Part-time Temp Worker Receives $100,000 to Stay Home and Watch THE DUKES OF HAZZARD Weeknights on CMT New VP Among More Than 1,900 Candidates Who Applied For Dream Job BRISTOL, Tenn., June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Before a crowd of thousands of DUKES OF HAZZARD fans at CMT DukesFest 2005 at the Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway, Ben "Cooter" Jones announced today that the CMT Good Ol' Boys & Gals Executive Search Team has chosen Christopher Nelson as the Vice President, CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE.* To view the Multimedia News Release, go to: Nelson, a 28-year-old aspiring singer/songwriter, guitar player and part- time temp worker in New York City, is a native of Texas and a certified DUKES fanatic. "This job will change my life. I am honored to have been chosen for this position," said Nelson, still in disbelief about his new gig that pays a six-figure income. "I've loved the DUKES since I was a kid. I used to drive my mom crazy 'cause I'd always get in and out of her car through the window, instead of opening the door," said Nelson referring to how Bo and Luke Duke enter the famed Dodge Charger on the show. Nelson was chosen from more than 1,900 candidates throughout the country who applied for the ultimate fantasy job: being paid $100,000 for one year to stay home and watch THE DUKES OF HAZZARD on CMT and maybe take The General Lee for a spin now and then. Making his way the only way he knew how, Nelson moved to New York City in 2004 in search of success. Instead, he has been working sporadically as an administrative assistant. "Being paid $100,000 to stay home and watch my favorite show is a dream come true," Nelson said. Among ideas submitted by Nelson in his job application: hosting a show like PIMP MY RIDE (MTV) called DUKE MY RIDE where a CMT viewer gets their junker converted into a "Duked out" General Lee car; sponsoring a General Lee dog sled in the Iditarod and creating DUKES OF HAZZARD cell phone ring tones. "Now that CMT is home to the original THE DUKES OF HAZZARD series, it would have been foolish to do business without a dedicated expert," said CMT Vice President, Creative and Marketing James Hitchcock. "Chris has the vision, ideas and the energy for this business. We'd love to see him spearhead a tribute to the legacy of this cherished TV series by arranging for a pair of Catherine Bach's original Daisy Dukes shorts to be displayed permanently in The Smithsonian." Instead of answering phones and filing in his temp job, Nelson's new VP responsibilities are: - watching THE DUKES OF HAZZARD every weeknight on CMT - knowing the words to THE DUKES OF HAZZARD theme song, Good Ol' Boys, written and performed on the series by the legendary Waylon Jennings - serving as media expert on THE DUKES OF HAZZARD for the CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE: participating in TV, radio and newspaper interviews to share his expertise and passion for THE DUKES OF HAZZARD on CMT - writing THE DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE online blog for - being passionate about THE DUKES OF HAZZARD on CMT - making appearances at special events such as CMT DukesFest 2005 in Bristol (6/4-5/05) "Chris is the ideal candidate," said CMT Director of Consumer Marketing Andy Holeman. "He's an excellent writer, communicator and he is passionate about all things DUKES OF HAZZARD." The three-month search inspired a crush of creativity, including a Job Application served up as a menu from the Boar's Nest (the fictitious bar from the series), applications that were delivered in boxes shaped like the General Lee and a video of a doctor drawing General Lee 'orange blood' from his patient's vein. CMT continues its celebration of the return of one of the most beloved pop culture hit series of all time. The series ran for seven wild and successful years from 1979 to 1985. The rip-roaring ride of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD showcases modern-day Robin Hoods -- Bo, Luke and Daisy with their Uncle Jesse -- fighting the corrupt political system of Hazzard County. THE DUKES OF HAZZARD weekend launch of the hit series on CMT in February drew 23 million viewers and set multiple records at the network, according to Nielsen Media Research. THE DUKES OF HAZZARD airs weeknights on CMT at 7/6c and 11/10c on CMT. [8 pm and midnight MT] Ben "Cooter" Jones, a favorite character on THE DUKES OF HAZZARD series is a member of the CMT Good Ol' Boys & Gals Executive Search Team. The nationwide search included recruitment ads in national magazines and newspapers, and online job postings at websites. Concept development and execution of the Vice President, CMT DUKES OF HAZZARD INSTITUTE $100,000/Year Dream Job Search handled by GREAT!, the Atlanta-based promotion agency of record for CMT. CMT, America's No.1 country music network, carries original programming, specials, and live concerts and events, as well as a mix of videos by established country music artists and new cutting-edge acts, including world premiere exclusive videos. Founded March 6, 1983, CMT, owned and operated by MTV Networks, reaches more than 77.1 million households in the United States. Go to country music's biggest web site at *The position required the execution of a one-year, $100,000 Independent Contractor agreement with GREAT! Photo Captions Photo 1: Vice President, CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute Christopher Nelson, CMT Good Ol' Boys & Gals Executive Search Team member Ben "Cooter" Jones and The General Lee. Photo 2: Vice President, CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute Christopher Nelson and The General Lee. Photo 3: Christopher Nelson will earn $100,000/year to watch Catherine "Daisy" Bach, Tom "Luke" Wopat and John "Bo" Schneider, here with The General Lee, on The Dukes of Hazzard weeknights on CMT. Photo 4: While Christopher Nelson won't be working with her as Vice President, CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute, Chris will be watching Catherine "Daisy" Bach in her "Daisy Dukes" short, shorts every weeknight on CMT. Photo 5: Ben "Cooter" Jones was a member of the CMT Good Ol' Boys & Gals Executive Search Team for the new Vice President, CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute. CMT CONTACT: Dan Smigrod of GREAT!, +1-404-303-7311, or ; or Amanda Murphy of CMT, +1-615-335-8408, or Web site: