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eBay Inc

eBay Inc (EBAY)

( -0.31% )
Updated: 13:47:36


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
39.004.555.555.555.050.000.00 %04-
39.503.905.502.534.700.000.00 %02-
40.003.704.404.304.051.6260.45 %21912:08:58
40.503.205.153.574.175-0.87-19.59 %5709:33:28
41.002.923.602.983.260.8036.70 %210111:28:28
41.502.412.822.952.6150.000.00 %0123-
42.001.852.541.902.195-0.14-6.86 %1321610:10:25
42.501.261.861.701.56-0.76-30.89 %29413:09:10
43.000.891.491.221.19-0.76-38.38 %2532013:21:39
43.500.650.800.710.725-0.45-38.79 %37711413:08:56 %23189113:05:10
44.500. %481,42913:33:59 %3171913:36:45
45.500. %0434- %025-
46.500. %0301- %0175- %060- %015- %040-


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade %11590909:49:07
39.500.090.500.090.2950.000.00 %0115- %0159-
40.500.020.500. %0306- %118512:28:28
41.500. %5216212:09:40 %0388-
42.500. %4343013:20:41 %2316110:40:06
43.500. %8431212:13:07 %1,2611,28012:08:58
44.500.360.430.390.3950.025.41 %113913:34:59
45.000.391.291.900.840.000.00 %03-
45.501.161.583.351.370.000.00 %03-
46.001.592.182.451.8850.000.00 %04-
46.502.092.652.852.370.000.00 %04-
47.002.353.100.002.7250.000.00 %00-
48.002.904.504.953.700.000.00 %00- %00- %00-

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EBAY Discussion

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JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 1 week ago
ebay represents freedom its almost a true free market
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 1 week ago
im serious about fixing ebay.. they cant see their own bugs and kinks like i can..
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 1 week ago
this should be a stock people wana own.. its a cash machine..
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 1 week ago
ebay really needs to hire me as a consultant.. i have changed the company in big ways by giving tips over the phone with reps that were implemented..
they really should have reached out to me afterward.. i see the stock is always in the dumps.. geez i'll volunteer to be the ceo
for 1 year and raise morale 10 fold.. getting tired of feckless pathetic wokesters putting dei ahead of creative progression..
ShawnyD ShawnyD 4 months ago
Love it, they keep buying back shares.
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 4 months ago
market cap only 20B? they pay $1 dividend.. they make money hand over fist... enough to buy 650M worth of stock this qtr.. revenue is easily 10B a yr and growing and cap at 20B? Down over 50% in last 12 months?
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 4 months ago
good luck! international sales r a breeze with ebay international shipping.. just print the label and send it off
ShawnyD ShawnyD 4 months ago
Hoping to add to that when I start my store
👍️ 1 🤑 1
JoEy D BuLL JoEy D BuLL 4 months ago
international sales r going up
Mr. Bill Mr. Bill 8 months ago
do 20K to 50K a year Buying on eBay - BYE MFers
👍️ 1
Mr. Bill Mr. Bill 8 months ago
eBay treated me wrong for the last time!!! BYE!!!

Second time!!!
Been there 10 years and 100% feedback as a mixed buyer/seller and they treated me wrong and i cancelled my account over 1K+ at 100% Way back in 2010

Now i am at 13 years and the same BS - FU eBay i spend 20K to 50K a year on your site

You allow a dumb ass seller to just cancel a transaction because whatever...

