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Bioxytran Inc (QB)

Bioxytran Inc (QB) (BIXT)

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Updated: 10:34:18

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About Bioxytran Inc (QB)

Bioxytran, Inc. is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialization of therapeutic drugs designed to address hypoxia in humans, which is a lack of oxygen to tissues. Hypoxia, needs to be addressed quickly, otherwise it results in necrosis, which i... Bioxytran, Inc. is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development, manufacture and commercialization of therapeutic drugs designed to address hypoxia in humans, which is a lack of oxygen to tissues. Hypoxia, needs to be addressed quickly, otherwise it results in necrosis, which is the death of cells comprising body tissue. Necrosis cannot be reversed. Our lead drug candidate, code named BXT-25, is an Acellular Oxygen Carrier ("AOC") consisting of bovine hemoglobin stabilized with a co-polymer with an intended application that includes the treatment of hypoxic conditions in the brain resulting from stroke. Our subsidiary, Pharmalectin Inc. is focused on the development, manufacturing and commercialization of therapeutic drugs designed to address viral diseases in humans. Pharmalectin has developed a novel method designed to reduce the viral load and modulate the immune system using a galectin inhibitor. Our lead drug candidate, named ProLectin-M, is a complex polysaccharide derived from natural sources that binds to, and blocks the activity of galectins. Show more

Pharmaceutical Preparations
Pharmaceutical Preparations
Reno, Nevada, USA
Bioxytran Inc (QB) is listed in the Pharmaceutical Preparations sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker BIXT. The last closing price for Bioxytran (QB) was $0.13. Over the last year, Bioxytran (QB) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.071 to $ 0.40.

Bioxytran (QB) currently has 144,642,333 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Bioxytran (QB) is $18.80 million. Bioxytran (QB) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -4.39.

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BIXT Discussion

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Ecomike Ecomike 7 days ago
Dumb Money's (The Movie) Game Stop savior ROARING-KITTY that Bankrupted Ken Griffins 6.8 billions dollar hedge fund in 2021 is back today, after an 18 month break.
That stock and Amc rallied biggly today, So maybe we recuit them to get eyes on BIXT?
cashmagnet cashmagnet 1 week ago
I agree that the National Institutes of Health and\or the US Military would be very useful collaborators in any attempt to establish a viable market for BIXT's biotech...But would either of them be willing to take a flier on a bulletin board company with no revenues? I certainly hope so, but...
govprs govprs 1 week ago
Why not work with NIH?
cashmagnet cashmagnet 1 week ago
It is indeed an ethical (and a preemptive) project that should be undertaken by anyone interested in avoiding the pain and extraordinary expense of current medical treatments typically prescribed for the very conditions Bioxytran appears equipped to address...That expressed, I'm nervous that Bioxytran may remain on the sidelines indefinitely unless the right kind (and number) of private (and retail) investors come forward to invest.

As always, we'll see...
Ecomike Ecomike 1 week ago
That is why I call BIXT an ethical Investment in our health, that we the people need to fight for.
🍀 1 👑 1 💥 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
cashmagnet cashmagnet 1 week ago
It should have occurred to me that entrenched sector giants like Merck or J & J would prefer to squelch competition in the interest of ramping up profits, and would rather see BIXT remain an obscure, off-the-radar OTC company that can never threaten market share currently monoploized by the behemoths...Sigh...
Retire43 Retire43 2 weeks ago
Todays emerging growth conference

janga janga 2 weeks ago
Looks likes BIXT is the perfect remedy for a biological warfare just drop one of those pills
👍️ 1 💥 1 💯 1 🚀 1 🫡 1
Ecomike Ecomike 2 weeks ago
Only two problems, that will be solved. One is Hedge fund mugllers doing what they do. In our case handing us truck loads of gift priced shares from dumb (hedge fund) money.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

The other problem is that Big drug firms depend on lifelong sick people for their profits. They have no interesting in funding tech that will gut Cancer, and chronic autoimmune disease drug sales, that big pharma makes crime level profits off of.

This is where retail and ethical investors like us need to wake up and fund it, move it to warp speed, as fast as possible, because the health of friends and family and fellow humans now and in the future need it badly, asap.
🍀 1 👍️ 1 💎 1 💩 1 🤡 1
cashmagnet cashmagnet 3 weeks ago
It puzzles and dismays me that a patient-friendly non injectable remedy for common metabolic disorders hasn't yet attracted funding or transformed Bioxytran into a viable takeover target by, say, Merck, Monsanto or J&J, et al...I'm long on BIXT and will empty the bank for it if other stocks I'm waiting on come through in a timely manner...
👍️ 1
Ecomike Ecomike 4 weeks ago
$BIXT News analyst paper

For those in a rush, slow readers, skip down the bottom for $BIXT connect the dots, connection.

