United States border restrictions as of 14 March 2020

   Roissy, 13 March 2020

United States border restrictions as of 14 March 2020

The Air France-KLM Group has taken note of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS)'s announcement of new United States border restrictions as of 14 March 2020.

Network exposure to United States of America

  • The Air France-KLM Group United States of America network capacity expressed in Available Seat Kilomters stands at 50.5 billion in 2019, representing 16.8% of the Network Passenger activity.
  • The corresponding revenues on the United States of America network are 15% of Network Passenger revenues.

Capacity adjustments in network to United States of AmericaThe Air France-KLM Group will examine on a daily basis whether adjustments to the network are necessary and what operational measures need to be taken.

  • On 12 and 13 March 2020 flights to and from the United States are operating as normal.
  • As it now stands, from 14 to 28 March 2020 both Air France and KLM will maintain the operations to several destinations in the US with reduced frequencies.

The aircraft load factors and the profitability on these concerned routes are foreseen to be negatively impacted and remain uncertain at this stage.

  • Air France KLM group is working with its partners, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic on implementing a plan to continue service to the United States for its customers beyond 28 March 2020.

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