz. bottle. Then $1.00 for a 32 oz. bottle. Six months later $1.00 for a 16 oz. bottle. Then $1.25 for a 16 oz. bottle. Now $1.25 for an 8 oz. squeeze bottle shaped like a lemon. Repeat this shrinkflation for everything in the store and customers eventually will realize that nothing at Dollar Tree is a bargain. I may have sold my shares too early, but I'm still glad I got out. I still have a small option position which I hope expires in my favor in January. After that I'm completely out and gone for good.
Bunti Bunti 2 years ago
Any inputs on considering $DLTR for long term?
Rebel In The FDG Rebel In The FDG 2 years ago
6/13/22 ****¥¥¥¥****
Rebel In The FDG Rebel In The FDG 2 years ago
Congrats on your profits!


Banjo50 Banjo50 2 years ago
I sold my last 200 shares of Dollar Tree today for a nice profit. It may go higher, but right now cash is king. For those of you waiting for a higher price, I wish you the best, but I think Dollar Tree will go lower in the long run. Putin's war and inflation are taking a very large bite out of the market in general and Dollar Tree will be pulled down with the rest.
blackpilled blackpilled 2 years ago
Heavy call volume. Someone bought 18k volume calls for November on 180 strike and another 8k on the $190. This stock hasnโ€™t had its best run to come. And thatโ€™s volume not dollar amount: dollar amount do the math when each option is $400 a pop
Rebel In The FDG Rebel In The FDG 2 years ago
Absolutely!!! Most are out of energy shots too!!! Drive where you can and survive.


Banjo50 Banjo50 2 years ago
Tried to buy D-cell batteries At Dollar Tree yesterday. They didn't have any. Wanted lemon lime soda. They were out. Most shelves were half empty. I left the store with nothing. It is no longer worth the attempt to buy something at Dollar Tree when Walmart and Target are right down the road with better prices and full shelves. I think, in the long run, this ends badly for the share holders.
Rebel In The FDG Rebel In The FDG 2 years ago
Well said!!! I agreeโ€ฆ.. just drive around and do that.

Debt free and loving it!!!

Banjo50 Banjo50 2 years ago
Last quarter numbers were great, but how soon will it be before the frugal shoppers that are Dollar Tree's customer base realize that the 25% across the board increase has made many of the products a ripoff. Ultra Bright tooth paste 5.5 oz. 93 cents at Walmart. Reach dental floss 97 cents at Walmart. Loaf of white bread 95 cents at Aldi. Lemon juce that was $1.00 for 32 oz. bottle before the price increase is now$1.25 for 17oz. at Dollar Tree for a 100% price increase. I could go on and on.
Dolllar Tree's prices are no longer competitive. I expect this greed will bite them on the backside down the road.
Rebel In The FDG Rebel In The FDG 2 years ago
But of course Iโ€™m biased!!! If you couldnโ€™t tell . ;). Lol

Rebel In The FDG Rebel In The FDG 2 years ago
Family Dollar / Dollar tree combo stores driving sales across the board โ€ฆ..

thatโ€™s an easy findโ€ฆ

Rebel In The FDG Rebel In The FDG 2 years ago
FD Carries the Dollar Tree flag right nowโ€ฆ. I encourage you to shop at more than one. Bad apples ruin it for all of usโ€ฆ.

Good post thoughโ€ฆ. Wonโ€™t be selling.

DLTR !!!!

Banjo50 Banjo50 2 years ago
Sell Family Dollar stores. Prices are high. Selection is poor. The check out is incredibly slow.
pepeoil pepeoil 3 years ago
Yep, my little nest is in here for a tick under 100. I think I will unload this one and call it wonderful. It was a great ride
rynlrt rynlrt 3 years ago
Gap at 87. My puts are looking real good from yesterday
makinezmoney makinezmoney 3 years ago
$DLTR: HOLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY CRAP.... $DLTR Oct-1 $95-calls up 53k% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JUST TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was just $0.01 yesterday.............. now 5.45

crudeoil24 crudeoil24 3 years ago
Dollar Tree shares are trading higher after the company increased its buyback program by $1.05 billion, to a total of $2.5 billion.