Investing requires leading with an edge and some forethought. This article highlights pure-play drug developers in MASH likely to be the focus of investors looking for the next big thing in biotech.

Looking Beyond GLP-1 Inhibitors Toward the MASH Epidemic

Drug makers like Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY) with their drug Mounjaro (tirzepatide) have already repurposed their drug once and are looking beyond diabetes and obesity, with their eyes set on and an even more lucrative market of metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH). LLY has promising interim clinical data showing 74% of overweight adults who took the higher dose of tirzepatide cleared MASH versus 12.6% in placebo. The first approval of a MASH drug on March 15, 2024 by Madrigal Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MDGL) has ignited the sector with investors looking for the next big pure play.

Multiple MASH Targets

Metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis (MASH) is a complicated disease on the regulatory front. Approval criteria are a resolution of MASH symptoms via biopsy without a worsening of fibrosis. The disease formerly known as nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is caused by a buildup of fat in the liver that leads to complications which include fibrosis (scarring of the liver), cirrhosis (severe scarring of the liver), and liver cancer. Once MASH progresses this far, liver transplantation is currently the only viable option. After MDGL’s approval of Rezdiffera®, investors have been flocking to other MASH names looking for a follow-on drug that either works in combination with Rezdiffera or one that is superior in safety and efficacy.

MASH Drug Targets

MASH has several druggable targets. The GLP-1 target is the mainstream approach because it also treats type 2 diabetes. Next in terms of a drug target is the fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) which has a number of players in late-stage development. Galectin-3 is another target for MASH drugs as research has shown it is implicated in fibrotic and inflammatory feedback loops. There are also promising drugs that target the thyroid hormone receptor beta (THRß). Breaking from the mainstream approaches is the A3 adenosine receptor (A3AR) which is highly expressed in inflammatory and cancer cells whereas low expression is found in normal body cells.

FGF21 Agonists

89Bio Inc. (NASDAQ: ETNB) is developing a lead molecule called pegozafermin which is a specifically engineered glycoPEGylated analog of fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21). It is similar in mechanism of action to Bristol Myers Squibb’s (NYSE: BMY) drug pegbelfermin which was discontinued despite positive results which showed more than half the patients having NASH resolution at 16 weeks. FGF21 analogues are taken via subcutaneous injection. The targeting of the FGF21 pathway helps regulate metabolism and cellular process, especially in the liver fat tissue. Balancing out this metabolic pathway helps reduce liver fat, which can result in reduction in liver fibrosis (scarring) over time. The company has strong fibrosis data with favorable tolerability and dosing convenience. The long term data suggests there is a cumulative impact on patients taking background GLP-1 therapy. ETNB’s phase 3 program in MASH could achieve accelerated approval using histology in non-cirrhotic (F2-F3) and cirrhotic (F4) patients although the FDA has acknowledged greater importance in clinical outcomes and not histology. They have clinical trials in both fibrosis and cirrhosis and expect to initiate their cirrhosis trial in Q2 2024. The company has almost $600 million in cash with a market cap of $875 million. The slight premium over cash, solid and consistent trial results, along with short and long-term catalysts make this an attractive setup for investors. This is the first on the top 6 list.

Akero Therapeutics (NASDAQ: AKRO) is also targeting MASH and MASH cirrhosis with an FGF21 agonist. Their drug is called efruxifermin and is commonly referred to as EFX. In their phase 2b MASH trial they showed a 65% reduction in liver fat content vs 11% in placebo which places them close to the front of the pack because it was done in only 12 weeks. Unfortunately, their phase 2b trial in MASH missed the endpoint for improvement in liver fibrosis at the 12-week time frame but showed 60% had MASH resolution after 36 weeks versus 26% in placebo. The company lost a lot of value on that readout but the statistics show a cleanly designed trial is likely to hit the regulatory endpoints. Guidance from an end-of-trial FDA meeting is forthcoming, but the timing is still uncertain and weighing on the stock price. While there is a lot of potential in this name, the uncertain timing of the regulatory pathway makes this ideal for the patient investor looking more for a NASH cirrhosis play. The company is well funded with over $550 million in cash and a $1.5 billion market cap.

