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Charles Schwab Corporation

Charles Schwab Corporation (SCHW)

( -1.02% )
Updated: 14:00:36

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Key stats and details

Current Price
73.49 Day's Range 74.3495
48.66 52 Week Range 79.49
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 96,070,205
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Charles Schwab Corporation

Charles Schwab operates in brokerage, banking, and asset-management businesses. The company runs a large network of brick-and-mortar brokerage branch offices, a well-established online investing website, and has mobile trading capabilities. It also operates a bank and a proprietary asset management ... Charles Schwab operates in brokerage, banking, and asset-management businesses. The company runs a large network of brick-and-mortar brokerage branch offices, a well-established online investing website, and has mobile trading capabilities. It also operates a bank and a proprietary asset management business and offers services to independent investment advisors. The company is among the largest firms in the investment business, with over $8 trillion of client assets at the end of 2021. Nearly all of its revenue is from the United States. Show more

Security Brokers & Dealers
Security Brokers & Dealers
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Charles Schwab Corporation is listed in the Security Brokers & Dealers sector of the New York Stock Exchange with ticker SCHW. The last closing price for Charles Schwab was $74.53. Over the last year, Charles Schwab shares have traded in a share price range of $ 48.66 to $ 79.49.

Charles Schwab currently has 1,828,174,999 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Charles Schwab is $134.90 billion. Charles Schwab has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 29.02.

Charles Schwab (SCHW) Options Flow Summary

Overall Flow


Net Premium


Calls / Puts


Buys / Sells




Sweeps Ratio


SCHW Latest News

Schwab Reports Monthly Activity Highlights

The Charles Schwab Corporation released its Monthly Activity Report today. Company highlights for the month of May 2024 include: This press release features multimedia. View the full release...

2024 Schwab Modern Wealth Survey Shows Increasing Financial Confidence From Generation to Generation and Younger Americans Investing at an Earlier Age

Key Highlights: More than 60% of Americans feel they are in a better position to achieve their financial goals than the generations that came before them. Nearly three in five Americans are...

Schwab Trading Activity Index™: Score Moves Fractionally Higher in May, Remaining at Moderate-Low Levels

Schwab clients were net buyers during the May period, decreasing exposure in the Communication Services, Consumer Discretionary and Financial sectors The Schwab Trading Activity Index™ (STAX...

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SCHW Discussion

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farml1234 farml1234 2 weeks ago
BLANKING yahoo will not let me to post on SCHW today , hell the system is up and working

farml1234 farml1234 2 weeks ago
still having trouble logging into schwab , sink or swim down
even having trouble with quotes
oldstocks oldstocks 2 weeks ago
You were correct they resolved it.
t1215s t1215s 2 weeks ago
Spec machine , Datzzzz a BINGO 😉😃, heck I waited almost ten minutes while listing to some market babble and hung up, WHAT THE HEYYYY

spec machine spec machine 2 weeks ago
Any day now ….

👍️ 1
Monksdream Monksdream 2 weeks ago
It will get resolved
oldstocks oldstocks 2 weeks ago
Due to a technical issue, some clients may have difficulty logging in to, our mobile app, and StreetSmart platforms. We’re working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Monksdream Monksdream 2 weeks ago
Not me
oldstocks oldstocks 2 weeks ago
Anyone else having issues with schwab being down?
Monksdream Monksdream 2 months ago
SCHW 10Q due 4/15 per Seeking Alpha
Next day settlement begins 5/28 per SEC mandate

