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Intergrated Cannabis Solutions Inc (PK)

Intergrated Cannabis Solutions Inc (PK) (IGPK)

Closed February 25 04:00PM

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Current Price
0.0082 Day's Range 0.01
0.0004 52 Week Range 0.0133
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Average Volume (3m)
Financial Volume
$ 226,544

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No news to show yet.
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IGPK Discussion

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Starlost Starlost 52 seconds ago
You're right, Peter is quite frantic.
Prettyboy666 Prettyboy666 2 minutes ago
This could very likely be the week ladies & gentlemen 💪💚
👍️ 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 23 minutes ago
True, that's why I am prepared to buy strength at .0101 if it gets there, for now though momo is on the downside to .0052 imo, GL
Serpico2005 Serpico2005 26 minutes ago
Any material news trumps any chart, IMO
Wow, you put a lot of time and effort into that. I will say that… For those have been around a while I think we understand why …it has nothing to do with the truth. It has to do with your own practices in trading… I will say that you guys are good. You’ve made this go up and down many times. Eventually we’ll get the news and say goodbye to you once again and I’m looking forward to that day hopefully this coming week otherwise I’ll take advantage of your efforts and get some cheapies if I can. $IGPK
👍️ 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 36 minutes ago
All OTC's are scams in my book, but they can run like the wind and make you rich! So I buy on the news, sell on the chart! It's made me a rich man!
👎️ 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 39 minutes ago
That's the news that ran this to .0133, now reality is settin in and chart tells the truth, it says new trading range is .0052 support, and .01 resistance
Chartmaster Chartmaster 41 minutes ago
Umm, except for the chart maybe? Or the 80mill share dilution by either IGPK or JFH Digital? Lol!
Double DD Double DD 1 hour ago
Fuel for the fire!! Igpk
🤡 1
The Whale The Whale 1 hour ago
It's even worse than that, CM. Now all shareholders need to ask the question: Who moved (diluted) 80 MILLION shares from the restricted to the unrestricted (retail float). We already know the Chinese still have no OTCIQ access and never will. So that leaves only one suspect: Gene Caiazzo. Yes. Caiazzo is the only one who could have ordered that as the Chinese have not made an appearance on this scam ticker $IGPK and never will. Caiazzo is still in charge because the Chinese have never been granted OTCIQ access by FINRA. And I already have contacted the Nevada SOS about that officer filing. It was sent from Caiazzo and not from China!!!

And to the 🤡 on Twitter who says $IGPK is going up because over 300 MILLION shares traded. LMAO...that 300 MILLION was Caiazzo and Dwyer dumping their shares. 🙃🙃🙃 Go read the filings. The Pumpers are lying to you. Caiazzo and Dwyer are most certainly still involved here. They have (or had) 350 MILLION common shares before this Chinese Fortune Cookie scam went into effect in November of 2023.

Look Folks, just read the filings. I don't want your shares. All of my posts speak the facts. The Expert Market/Caveat Emptor are coming. ☠☠☠ You can't stop it. I have been trading a long time. I know the drill. iHub's top traders are not here for a reason:

$IGPK is a scam!!!

It is not too late to get out. People like Link Vest and Maga Patriot are trapped. They bought into this scam at .0117 and now need someone to buy their shares so they can escape. But no one will ever buy their shares because this scam has been exposed and is heading to triple zeros.

In summary, I wish all of you a Blessed Sunday. One of my followers is having a baby shower today that I will be attending later this afternoon.



Papalaka Papalaka 1 hour ago
Serpico2005 Serpico2005 2 hours ago
I guess we will see what happens this week but l have my doubts it go down there. All eyes on this one now and people want a piece of a 70 Billion dollar company.
Legster1969 Legster1969 2 hours ago
No reason to go to .0052. At all.
Papalaka Papalaka 3 hours ago
Yep, and in the meantime Lost Star is over there pumping some bloated POS where the CEO just dumped 600 million shares the day they went Pink Current. Bu but but this one is a scam, lol, can’t make this up!
👍️ 2
Chartmaster Chartmaster 3 hours ago
MOMO and FOMO already took this to .0133, now it's time for a break, a reset to .0052 imo
dreamaker56 dreamaker56 4 hours ago
Ihub has their own agenda. I have other tickers that are constantly having posts removed for even the slightest attack on someone. IGPK seems everything goes. Makes no sense.
Fai 2 Fai 2 4 hours ago
Badali 24 posts in 24 hours mostly with links, attorney letters, etc.. and is a shareholder

PeterPenny 44 posts bashing and how great he is (lol) a non-shareholder.

