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Liquidmetal Technologies Inc (QB)

Liquidmetal Technologies Inc (QB) (LQMT)

Closed April 24 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.06 Day's Range 0.067
0.031 52 Week Range 0.0785
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 8,500
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Liquidmetal Technologies Inc (QB)

Chemicals & Allied Products
Chemicals & Allied Products
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Liquidmetal Technologies Inc (QB) is listed in the Chemicals & Allied Products sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker LQMT. The last closing price for Liquidmetal Technologies (QB) was $0.06. Over the last year, Liquidmetal Technologies (QB) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.031 to $ 0.0785.

Liquidmetal Technologies (QB) currently has 917,285,149 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Liquidmetal Technologies (QB) is $55.04 million. Liquidmetal Technologies (QB) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -27.27.

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LQMT Discussion

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Researchfyi Researchfyi 1 hour ago
Trading anemic volumes returning to pre March CC.

Not a good indicator of good things to happen imminently. The SP always rises rapidly and usually walks back slowly unless new news is released by LQMT via a PR, a filed document or a website updated blog. That being the case. LQMT can be expected to slow walk all the way back down into the 0.04’s again and even the 0.03’s again too.

Nothing is out of reach for LQMT, be it up or down. So hang on to your shares. It’s like riding a Mechanical Bull Ride in very slow motion, where only those who hang on long enough get to depart with their shares, when they pass on to receive their heavenly reward as some unfortunately have.

Good luck to all in LQMT.
Wish TC luck.
Come on TC, I’m getting tired of riding the Bull (Shit.) it’s time for me to hang up my spurs.
28 months and you got nothing to show for it. A damn shame Imo. Is that a Bull🥩steak I smell on the grill? Yippee 😋🍴share price is going up.
Researchfyi Researchfyi 6 hours ago
You raise an accurate point based on the expansion of financials in amorphous metals abroad and the contractions of LQMT’s bottom line owned and operated by the same individual over the exact same period of time.

Contracts with whales abroad. millions in investing in plant space and equipment. None here. Only rent. No new contracts going into 28 months. Same owner.

That is SUM impression. Pun intended.

Good luck to you.
iateclube iateclube 6 hours ago
It is no secret that I have the ongoing impression that the success of LQMT Valencia and its general shareholders, is not necessarily the primary objective here. The published financials would seem to support that. I wish it was not so.
Almosthere Almosthere 10 hours ago
The conspiracy theorists are out again today. China conspiracy, Apple conspiracy, etc.

It’s like they find a conspiracy affecting Lqmt under every rock.

These conspiracy theories have been spun here for a decade now. The gullable bite right in and follow along.

Investors should beware as these theories have not an iota of grounding in facts, but as fiction they have derailed many who bought in hook, line and sinker.

Good luck to all and even to the conspiracy theorists and the broken records!
taggingalong taggingalong 11 hours ago
It is hilarious how anxious and happy the bashers are for something they can try to use to create sellers... And they spend soooooooooooooooooo much time at it. It is literally a full time job for them and think about the other stocks they also working each day... What a way to earn a living.... Professional bashers and they must work in groups like a pack of wolves to have the greatest effect..... What a way to spend a life..
Researchfyi Researchfyi 11 hours ago
Guess that officially confirms what many invested in LQMT already knew beginning in 2016.

What took Wray so long to get the word out. This has been going on for over two decades. No, make that at least seven decades with foreign countries and forever domestically. The difference domestically its called competition. Beyond our borders it is called espionage/spying.

Good luck to you.
iateclube iateclube 15 hours ago
"You could close your eyes and pull an industry or sector out of a hat and, chances are, Beijing has targeted it," Wray said. "The PRC is engaged in the largest and most sophisticated theft of intellectual property and expertise in the history of the world, leveraging its most powerful weapons, starting with cyber."

