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HQ Global Education Inc (CE)

HQ Global Education Inc (CE) (HQGE)

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HQGE Discussion

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Hi_Lo Hi_Lo 7 hours ago
You're a creep. Stop stalking me on every board I post on about the stock.
Look in the mirror creep. You sure can dish it out but you can't take it.

HQGE is in early development, can easily reach pennies.
LOL!!! It's going the wrong direction, like pretty much all your picks. How are your beloved George Sharp tickers doing? LOL!!! The same as this garbage.

Stop your BS biased nonsense towards me or I will alert Admin of your childish behavior and get you in the jailhouse again

I'm shaking in my boots. LOL!!!

HQGE is Expert Market trash starting to crash because the pump is over.

HQGE will continue falling in price because it's never getting out of Expert Market.
Lime Time Lime Time 11 hours ago
You're a creep. Stop stalking me on every board I post on about the stock. You are clearly motivated by a jealousy hate between the stock winners and losers. You are clearly in the loser crew.

HQGE is in early development, can easily reach pennies. Stop your BS biased nonsense towards me or I will alert Admin of your childish behavior and get you in the jailhouse again for your mental illness behavior.

Stop it.
💩 1 🤡 1
Shawonsarker84 Shawonsarker84 16 hours ago
2.1M volume today! In fact, someone is loading 6s. Very weak bashing 😆
Kjv Kjv 16 hours ago
Well…at 0.003 like you alluded to will be over 1000% gain for me…lol.

You are acting like a clown…zero DD…before disputing. We are waiting for filings…
Hi_Lo Hi_Lo 17 hours ago
The pump is over. Now the dumping begins.

This Expert Market trash will be back to .003 in a few days.

It's a sure sign if Lime Time is here.
Lime Time Lime Time 18 hours ago
.0006 still cheap here. Peeps giving it away for basically free 😆 🤣 😁 😂 😄
💩 1 🤡 1
koolmc koolmc 1 day ago
meant price
koolmc koolmc 2 days ago
not much there, most of those who got shares holding for much higher pries
Lime Time Lime Time 2 days ago
Thinner is the winner 🚀
💩 1 🤡 1
Shawonsarker84 Shawonsarker84 2 days ago
Looks like float is ultra thin!!
Lime Time Lime Time 2 days ago
Peeps getting in early 🚀
💩 1 🤡 1
$treet Trader $treet Trader 2 days ago
HQGE .0007 milly hit, lets go
koolmc koolmc 2 days ago
games they are hiding bids and bs trades like just now
JMoneyHoops JMoneyHoops 2 days ago
Wow hit 7’s already
$treet Trader $treet Trader 2 days ago
Like to see .0008s & .0009s today, then break .001s before EOW
koolmc koolmc 2 days ago
.0007 print
panning4gold panning4gold 2 days ago
HQGE has NEVER had a reverse split and OS was the same the last time it ran to .06! Could definitely do it again, especially since compliance is coming! 💯💯💯
👍️ 1
Kjv Kjv 3 days ago
Who is the moderator of this board? Can you please call this guy to order? This isn’t GVSI board
Hi_Lo Hi_Lo 3 days ago

What a bloated stuck pig in Expert Market and it can't even be traded in the U.S. (for very good reason) unless you have a Canadian brokerage account (which you need a Canadian to open).

This will never get out of Expert Market where it belongs.

And if by some fluke it somehow manages to get out of Expert Market (which it won't), a quick massive reverse split would be inevitable.

Be careful taking Lime Time's investment advice here. He has a long history of pump and dumps, lies and manipulation. BEWARE!

He's trying to begin to push a new pump and dump on this board just like he did over at the GVSI board.

I advise people to look at that board over the last few years to see how he sets up his pump and dumps (and then brags about fleecing investors). I'm just warning people here.

Let's look at just a small selection of his track record of lies, bad investment decisions and horrific investment advice.

Off to do a blacktop pave job now.

Made millions

In what world do multi-millionaires lay down pavement?

Added .0091 easy win coming 🚀

OUCH!!! GVSI is at .002.

lol where is .005 jackass

Long gone. Again, GVSI is at .002 now, jackass.

008 sellers looking dumb right now

Actually, those who sold at .008 are looking quite smart right now, unlike you.