Galectin-3 Antagonists

Galectin Therapeutics (NASDAQ: GALT) has an adaptive design phase 2/3 study in NASH cirrhosis with an interim readout before year end 2024. Their intravenously administered galectin antagonist called belapectin showed complete prevention of esophageal varices in a phase 2 trial despite failing to meet their (now defunct) primary endpoints. Their pivotal trial used lessons learned from the phase 2 trial, utilizing a primary endpoint of prevention of esophageal varices. If the interim results confirm a complete or near complete prevention of varices like they did in their phase 2 trial, they would have a compelling argument for conditional approval, likely with another post-market confirmatory phase 3 trial. Almost 50% of patients that develop esophageal varices die within a year, and the varices are extremely costly to treat. So eliminating the significant and imminent threat of death is the compelling benefit.

The company is in solid financial shape with enough cash runway to complete their pivotal trial by 2025. They also have the backing of a billionaire investor who is also their Chairman of the Board. Additionally, their drug demonstrated promising results in cancer, psoriasis, and atopic dermatitis which could lead to a label expansion once they are approved. The market cap of the company is sitting around $225 million despite the near certainty of a positive interim trial readout within the next 8 months, which could translate into billions within that time frame.

The company is not alone in the space and has 2 other competitors with oral galectin-3 antagonists. Galecto Bioscience (NASDAQ: GLTO) announced they were scrapping their cancer drug, which had a 60% response rate after three months, to focus on NASH. GLTO had a failed trial in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis because of their drug’s poor tolerability, which has forced them to seek strategic alternatives with a focus on liver disease. As a result, their development timelines for MASH are in flux. Galecto’s small molecule approach to inhibiting intracellular galectin-3 is the likely culprit for their drug’s poor tolerability and its more likely large molecules which target extracellular galectin-3 will succeed.

Bioxytran Inc. (OTCMKTS: BIXT) has the most technologically advanced oral galectin antagonist that completed phase 2 trials in standard risk COVID-19, but the company is underfunded and therefore moving forward cautiously. Both Bioxytran and Galectin Therapeutics are developing larger molecules compared with Galecto and both their drugs have been found to be safe as opposed to Galecto. Bioxytran’s additional benefit is that their drug doesn’t require intravenous administration. Their clinical trials in NASH or cancer are dependent upon them finding a partner or a couple million dollars to get a shot at a number of multibillion dollar opportunities. Management indicated that the quickest way to approval was a COVID-19 regulatory approval and then proceeding with the label expansion. While the company boasts impressive technology and experienced management, they don’t have the resources to prove their technology for all these indications yet. It's for these reasons that the stock should remain high on peoples watch lists—in case they get funding.

See the article for the rest of the story
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Retire43 Retire43 4 weeks ago
Please read this.
Zardiw Zardiw 1 month ago
Great day $BIXT will be famous for curing these viruses..........

cashmagnet cashmagnet 1 month ago
This situation with the emerging Bird Flu epidemic is reminiscent of the Mad Cow disaster which was triggered by feeding bovines ground up cattle meat and bone meal containing self-propagating prions--just as God intended, eh?
Ecomike Ecomike 1 month ago
What if $BIXT 's antiviral is used with Ifus cattle feed to stop bird flu?
The Telegraph
Ground-up chicken waste fed to cattle may be behind bird flu outbre...
Experts warn that lax regulations could also see the virus spread to US pig farms, with serious consequences for human health

[10:36 PM]
Fears are growing that the H5N1 outbreak among cattle in the United States could have been caused by contaminated animal feed.

In contrast to Britain and Europe, American farmers are still allowed to feed cattle and other farm animals ground-up waste from other animals including birds.

Dairy cows across six US states – and at least one farm worker – have become infected with the highly pathogenic virus, which has already killed millions of animals across the globe since 2021.

The farm worker, who is thought to have been exposed via infected cattle in Texas, is only the second recorded human H5N1 case in the US. Since February, the US has investigated and discounted a further 8,000 possible exposures, according to Dr Joshua Mott, WHO senior advisor on influenza.

The development is of concern because it allows the virus, which has killed millions of birds and wild mammals around the world, more opportunities to mutate.
[10:39 PM]
Experts fear that H5N1, which was only first detected in cows a few weeks ago, may have been transmitted through a type of cattle feed called “poultry litter” – a mix of poultry excreta, spilled feed, feathers, and other waste scraped from the floors of industrial chicken and turkey production plants.

