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Mirage Energy Corporation (PK)

Mirage Energy Corporation (PK) (MRGE)

Closed February 25 04:00PM

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MRGE Discussion

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GASMASK GASMASK 15 hours ago
They've grown exponentially powerful under our current administration clown show.
Thanks MM. patience will certainly be needed here.. Hopefully Wards dexterity doesn't hold us up.. The cartels seem to be getting their hands in everything in Mexico...
MoneyMike1 MoneyMike1 17 hours ago
Yea, ATCO could be involved. Silva said “We are working on a plan that will include a public-private association between the CFE, a Canadian company that we can’t name at this time for compliance reasons, a Mexican group known as Grupo Fox, and the government of Tamaulipas.”

And yes, waiting is all we can do. We should all be experts in that by now.
👍️ 2 🗑️ 1 🤡 1
ATCO a Canadian company deals with nat gas.. Anyway, I will be standing bye for the new administration
MoneyMike1 MoneyMike1 19 hours ago
CYDSA also mentioned at the bottom here:

"The problem is that in Mexico there is no consolidated market in the matter in Mexico. Although some companies have raised their hands for this type of project, Rosanety Barrios points out that they do not have any experience in the matter, so they would have to turn to international companies.

For example, Cydsa, a company from Monterrey, has shown interest in entering the natural gas storage market. Until now the company has developed some projects with Pemex, but for LP gas."
🤡 1 🤣 1
MoneyMike1 MoneyMike1 19 hours ago
I don't think they would be competition for the Brasil field. They seem to be operating in a different sphere, that being liquefied petroleum gas. Check out this article from earlier this month.

Cydsa Sees Opportunity for Mexican Mont Belvieu

February 9, 2024

A glaring weak spot in the Mexico natural gas industry is the country’s lack of storage capacity. The issue is repeatedly discussed and considered a risk to national energy security, as Mexico has less than two days’ worth of storage capacity and is vulnerable to unforeseen weather or geopolitical events.

According to Raul Puente, the Managing Director of Underground Storage for Grupo Cydsa, the Monterrey-based company has identified an opportunity to dramatically increase Mexico’s storage capacity and create the country’s own version of Mont Belvieu, the most important hub for natural gas liquids such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the United States.

“In the plot of land that we have, where we have the cavern where we store LPG for Pemex TRI since November 2017, we have three caverns that are ready for storage that are developed and have a total of capacity for 8.8 million bbl or, in natural gas terms, 10 Bcf of capacity,” Puente told NGI’s Mexico GPI. “On this same plot of land, we have the possibility to develop up to 10 additional caverns, which would mean 14 total caverns that could store hydrocarbons.”

He added, “The long-term vision we have is to develop a Mont Belvieu, similar to the one outside of Houston.”

Puente has worked as a director at Cydsa since 2015, where he has led the Underground Storage of Hydrocarbons business unit and actively participated in starting the LPG storage commercial operation. He is also a member of the Energy Commission of CAINTRA, which represents industrialists in Nuevo León state, and Vice President of Natural Gas in the National Energy Commission of Mexican employers confederation COPARMEX.

Previously, Puente worked as a director at Aon México and as a risk manager at building materials conglomerate Cemex. He holds a Master’s degree in business administration from the Tecnológico de Monterrey, where he also earned his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, and an MBA from the University of Texas in Austin.

Editor’s Note: NGI’s Mexico Gas Price Index, a leading tracker of Mexico’s natural gas market reform, offers the following Q&A column as part of a series of periodic interviews with market experts of natural gas in Mexico. Puente is the 120th expert to participate in the series.

NGI: In a recent energy conference in Monterrey, you spoke about Grupo Cydsa’s role in the energy sector and the company’s natural gas and hydrocarbons storage projects. Can you tell us some about the company and the current projects in the energy industry?

Puente: Grupo Cydsa has five distinct business lines. We have three businesses that are specialized in chemical operations. The first is salt, which is extracted from the earth and where we conduct what is known as solution mining. And that’s what creates the space beneath the ground and the cavity which we later use as a cavern that provides an option for hydrocarbons storage. So, salt — for industrial and consumption purposes — is a main area of our business. Our brand, La Fina, is very visible and well known in Mexico and can be found just about anywhere in the country.