Merger and big news coming people know 🚀

Some "merger." All bullshit that tanked the stock.

More egg on your face.

Take advantage of these prices

When you told everyone to buy above, GVSI was at .009. Now its at .002. More horrific advice.

People who actually listened to you have suffered MASSIVE LOSSES!

Your ilk have been touting .005 .003 and even that one idiot said .001 for months now? Where are those cheap prices, clown? 

Right here: GVSI .002 - and you're the one calling other people clowns? Look in the mirror.

Buying more tomorrow

That would have been buying again at .009.


George will change the 2025 year and this will head back to .03

Wrong again.

lol where is .005?

Again, GVSI is at .002 - you dolt.

I can sell for a nice lakehouse right now

But you didn't. You believed in Sharp, held and you got suckered out of making more profits.

Supposedly you had 20 - 55 million GVSI shares (or so you say). If true, you left millions on the table because you believed in George Sharp. What a fool.

I haven't sold

GVSI's price was at .0078 when you posted that. I'm sure you're kicking yourself for not selling at that point. What a moronic decision.

Just Sharp destroying people's lives. Underwhelming news. Expectations were higher.

I thought George Sharp was your hero? What a hypocrite you are.

You sound like a jilted lover. LOL!!! You also sound like you lost a ton of money on that day.

Maybe he drops the new Form 10 on EDGAR today


Until Sharp calls that out tomorrow as a scam and then it drops 90% lolol

In good hands with GVSI

What a complete moron. What you made fun of actually happened! Again, what a dolt.

.026 seller gonna be crying tomorrow 😅

I'm sure that seller was relieved at not listening to you.

This is looking really good. It's the most.popular one, that's why it's getting the merger first.
Some merger. It tanked the stock.

I could go on and on with his moronic and always wrong posts but this is getting tiring. I'll add more of his lies and bullshit pumps when I have some spare time.

People should listen to Lime Time at their financial peril.

😆 1 🤣 1
panning4gold panning4gold 3 days ago
Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!
Kjv Kjv 3 days ago
This is a wonderful news! Thanks for sharing Nick!

NICKSCA123 NICKSCA123 3 days ago
🚨 $HQGE ? Expert Market

🔑 AS:10.00B ? OS:7.74B ? US:3.74B

Transfer Agent
🟢 Added
- Legacy Stock Transfer Inc, 16801 Addison Road Suite 247, Addison, TX, 75001, info @louie-4120,, Transfer Agent (Good Standing)
👍️ 1 💯 1
JMoneyHoops JMoneyHoops 3 days ago
Great first step
💯 1
Lime Time Lime Time 3 days ago
lol this is getting done. Another winner in the making. Wish we loaded more at .0001
🤡 1 🤥 1
koolmc koolmc 3 days ago
hqge .0006 print
koolmc koolmc 3 days ago
nice hopefully next is verified profile/filings
koolmc koolmc 3 days ago
yep see that
Lime Time Lime Time 3 days ago
Bidder came up to .0005

This looking excellent 🚀
💩 1 🤡 1
NICKSCA123 NICKSCA123 3 days ago
New transfer agent. Legacy Stock Transfer Inc

🚨 $HQGE ? Expert Market

🔑 AS:10.00B ? OS:7.74B ? US:3.74B

Transfer Agent
🔴 Removed
- Signature Stock Transfer, Inc., 14673 Midway Road - Suite 220, Addison, TX, 75001,, 972-612-4120, Transfer Agent (Good Standing)
$treet Trader $treet Trader 3 days ago
HQGE .0005 hits coming in
koolmc koolmc 3 days ago
The other one is going :) peeps will follow here too.
Lime Time Lime Time 3 days ago
One MM bidding on .0003
Ask is at .0005: 1,104,200