choctaw choctaw 3 months ago
👍️ 1
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 5 months ago
I have tried Schwab's platform for streaming quotes. I noticed something from the very beginning. Every time I entered a buy, the price went up. Then if I tried to sell, the price would drop like a rock. Always check to see if platforms from all brokers do the same before using them.
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 5 months ago
And just to let everyone know, look at your own records history. Personally, I have lost more using Schwab than from my other broker. That says something.
Nighthawk_1 Nighthawk_1 5 months ago
I closed my account with Schwab. IMO, they are a bunch of manipulators who do not take care of their customers. I have been doing much better with my other broker. I am also thinking that Schwab people are manipulating their own numbers, just my opinion. My advice, find another broker and have nothing to do with Schwab. But, make the decision for yourself.
Chartmaster Chartmaster 5 months ago
CNBC today said they estimated to lose 4% assets from the TDA buyout, but the guy says today is "Below that", not sure if that means much more loss of assets or less loss of assets but with all the complaints it has to be much greater than 4% loss imo
Chartmaster Chartmaster 5 months ago
Heard from Lime Time the 999,999 share trade limit has been removed! They prob got so tired of complaints they had to update it
findit findit 5 months ago
All old Schwab platforms will be retired this year. I have access to them but all my positions are on TOS now. So far, TOS is mostly what it was for my TDA positions.

Starting in March 2024, Schwab will begin retiring access to all StreetSmart platforms: StreetSmart Edge®, StreetSmart Central®, and StreetSmart Mobile®. This means your trading choices in the future will be, Schwab Mobile, and the thinkorswim® platform suite (desktop, mobile, and web). We will focus resources within these platforms so that we can continue to bring you the best in trading and technology.

Because you currently have access to StreetSmart, we’re providing you with information you’ll need to prepare for this upcoming change to your trading experience.
Saving Grace Saving Grace 6 months ago
Agreed They pump their own ticker everyday, swing trading it to stay afloat.

It's a pattern one can make money on but could be hammered anytime for manipulation and scandals that are about to end abruptly.

Where Charles Schwab goes, nothing grows.
👎🏻 1 💩 1 🤡 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
Schwab is the Most Hated Broker on the internet! They deserve what they get! They say "Trade Brilliantly with Schwab" as they destroy the TDA website and force peeps over to Schwab outdated platform where you have to click refresh button to see a real time quote, NO STREAMING QUOTES!
👍️ 1
Saving Grace Saving Grace 6 months ago
$SCHW will get hit hard, shorting precious metals stocks and miners.

