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Global Arena Holding Inc (PK)

Global Arena Holding Inc (PK) (GAHC)

Closed May 18 4:00PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
0.00035 Day's Range 0.0004
0.0002 52 Week Range 0.0011
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 1
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Global Arena Holding Inc (PK)

Global Arena Holding Inc, symbol (GAHC) became a public company on May 18, 2011 when it successfully completed a reverse merger with China Stationery and Office Supply, Inc., an OTC Bulletin Board company. GAHC currently has three subsidiary companies; Global Election Services, the only revenue gene... Global Arena Holding Inc, symbol (GAHC) became a public company on May 18, 2011 when it successfully completed a reverse merger with China Stationery and Office Supply, Inc., an OTC Bulletin Board company. GAHC currently has three subsidiary companies; Global Election Services, the only revenue generating business, GAHI Acquisition, and Tidewater Energy Group are in development. The Company does not trade crypto currency, nor do they participate in Initial Coin Offerings. GES provides technology enabled election solutions to clients. GES can integrate multiple methods of voting; elections via Absentee/ Paper Ballots by mail or in person, Internet Voting, or any combination of these methods. The GES senior management team has conducted approximately over 8,600 elections, involving more than 40,000,000 voters. Organized labor election result requires an election certification submitted to the US Department of Labor, and for 40 years, no election has been overturned due to the action of our management team. GES has developed proprietary voter registration and tabulation software for absentee/mail ballot, and in 2020 developed and implemented a proprietary online election voting solution that is compliant with Title IV of the United States Department of Labor Office of Labor-Management Standards. GES has been investing in and developing Blockchain proprietary Voter Registration,Tabulation since 2014. *PLEASE REFER THE COMPANY SEC FILINGS CONCERNING RISK FACTORS Show more

Prepackaged Software
Prepackaged Software
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Global Arena Holding Inc (PK) is listed in the Prepackaged Software sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker GAHC. The last closing price for Global Arena (PK) was $0. Over the last year, Global Arena (PK) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.0002 to $ 0.0011.

Global Arena (PK) currently has 1,221,223,807 shares outstanding. Global Arena (PK) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 0.00.

GAHC Latest News

Management Discusses Financial Filing of Global Arena Holding Inc., for  10-Q, Third Quarter 2023

NEW YORK, NY -- January 25, 2024 -- InvestorsHub NewsWire -- Global Arena Holding, Inc. (the “Company”) (OTC Markets: GAHC), a growth oriented, acquisition minded company focused...

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GAHC Discussion

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Patient Ninja Patient Ninja 19 hours ago
GAHC price action looks to be building for a breakout out if the 4's range as bitcoin is moving higher.

It keeps hitting the 4 level and is showing great strength. A break out may finally set the stock on a long awaited upward trajectory.

A pink sheet with a real company with real revenue and a real business operation should not be anywhere down here. It doesn't make sense to me.

0.0004 does not make sense. This is not a shell company. I will not say what it should be, but I don't believe it should be a sub sub penny. Just saying...
DigitalD91 DigitalD91 2 days ago
Bid is building!
Patient Ninja Patient Ninja 3 days ago
GAHC price action is really great to see. It's looking positive to break out with the blockchain crypto market from what I can tell.

No predictions or anything, just saying for some reason this cycle is looking a lot more active and alive than the last cycle after April 2020.
Rockinboxers Rockinboxers 5 days ago
Nobody getting paid to bash a stock that has set up residence in the low trips forever now. What's the point? It's adequately bashed
I know you have that fantasy but makes more sense you're getting paid to pump it imo...
Finished day my favorite color for once at least. Up .00006 on 250k shares.
Bought to jump out of my flip flops
Patient Ninja Patient Ninja 5 days ago
Price action is great, aligning with the blockchain crypto market is a good sign for future.
tmonkey tmonkey 2 weeks ago
ya this ticker is really exploding!!!---what a scam!!!----tmonkey
👍️ 1
Patient Ninja Patient Ninja 2 weeks ago
Nice price action GAHC. Good sign of alignment with crypto blockchain market. More positive in this halving cycle as it seems more connected rather than a big delay in the micro penny sector in the last cycle post April 2020.
Patient Ninja Patient Ninja 4 weeks ago
RFP out to technology companies to submit for election certification apparently.

