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Revive Therapeutics Ltd (QB)

Revive Therapeutics Ltd (QB) (RVVTF)

Closed April 20 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.02 Day's Range 0.0211
0.016 52 Week Range 0.071
Market Cap
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Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 5,223
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Revive Therapeutics Ltd (QB)

Pharmaceutical Preparations
Unit Inv Tr, Closed-end Mgmt
Toronto, Ontario, Can
Revive Therapeutics Ltd (QB) is listed in the Pharmaceutical Preparations sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker RVVTF. The last closing price for Revive Therapeutics (QB) was $0.02. Over the last year, Revive Therapeutics (QB) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.016 to $ 0.071.

Revive Therapeutics (QB) currently has 418,464,269 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Revive Therapeutics (QB) is $33.48 million. Revive Therapeutics (QB) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -5.30.

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RVVTF Discussion

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Hotel Delta Hotel Delta 4 hours ago
This is the best time to invest more into this penny stock. It's clearly bottomed out and even if it only goes up to .10 it's a nice profit....if it doesn't you haven't lost anything. I also feel more comfortable with a stock that I've invested in for a long time than taking a shot at another penny stock that takes more time than I have to read about and make an educated decision. Revive is a long term investment for me, 5 years and I've held it for 3 so far. You can't be impatient with small companies that are trying to find their way in this big company world.
Classic Warrior Classic Warrior 22 hours ago
I'm not to be honest. I'll be happy enough if this returns to a dime.
rickstereo3333 rickstereo3333 1 day ago
Before ye go off spouting dumb shite it would behoove ye to educate yerself as to why that is.

The cost of repurposing drugs in Asia is prohibitive and as such the biotechs there choose not to invest their limited cash into such speculative ventures.

A whole paper was written on the subject and explains it all quite simply so that even lazy louts could understand. lololsss
tripmcneely tripmcneely 1 day ago
Why would you invest another cent in this company after they delivered nothing
threebabiesbusy threebabiesbusy 1 day ago
Revive Therapeutics Announces FDA Acceptance of Meeting Request for Long COVID Diagnostic Product

$RVV $RVVTF #Bucillamine #InfectiousDiseases #pharmaceuticals #LongCovid #FDA #clinicalstudy
👍️ 1
Classic Warrior Classic Warrior 2 days ago
News out for those still invested: The meeting will be on June 7th to discuss Long Covid. Time to average down again?
👍️ 1
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 2 days ago
Can’t bother to call, wonder about this company
💩 1
Snoop_dog Snoop_dog 5 days ago
Load up war's coming we're in a stock. Go for pennies to hundreds. Buy now before it's too late. A small golden glimmer time. Pump $1000!!!
medicinecat medicinecat 2 weeks ago
It is only approved in a portion of Asia, South Korea and Japan. A grand total of 2.17% of the total world population. The fact it has been used for decades in only a miniscule portion of the world speaks volumes to it's ineffectiveness. If it's such a great and wonderful drug like all of you pump it to be, why has it not been approved in 98% of the rest of the world? This is just simple common sense, but when group think is based on emotion and not logical reason, reality is obscured.
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 2 weeks ago
Price prediction
🖕 1
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 2 weeks ago
Wonder where headed
💩 1
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 2 weeks ago
Interesting chart going back a while, close to nothing to over .60
💩 1
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 2 weeks ago
Wonder if bottom just speculating, have not followed the company for a while
💩 1
TRUSTUNITS1000000 TRUSTUNITS1000000 2 weeks ago
Could this be the bottom
💩 1
Gatorca Gatorca 2 weeks ago
I see it got deleted and the other one lol. I actually laughed at the the other one because he don't know chit: about the other investment-) always say with this one,when the stock came down %80 over %100 back when he was the other name Lol... don't worry see it before they bring it down before it takes off.....