SVB crash will be like a walk in the park. When Whale tycoons enter the scene, Its over for Schwab.
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
Or how about trying to put a simple 100 day MA on a chart? Not possible with Schwab platform, or how about a 5 minute bar chart for day trading? Schwab doesn't allow a 5 min bar chart, it defaults to a lousy line mountain chart so you can't see the hi/lo close of the 5minute bar needed to day trade, their standard platform SUCKS!
💩 1 😭 1 🤡 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
We used to be able to hover over a ticker and stats with intraday chart pops up, that's gone with Schwab
💩 1 😭 1 🤡 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
Do you trade OTC? Do you know Schwab platforms can't except a 1mill share order? and you'll have to call to place a $100 order for 1mill 1's? And if they feel you're are a sucker they'll try and tag you with a phone assist charge of like $25?
💩 1 😭 1 🤡 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
Do you like the extended hold on funds deposited, one guy said today he's still waiting for funds to clear from his 12/19 deposit
💩 1 😭 1 🤡 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
What? Do you like the standard platform where you have to click refresh instead of streaming real time quotes you had with TDA?
findit findit 6 months ago
So far, the transition from TDA to Schwab has been better than I expected. No complaints yet.
👍️ 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
Schwab messed up! Everyone's angry, of course we will bash, and for good reason, social media internet is a powerful tool and we traders own it, peeps can read all the negative Schwab reviews online everywhere! I bet they lose 66% of the TDA clients, and the CEO says only 45 complaints per million account transfers into Schwab from TDA...I don't believe it! Not seen it on the online reviews, in fact there are a mess of complaints late 2023 pouring onto the web, Schwab is done! Put a fork in this so called Company!
So, while I understand the frustration of being forced to use a new brokerage service, I can't see that bashing Schwab is accomplishing very much.
💩 1 😭 1 🤡 1
Penny2Dime Penny2Dime 6 months ago
Same here!
👍️ 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
Well, I do think you're flat out full of it imo, Ur the ONLY one who said they can trade over 999,999 online with Schwab, so it looks to me like you are lying...can you post a trade you did over 999,999 online without a broker assist? Nope, I know you can't cuz it's NOT possible with Schwab, you must work or Ur wife works for Schwab, Schwab is the worst broker out there, everyone says so accept for you
peteypickem peteypickem 6 months ago
Whatever u say,,good luck
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
Sorry, it doesn't add up nor make any sense, Schwab does NOT allow trades over 999,999 online think they made a special platform just for you?
peteypickem peteypickem 6 months ago
When Schwab took over TD my account was switched over very quickly,, as your statement about not having L2 live I already showed you that was not true. Schwab live L2 is fine u just have to download the right 1. If your not happy with a broker find another 1. Best to have multiple brokers when trading . If your trading with large accounts brokers always listen when u want your funds transferred to other brokerages
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
IDK, but obviously there is some lack of communication here, cuz if you trade with Schwab in USA, a USA citizen cannot place orders for more than 999,999 shares, it's just not allowed through the online long have you been able to trade over 999,999 shares without calling them? Something doesn't add up here
peteypickem peteypickem 6 months ago
I can’t speak for other people,,, what would be the purpose of telling u a falsehood . Believe what you wish.. good luck with your trading
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
C'mon man, there is no way you traded over 999,999 shares with Schwab online...because their outdated system only allows 6 digit trades not 7....are you with Schwab in US? Cuz they told me multiple times trades are limited to 999,999 max shares and it's been all over Ihub
peteypickem peteypickem 6 months ago
I also heard about the L2,,, they r downloading the wrong app
peteypickem peteypickem 6 months ago
Hmmmmmm,,, I never had a problem
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
Never heard anyone say that they placed a trade more than 999,999 shares with Schwab...not without calling them, they seemed pretty non-negotiable with this and was one of the main reasons I complained to them
peteypickem peteypickem 6 months ago
I buy orders over 1 mil all the time,, to get live L2 quotes you have to download think or swim app…. 1 thing is you can’t trade from think or swim so you have to switch over to Schwab app,,,,,,,heard they will have that changed shortly
OldAIMGuy OldAIMGuy 6 months ago
It's been a long wait to recover some cash in this holding. This is my history since the AMTD - SCHW merger back in 2020. The position has rebuilt to more shares than when it started with the repurchases along the way. It's nice to have a cushion of cash here again in case the price cycles yet again.

This sale represents a 43% LIFO gain on that last buy. That's enough to help the overall portfolio's performance since it started. It's back just over 100% gain since 2020.

Best wishes,
Chartmaster Chartmaster 6 months ago
I'm still with TDA, they want to close my account by March, from what I hear Schwab is a mess and you can't buy Yield signs and no orders over 999,999, no real time quotes still on standard platform, the L2 on Schab TOS is NOT the same as TDA L2, etc, etc I think they charge 6.95 a trade plus extra to place orders over 999,999 shares
Penny2Dime Penny2Dime 6 months ago
How much does Schwab charge you for trading penny stock now?
stargrazer stargrazer 8 months ago
all im going to say is get out of schwab before its to late, was a stock only buy of td, hes in debt
up to his ears 79 billion and growing from all that commercial properties he bought that is empty now, you got to ask yourself why didnt he put his name on ameritrade and use it why the rush to get investors over to schwab when interface is clearly not ready infact the watch list ask bid price not live so you dont even know what the share price, are going, im going to Etrade, vary easy to use and same interface as td but need a few updates. to be as good or better than td.
OldAIMGuy OldAIMGuy 8 months ago
From an article in this week's BARRON's................................

Charles Schwab Won’tBe Dethroned

Despite snags with the TD Ameritrade transition, Schwab has what it takes to win.


