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Portillos Inc

Portillos Inc (PTLO)

( -1.23% )
Updated: 13:35:00

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Key stats and details

Current Price
9.60 Day's Range 9.8055
9.55 52 Week Range 23.99
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 5,804,918
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Portillos Inc

Portillos Inc serves the Chicago street food industry through high-energy and multichannel restaurants. It owns and operates fast-casual restaurants in the United States, along with two food production commissaries in Illinois. Its menu includes hot dogs, beef and sausage sandwiches, sandwiches and ... Portillos Inc serves the Chicago street food industry through high-energy and multichannel restaurants. It owns and operates fast-casual restaurants in the United States, along with two food production commissaries in Illinois. Its menu includes hot dogs, beef and sausage sandwiches, sandwiches and ribs, salads, burgers, chicken, Barnelli's pasta, sides and soup, and desserts and shakes. Show more

Eating Places
Eating Places
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Portillos Inc is listed in the Eating Places sector of the NASDAQ with ticker PTLO. The last closing price for Portillos was $9.77. Over the last year, Portillos shares have traded in a share price range of $ 9.55 to $ 23.99.

Portillos currently has 61,612,096 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Portillos is $597.02 million. Portillos has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 32.41.

PTLO Latest News

The Beef Is Back: Portillo’s and Lou Malnati’s Reunite for a Chi-Conic Italian Beef Deep Dish Pizza Three-Peat in Honor of National Italian Beef Week

Chicago Legends Collaborate for the Third Year in a Row on Legendary Italian Beef Deep Dish Pizza, Exclusively Available on Portillo’s Teams up with Coca-Cola on Italian Beef...

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PTLO Discussion

View Posts
wiwineguy wiwineguy 1 month ago
Agreed, but outlook not exciting, plus spoke again of share dilution. Stock drops
👍️ 1
Turbomunkey Turbomunkey 1 month ago
Quarterly looked decent
wiwineguy wiwineguy 4 months ago
New issuance shows stock at $14.50 per share
👍️ 1
wiwineguy wiwineguy 4 months ago
Great annual report!!
👍️ 1
wiwineguy wiwineguy 5 months ago
Just heard great but dignal last night on Cramers lightning round. He said he wouldn't but at current PE ratio.
I'm buying more now, guaranteed to go higher now.
wiwineguy wiwineguy 5 months ago
Good luck to you also.
Turbomunkey Turbomunkey 5 months ago
Agreed. Good luck
wiwineguy wiwineguy 5 months ago
Great entry point
👍️ 1
Turbomunkey Turbomunkey 1 year ago
This thing is getting back into the buy zone IMO.
Panzer Panzer 2 years ago
vegasopc vegasopc 2 years ago
$$$PTLO$$$ Best italian beef. $$$
Turbomunkey Turbomunkey 2 years ago
Why is this forum so slow. Is Portillos under the radar still?
Panzer Panzer 2 years ago
Loading bigly here
pistolpete pistolpete 2 years ago
PTLO on the move !
Panzer Panzer 2 years ago
Italian Beer with extra giardiera double dipped
newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
Panzer Panzer 2 years ago
Time for some double dogs Chicago style
newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
Trust me, if my freezer wasn't stocked I'd have talked myself into it by now too. I go like once a month and this month my birthday falls on the 30th so I'm going to wait and go score my free piece of chocolate cake with my beef sandwich. I've been doing it for over ten years now. LOL before the online crap came along and cluttered it up.
eastunder eastunder 2 years ago
Seriously. You are making me hungry.
newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
No problem. The website doesn't really do them justice. The newer restaurants are massive and all decked out on the inside with memorabilia and neon. They staff probably 20 people inside most of the time but the kitchens are so large that everyone has room to move and do their job.

When I go next time I'll remind myself to snap some pictures inside for you. There's one a couple miles from my house that I drive by sometimes depending on where I'm working that day. I'll get you some drive thru shots too.

The only out of state location I've been to was in Wisconsin and it was the same routine there except, they had bratwurst and cheese curds on the menu along with all the other Chicago style goodies. It wasn't as busy as the ones around here but was still humming better than the McDonalds. That was also a couple years ago and the store was only a few months in so, who knows by now.

eastunder eastunder 2 years ago
Interesting. Thanks!

Since I have never seen one in person, I really appreciate the input!

newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
It's how it has always been. They started as a carry out place so they probably just kept the tradition.

Most of the smaller hot dog/beef places around here do the same thing, though nearly not on the scale that Portillos does it on.
eastunder eastunder 2 years ago
Is that the new norm because of Covid or is that how it's always been?
newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
yes. Even when you dine in the restaurant they wrap the sandwiches, serve the food in to go containers and bagged up just like it would be at the drive-thru. You could carry it right out the door if you changed your mind and decided not to sit.
eastunder eastunder 2 years ago
And you can get all of that thru a drive thru?
newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
Yes, it's crazy. They are never not busy and it's not just junk food. I know people who go for their chopped salad and pasta dishes as well. The ribs aren't bad either.

eastunder eastunder 2 years ago
That sounds like the 'In-N-Out burger' around here.

Always a big line. Then you pull up to the drive thru and see employee on top of employee in masks... and you know what?

Who cares? ;)

We just want good junk food.

I didn't realize Portillos is so desired!

I really wish they had one in Colorado.
newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
If this is dropping on pandemic fears then it's a really good buy here. The drive-thrus and carry outs are where the action is at. I've seen them 50 cars deep at non-peak times but they take your order while you're in line and it's ready by the time you get to the window so the wait time would be normal for a freshly prepared meal, or maybe a little longer if you are the last in line, but people don't seem to care..