Just wish they would at least do a simple symptoms trial like this known bucillamine 16x Nac.. Working on writing things up (kept getting interrupted by Greek letter surges…)

Short summary:

*inpt median Length of Stay: +NAC 5.5 days, -NAC 7.5 days

*outpts later hospitalized: +NAC 2/47, -NAC 8/41— Melisa Lai-becker MD πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ (@BostonTox) March 9, 2022

Ps.Anyway I still might buy back in if things goes ok..eventually

Pps. Well chit off early because want to be started my 6 shots Lol time to be quiet
Hotel Delta Hotel Delta 2 weeks ago
Hello CW. That is all we can do, hope right now. I have been buying back in slowly just to keep my hopes alive at this level. I do believe someday it will make our money back and maybe more, just not as quickly as we had all hoped. Don't know if they are moving to the US.
Classic Warrior Classic Warrior 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the post, Gator. I haven't seen these threads. It seems like nobody is a believer anymore. Anyway, like the fellow before me stated, we wait for a small miracle.
👍️ 1
MB1972 MB1972 3 weeks ago
hope the schroom business (or Long Covid treatment) can get this company back on track..surprised BUCI hasn't been approved since it's been used in ASIA for many years without many complications...OR a BIG Pharma company would've bought that portion off RVVTF by now....need a minor miracle get back to .25 cents or more ...let's go MF
lolroflmao lolroflmao 3 weeks ago
NEWS: Revive Therapeutics Provides Update on Psilocybin Clinical Study for Methamphetamine Use Disorder
Classic Warrior Classic Warrior 3 weeks ago
Yup. Just have my shares for a wing and a prayer, but I've accepted my loss and will be working two more years to pay for it. If something develops, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

ps. Is Revive still moving to the U.S.A?

pps. New blackjack analogy. We have a solid 16 and the dealer has an ace. This assumes we still have a chip to play with- It's been a disaster of a run.

ppps. All good. Life goes on..........................
Hotel Delta Hotel Delta 3 weeks ago
agreed, I sold off a great amount of my shares to take the loss EOY but still have shares left just in case something happens. I lost patience with this company at least 6 months ago.
Gatorca Gatorca 3 weeks ago
How.much longer lol. Damn I spent about 3 years trying dd here lol...ah well they already mislead investors around 18 months like they might have symptoms data lol.... about 18 months after trial failed. And I know now none was respected from people still here which has me Lmao......
medicinecat medicinecat 3 weeks ago
No money no honey. Fact...this fraud of a company is underwater financially. All the enabling and delusion of this scam will not change that fact. It's a dog and pony show.
Classic Warrior Classic Warrior 3 weeks ago
Thanks for sharing, Shelby. The ball is rolling again..... or at least moving like a turtle.... but moving nonetheless.
👍️ 1
2014shelby 2014shelby 3 weeks ago
👍️ 2
Rubberneck2 Rubberneck2 4 weeks ago
Already on to EMGE. Thank you PB!!!

BTW. Let's go RVVTF$
Gatorca Gatorca 4 weeks ago
Thanks Rubber where you been lol
I know easily can talk to u on your stockwits..
But another 6 shots and wondering how to reply better lol....
This is another long covid trial which😄 I wish some how rvvtf can get the funding like this...@WesElyMD launching his #LongCovid clinical trial this Spring to test Baricitinib β€” a JAK inhibitor with broad immunomodulatory properties. 550 people.

The funding came from NIH β€” not from RECOVER β€” but from National Institute of Aging.— charlos (@loscharlos) January 11, 2024

Ps. Can get funding like NiH:)

Pps. Look at the Dd in emge :) can't do that kinds dd like Pb And dd demsy:)
Rubberneck2 Rubberneck2 4 weeks ago
You're not a nobody Gatorca. I remember multiple outstanding DD's from you back in the hopeful days of RVVTF$
👍️ 1
Gatorca Gatorca 4 weeks ago
Lol nothing compares to the idiots bashers in 1 other stocks I have still trying to get some losses I had here Cw hasn't gone good to be honest,but maybe found the right one now....emge. if some veterans from ihub is right.... :)..
So maybe buy back more . But see possibility of 5 to 10x from here . But am a nobody here in ihub which I'm ok with lol..