Financial advisor John Robinson was scheduled to move his clients’ funds to Charles Schwab from TD Ameritrade over Labor Day weekend as part of the brokerage industry’s largest account migration ever. He expected a snoozefest; instead, he says he experienced a “dumpster fire.” A $1.7million account wasmistakenly assigned to him, and three of his client accounts totalingmore than $4 million were incorrectly assigned to another advisor, he says. Robinson tried calling Schwab’s (ticker: SCHW) service desk but couldn’t get through. He finally spoke to someone the next day about themissing accounts. “They askedme, ‘What’s the account number?’ ” he says. “And I said, ‘I don’t know. I can’t see the accounts.’ ” Four days later, the accounts were reassigned correctly, but the experience has left Robinson dispirited. Schwab might lose his business.

“It’s 50/50,” says Robinson, owner of Financial Planning Hawaii. “My great preference is I’d verymuch like to leave. I’mdisappointed. This is not what I was expecting.”

Some Schwab customersmay share the same sentiment, and Schwab investorsmay, too, though for different rea-

sons. The snags in the $1.3 trillion Labor Day transition have come amid a trying year for the company. The stock is down 35%, bank deposits had fallen 28% year over year as of Sept. 30, and net new assets tumbled in July and August as some Ameritrade customers and advisorsmigrated elsewhere.

“Schwab is at a crossroads,” says MichaelWong, an analyst atMorningstar. “There are a lot of potential positive and negative catalysts in the next two to six quarters.”

Rising interest rates over the past year have pressured Schwab’s bank, a key profit center. Customers have moved billions of dollars out of the company’s default low-interest bank accounts to higher-yielding options, a process known as “cash sorting.” Because deposit outflows have exceeded Schwab’s cash on hand, it has had to rely on costly short-term borrowing, which has caused its interest expenses to soar and taken a bite out of earnings.

Schwab’s third-quarter results, posted on Oct. 16, were better than Wall Street’s forecast but still down sharply from a year ago. During the company’s earnings call, executives didn’t release a dramatic new business strategy or turnaround plan. Instead, they urged shareholders to be patient.

“Despite the environment, despite the noise, we are supremely confident in our positioning for long-term growth,” said CEOWalt Bettinger.

Many analysts agree and remain bullish on Schwab’s downtrodden stock. That’s because cash sorting will probably end as interest rates level off, they say. Also, thanks to its acquisition of TD Ameritrade, Schwab has enormous scale and a commanding lead over the competition. Plus, Schwab dominates the business of holding assets for the clients of independent financial advisors. This space is difficult for newcomers to break into, even when there may be dissatisfied customers.

Schwab says that as far as the TD transition goes, all is well. The overwhelming majority of TD Ameritrade clients have transitioned to Schwab successfully, and attrition is lower than what Schwab had forecast. “Only a tiny fraction of transitioning clients reached out to us with a concern,” said a Schwab spokeswoman, adding that the company’s priority is to quickly resolve any customer issues.

Best wishes,
Lime Time Lime Time 9 months ago
Early Access to thinkorswim at Schwab.

You now have exclusive early access to the award-winning suite of thinkorswim trading platforms.

Finally. For those stuck with TDA to SCHW they finally making some progress with thinkorswim.
👍️ 1
findit findit 10 months ago
Some good news from Schwab on plans to encorporate thinkorswim. From an email I received today 'Sit tight: thinkorswim will be available soon.
We're putting the finishing touches on the platform suite now, and we'll let you know when it's ready.'
👍️ 1
softballdaddy softballdaddy 11 months ago
Great chance I think to get back to the pre-fall range
OldAIMGuy OldAIMGuy 11 months ago
These were originally Ameritrade shares before SCHW merged with them. The transactions along the way show up with the increase and decrease in Cash Reserves over time. The following history doesn't include this week's very generous increase in share price.

I sold small increments of the holding as the price was rising and then,. more recently, plowed all that cash back into more shares.

So far, so good,
OneDay4488 OneDay4488 11 months ago
Bingo !!
softballdaddy softballdaddy 11 months ago
I got in liw 50s but kept waiting for a bounce I thought was coming.
Good luck

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