We also have IQUISA, which stands for Industria Quimica del Istmo. In IQUISA, we take the salt and separate the sodium — the Na— from the chlorine — the Cl. We use the sodium to make caustic soda and chlorine, which has multiple applications. IQUISA has five plants throughout the country, three that make the caustic soda and chlorine, and two more that make specialty products that are derived from the caustic soda and chlorine.

In Monterrey, we also have Quimobasicos, a plant of refrigerant gasses for the automotive industry and the residential industry. We produce some of the gasses and source the rest from our partner Honeywell.

In the energy sector, Cydsa has two cogeneration plants, and we generate electricity that is used by IQUISA to do the electrolysis to separate the sodium from the chlorine. The steam that is produced by the cogeneration plants is used in the salt business to evaporate and separate the salt from the water to create the final product. We have a very interesting vertical integration there.

The newest business Grupo Cydsa has in the energy sector is the business of underground storage. The business started with the storage of LPG with a contract that we signed with Pemex and started commercial operation in 2017. The cogeneration plants began in 2014 and 2016, while the other Grupo Cydsa business lines have been around and existed for 79 years.

Our hydrocarbons underground storage business began commercial operation with Pemex TRI in November 2017. We currently have a cavern that stores LP Gas with a total capacity of 1.8 million bbl, which is completely reserved by Pemex TRI. We provide storage of this critical hydrocarbon, and we are a very strategic and relevant link in the logistic value chain that Pemex TRI has, given the company’s issues with fuel theft and other potential operational problems that they might face. The storage cavern is the buffer that allows Pemex TRI to guarantee continuity in the supply of LPG.

NGI: In the Monterrey conference, you mentioned that Grupo Cydsa has long-term hydrocarbon storage plans. Can you tell us about the plans the company has?

Puente: The LPG cavern is located between two municipalities that are located about 10 kilometers south of Coatzacoalcos in the state of Veracruz. On that plot of land, the long-term vision we have is to develop a Mont Belvieu, like the one outside of Houston, TX. This would be done in proportion to the land available and would obviously include the realities of the Mexican market, which is distinct from the U.S.

Mont Belvieu has more than 150 caverns and can store…600 million bbl. It’s a monster of an industrial park for storage of liquids. As previously mentioned, we have three caverns that are ready for storage that are developed and have a total capacity of 8.8 million bbl for liquids or, in natural gas terms, 10 Bcf of capacity. So, that’s more than a day’s worth of storage capacity for the country and could be the first steps Mexico takes towards building operational and strategic underground storage.

We made these three caverns on the heels of the momentum that we had after signing the first contract with Pemex TR,I and we saw an opportunity in the medium term to continue to provide opportunities for storage capacity for hydrocarbons. Given our salt business, we are going to permanently continue to extract salt from the earth and create caverns that would be available for underground storage development.

And, on this same plot of land, we have the possibility to develop up to 10 additional caverns, which would mean 14 total caverns that could store hydrocarbons. We anticipate and are hopeful that there will be continued demand for hydrocarbons storage from the energy sector in the area in the near future.

So, in our vision, we see a significant growth opportunity for the development of hydrocarbon storage in our caverns.

NGI: And of the three available caverns you mentioned that Cydsa has for hydrocarbon storage, how are they being utilized currently?

Puente: You could say they are on standby. They are currently full of brine, and we are maintaining them so that they are active and in adequate conditions to receive hydrocarbons in the near future.

NGI: And is Cydsa looking for a partner or an offer to utilize this storage?

Puente: In simple forms, we’re looking to replicate the first storage project we did with Pemex TRI. The first project is a long-term one, anchored by a government entity. This is the only way that someone is going to be willing to invest in a long-term project. This would be through a take-or-pay contract, regulated, with acceptable profit margins, and that is financed.

So, what are we looking for? We are looking for a potential customer that is willing to anchor a long-term project with a 20- to 30-year contract. With this deal, the contract is the source of the repayment and financing is required because it’s a significant investment. The contract provides the certainty required to repay the financing costs, given that it generates a profit that is acceptable, regulated, and that is approved by the regulator and the client.

We’ve had talks with private companies, but the conditions are different. Let’s take Mont Belvieu for example. In Mont Belvieu, that capacity was developed more than 50 years ago. There’s a waiting list for companies that want to enter and reserve capacity in a cavern to store the hydrocarbon of their choice. There are constantly companies entering and leaving, and one company substitutes for another and assumes the capacity space they had reserved. It’s a very active and very liquid market. But in most cases, a single company almost never occupies the entire space available with their capacity alone, and therefore there are multiple players that occupy a cavern to account for the entire capacity available.