It's very normal for a shareholder like Baladi to cheerlead for the ticker he owns shares.

It's not NORMAL like Peter P not to own shares and spam the board.

Why didn't you call Peter out? Birds of a feather flock together?
👍️ 3 🧐 1
Double DD Double DD 4 hours ago
Prob explains why business at ihub has fallen off the cliff!! Igpk
dreamaker56 dreamaker56 5 hours ago
I stopped reading this board a while ago. I'll check on it every now and then but honestly the misinformation is brutal and out right lies.
Double DD Double DD 5 hours ago
Steel hands and Conviction win the race!! Igpk for the Big "W"
👍️ 2 🤗 1
upper11 upper11 5 hours ago
This board is misinformation central
upper11 upper11 6 hours ago
I’ve probably parked there at some point
You don’t really have a choice if it’s summer time
Nice gig
Jaxon2010 Jaxon2010 6 hours ago
Victor’s park & lock between Hamilton & Franklin across from Lucky Leo’s arcade!
Jaxon2010 Jaxon2010 6 hours ago
Wasn’t bad for such a big event. $30 for the day.

Could easily get $50 but it’s a charity event so we try to make it reasonable.

A few small lots run by assholes had 40&$50.

I’m there all summer and want these people back!

Have a couple big concerts on the beach this summer they will be $50 (-:
upper11 upper11 7 hours ago
Ive been there a lot
That’s stupid money for parking cars I’m sure
Badali Badali 8 hours ago
$IGPK now and future trends for E-commerce Industry.

$IGPK now and future trends for E-commerce Industry.— TheStockGuru (@Austria_9999) February 25, 2024
👍️ 2
TrendTrade2016 TrendTrade2016 8 hours ago
if you chased say good bye to your money...u will never see those prices again!
TrendTrade2016 TrendTrade2016 8 hours ago
next stop and learn
boston127 boston127 12 hours ago
Thanks for the good DD and reminding

us why we are here. I have my doubts, but am hanging around in case this is legit.
boston127 boston127 12 hours ago
Is e-commerce marketing a scam?

Here is another multi level chain marketing scam, now it is called ‘e-commerce’ business. Few days back I was introduced to a virtual e-commerce business model by one of my friends. This was really an interesting meeting and I want to share this with you.

So here is what actually happened – one of my friends called me over the weekend to meet as he was coming from Delhi. I thought lets meet this friend of mine as we haven’t seen each other for more than a year now. We decided to meet in CCD. When I reached there, my friend was already there waiting for me and there was another guy who was so called “his senior”. Conversation started by saying Hi-Hello and this “senior guy” asked me about my background like – my qualification, current and past jobs, my family background etc (like I had come for an interview!). Then some emotional tricks like do I trust my friend (who has called me to CCD)?

Actual pitch started by giving me some background about how rich people (like Robert Kiyosaki, Dhirubhai Ambani, Narayana Murthy etc) have made money. Their ability to take risks, thinking differently, believing in “why” and not “how” and showing all the negative things about an “Employee” and by showing how much money I’ll ever make in entire life by doing a 9-5 job!! I’m sure this guy had good presentation skills and whatever he said made sense!

Then he claimed that he’s looking for some business partners for a golden opportunity and I should be part of this without losing any further time. This opportunity will transform me from an Employee to a businessman and I’ll be making up-to 5 crores a year within a span of 3-4 years. Now he asked whether I am interested in this or not! Obviously! Who doesn’t want to earn crores! Then he explained me the parameters to be eligible for this opportunity and asked me to join this e-commerce business by paying anything within 2-8 lacs. He insisted on paying this money immediately if not 2 then at least by paying 1 lac. Even these guys insisted that I can pay this amount by using my credit card and convert it to EMIs.

Wooh! How can I pay someone 1 lac rupees for an e-commerce business which I don’t know! And this smart guy didn’t even tell me how this system works saying employees asks “How” and businessmen ask “WHY” so come out of employee mentality! I was able to come out of this trap as I really didn’t have money at that point of time.