Financials getting better!

The little bees don't believe me but gahc moves as a delayed reaction to the blockchain crypto market with other similar micro penny stocks.

The ninja will wait it out this year! Ninja has been buying and will wait patiently.

I will miss the little bees!!
Patient Ninja Patient Ninja 4 weeks ago
Bye bye, little bees!!!!
Rockinboxers Rockinboxers 1 month ago
Rockin it
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
I am officially bailing out, y’all. I thought throwing steady jabs at Numb-Nuts and the Bonehead would have agitated them enough to get off their buttocks and come through for their investors, but they couldn’t care less what we think we deserve. But, don’t fret my friends, I leave you in the good hands of the Patient Ninja. His analysis will provide you with cash riches to last a lifetime. - As Bob Grant used to say before he passed away - “ Straight Ahead!”
Bsparks11 Bsparks11 2 months ago
Time to buy Ninja!!!!
Patient Ninja Patient Ninja 2 months ago
Aggressive moves by GAHC. Replicating the market that consolidated and now moving up. Pan and handle pattern means good moves up coming for GAHC.
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
Good news, people. John Matthews has found his bottom. Now if he can only take his lodged head out of it, maybe, he will begin to see the light of day, and the error of his ways.
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
I stand corrected - A new bottom is approaching. We are Inching ever so close to 0.0001. C’mon fellas we can make it. From there, 0.0003 looks attainable. Matthews must be so proud of his accomplishments. I wonder if his family calls him So(u)nny, because he’s so bright.
I am switching to bullish now. I think 0.0003 is achievable, assuming Ninja keeps buying of ten dollars worth of shares every week.
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
We are hitting the one-thousandth double bottom, which could mean a big runup to 0.0003. Call your brokers! This is the buy signal the Ninja has been waiting for since 2001. Proctologists, take note! John Mathews? Take another nap. You seem a bit sleepy.
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
You must have heard the joke - A Proctologist is a job where you start at the bottom and stay there. Well, GAHC started at the bottom, and it stayed there too. Bottom feeders beware. It is apparent that Numb-Nuts and the Bonehead talk out of their bottoms, which can also explain why reading the quarterly reports stink of deception.
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
April Showers bring May Flowers –
This election is about balance of power-
How do you think we got Truman and Eisenhower?
2024 will be Biden versus Trump
Even a third party may be on the stump.
Crypto platforms could provide a voting bump.
If John Matthews would get off his big rump.
Ohhh, If only he went to Harvard or Yale –
If only he knew George Bush or Dan Quayle –
Instead, we got Vandeweigh and Bacardi-
Oh, if he only knew Vince Lombardi.
Sadly, instead, we continue to be misled-
We have only to blame Numb-Nuts and the Bonehead-
Stock hanging around ..0003
In just a few months you can own it for free.
👍️ 1
Rockinboxers Rockinboxers 2 months ago
Parabolic tsunami any day now. Can't wait...
I'm sure he has a sore bottom from all this testing. Still not sure how it works but just took a double the other day. Sure he's ready for a change in the action
Volume up or down still making no noise. Thinkin it's broke. Ready for GAHC show to start. Rock stars or magicians behind curtain?
I get confused too. Looks like could be a sell out
👍️ 1
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
High volume having big impact to the upside. I anticipate a parabolic wave any second now. If my instincts are correct, we could see 0.0003 sometime tomorrow. Looking good people. Matthews gave the buy signal, or was that the bye signal. I get soooooo confused.
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
There is talk of 2036 Federal/State and City Crypto Voting platforms taking over the entire electoral process. John Matthews (Numbnuts) will be 102 years old. In a recent interview, Numbnuts has confessed that he is an avid fan of distorting the truth. He has admitted his inability to rein in corporate spending too. Devil Dogs, Ding Dongs, and Ring Dings have cost the company tens of thousands of dollars this year alone! His Dog Twinkie has offered to take over the budget to prevent Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, but Matthew’s is refusing to change his diet and will not concede to his doggie. Woof!