In the UK and EU, feeding cows proteins from other animals has been tightly regulated since the outbreak of BSE – or ‘mad cow disease’ – 30 years ago.

Experts are unsure but fear it could be the poultry litter feed used in the US that has passed the virus to cattle.

“In the US, the feeding of poultry litter to beef cows is a known factor in the cause of botulism in cattle, and is a risk in the case of H5N1,” said Dr Steve Van Winden, Associate Professor in Population Medicine at the Royal Veterinary College.

Dr Tom Peacock, a virologist and fellow at the Pirbright Institute agreed: “This latest case wouldn’t be the first time there have been concerns H5N1 could be moving through different mammals via contaminated feed,” citing the outbreak of avian flu in cats in Poland last year, which experts suspected might have been transmitted through mink byproducts used in raw cat food.

The US cattle industry is worth over $100 billion and regulations covering animal standards there have long been controversial in Europe – most famously over the use of hormones in the rearing of cattle for meat.
[10:40 PM]
Although the presence of H5N1 in US cattle herds increases the risk of the virus getting into humans via farm workers, it is the spread of the virus to pig farms that presents the bigger threat.

This is because pigs have receptors on some cells that are similar to humans, making it much more likely that the virus could mutate and jump to humans if pig farms become infected.

So far, the virus hasn’t shown any signs of worrying mutation, however.

“Infection of H5N1 in pigs is of particular concern – they are highly susceptible to human influenza virus strains so could act as mixing vessels for avian and human viruses to mix and generate viruses that can more efficiently infect humans,” said Dr Tom Peacock.

Poultry litter is not only cheaper than other food sources like soy and grains but is also more calorie-dense, meaning farmers can bulk up their herds much more quickly.
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Retire43 Retire43 1 month ago
govprs govprs 1 month ago
Great read. I bought some galt today as well.
big rig 1 big rig 1 1 month ago

BIXT gets great reviews here

👍️ 1
big rig 1 big rig 1 1 month ago

👍️ 1
Zardiw Zardiw 1 month ago
Basically it's saying that $BIXT has a cure for the Common Cold.......doesn't get any bigger than that........

sharky sharky 1 month ago
Yup: broad spectrum antiviral capable of neutralizing a number of viruses capable of upper respiratory tract infections. We are advancing the field of Glycovirology and working toward bringing to market the potential first broad spectrum antiviral capable of neutralizing a number of viruses without changing the formulation and theoretically resistant to viral mutations. Says a lot.

big rig 1 big rig 1 1 month ago
👍️ 2 💥 1 😍 1 🚀 1 🫡 1
cashmagnet cashmagnet 2 months ago
Perhaps a few of us here can help with that if our other investments would just cooperate and bloom MASSIVELY...Sigh...
Zardiw Zardiw 2 months ago
You're more than welcome.......hope you join our team.........

joanneg joanneg 2 months ago
thanks for he info dear one
i_like_bb_stock i_like_bb_stock 2 months ago
Retire43 Retire43 2 months ago
Science takes a step into the future!
i_like_bb_stock i_like_bb_stock 2 months ago
Retire43 Retire43 2 months ago
I think the question comes down to whether you want 100% of nothing maybe 100% of something five years from now or a smaller percentage next year!
Retire43 Retire43 2 months ago
I hope that is what they will do.

Financing is not the answer! Partnering is the only thing that makes sense. Let them spend their money for percent of ownership.
i_like_bb_stock i_like_bb_stock 2 months ago
finding a suitor rather than dilute it into the ground
govprs govprs 2 months ago
What’s the hold up for funding?
i_like_bb_stock i_like_bb_stock 2 months ago
yes they need funding for phase 3 they get that its full on
cashmagnet cashmagnet 2 months ago
Sort of like an NFL quarterback with multiple pre-snap reads who can't make up his mind which direction to head in(?). If we can just secure enough financial backing to get these projects off the ground perhaps we'll be the darling of Wall Street someday? Or is it something else?
righton21 righton21 2 months ago
With that patent pending, this company can go in 60 different directions. I was expecting the next PR to be something about the COVID trials. Instead, it was on herpes zoster (shingles). Shows that this company has a lot of directions it can go and multiple drug possibilities in the pipeline. I had shingles once and it was a painful 7 weeks of very little sleep with the medication I was prescribed not helping much. If this drug actually works and patients get relief in 3-4 days....... they call it a game-changer.
i_like_bb_stock i_like_bb_stock 2 months ago
yes Im shocked they havent gotten a deal yet with all these possibilities
JoeForkeyBolo JoeForkeyBolo 2 months ago
Exciting news... hopefully the first of many more to follow. This company and their research has pretty exciting potential.
i_like_bb_stock i_like_bb_stock 2 months ago
williams45 williams45 2 months ago
With an average volume of 62,701 shares over 30 days, $BIXT maintains steady trading activity, reflecting investor confidence in their innovative solutions for hypoxia and viral diseases.