CanItBThisEZ2Make CanItBThisEZ2Make 3 years ago
Dollar General is NOT a Dollar Store
Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar 3 years ago
nibble today, will load up in the $80s
conix conix 3 years ago
With prices creeping up, more Americans are turning to dollar stores

Abha Bhattarai

The Washington Post
Aug. 20, 2021


Kyle Dishman can't afford to shop at the local grocery store anymore. Instead he goes to Dollar General, where he can make $40 stretch into a week's worth of groceries and the occasional can of motor oil for his Chrysler 300.

He sticks with pasta, frozen pizza and canned vegetables, fully aware that "any food you can buy for only $1 is not the greatest for you." But Dishman says prices have gone up so much that he's started rationing his food.

"When you only have a certain amount to spend, it's like, why not just go to the dollar store?" he said.

A growing number of Americans are relying on dollar stores for everyday needs, especially groceries, as the coronavirus pandemic drags into its 18th month. Chains such as Dollar General and Dollar Tree are reporting blockbuster sales and profits, and proliferating so quickly that some U.S. cities want to limit their growth. The 1,650 dollar stores expected to open this year represent nearly half of all new national retail openings, according to Coresight Research.

Foot traffic at the largest such chain, Dollar General, is up 32% from pre-pandemic levels, far outpacing the 3% increase at Walmart, one of the few retail winners of last year, according to, which analyzes shopping patterns using location data from 30 million devices.

Analysts say the explosive rise of dollar stores is yet another example of how the pandemic has reshaped the economy and widened the gulf between the wealthiest and poorest Americans. Rising grocery prices - inflation is up 5.4% from last year - coupled with disproportionately high job losses among low-income workers have left many of the most vulnerable Americans in even worse shape.

"It's a striking disparity: In this country, there is now dollar-store land and there is Whole Foods land," said Stacy Mitchell, co-director of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, a nonprofit advocacy group. "And if you live in Whole Foods land, it's very hard for people to understand just how desperate circumstances are for the rest of the country."

Dollar stores, which sell any number of name-brand items, including snacks, toys and holiday decor, have been proliferating for years, particularly in impoverished and rural areas where they are often the only major retailers. The pandemic, though, ushered an influx of new shoppers - including many who had previously been able to buy in larger, more cost-efficient quantities at big-box chains. But with smaller paychecks and rising prices, they say it's no longer feasible to stock up elsewhere.

Executives at Dollar General say they began seeing a rise in new customers last March, just as much of the country began shutting down because of the pandemic. Its newest shoppers tend to be younger, have higher incomes and be more ethnically diverse, according to spokeswoman Crystal Luce.

Dishman, 29, who works at a Vans outlet store in West Carrollton, Ohio, said his hours were nearly halved during the pandemic, from about 35 hours a week to 20. He's been picking up food-delivery gigs with Grub Hub, but has had to do away with trips to Kroger, where he used to spend about $150 every two weeks for his two-member household.

"Prices are going sky-high and my income is going in the opposite direction," he said. "That makes buying food, even at the dollar store, kind of rough."

There are more than 34,000 dollar stores in the United States, more than all Walmart, Starbucks and McDonald's businesses combined. The two largest chains - Dollar General and Dollar Tree, which owns Family Dollar - make up the vast majority of them, with more than 32,000 locations. Many are concentrated in lower-income areas, and analysts say it's increasingly common to see three, four and even five dollar stores within a few blocks of one another, making it difficult for smaller chains and grocery stores, which have thinner margins, to compete.

And despite their names, many dollar chains, including Family Dollar and Dollar General, sell items that cost $10 or more. Dollar Tree remains the only major retailer that continues to price its entire inventory for $1.

"It's one thing to have a dollar store or a couple of dollar stores in a neighborhood, but when you've got them at the density levels we're seeing, it's really difficult for grocery stores to open and succeed," said Mitchell of ILSR. "Dollar stores are the No. 1 driver of 'food deserts' at this point."