Meanwhile, Kathryn Weisbeck (Bonehead) is in the kitchen, cooking up her next scheme. The plan under her consideration is to capitalize on their core strengths by setting up a whole new company. The name being tossed around is “Getting it wrong” Behind closed doors they are secretly recruiting the Impatient Ninja to be the new CTO for demonstrating his innate ability to roll gutter balls even with bumpers in place. This company will go public under the symbol MWRN. Think people, think… They are planning a 1 for 50 reverse split one week after the IPO. For every share you buy, you get a box of Milk Duds, compliments of Sir Numbnuts.
Bsparks11 Bsparks11 2 months ago
Time to load up Ninja! Buy buy buy!!!
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
Rockinboxers Rockinboxers 2 months ago
Maybe that's finally made it through as this hasn't budged with Bitcoin highs and now we're using charting terms, or maybe the combo Bitcoin/GAHC explosion is still years away, I've lost track??
Upward movement is consistently underwhelming no matter how you choose to come at it
I'd prefer a show me the money followed by an I told you so approach personally. 900,000 share day doesn't excite much. Couple hundred bucks and a .00005 raise
Whoops, got distracted and already lost that 20% (lol) bump with like 10 shares or so
Testing bottoms again? Know nothing about charting and Crypto not my thing will admit but great at counting money
How many times do you have to test a bottom for it to change direction? Serious question, love learning new things and touching bottoms. Just not with my cash
👍️ 1
Patient Ninja Patient Ninja 2 months ago
Double bottom pattern for GAHC. This means price action to follow.
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
Can we finally conclude the relationship between Bitcoin and GAHC no longer exists? Or will some of you continue to tout this absurd connection? You mislead people into losing money. Have a conscience.
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
A rhyme can be sublime, and it doesn’t cost a dime. Here’s a little factoid- with (10) ten cents, ten big ones, man- bottom feeders can buy more than 300 shares of GAHC! Ninja, do the math- Buy, buy, buy!!!
Rockinboxers Rockinboxers 2 months ago
Took the time to make it rhyme, nice. I like it
Back in the day I'd run it through the studio for some kick
A GAHC anthem
👍️ 1
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
I will continue to “Poke the Bear” (although in this case it is poke the Gorilla) until he delivers on his talking points. Thus far, he has failed miserably. Maybe intentionally keeping investors at bay, but his slick maneuvering is shameful. Below is the newest poke:
Testing new lows may entice some bottom feeders to join the fray.
It may even be a smart play for those that trade this stock every day.
But if you bought in some years back, and you are hoping for this train to get back on track,
I would hold up on buying that shiny new Cadillac.
Numbnuts and Bonehead will have to sell their expensive cars-
They’ll have no use for them while behind Iron bars.
Bsparks11 Bsparks11 2 months ago
Unfortunately we keep testing lower lows. Appreciate your optimism, however, I feel it is misguided
👍️ 1
DigitalD91 DigitalD91 2 months ago
Good Morning everyone, it was only natural that we retested lows. LET'S GO!
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
More news circulating on the whereabouts of Numbnuts and Bonehead-
They were seen getting into a Prisioner Transport vehicle, for processing and lock-up on Rykers Island in New York.
Asked if he had a statement for the media – Numb-nuts shouted “I am guilty, until proven an ignorant Meatball.” Bonehead chimed in with -“I am guilty until proven very, very guilty.”
It’s a messy case, said, the Impatient Ninja – court appointed lawyer for the partners in crime. On one hand you have a parabolic, symbiotic, melancholic, alcoholic, vitriolic, hyperbolic argument, and on the other hand, you have a five fingers. Two are in my nose, two are in my ears, and the other well, you figure it out.
Stay tuned:
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
From this day forward, John Mathews will be referred to as NUMB-NUTS and Kathryn Weisbeck will be referred to as BONE-HEAD. Lets wish NumbNuts and the BoneHead the best of luck in Prison.
tmonkey tmonkey 2 months ago
this pump ninja seems only interested in taking others down the toilet with him with fantastic non sense posts-------tmonkey
👍️ 1
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
Almost at zero folks. Just a few more ignorant comments from the Patient Ninja should get us there. Of course I will have to find a new platform to vent on, but it will be well worth it to see Magilla Gorilla and the Grifter pay for their follies.