Christopher Wray
👍️ 1
Monroe1 Monroe1 2 days ago
I call on Chairman Xi and LQMT to endorse this company as a token of goodwill and advancement of the free human spirit.
Monroe1 Monroe1 2 days ago
Couldn't have said it better overall except to add the difficulty of navigating the political tangles especially as to China during an epoch where the future direction of the immediate struggle for power over the markets, physical assets, finances, and dominant currency hangs in balance. Given these conditions I say the company has done well to survive. Funny how bashers arrive when a company is in the midst of a turnaround.
👍️ 1
Researchfyi Researchfyi 2 days ago
Without a little more buying volume it looks like LQMT is headed again into the 0.05’s.

Of course a few LQMT blog updates from time to time on any business endeavors would help keep the share price in the 0.06’s or 0.07’s.

From historical behavior regarding blog updates I don’t expect that to happen. Not with LL in control.

Not only was LL able to shut down the power upgrade and IMO, able to prevent domestic expansion with equipment to fulfill new orders. He managed (under the guise of slowing down cash burn,) transferring all domestic production to China, where their companies seem not to be having difficulty in finding a whale or two or three. He has also managed to put a muzzle on who is left at LF CA.

The silence says it all. Be quiet or leave. Many have left or were shown the exit door. Kind of makes sense. It could be either a cultural thing or just a characteristic trait on how business is done in China. Either way, it is obviously not what investors here in the USA are used to.

So if you plan on rolling the dice from your DD. Keep in mind there are no fluff PR’s from LQMT in a long long long time. Unless LQMT is required to release information, they do not. It cuts down on the spin and BS from market gurus who know less than you do. It doesn’t cut down on individual speculation theories hype or FOMO.

Good luck to all in LQMT.
Wish TC luck.
Would be nice if LQMT bought 10% of its stock back about $6 million with their own assets.
That would increase shareholder value a little and without any new revenues from part sales. The base value would be up a half penny. The speculation and hype imo, at that point would be worth a lot more.
As always my opinions are always worth less than the price of a LQMT share.
taggingalong taggingalong 4 days ago
What does it matter ???... This is not about Watts ... I know he would like it to be but it is essentially about something he has nothing to do with...
👍️ 1
Almosthere Almosthere 4 days ago
Why. He is not missing anything important. Maybe you appreciate grumpy, frustrated old men who lost a boatload of money, and can't get past it. But most don't give a cr*p.
👍️ 1
bobroo bobroo 4 days ago
Once do not know the history of Watts and this board.

I wish you did.
👍️ 1
taggingalong taggingalong 4 days ago
I am not shifting responsibility away from LQMT.... I am simply being realistic as to expectations when others are making an effort to pioneer new Multi-Billion Dollar or even Trillion Dollar Industries... When is the last time you did that ?? So what do youhave in your chest drawers of accomplishments that you can out your money where your mouth is.... You and others who constantly bash don't have a clue and certainly do not have any perspective whatsoever upon which you can be in a position to bash becasue the bottom line is that you don't know that you don't know that you don't know and you should try to get educated before you take the bashing so far... There is zillions of variable and yes the early adopters are oftentimes and almost always a huge reason for delays, mismanagement, redo's, misinformation, lousy forecasting etc..... Other new materials customarily take many decades so why is it that you feel this should be different...? Those who keep their mouth shut about things usually are the ones that are super confident they will produce and therefore they don't need to blow a lot of smoke becasue they know or feel super confident that they will have the last word..... I would say LQMT management and personnel is using their time a lot wiser than the way you and Research and others use theirs.. That is a super easy observation...
👍️ 1 💩 1
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 days ago
What a crock. All you do is shift responsibility away from liquidmetal management to past and prospective customers.

Do you honestly believe that it was the fault of Samsung, Verizon, Nokia and Motorola to drop and not continue the purchases of liquidmetal for components in their products?

Or was it because Lqmt MGMT repeatedly failed to follow through with new customers and make them long term accounts.