The dine-in is nice but it's not a big loss if they have to shut that down. The people will just be in the line of cars or order ahead and pick it up curbside like I did during the first outbreak. Their alcohol sales are marginal so no loss there.

Wolf of MP Wolf of MP 2 years ago
I just keep buying and buying shares here in my ROTH. I live in Chicago and I don't see how with more locations in the future this stays in the 30s. I'd like to see where this is in 5 or 10 years. Long play
newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
One last shout out to Jim's original and Manny's stay tough my friends.

I could give it all up to the steak houses that harbor downtown but my fucking grill does just as good of a job. Was kind of bummed when Lawry's closed but I can do the same thing in my backyard.

PTLO will be just fine. I just want to get some real beef into some peoples mouths. They will not be disappointed
newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
We got football sized burritos too, but I enjoy some enchiladas with a salad on the side.

Once again, not going public but the food literally kicks ass. Don't be ashamed we're all gonna get fat at some point. I just run too much to give a shit.

the food is so good though. Please buy PTLO and eat your ass off when you go there! It will help all of us!
newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
I go to the polish deli for pork and dumplings. It's fucking delicious and I'm pretty sure they aren't going public anytime soon.

I',m happy with my position here.
newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
Well, I live around this city so it's not a prayer from me. There are other beef sandwiches that I throw into the bath water, but like I said, I grew up here so I'm a little judgmental.

I'm still kind of pissed that my local beef stand got canceled but I still enjoy Portillo's and I'm hoping that others enjoy it too.

I wouldn't have kicked in a bunch of dough if I thought it wouldn't make a Chicago style pizza. We're all here just sharing.

I'm glad you love portillos but there are smaller places that do better. I'm just a homer so I don't care.

eastunder eastunder 2 years ago
4th on the list?


That doesn't make Portillos sound good. How many are on your list? 30?

Portillos is FIRST on my list.

(But it's a list of one. ;)

I don't tend to do beef sandwiches, so I have nothing to compare it to.

newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
LOL shit I grew up with Portillos I had another place close to here named dukes but panera took it over.

My mom's fudge is getting the props today. I'm not sure where you get your beef sandwiches from but I have a treasure trove from the best of them.

I have the best and there's no hitch. Porty comes in at number four but I still bought their stock. They do really have good hot dogs, but I can't stand those fucking things so I bump them down the list.
eastunder eastunder 2 years ago

I had an order in and it got filled much like my beef sandwich and chocolate cake

You better join this then

(Honestly - I'm having more fun on their website right now! LOL)

I wish they were a franchise. I'm in a giving mood and my son and Law probably would have enjoyed that gift! ;)

Family owned though.

I do like the look of their beef bus.

Now that's a concept. It even has its own instagram

That's what they should franchise!!!!!

In Denver? People downtown would be all over that!
newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
yes, I was waiting because I knew the IPO would have its dips. I had an order in and it got filled much like my beef sandwich and chocolate cake.

They are going to be a hit, regardless of what my hillJack brother in law thinks.

I'm still a little uneasy but I think I did good without having to dip into the IPO. They have some really kick ass hot dogs too. Nothing like anyone else gets to taste. It's one of a kind and that's a businesses that I'm glad to put my money behind.

No shame, full bellies.
eastunder eastunder 2 years ago

Wow! You tagged the bottom?

You ARE good!


Food is awesome! My son in law has it shipped to him in Colorado.

I have tried the Italian beef & Sausage combo, which was wonderful!

So - No excuses for not trying it, People.

Get it shipped to you

newmedman newmedman 2 years ago
I hit you at 30, now go on and be the big bitch that I need you to be.

Your food is awesome, now sell it to the rest of the wold!!!!

and save a piece of cake for me please.

nothing goes down better after an italian beef sandwich.
ortco1 ortco1 3 years ago
I got a lot more this week.
georgie18 georgie18 3 years ago
I am currently out...will look to enter on dips...
ortco1 ortco1 3 years ago
Great buys on that dip... as this progresses 120 Is not that far away.
ortco1 ortco1 3 years ago
Yes a great one
misiu404 misiu404 3 years ago
Panzer, i love how you are everywhere. You bring out positive energy and fun on top!
MiamiGent MiamiGent 3 years ago
PTLO Have my BO in..
lowercaseBACON lowercaseBACON 3 years ago
Put it away for a decade. This will be worth 10X more.
georgie18 georgie18 3 years ago
PTLO...$37.43...Lots of great trades to come here on the ebb and flow of the post IPO days...imo...we shall see...

Chart... ...
Panzer Panzer 3 years ago
Stock Guy777 Stock Guy777 3 years ago
Like you wouldn’t believe! LOL place is just crazy wrapping out of the parking lot and into the parking lot of the strip mall area every single day for just a drive-through!
newmedman newmedman 3 years ago
I've been to a couple outside of Illinois in the midwest and they are booming there too.

I'm kind of spoiled growing up around Chicago with all the mom and pop shops so I think that they are overpriced for their portions but the food is outstanding and they never seem to not play to a packed house.

I also like that they suit their menus to a little homestyle flair. For instance, the Wisconsin locations have a pretty kick ass bratwurst that you can't get here in Chi-town but they still bring our home cooking with them.

I hope they do well. I've been going there for the better part of 25 years and my only complaint is when it's time to open my wallet lol, which is good for a shareholder as long as the consumer is willing.


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