👍️ 1 🤡 1
fung_derf fung_derf 10 months ago
Not necessarily.
It does pay a dividend so not awful to hold, but I notice again this morning it has tried and failed.
Projected earnings look fairly flat. I don't own it any longer, and if I did I'd be looking for better places to be.
JMO, of course.
sylvia07 sylvia07 10 months ago
I have been holding this for many years, it will break resistance eventually.
fung_derf fung_derf 10 months ago
It has hit it's resistance. First at $46.21, then the next at $49.63. I'd be a seller if it can't break through $50.
JMO, of course
sylvia07 sylvia07 10 months ago
I am glad ebay is going on up!
ShawnyD ShawnyD 11 months ago
I’m not seeing that as a seller
copesjc copesjc 11 months ago
ebay is freezing sellers funds and demanding they login to their bank thru ebay to "verify"...also must provide a full screen shot of your bank statement including all transactions. Idk about ID theft but it sure seems like a violation of privacy. I can't see most sellers going along with this.
👍️ 1
ShawnyD ShawnyD 11 months ago
Where’d you hear this? Source? This would go against eBay’s policies and culture.
bwrbad bwrbad 11 months ago
EBAY members (buyer/seller) be careful.
This company entering wrong path - it is now controlled by a huge number of H4 visa holding foreign (Indian) ground floor record keeping IT workers. They are working from home and also from their native country. They are having access to members personal info, stealing personal info and selling to secondary market all over their domain continent. They in collaboration with EBAY foreign imported top executives and high ranked employees imposing new rules and harassing US buyer and sellers.
Ebay asking for SSN, driver license, photo ID, phone number, home address in the name of security and identity protection of US members. In reality this is to harm US members. This company now in a corruption path - indulging ID theft.
Apparently this is happening big time - accidentally over hard this when a group of Indian ebay worker was discussing between them in a Bellevue Seattle bar. They were bragging - without them ebay is nothing.
EBAY members from US be careful. what EBAY doing is illegal.
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 11 months ago
Signed by K huh ? Really. Wild.. How'd ya' manage that ?
Not sure sure who L. Ram is / was....
That's quite the Ebay story of yours'.
You must have a hate-on for them
CS was a great site - I don't recall any censureship.
"Times" have sure changed tho since then.
Yikes !
MotherfromClearStation MotherfromClearStation 11 months ago
No v2low. I did speak on phone to L. Ram a couple of times over the years, one being the hurricane that found New York about ten years ago.

I have a ClearStation tee-shirt signed by Kinsey. It was on ebay until ebay shut our store down. I want that internet back--this one is broken.

In other news, if fleabay can get back to 47ish here, short it to 28.
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 11 months ago
Fishkid.....ha !
Yeah/no......That's funny eh

hey......Why, that's how I arrived at nowwhat (must've tried every name under the sun until nowwhat finally "worked")
Had to add a 2 for this site here.
Anyways, here we are.....a couple of years or so later !


Heard from V2low ?

MotherfromClearStation MotherfromClearStation 11 months ago
NOWWHAT??!!!!!!! Just wow. Looong time. How are things? Heard from Fishkid?
ShawnyD ShawnyD 12 months ago
I’m sorry to hear your unfortunate struggles with the platform. Usually eBay has great seller protections with some exceptions. As business owners we cannot rely on some of these platforms 100%. Any day Ebay or fb or Etsy could shutdown. It’s best to gain an email list through a customer relations manager. CRM. Tampermonkey is free up to so many email subscriptions and then finally your own personal website with Shopify or Wordpress ect. This way you own your own market place and are using eBay/fb/Instagram/Etsy/email as marketing. I really am sorry about your situation. I’m just a machinist in ca I have no big shareholder value here. I hope this helps. I know it’s tough times. Maybe email the eBay podcast to get an answer.
nowwhat2 nowwhat2 12 months ago
That sucks. Unreal. But......
At least you're still alive.

SubPennyBoater SubPennyBoater 1 year ago
Grabbed 42 puts 3dte. I’m up nice right now
MotherfromClearStation MotherfromClearStation 1 year ago
Yo, ShawnyD, yours is sound logic, of course, but consider this (my/our) experience:

I'm 61, she's 54. We began listing on ebay (as our sole source of income) in July of '21

Most of the items are either antique, truly unique, both artsy and practical, and few of them made after 1990.

In November of '21, we had about 300 listings (and that Xmas season was good).
In November of '22, we had about 1,800 listings and November-over-November sales were down 73% from the prior year.