Why do you think lqmt reputation sucks in the metallurgical industry? A failure to perform. A failure to address mistakes. A continued record of falling short on their assurances and commitments to prospects and clients. In short, incompetence at the highest levels of management. Don't forget, tony Chung has been with lqmt since 2004. He long since risen to his level of incompetency. He is in way over his head. A glorified bean counter should never have been elevated to this position. What is needed and always has been lacking is a manufacturing executive who knows metallurgy. You simply are a Johnny come lately who just doesn't t understand principles of doing things right the first time instead of abandoning solid customers and chasing after small potato novitiates who can't pay their way.
chipboarder chipboarder 5 days ago
I’m thinking that it’s all AI generated because I can’t imagine anyone devoting so much of their life on that drivel.

The part about 40 words or less was deleted.
taggingalong taggingalong 5 days ago
Again..... this is nonsense for a company such as LQMT until you start seeing the Early Adopters start stepping up to the Plate.... and there are just as many reasons the fault lies with the Buyers as there is with the Suppliers .......but that is the process and growing pains of innovation and getting things to sync up to big global adoption is not a perfect science and nobody has the combination becasue there is just way too many variables.... So your Another Week Passes is just a bunch of Hocus Pocus as it relates to companies such as LQMT and it serves no purpose until the Early Adopters begin to get serious with Orders... And the delays could have zero to do with LQMT and everything to do with the buyers indecision on priorities, capabilities, even very tiny refinements of 'this or that' ......... until finally a whale or two pulls the trigger on some significant orders ..... then it is off to the races... The long delays in progress can also be attributed to the screw-ups and mismanagement of the Buyers and their flip-flopping around on top priotities and the back and forth on their wish list etc...
Researchfyi Researchfyi 5 days ago
That’s a lot of prototypes too that can generate both revenues and operating costs.

Maybe Demo the Martin guitar and send their 20 sales reps to the companies with the highest product sales first.
👍️ 2
Monroe1 Monroe1 5 days ago
My gosh that's a bunch of strings. Who would have thunk it?
Researchfyi Researchfyi 5 days ago
Another week passes and LQMT’s share price is down 8.27% from 0.0689 cents to 0.0632 cents on extremely weak trading volumes and little interest. The same when LQMT moves up or down.

LQMT is now into its 27th month without a new contract announcement for the order of parts and about to go into its 28th month next week.

Since the first trading day in January 03, of 2024, to April 19th, how many days has LQMT closed in the 0.07’s? 5, 10, 15 or 20 days?

No peeking….

Answer: 5 days.

Same question for last year 2023.

Since the first trading day in January 2023, to April 19th, how many days has LQMT closed in the 0.07’s? 5, 10, 15 or 20 days?

Hint: it is not 5, 10, or 15 days.

Answer: 20 days
Source: Nasdaq.

The questions and answers are very similar to the questions political parties or economist ask. Are you doing better this year than last year? Are you better off? Is your LQMT portfolio better off?

However with LQMT, unlike actual factual data with the economy and crime, things get sort of skewed by the rhetoric and feelings on LQMT, rather than the facts. Although there were more trading days where the share price closed higher in the 0.07’s a year ago during the same time frame as this year. People feel more optimistic this year, More upbeat and with higher expectations.

However, Factually, LQMT is not doing any better. Factually LQMT is not doing any worse either. For the share price of LQMT is doing just about the same this year as it was doing last year. Both the interest, liquidity and trading volumes are still anemic. The difference. Instead of LQMT heading into its 15th month of no new contract announcements from new customers in 2023. This year LQMT, is heading into its 28 month of no new contract announcements in 2024, with added stock options for executives and another new partnership.

The difference this year is the feeling that something good, something different, something positive will happen this year or is expected to happen this year for several good reasons. A few of those reasons for increasing expectations (mine as well) were the comments made by TC in March.

And when you look at the last fact of positive expectations, you have to say to yourself; isn’t this the way I/we have been feeling since I/we rolled the dice in LQMT every year and the dice keeps bouncing off the table? Only to be rolled and bet on again and again an again?

Answer: Yes

Keep in mind if anyone expects LQMT to break even by the end of this year, either operating costs have to be reduced by $2 million dollars or income from all sources have to be increased by $2 million dollars. Or a combination of reducing one and increasing the other. From what I have observed it would be very difficult to reduce the operating costs based on the fact, they have already been cut back and inflation makes it more difficult to do so. It is also going to be very difficult to increase the interest earned on investments and rent. That leaves increasing income from fees and part orders. My bet is on the expectations of increasing part orders and fees.