Food deserts, generally defined as urban areas in which the closest grocery store is more than a mile away, tend to concentrate in low-income neighborhoods. Several cities, including Tulsa, New Orleans, Mesquite, Texas, and Birmingham, Ala., have passed legislation restricting dollar stores from opening within one or two miles of existing locations. Other areas, like Oklahoma City's Ward 7, are requiring that new discount stores either have a pharmacy or dedicate at least 500 square feet to fresh vegetables, fruit and meat.

"We need more than just processed foods in our communities," said Nikki Nice, an Oklahoma City council member.

The life expectancy in a particular Zip code in northeast Oklahoma City without fresh groceries is 18 years lower than in other parts of the city, she said, adding that the three-dollar stores in the area sell packaged foods such as bread, milk and cheese, but no fresh produce. Dollar General, for example, sells fresh groceries in about 7% of its stores.

"We need better options, particularly in Black communities and other intentionally ignored neighborhoods, where we have been tremendously impacted by the lack of fresh groceries," Nice said.

The pandemic has accelerated the dominance of the country's largest retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, Kroger and Target, to the detriment of small and regional operations. That dynamic, analysts say, has been pronounced in small towns across the country. Major chains have been better positioned to handle supply chain disruptions, rising costs and labor shortages.

Growing income inequality, economists say, has also led to rising polarization among retailers. Discount chains and high-end retailers have in many cases fared much better than their midrange counterparts.

Chains such as Whole Foods Market, which is known for higher-priced organic and specialty goods, have benefited from rising home prices and a rallying stock market that have boosted the fortunes of the wealthiest Americans The Austin-based grocer is adding 43 stores to its roster of 500 this year, many of them in high-income urban areas, including 11 in California, five in New York and four in Florida.

At the other end, Dollar General, which carries national brands such as Clorox, Coca-Cola, Hanes and Nestlé, keeps costs low by renting in inexpensive parts of town and keeping stores thinly staffed, analysts said. The chain, which last year posted $33.7 billion in sales, also has tremendous buying power, allowing it to keep prices within a few percentage points of Walmart's, the world's largest retailer, according to Anthony Chukumba, an analyst at Loop Capital Markets.

"The formula for Dollar General is small, conveniently located stores with a lot of name-brand items and very sharp pricing," he said. "In tough economic times, we see folks trade down from grocery stores and convenience stores to dollar stores. With inflation pushing prices higher, we're starting to see that phenomenon again."

Dollar General's profits rose 4% to $678 million in the most recent quarter, prompting it to increase its outlook for the rest of the year. The chain, which is targeting younger, trendier shoppers with a new concept called Popshelf, is opening 1,050 stores this year and remodeling 1,750 others.

American households, on average, spent $4,643 on groceries in 2019, more than they do on rent or education, according to the most recent data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That figure, economists say, is likely to have risen considerably during the pandemic, as consumers cut back on dining out.

Aside from a recent trip to Walmart, Nancie Norton has shopped exclusively at Dollar General since the coronavirus pandemic took hold early last year. She usually stops in after 9 p.m., but says she still has to wait 20 minutes in line because there are so many shoppers.

Norton, a retired teacher's aide who lives on about $1,100 a month, says she's begun cutting back from two trips a week to one. Prices are rising, she says, and quantities shrinking, which means she's having to stretch the food she does buy: milk, eggs, bread, cheese, frozen dinners and ketchup.

"I've tried to slow down a little bit and do without until I can afford to go again," said Norton, 67, who lives in Panama City, Fla., with her 98-year-old mother. She said her shopping options have been limited since Hurricane Michael destroyed a number of businesses in late 2018. "We buy everything we need at Dollar General. The things they don't have, we do without."

- - -

Shoppers streamed into a Dollar General in Mount Rainier, Md., on a recent weekday afternoon, picking up cases of paper towels, boxes of frozen pizza rolls and cans of sparkling water. One shopper, Deborah, said she'd taken two buses in search of affordable household staples. She bought batteries, a serving bowl and a cupcake at Dollar Tree before picking up cleaning spray at a nearby Dollar General. The prices at the local Giant, Safeway and Harris Teeter grocery stores have been creeping up, she said, making everyday items like paper towels and plastic wrap more expensive.