Golden Cross Golden Cross 3 months ago
Ho hum
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Golden Cross Golden Cross 3 months ago
Ho hum
🤡 1
i_like_bb_stock i_like_bb_stock 3 months ago
hope so
righton21 righton21 3 months ago
You make a good point about the number of pills. Patients don't like taking a lot of pills or large ones so the dose optimization study is important for general use and adoption. Health care providers shy away from prescribing medications where patients complain about the size of the pills or how many or how often one needs to take them. Once a day and a small, easy to swallow pill is ideal. But a company can control that property to a certain extent by making the pills more or less potent and larger or smaller by adjusting the inert, carrier materials in the pill as the trial outcome dictates. The best we can hope for on this trial is that a small pill taken once a day for a short period of time is effective at eradicating the virus from the body. If that happens, BIXT is sitting on a gold mine!
Retire43 Retire43 3 months ago
I’m very confident that the dose study will be a reduction in the number of tablets required to effectively cure the virus!
RMacchio RMacchio 3 months ago
News out this morning that BIXT is starting the dosing Optimization phase for the Phase III trial.
They announced the start of the dosing optimization trial more than 6 months ago... it's frustrating that they still haven't started it. They can't begin Phase III trials until this long delayed dosing optimization trial is complete

Given this lack of progress I expect the stock to continue trending down.
williams45 williams45 3 months ago
$BIXT has ranged from $0.071 to $1.05 over the past 52 weeks, reflecting fluctuations in investor sentiment and market dynamics. With an average volume of 74,292 shares over the last 30 days, it remains actively traded.

williams45 williams45 3 months ago
Bioxytran's ( $BIXT ) previous price of $0.117 signifies ongoing market interest and potential developments in their hypoxia and viral disease treatment initiatives.

JoeBroke JoeBroke 3 months ago
So, if the big dogs some day feel threatened by this newcomer, wouldn’t one of them just make a nice offer to acquire the company?
Zardiw Zardiw 3 months ago
Nice post...........Kudos..............

righton21 righton21 3 months ago
"Does it cure the common cold?" I have some experience in medicine for 30 years but no expert on this. It seems to me that it boils down to whether the virus in question (in this case, the common cold viruses) have a galectin fold. There are about 300 viruses estimated to cause "the common cold." Many are in the rhinovirus class but there are some colds caused by coronaviruses (not the SARS recent Covid virus). Thus you get mild colds and "bad colds" depending upon the type of virus you caught. Read this section of the PR carefully:

"“We used Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging to engineer / optimize a carbohydrate structure ideally suited to neutralize the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Before this discovery, neutralizing antibodies were only able to target the tip of the spike proteins of viruses which rapidly mutate, but after this discovery we found out that carbohydrates are able to neutralize viruses by binding to the galectin fold. The galectin fold represents a conserved structure on the spike protein virtually incapable of mutation, therefore it opens up a whole new field of research in Glycovirology. We believe a large number of viruses contain this galectin binding region on their spike proteins offering a widely druggable target that could be easily tested in a lab setting."

So the key is, does the common cold have a galectin fold? But the part I like the most about this new drug is the "galectin fold is virtually incapable of mutation" part. That means no chasing a new virus mutation every time you turn around with a different drug. If this ProLectin-M drug does what they say it does, big Pharma is NOT going to be happy. It will neutralize (no pun intended) a lot of drugs out there (Paxlovid, monoclonal antibody treatments, etc.) and big Pharma will lose a lot money if this drug works. A big IF for sure. But also keep in mind as some on here have alluded to, these drug trials take a LONG time to do and if you have no patience or don't have a long investment horizon, you are in the wrong place. The FDA has a way of stringing these things out with requests for this, that and the other thing during the trials. "Oh, this patient got shingles while they were on the trial? Oh, maybe the drug caused that. No? Prove it, etc." I've seen it happen and further I was part of one of those trials collecting data for the approval process...... My thoughts FWIW
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