Increasing income from rent or income from investments does nothing for increasing shareholder value, meaning the share price. (It does though, increase the possibility for LQMT to be a Going Concern for years to come.)

Increasing revenue from fees and part sales does maintain and or increase shareholder value, and would attract new interest to take the daily trading volumes off of life support. Increasing liquidity would also increase trading volatility. Increasing volatility would increase rumors, theories and hype giving it more of a role to increase the share price. It then feeds upon itself until the price rises to a level that can no longer be supported by actual income from all sources. Like what happened in 2017, 2018 etc.

Most folks get the stock options and get the partnerships and get the 33% increase in revenue sum, although big, is still minuscule and get the rose colored painted Conference Call by TC for this year.

What some folks don’t get (some do) are fundamentals of the company have not changed and are factually supported by how LQMT actually trades every day without hype, rumors, expectations or pumping having any impact. For if expectations could move the share price, LQMT should be trading around $4 or $5 dollars a share by now, with volumes in the tens of millions. Or at least 0.50 cents a share.

And whether you feel LQMT will do it this year or maybe not. I do believe all know by now that it is going to take more than just a good feeling about the stock to move it up to $4 or $5 dollars a share.

All know, It is going to take contracts, contracts, contracts. Are you there TC? Believe it or not, Just about one third, 33% of this year is over. Time to take off the John Lennon glasses. Imo, outside shareholders are looking for a green colored portfolio and not a rosy red one at the end of this year. I can see it now, LQMT announces a medical contract and another one with license fees and possibly another agreement.

Don’t let the giddy feelings get to you. The fact is LQMT, is trading around the same share price this year as it did last year for the same time period, despite all of the positive hoopla. And why? Because nothing really has changed, nothing new by way of increasing real revenues has happened from any announced new reoccurring contracts. Only increased future possibilities as expressed by TC and interpreted by outsiders posting around the www.

Imo, I don’t think LQMT is a scam nor is it a shell company. Neither is it doing anything that have resulted in growing revenues quarterly as it once did many, many, many moons ago as stated in their 10K’s from the Samsung, San Disk days and government requests via grants.

There is nothing Big happening and there are no links to directly connect LQMT with any theories out there, where by LQMT is going to receive $$$$$. Do you think LQMT would be trading under a dime if they were true or probable. Even concluding that some of those theories were possible would be a far stretch of the imagination.

It is a fact that other companies are claiming to be selling amorphous metal parts and at least five of the companies incorporating Liquid Metal (big or small) are in fact purchasing parts made with LQMT’s amorphous metal IP from Yihao, Liquidmetal’s manufacturing partner. If you don’t know this, you truly are not doing your DD. And if you need a link to that last fact, you might want to rethink about why you bought LQMT shares in the first place. Other than that, if you don’t understand this paragraph, then just hold onto those shares and wait for the day of the big payoff happening or not and forget about opinions pro or con.

It is always good to know what is going on in the world of Liquidmetal imo, and what is not going on in the world of Liquidmetal. In fact there are at least three mega companies out there using a hinge made out of amorphous metals. One of them verifiably using LQMT’s Liquidmetal. Yet there will be no income received. Samsung uses an amorphous metal hinge. Thier phones are sold here. Yet there will be no income received.

The $$$$ received from these parts are unverifiable from each customer here or abroad, and I don’t mean just China. Although $$$$$$ millions are being claimed, from amorphous metal sales, there does not appear to be any one manufacturing company claiming a profit yet from this material, as far as I know. However they are expanding their investment in manufacturing capacity, always a good indication for more demand.

One invested in the amorphous metal world would have to be totally oblivious not to know millions are earned every year and millions more will be in the future from increasing amorphous metal demand. You don’t have to wait years for veins of gold in the world of amorphous metal to be struck. It’s already here.