"I was going to get batteries at Harris Teeter, but they were so expensive - $7 for four - that I said, 'Let me just go to the dollar store,' " said Deborah, who did not want to be identified by her full name.

At Dollar Tree, she picked up five batteries for $1. "They used to be even cheaper," she said. "They used to come six to a pack."

In Roselle Park, N.J., Alan Gatto has begun stopping by his local dollar store almost every day now that prices are ticking up elsewhere.

And though package sizes are shrinking - paper towels, for example, have gone from 140 sheets per pack to 100 - he says prices for most everyday goods, such as cat litter and milk, are still more reasonable than at the nearby supermarket.

"It looks like inflation is coming back, so I worry about prices going up," the 75-year-old said. "But at the dollar store, a dollar is a dollar."
CMDFundamenntal CMDFundamenntal 4 years ago
We have launched a video stacking up DLTR against some of the big boys WMT, COST, etc. Good outlook for DLTR, so hope you enjoy.

YouTube Channel : CMD Fundamental Investment
Video : Top 5 Retail Stocks In Covid-19 Growth
Rebel In The FDG Rebel In The FDG 4 years ago
Family dollar banner dominated the quarter compared to DT. 1-2 combo!!!
Scootter82 Scootter82 4 years ago
avg in @ 74.81
koolmc koolmc 5 years ago
on watch for swing worst case 80's before popping again, hold here then 100's possible again especially if recession fears pick up .
Cannabisprince Cannabisprince 5 years ago
Rated worst company to work for!!
Company has lots of law suits for unfair labor practices.
With the min wage increasing dollar tree will either have to increase prices or cut down on hours.
The store my friend works at already cut down the hours. Orlando store near UCF. Regional manager (i believe shes regional) her name is Cheryl promised a fellow employee compensation for taking up the store manager position for a month while making the same pay. She promised him the position as well. He didnt get anything. No compensation at all. Unfair job practices in dollar tree. Some managers clock out for their lunch and they still have to work because theirs only 2-3 employees running a store at a time. This company will crash over time. SHORT this before the laws change. You have been warned. Make fun of me all you want but i see signs that this company wont be around much longer once the wage laws change. They will increase prices but once that happens customers will just go to 5 below instead to get better quality products
TFMG TFMG 5 years ago

Having Lost support at $98 the stock of NASDAQ:DLTR looks at risk of taking another drop lower if earnings are not superb. Support from the 200MA is not far below for security and the selling should not be very intense as the stock is already in oversold conditions, and the momentum indicator is already turning more bullish signalling a possible reversal. China, margins and supply chain will be to the forefront of everyone's thoughts and will determine the direction for the stock in the weeks to come.

Finditdotcom Finditdotcom 5 years ago
Dollar Tree Executives Decide To Finally Sell Items Priced Higher than $1
whytestocks whytestocks 5 years ago
News: $DLTR Dollar Tree, Inc. Reports Results for the Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2018

~ Consolidated Sales of $6.21 Billion; Enterprise Same-Store Sales Increased 2.4% ~ ~ Same-Store Sales by Segment: Dollar Tree +3.2%, Family Dollar +1.4% ~ ~ Accelerates Plans for Improving Family Dollar Performance; Takes Non-Cash Charge against Acquisition Goodwill ~ ~ Plan...

In case you are interested
Talc Moan Talc Moan 5 years ago
New York (CNN Business)Family Dollar will close 390 stores this year and make big changes to the stores it is keeping open as the discount chain seeks a turnaround.

Family Dollar sells a variety of items for under $10 at rural and urban locations. Dollar Tree bought the company in 2015. But Family Dollar has struggled, and Dollar Tree is under heavy pressure from an activist investor to sell or revitalize the ailing line.
ernie44 ernie44 5 years ago
somebody reminded me that they got some at .26 --that's more than a quarter--but sold at triple that<<<<<<<<<<< what a dummy

ca, 2001

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