So, the only way for a large-scale hydrocarbons storage project to be developed well is for the anchor customer to be a government related entity, such as CENAGAS, Pemex or CFE. This would be a similar model to how all the natural gas transport infrastructure is being done through anchored contracts currently in Mexico.
🤡 1 🤣 1
You think these guys are in the mix for nat gas storage..Or does Ward have the competitive edge
I've taken some ipsi bitsy steps around the message boards.....And as every equity is in its death spiral one trader is always there with a buy recommendation..Its a really sad trend..Attempting to lead traders into a giant puddle of hypochloric acid(aka pool water)...Was that trucking company doing business in NY?
kaeamrjs kaeamrjs 3 days ago
I always knew you were bad at stock picking. But wow! Looks like you lost it all in a trucking company.
👍️ 1 🤣 1
shajandr shajandr 5 days ago
Macod Macod 5 days ago
Mexico prepares first natural gas storage project
Published: Wednesday, February 7, 2024
👍️ 1
He has been placed in the rubber room. He is diligently working on the next chapter of trading by a dummy..
shajandr shajandr 6 days ago
Re: IGUESSHEWONT post# 40457
Monday, December 04, 2023 6:03:30 AM

Bash bash bash black gold son black gold
Where is "I talk to Ward on a weekly basis" jonsmile and his black gold, son?

Jetfan190 Jetfan190 7 days ago
Sure you are, and I am Shiva, the god of death.
I have beat the drum repeatedly that CMW isn't the "Grand POO Bah of anything..Does this article actually prove it? Sure seems like our friendly friend Jose Ramon Silva is moving forward with storage with or without us..Maybe the CEO of MRGE will enlightenment shareholders with his new open lines of communication..
Surely the clown who talks to CMW,and in his own words ,tries to get him to do certain things, will answer a few questions for shareholders other than issuing buy orders
👍️ 1 🤣 1
kaeamrjs kaeamrjs 1 week ago

Where’s Waldo? Is he no longer the expert?
👍️ 1 🤣 1
kaeamrjs kaeamrjs 1 week ago
Yea, if I owned a stock that he showed up on a board I would be concerned. Has to be the worst picker I have ever seen. He’s damn near 100% wrong
👍️ 1 ✔️ 1
Is this the same strategy used with P-tl
I could go on with more stellar picks...probably got em off of smiles hot trading strategies for guaranteed tax write offs..
👍️ 1 🤣 1
shajandr shajandr 1 week ago


PennyStockTrader2 PennyStockTrader2 1 week ago
People should be buying in 100K lots at this price, no less, more sure. If it goes back to ,004 then 150 - 250K lots. At the very least you will double your money (over what time I cant say but it could be short). this is the time to step up to the plate, not when its at 3+ cents.
👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
kaeamrjs kaeamrjs 1 week ago
Where’s the oil wells you told us were coming soon months ago? And the financials .

My guess is .0061 will not look like a good purchase price in the months to come.
👍️ 1 ✔️ 1
Wow..I bet it was 500 shares as usual
PennyStockTrader2 PennyStockTrader2 1 week ago
Wow I just got filled at .0061, wow. Keep your bids low, we want to enforce the most pain possible for the seller. I'll be back Tuesday for action at lower prices if the sellers so choose.
👍️ 2 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
Hopefully it was the 500,000 you NEEDED!
Got some. Thanks for thinking of me.
BUY BUY!!!! Did I spell that correct????
PennyStockTrader2 PennyStockTrader2 1 week ago
Great buying opportunity today, I may try and pick up on the cheap on Monday if shares still available. Foolish to sell down here.
👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
kaeamrjs kaeamrjs 1 week ago
Well you wanted shares at .005 , hope u were on the bid . Looks like there will be plenty available for you there
kaeamrjs kaeamrjs 1 week ago
Still wouldn’t be mirage
👍️ 1 ✔️ 1
Jetfan190 Jetfan190 1 week ago
Maybe by 2050!
Macod Macod 1 week ago
Mexico's Sheinbaum spurs hope of more private investment in energy after Lopez Obrador
👍️ 2
OMD and blueballs are still in the vetting stage..Its a complicated process navigating a lie of this magnitude
shajandr shajandr 1 week ago
Add that "straight gold" article to the pile.