More importantly. Even if one could verify the global $$$$$$, it would mean nothing for it is much easier to verify the portion (the slice) that LQMT is receiving. What is even more astounding or disappointing is, although amorphous metal use and $$$$$ monies earned have grown around the world over the past decade. With more growth on the way. The portion that LQMT has received from this growth has not! In fact, LQMT, now earns less from part sales today than they earned from well over a decade ago! (And back then there were no rental incomes or large interest on investments reported to offset all operational costs on a 10K.)

Sounds crazy? Well yes, but it is a fact! Or to putting it another way; Proportionally, the LQMT revenues received from world amorphous metal sales were greater over a decade ago than today. Not only was LQMT reporting more revenues. They had a bigger share of the amorphous metal pie vs the competition.

Another fact is more than half (66%) of their (LQMT’s) gross income, comes from rent and other sources of income as reported in their 10K and not from parts sold. And the revenues from parts sold was reduced (devoured )by nearly 71% by the cost to sell them.

Now these facts are not hidden they are not surprising. TC himself stated and referenced and requested for anyone to read the 10K, when comparing and listening to his outlook, and follow more closely what LQMT is trying to do.

Now does this mean the last 10K is any worse or any better than those prior?

Answer: No! It just means nothing has changed fundamentally.

It’s not called bashing, when reading the risks. It is not called bashing, when the realities of what LQMT has achieved over the years are not in sync with the realities of what people expect them to achieve. It is not bashing to point out these facts and factual expectations in a post and how they realistically differ.

If anyone is still not getting the picture and I suspect it is only a few. Let’s put it this way. If you just listened to the CC last month. Set aside what you think you know. TC says LQMT has cash. TC says LQMT has investments or liquid assets. TC said LQMT might be near to breaking even by the end of this year.

Now if LQMT were as optimistic or giddy as some investors seem to be. Don’t you think if something big was going to happen, that LQMT would take some of those assets and cash and buy an investment in their own stock, their own company as TC did last November? If they did that, they could earn potentially a 300% return on their investment too. Thus potentially increasing the share price to at least 0.50 cents a share.

Seems like no matter what is really going on with LQMT, the culture and the mindset for just a few are; Never let reality get in the way of a good theory, a good hype, a good rumor.

But don’t take my word for it or any of my opinions, as everyone knows, they are always worth less than the price of a LQMT share.

To sum it up. The bottom line is simply this: if LQMT can break even or come close to it this year. What do you think the minimum share price will be? If LQMT can raise revenues $2 million dollars or near it. What do you think the minimum share price will be?

0.10, 0.15, 0.25, 0.30.

No peeking…

My answer: 0.25 cents.

My answer would be 0.25 cents as the base price. Factor in hype, rumor, theories and pumping and the share price can go much, much higher. Sort of like what happened in 2017 only higher.

My bet is on two factors.Two executives of the company who own shares and revenues expected to increase. One reality and one variable.

If you are in LQMT, do your own DD and decide for yourself. I never offer investment advice. Read the 10k, there are absolutely no guarantees. This year does appear to look better than the year before and for good reasons.

Perhaps in 2025 or 2026 LQMT might succeed and if they ever do make it in 2024, all in it will be very thankful and glad that they did.

FOMO lives and is probably the main reason why anyone holds on regardless of any other opinion at this time. Not wanting to take a loss at this point may be another.

I try to present a balanced view based on the facts not on the emotions of anyone hyping or bashing LQMT. I believe I nailed it correctly. This board has had it correct past and present from potential to expectations to hope to FOMO, to opinions both pro and con. There is no ccp here, where there might be in using another venue to share information. As in be positive or leave.

Trading volumes seem to be tapering off again. The pps appears to be heading south again as predicted by what happens with the lack of contract progress updates impacting on both interest and buying volume.

Again, my opinions are always worth less than the price of a LQMT share.