Ps. Some already long covid drugs being trial WeslyMd is one..hope things turn out good eventually even if I didn't buy back in:)
Pss. Hopefully Cw and other longs at.least make the money back...6 shots kicks
Classic Warrior Classic Warrior 4 weeks ago
just checking in today... There is money to be made in the long covid arena. The question is can MF capitalize on it? Your guess is as good as mine.

ps. an even longer shot is Bucy as a biowarfare agent. Whatever at this point. Just hoping to make some money back or get close at some point. I'm not in a rush anymore.
👍️ 1
Nosnibor Nosnibor 1 month ago
LOL once again. Buzz off, Skid Marker. 💩
🤣 1
MB1972 MB1972 1 month ago
Isn't a little late to the party for Covid ..also did the company ever make their move to New Jersey to be near JNJ...also where are the revs coming from other than dilution/ toxic notes...hope things work out as promised but still very skeptical at best...just my two cents..
medicinecat medicinecat 1 month ago
The stock market rips to an all time high and what happens to Revive? Zero...a big fat zero even with all this so-called "news". It's the same pump routine you guys swallowed hook, line, and sinker the last time. Scam & Fraud 2.0 is underway. This company is finished. Stick a fork in it.
Nosnibor Nosnibor 1 month ago
Excellent news and an example of what us Longs wanted for Bucillamine's additional use cases. Thanks for posting this.
lolroflmao lolroflmao 1 month ago
News: Revive Therapeutics To Submit Type C Meeting Request with FDA for Bucillamine to Treat Long COVID

March 19, 2024

Weedman1 Weedman1 1 month ago
So he spent about $11,500. Big deal! That's not an investment. At 2 cents per share, that's simply pocket change! Does very little, for my confidence at least.
👍️ 3
TheGatsby780 TheGatsby780 1 month ago
Nice to see Mr Frank purchasing on the open market. 576000 shares total.
👍️ 2
its only money its only money 1 month ago
Whats up RVVTF board,havent checked in for a while good to still see some old names. Still holding all my shares and crossing fingers that we will at some point in time see some movement,hope everyone has a great week.
👍️ 1
Classic Warrior Classic Warrior 1 month ago
News out. Still waiting for phase 2 trial. Ugh. Let the debbie downers comment galore.
👍️ 3
govprs govprs 1 month ago
He buried treasure in the Bahamas for his golf and hooker boon goggle. PPS says it all.
👍️ 2
rickstereo3333 rickstereo3333 1 month ago
Not at all mate.

Let the like "speak" so the world sees them for what they truly are.
medicinecat medicinecat 1 month ago
Feb 28 MD&A says it all. End of year only about $708,000 cash on hand and $3.1 million in accounts payable and liabilities. Even if you add in the $2 million from the offering this isn't rocket science, it's simple math. Maybe some of these guys think MF has a money tree in his back yard.
👍️ 1
Hotel Delta Hotel Delta 1 month ago
He also should be kicked off the site for that comment
rickstereo3333 rickstereo3333 1 month ago
Not at all surprised that comment came from the board poofter!
govprs govprs 1 month ago
That’s so absurd people still throwing cash at this trash lol
👍️ 1
rickstereo3333 rickstereo3333 2 months ago
It looks very promising but in all honesty its about time Revive/MF starts closing on one or more of these targets.

An effective/accurate LC test would be huge IMO but I think i'll hold off on the "celebrations" for the time being.
Classic Warrior Classic Warrior 2 months ago
I'm pretty sure you are the second of 8,000,000,000 to see this news. Thanks for sharing. MF beat you to it.
ReikoBlack ReikoBlack 2 months ago
Has anyone else seen this?

Product: Diagnostic Rapid Test
Indication: Long COVID
Stage of Development: Pre-commercial prototype
Regulatory Status: Preparing submission for FDA approval pathway
lolroflmao lolroflmao 2 months ago
NEWS: Revive Therapeutics Ltd. Announces Closing of the Second and Final Tranche of Its Private Placement for Gross Proceeds of $1,187,110
rickstereo3333 rickstereo3333 2 months ago
Literally EVERY SINGLE Biotech does exactly that ye gobshite.

Cash is raised based on the potential of the drug/treatment being effective as opposed to being a surety.

Seems you started trading biotechs last week based on the absolutely foolish arguments constantly being made.

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