Two things men should never do: Don’t mess with another mans wife and never steal peoples hard earned money for your own selfish gain. Honesty trumps all!
👍️ 1
Bsparks11 Bsparks11 2 months ago
.0002! Wow. Ninja! Time to buy more!!
Rockinboxers Rockinboxers 2 months ago
I know it's amazing, but I know of a totally different ninja. Goes by Karma Ninja and with any luck is waiting for the opportunity to give back what's deserved to those in charge that have been self serving without regard to shareholders who believed in them with real dollars. Likes to show up when you least expect it. Seen it happen with own eyes but in true ninja style you never see or hear them, just left wondering...
👍️ 1
Rockinboxers Rockinboxers 2 months ago
Not far to fall...
👍️ 1
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
Even a crypto surge won’t make up for 5-8 years of lies and broken promises from the CEO and the President of GAHC and GES, Trust and confidence in these two clowns has dictated their ultimate demise. No amateur investor spewing out false comments will make a bit of difference. As the lumberjack says…TIMBER!!!!
Rockinboxers Rockinboxers 2 months ago
Really rockin here! I guess the magic crypto ninja powder must have blown off on the drop to .0002
CEO? silent as usual. Guess letting Truevote do the talking. Seems to be working wonders so far
tmonkey tmonkey 2 months ago
No shame ninja!!!
👍️ 1
bbee2 bbee2 2 months ago
Crypto continues to push forward, and just notice how GAHC is moving right along with it. Ninja, you have done this site a grave injustice. You have been so irresponsible with advising other people with false data analysis. How can anyone who has so much to say, be on the wrong side of things every single time?
I thought John Matthews credibility was in the crap house, but you have set a new bar, dude.
👍️ 1
miles2go miles2go 3 months ago
Bid v ask is interesting this morning
bbee2 bbee2 3 months ago
GAHC is a family-run business, and, nothing more. It should have never been approved for public trading. The company has a handful of mediocre employees, the CEO is nothing more than an oversized Gorilla with a pea brain, and the President is so incompetent that she failed at handling the role of Investor relations. She would hand off questions to the Magilla to answer. In other words, she was a Gal Friday. What she does Monday-Thursday is peel the Gorilla's bananas when his feet get tired. This loser stock is hovering at 0.0003 in the year 2024! That has to blow every logical-thinking person's mind. Ninja? Are you still out there in fantasy land? Are those mushrooms strong enough? All I can say is you Bulls are IGNANT if you don't see the con by now.
Oh, I almost forgot- Investors Hub - you are late on my royalty payments. The way I figure it, Ninja owes you money for that BS he unloads on your site. If you charge by the pound, it should be a squash.
bbee2 bbee2 3 months ago
Go Fly A Kite Airlines put out a press release today saying GAHC is flapping its wings and could soar to unimagined heights. One reporter asked what it could mean for investors, and, CEO .Dick Dastardly replied: This stock should rocket to 0.0005 per/share. Spokesperson Mutley, concurred.
tmonkey tmonkey 3 months ago
Wow just wow!! Lay off the drugs.....
👍️ 1
Patient Ninja Patient Ninja 3 months ago
GAHC will run with crypto market with this cycle again kicking into gear. GAHC with her has partnership with TrueVote. TrueVote secured by bitcoin and blockchain security.

Let's go John!
Patient Ninja Patient Ninja 3 months ago
GAHC GES partnership with TrueVote. True vote secured by bitcoin. GAHC will run with the crypto market again this cycle.
bbee2 bbee2 3 months ago
This is hilarious. 224 Million shares trading hands and the stock is down. Incredible. Only Magila Gorilla can have this kind of effect.
bbee2 bbee2 3 months ago
…and there it is. 60 million shares trading hands and the stock goes nowhere, We have been down this road a thousand times before. Volume means nothing with this stock, Neither does the price of Crypto coins. If both crypto and share volume had any impact - the stock would be a penny plus. They have not moved the needle in years… You can thank Magilla Gorilla and the Grifter for their false promises and dishonest ways. When you cannot trust what comes out of a CEO’s mouth, what they say is worthless, just like the price of this stock.

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