Good luck to all in LQMT
Wish TC luck.
245 days to hit 0.25 cents minimum.
And all TC & Co., have to do, is secure about a 2/10ths. slice of 1% of the world’s pie of amorphous metal/bulk metal glass sales to accomplish it.
chipboarder chipboarder 5 days ago
Earnings Report….In 2023 we reported the Q1 results on 5/5 which happened to be the first Friday in May. This year the first Friday is 5/3 so I’m thinking that may be too early. My guess is Tuesday May 7.
👍️ 1
Researchfyi Researchfyi 5 days ago
A lot of Liquidmetal.There are over 400 stringed instruments around the world. Here are the more known ones.

Appalachian dulcimer
Bajo quinto/sexto
Bass guitar
Bulbul tarang
Chapman stick
Classical kemancha
Double bass
Guitarra baiana
Guitarra de golpe
Guitarrón chileno
Guitarrón cuyano
Hammered dulcimer
Hatun charango
Hurdy gurdy
Lap steel guitar
Ranka charango
That’s a lot of Liquidmetal. I only recognized 13 of this list.
Monroe1 Monroe1 5 days ago
May well be most all string instruments could see some quality enhancements. That's a fairly sizeable market. Who knows, perhaps better resonance would come from wind instruments as well, especially the mouth pieces on horns.
👍️ 1
Watts Watt Watts Watt 6 days ago
👍️ 1 💩 1 🖕 1
okpj okpj 6 days ago
What do you think about strings for an acoustic bass guitar? I think I read a patent on BMG guitar strings at one point.

Boy, that is a real good question. I am not sure I have any idea. I do think the cost would be prohibitive and strings do need to be changed regularly. I can't seem to analyze or conclude how BMG strings would have value per se to the sound, the mechanics, or the guitarist.

chipboarder chipboarder 6 days ago
Thank you for that explanation…I never had an appreciation for the differences.
thoand thoand 6 days ago
What do you think about strings for an acoustic bass guitar? I think I read a patent on BMG guitar strings at one point.
👍️ 1
okpj okpj 6 days ago
If LiquidMetal components can improve the sound of a guitar….why can’t this application be incorporated into a piano?

Guitar strings are strung across a piece of bone, or plastic, before being connected to the guitar via the bridge. The thought with liquid metal, LM, is that some of the vibration and resonance "loss", if any, can be enhanced by allowing the liquid metal bridge pins to absorb LESS of that "lost" resonance and vibration, thereby making the volume greater.

Piano strings are wound around a metal piece that is directly connected to the sound board on the piano, where is there is no sound "board" on a guitar. Piano's per se, do not necessarily have to be "louder" where as increased volume on a guitar can be taken advantage of by the person playing the guitar.

I don't know if that makes any sense to non guitarists, but I don't see any great value in replacing anything in a piano contacting the string with a liquid metal component.

👍️ 1
CantonG CantonG 6 days ago
If LQMT had anything to do with that Defense contract, don't you think all employees would be buying stock every week? It's so secret, no one knows it exists. LOL!
👍️ 1
chipboarder chipboarder 6 days ago
If LiquidMetal components can improve the sound of a guitar….why can’t this application be incorporated into a piano?
I’m still waiting for LL to develop an extrusion process for LiquidMetal to make musical strings/wire. The trick is the cooling and maintaining a vacuum above the extrusion head.

When one thinks of glass reinforced polyester (boats and cars) the fiberglass enhances the properties of the resin to impart desirable physical characteristics. What would happen if someone added fiberglass or graphite nanotubes to the amorphous metal mix prior to moulding? These materials melt far above the AM and would act as a reinforcing filler in the system ….Hmmm
👍️ 2
Garyedward71 Garyedward71 7 days ago
Oh yeah!!! Rumor has it they're going to rebuild the whole bridge out of lqmt. That way those pesky run away boats will just bounce off.
taggingalong taggingalong 1 week ago
If true and it is something that becomes significant .... Word will get out through the Grapevine via General Public one way or another at some point in time ....
👍️ 1
Boilingman Boilingman 1 week ago
From Chipboarder:

"I heard that US air defenses destroyed Iranian drones using a LiquidMetal Laser cannon placed in a high orbit. The super-secret project included a NDA that prevents revenue reporting."