Our time will come here 😄 🚀 🌑
💩 1 🤡 1
Shawonsarker84 Shawonsarker84 3 days ago
No one is pumping! The CEO simply stated to go pink current and business update to come after two years of absence. Clean balance as per the old filing. This will be a runner. Been there and done it and will do it again.
Shawonsarker84 Shawonsarker84 3 days ago
Some people sold too early. Good luck chasing
Shawonsarker84 Shawonsarker84 4 days ago
No loan, no debt, no convertible loan and no dilution for many years. Good luck chasing 💪
koolmc koolmc 4 days ago
He is not here for the stock he got beef with lime.
👍️ 1 🤡 1
NICKSCA123 NICKSCA123 4 days ago
Why are you saying it won't get out of the EM? Getting out of the EM is simple filings. They have 7.7 billion OS shares but half are restricted. They actually reduced 291 million shares at the DTC. This can easily hit what it hit before. 6 cents. With great PR and plans even higher. iMO
Hi_Lo Hi_Lo 4 days ago
lolol not me. I'm in PA. No Canada address. More lies being spread by you.
I didn't say you lived in Canada. I said a person needs to use a Canadian address to open a Canadian brokerage account. I know because I tried opening a Canadian brokerage account and that's what they told me. Most people in the US can't trade Expert Market stocks for good reason.

But we all know twisting information, lying, deceiving, pump and dumping then gloating about how you fleeced investors is your MO. It's simple to see from your posting history.

This bloated pig of a stock is a scam - 10 BILLION AS and 7.7 BILLION OS - that will never get out of Expert Market.

And a reverse split is inevitable if this bloated pig ever does get out of Expert Market, which it won't.

People shouldn't throw their hard-earned money away to line the pockets of the likes of a pump and dumper like Lime Time by buying this garbage.

Kjv Kjv 4 days ago
Well. You have been on here since 2013. Surprised you don’t know HQGE…lol.

You sound like a rookie…a little disappointed…lol
💩 1 🤡 1
ten ten 4 days ago
I bought using Questrade here in Canada
Lime Time Lime Time 4 days ago
Cash Account. Individual Investor. Funded. There are only 2 in US that I know of. Very shady deal but they let you trade anything, regardless of Tier, EM, CE, Gray. I only have one more post left today, won't answer any other questions. Have grass to cut, have a good day.

Eventually major brokerages will give in and allow trading again for anything, seeing they are losing huge commissions. Just a matter of time. This new trading style is stupid. Very dumb people making up these rules.
🤡 1 🤥 1
Eurotradr Eurotradr 4 days ago
Why type of account did you open? An individual cash account is not available to US citizens. I just went through the process and was asked for my address and when USA here is what you get - "Sorry, this type of account is not available for U.S. residents
As a U.S. resident, you can only open a registered self-directed Questrade account if you’re transferring a registered account from another Canadian financial institution."
👍️ 1 💯 1
Lime Time Lime Time 4 days ago
lolol not me. I'm in PA. No Canada address. More lies being spread by you. Sorry you aren't grandfathered in and will miss this huge opportunity for a successful run to .02+

Loser 🖕
💩 1 🤡 1
Hi_Lo Hi_Lo 4 days ago
What the lying, manipulative, pump and dumper Lime Time fails to mention is that you need to have a Canadian address to open an account in Canada.

His MO is buying cheap (Expert Market) shares from his Canadian brokerage account (which most US traders can't), pump the hell out of it with lies and manipulation, dumping on the less well-informed and then bragging about how he fleeced investors.

BEWARE of his pumps.

HQGE is a bloated pig. Just look at that horrific share structure.
Kjv Kjv 4 days ago
Oh good to know…a friend said they couldn’t and had to use RBC!
Lime Time Lime Time 4 days ago
I'm on .0001 GTC if anyone feels the need to fill me. Good Luck to You
💩 1 🤡 1
NICKSCA123 NICKSCA123 4 days ago
Questrade will let you buy it but you have to buy it as a day order. Not as good until cancel order. I use Questrade
👍️ 2
Eurotradr Eurotradr 4 days ago
THIS SUCKS. I can't average down my .02456 avg. Someone please buy for me. I will gladly pay you.
Kjv Kjv 4 days ago
Questrade won’t let you buy this one. Scotia and RBC(for sure) that’s what I use. Easy to open online.
Lime Time Lime Time 4 days ago
Canada has about 5 or 6 brokerages that should allow you to buy any tier ticker, even CE. Try Questrade, Scotia, etc. I have a list somewhere but those come to mind at my current state. Not at my trading desk.
💩 1 🤡 1

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