BUT WAIT, there's more...In mid-December of '22, ebay shut us down for "fraud." Seems that ebay didn't remove from our inventory a set of antique golf clubs which had sold months before. So in December of '22 a buyer comes along for what he thinks is those clubs, cries "fraud' to ebay, and ebay put our store to sleep.

AND we recently met a lady who got the same treatment but her accuser called her a peddler of porn! She's 58 and as unlilkely a porn purveyor as is my cat.

Now ShawnyD, my tinfoil hat take on it: We are conservative Christians living in a rural area of a southern state. I think we got 'cancelled.'

If true, how widespread is it?
Is ebay being sabotaged from the inside? If yes, shame on management. If not, shame on management.

You're welcome.

P.S.--If a long-term owner of ebay stock would like to offer us travel and accommodations to and into the next shareholder's meeting, we would happily accept.

P.S.S.--Is there a lawyer in the house? Pro bono?
👍️ 1
///M3 ///M3 1 year ago
Exiting evay close enough to my target will wait for reentry
///M3 ///M3 1 year ago
This how we do EBaY
ShawnyD ShawnyD 1 year ago
That’s what I figured. Resell community not going anywhere. Online sales increasing every year. No inventory. Good operating margins.
///M3 ///M3 1 year ago
I like the odds of inverted head shoulder pattern on chart plus if economy does go bad people can sell there things on eBay = more revenue for the bay and if market rally’s well eBay will roll up with tide
ShawnyD ShawnyD 1 year ago
Good call, just a bad quarter
///M3 ///M3 1 year ago
Gonna pick up some eBay here for long hold
ShawnyD ShawnyD 1 year ago
I’m well diversified in many blue chip dividend stocks. Dividends compound withought paying taxes on them in a Roth through Drips.

Just a small part of the portfolio
Whale Gunna Whale Gunna 1 year ago
You must be an insider
ShawnyD ShawnyD 1 year ago
They have a consistent cash on hand in the billions. They have little debt. The tech sector is in decline as a whole heading into a recession. I’m keeping this in my Roth IRA for the next 30 years so I’m not worried here..

You should move on if you don’t like cheap shares here lol

The Drama..
Whale Gunna Whale Gunna 1 year ago
How’s your long at $56 going? SH1T BAY hahaha
Whale Gunna Whale Gunna 1 year ago
eBay will be $5 within 3 years
Whale Gunna Whale Gunna 1 year ago
eBay is the biggest piece of dog **** I’ve ever seen. Will be out of business within 5 years.. MARK THIS!
Whale Gunna Whale Gunna 1 year ago
BK coming next year
Whale Gunna Whale Gunna 1 year ago
eBay is the most broken piece of garbage ever
BottomBounce BottomBounce 1 year ago
$EBAY has $8.32B of debt.
ShawnyD ShawnyD 2 years ago
Great cash flow, billions in income. Better Share structure than amazon and more affordable. Outstanding shares shrinking. Online retail growing every year. Reselling going nowhere.
BottomBounce BottomBounce 2 years ago
$EBAY was Downgraded by Goldman Sachs: Neutral to Sell around 6/10/2022
BottomBounce BottomBounce 2 years ago
eBay $EBAY Outstanding Shares are 559.84 Million
BottomBounce BottomBounce 2 years ago
Ebay $EBAY Book Value is ONLY $12.35 per share. Its trading nearly 4 x over its Book Value.
BottomBounce BottomBounce 2 years ago
** Ebay $EBAY has $8.96 Billion total debt.
ShawnyD ShawnyD 2 years ago
Yeah that online sales tax sucked too
funmoney5 funmoney5 2 years ago
also may be the new form sellers must fill out, full ssn itin 1099-k. irs can come after your sells that should kill off sellers, taxed on garage sales next.
Lowjack Lowjack 2 years ago
Must be the fee's!

Probably loosing sellers faster than buyers!

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