I want things to be "big" as much as anything else...but if we're part of this liquidmetal laser cannon, and can't report is this going to affect our PPS. An NDA would also prevent disclosure. What am I missing here?
Treshold Treshold 1 week ago
This is Big!!!
Researchfyi Researchfyi 1 week ago
The MM’s only sell shares to serious investors.
Almosthere Almosthere 1 week ago
Nope. Wrong again. Still haven’t been able to purchase at my buy price. Where are those millions you claim mm’s will sell cheap?
Researchfyi Researchfyi 1 week ago
And what is meant by buying cheap? Anyone can buy two to three million shares tomorrow cheap if they want.

It’s not who or what is selling. There are very few buying. Heck the MM’s will sell you 10, 20, 30 or 100 million shares right now cheap, off market too.
Researchfyi Researchfyi 1 week ago
What do you mean someday? Isn’t he working today? 🤔 its 4:11pm
BigSky78 BigSky78 1 week ago
Weak bit€£s, quit selling just because someone try’s to buy to cheap, hold strong people, TC may do his job someday.
👍️ 1
Monroe1 Monroe1 1 week ago
Interesting the connections that are going to serve us well and bring more attention to the industry as a whole. I had forgotten about Eutectix buying up MolyCorp.... which is how I originally connected with LQMT. I made some good coin trading Moly and even worked for them underground many moons ago.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 1 week ago
It has no relationship at all. Poster has conflated gallium with zirconium BMG, a very common novitiate mistake.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 1 week ago
Please go back to your surgical rooms.
👍️ 1
Watts Watt Watts Watt 1 week ago
You really are full of it
Researchfyi Researchfyi 1 week ago
Another company that may be involved…
👍️ 1
Researchfyi Researchfyi 1 week ago
The article is old the progress & partnership is new. Check out the author a former LQMT R&D employee and current Founder & Scientific Consultant of Amorphology Inc.

Besides I am sure many LQMT investors and many LQMT dice rollers have not read it nor researched the added links.

It’s all about Liquidmetal/BMG.

And the potential/possibility for licensing fees are very good.

Tests in space have been conducted on Liquidmetal/BMG at least since 1994. Including vitreloy 106.

This metal enhanced today is also in use by Eutectix a idle partner of LQMT.

Yes there is a lot going on all over the world….

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Monroe1 Monroe1 1 week ago
It may not for all I know except the article points to uses of liquid metal in chemistry. The technology surrounding liquid metal and amorphous metal is growing rapidly. Who knows what new applications are going to surface especially should AI be applied. I think it is all quite exciting.
Metal Jockey Metal Jockey 1 week ago
How does this relate to amorphous metal?
Monroe1 Monroe1 1 week ago
Just scratching the surface.
Monroe1 Monroe1 1 week ago
Perhaps this was posted before. It shows a replacement for ball bearings. In any case, the market for LM is just in it's infancy and definitely is catching on.

We get so caught up in the many scams here in the otc and that numbness that results can also impede our better judgement. When a good idea comes along that presents an opportunity we must look beyond the plethora of negativity. Honest dissection is helpful, but only when done with honest intentions sans the hidden agendas.

In any case, I personally prefer being an optimist and a realist as in Reagan's view of trusting but verifying. [From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the Arrow episode, see Trust But Verify.

Trust, but verify (Russian: ???????, ?? ????????, tr. doveryay, no proveryay, IPA: [d?v??'r?æj no pr?v??'r?æj]) is a Russian proverb, which is rhyming in Russian. The phrase became internationally known in English after Suzanne Massie, a scholar of Russian history, taught it to Ronald Reagan, then president of the United States, the latter of whom used it on several occasions in the context of nuclear disarmament discussions with the Soviet Union.]

Another Russian proverb I like and used in those talks pretty much describes where we are now with LQMT : While Reagan quoted Russian proverbs, Gorbachev quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson, who had been popular in the USSR when Gorbachev was in college, saying that "the reward of a thing well done is to have done it."
Researchfyi Researchfyi 2 weeks ago
Could be Lockheed Martin.

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