I have already been a victim of such scam in the past for a company called Quest Net which dealt with numismatic materials instead of ecommerce! What I concluded from my past experience is that – These guys will show you the dream of getting big money (as they have been shown by their seniors). Their seniors left there high paying jobs to get into this MLM business and they own BWM now. They are invited to Malaysia to capture the Malaysian market (sounds crazy!) and I know some of them are true. Beauty of this business is that, once you join this you are left with no other option but to praise this and convince others to join beneath you! :)
boston127 boston127 12 hours ago
Is this our Wang Dejun?

This ICIJ database contains information on more than 810,000 offshore entities that are part of the Pandora Papers, Paradise Papers, Bahamas Leaks, Panama ...
Jaxon2010 Jaxon2010 16 hours ago
You’re not kidding!

Used to get in from partying on the boardwalk 3 am open the lot by 8

Now I couldn’t open by 8 pm the next day! Lmfao
linkvest linkvest 16 hours ago
Although the older we get the harder and longer it takes lol...Still fun though. Have a great weekend my man....
Jaxon2010 Jaxon2010 16 hours ago
Yeah it’s a tuff gig!

Lucky I lived through those days! Lolzzzz
linkvest linkvest 16 hours ago
LOL.. I remember you spending the summers down there looking at all the bikini girls. Rough life lol.
Jaxon2010 Jaxon2010 16 hours ago
I own a parking lot there. I was there to make money.

Take at least one bottle of Johnnie walker red to get my ass in 40 degree water!

Most get drunk in the lot before hand lolzzzzz
👍️ 1
linkvest linkvest 16 hours ago
I don't see you out there Jaxon... I don't think there is enough money in the world for me to do that LOL...
Jaxon2010 Jaxon2010 16 hours ago
8 looks like support to me

Last 17 trading days broke below 8 six times only to close above. Couldn’t push it below 82 yesterday.

One thing I know for sure is they’re having a hard time finding sellers. A flush like that should do 40-50 mil and they got 26! Lolzzz

BBs tightening up rather nicely (-;
Jaxon2010 Jaxon2010 16 hours ago
Just got home.

$2200 day in the parking lot!
👍️ 1
Prettyboy666 Prettyboy666 17 hours ago
Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Remember ignore the bashers, they have no merit. IGPK is going to change lives 💪💚
👍️ 3
Jp_SHMP Jp_SHMP 17 hours ago
People that sold friday are paying more monday ... scare tactic does not work here $igpk

Any sparkle of info and 🤑
👍️ 1
Serpico2005 Serpico2005 17 hours ago
I think the MOMO and FOMO are too strong here and we never see .0051 again every penny player wants a piece of a 70 Billion Dollar company that can end up creating more millionaires.
👍️ 1
Badali Badali 18 hours ago
Desperate to cover the short sellings !!!!!
Alway do your own DD and invest after you confirm your investment is secure.

Desperate to cover the short sellings !!!!!
Alway do your own DD and invest after you confirm your investment is secure.— TheStockGuru (@Austria_9999) February 23, 2024
👍️ 1
Chartmaster Chartmaster 18 hours ago
Agreed, but momentum is down now, shown by the stochastics, the money couldn't stop this from breaking under .01 Friday, now we have a new trading range, .01 now resistance, and .0052 now support, simple pinball method Lol!
💩 1 🖕 1 🤡 1
Starlost Starlost 18 hours ago
Holy crap! Someone is spamming and working hard on the weekend!!

Pumper clowns unite!!


Take a break dude, and enjoy the weekend. These posts really don't help much.

Nothing is going to happen now until the incoming company makes a statement, or there is progress with FINRA.
Golf4Food Golf4Food 19 hours ago
Kinda right, but you forgot something. Money and momo trumps everything.
👍️ 1
Golf4Food Golf4Food 19 hours ago
Right?! Reminds me of circa 2012… anyways the IHUB overlords seem to be ready on this one lolzzzz
Golf4Food Golf4Food 19 hours ago
At this point let them market sell so we can get on with it. I am sure VIRT will be there to absorb for next leg anyways.
Jaxon2010 Jaxon2010 19 hours ago
Can’t remember a 3 year suspension! Dam! Got a few months a few times lolzzzzzz
Chartmaster Chartmaster 19 hours ago
It's gonna be tough to get back over .01 from here imo, and stochastics are on a sell wave that will take pps to .0052 is my call...and I'm ready to buy strength here too, if it trades .0101 I'll be buying
💩 1 🖕 1 🤡 1

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