Need4speed Need4speed 2 weeks ago
What’s up with the volume today?
Macod Macod 2 weeks ago
Mexico is key for the US to conquer the Asian gas market
👍️ 5 💲 1
shajandr shajandr 2 weeks ago
All the "straight gold" articles posted collectively amount to nuffin. Cero. Nada Squat. Just like MRGE. Zip.
Jetfan190 Jetfan190 2 weeks ago
Sounds about right
shajandr shajandr 2 weeks ago
Total$Vol= $1
shajandr shajandr 2 weeks ago
On the 33rd.

kaeamrjs kaeamrjs 2 weeks ago
When is the financing coming in for those oil wells?
Jetfan190 Jetfan190 2 weeks ago
You’re right!
This is done!!
👍️ 1
pepeoil pepeoil 2 weeks ago
Post all of the articles from Mexico that you want. They dont mean chit here
👍️ 1 💩 1 🗑️ 1 ✔️ 1
Thanks MM..I notice the use of that curse word again..TENDER.. So as an investor i ask myself, what could MRGE possess that the rest of the industrialized nations don't or could easily acquire? We know it's not money! I guess ill stay tuned and wait for OIL WELL news first..
Appreciate it mike.
👍️ 2 🙏 1
MoneyMike1 MoneyMike1 2 weeks ago
Yet another article about storage. Hopefully Mexico finally pays this "historical debt" it owes to its people.

Why Mexico needs natgas storage facilities

Published: Friday, February 09, 2024

Building Mexico’s first natural gas storage project “is a historical debt that this government has with Mexicans,” according to energy expert Gonzalo Monroy, who manages energy consultancy GMEC.

A project to guarantee supply for power plants has been needed for more than 20 years but regulation, bureaucracy and a nonexistent business scheme for its commercialization in the country have hindered progress, Monroy told BNamericas in an interview.

“The big problem is that business models have not been developed, in addition to legal issues. That is the reason why this project has not progressed,” he said, adding that a few issues regarding regulation in the constitution were solved after gas network operator Cenagas was created by the 2013 energy reform.

But despite the natural gas crisis that Mexico experienced in 2021, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s administration did not prioritize storage. The leftist leader’s term ends in October.

During the February 2021 Uri winter storm, which brought freezing temperatures to North America, factories across Mexico’s northern region – Chihuahua, Coahuila, Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon states – reported billions in losses due to a reversal in the flow of US natural gas into Mexico.

Natural gas is Mexico’s main fuel source, accounting for 52% of power generation, and about 70% is imported from the US, according to a report from the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

In a report published in 2022, economics think thank IMCO suggested three measures to guarantee natgas supply. The first was to carry out studies, the second to build storage facilities and the third to update storage policies.

"The country has only 2.4 days of natural gas storage in three facilities [but in LNG tanks]. This figure is below the average storage days of countries such as Austria (318.3), France (98.8), Italy (93.8) or Spain (34.2)," IMCO said.

The first project

Asked about the possibility that Cenagas could launch a tender next year for the first storage facility designed for natural gas, in the conventional Brasil field of the Burgos basin in northeast state Tamaulipas, Monroy told BNamericas that the work “is urgent.”

According to media reports, Mexican authorities are working on studies to launch the tender. While details are yet to be revealed, Cenagas has projected potential storage capacity of 495 billion cubic feet.

At the Brasil field, Tamaulipas energy development minister José Ramón Silva Arizabalo told news site Energía a Debate in recent days that state authorities are seeking to create a hub of energy projects, known as VolTam. However, federal power company CFE, which was expected to be the state government’s key partner, has not decided on the program’s model, nor has it assigned resources to begin the work.
👍️ 5
..I think he fibs a lot...This trait has moved the stock...
Macod Macod 2 weeks ago
Understood, but it won't move the share price is my point and really my only concern
👍️ 1 💩 1 💯 1 🤡 1
kaeamrjs kaeamrjs 2 weeks ago
I find the ceo staying current on his fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders a little more than noise
shajandr shajandr 2 weeks ago
With Mexico acting, everything else is still just noise
Macod Macod 2 weeks ago
Without Mexico acting, everything else is just noise

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