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NioCorp Developments Ltd

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ALDRADJKD123 ALDRADJKD123 15 minutes ago
“It’s a desperate pump”

Heck, just look at the past number of years, the Nioturd Clown Pump Crew has pumped everything under the sun plus some. Easy to see there are quite a number trapped in this turd because they’ve listen to the Pump Crew….
🤡 1
The_Gman The_Gman 22 minutes ago
MAY 20, 2024

WASHINGTON – Today, Water, Wildlife, and Fisheries Subcommittee Ranking Member Jared Huffman (D-Calif.), Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.), and Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Ranking Member Melanie Stansbury (D-N.M.) sent a letter to Chair Bruce Westerman (D-Ark.) urging him to investigate foreign influence of U.S. laws and policies through foreign owned mining companies.

In their letter, the lawmakers point out the risk that foreign-controlled mining companies pose to federal policymaking:

“Mining companies with foreign funding, significant amounts of foreign shareholders, and/or foreign parent companies are lobbying to undermine U.S. law and policy that protects our environment, economy, and national security. Specifically, these companies are exploiting loopholes in the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) that allow them to evade serious scrutiny of their work on behalf of foreign principals.”

The letter also highlights several examples of mining companies with significant foreign ties that have not registered under FARA but have actively lobbied to influence domestic mining law or policy. The examples include:

Twin Metals: A wholly owned subsidiary of Chilean company Antofogasta that has proposed high-risk sulfide-ore copper mining in the Boundary Waters watershed.

Rio Tinto: A company whose largest shareholder is a Chinese-state-owned enterprise and is joint owner of a proposed copper mining operation in the sacred Oak Flat area. Rio Tinto is responsible for numerous environmental and human rights violations across the globe.

BHP Group: An Australian company and the other joint owner of the proposed mining operation in the Oak Flat area. BHP was responsible for a major mining disaster that killed 19 people in 2015.

Barrick Gold: A Canadian company accused of human rights abuses, including extrajudicial killings, that jointly operates Nevada Gold Mines.
The letter also highlights the lobbying activities of trade groups, like the National Mining Association, some of which have major foreign ties.

READ the full letter to Chair Westerman.

These mining companies with ties to foreign principals are influencing U.S. law and policy. Earlier this month, the House of Representatives considered a bill that would give foreign mining companies unfettered access to our public lands, create toxic waste dumps on our public lands, and leave working American families with the pollution in perpetuity. There are no guardrails to prevent foreign mining companies from shipping the minerals from our public lands — the minerals we need for the energy transition the world is undergoing — out of the U.S. and to governments like China and Russia. The House of Representatives recently took the rare, extraordinary step of sending the bill back to Committee on a bipartisan vote, specifically for further consideration on the issue of foreign ownership of mines.
The_Gman The_Gman 45 minutes ago
Article is from Australia, but goes directly to the point regarding the influence China can exert on the market, how that affects the availability of private funding, and the need for government intervention. All of these critical mineral/mining/supply chain issues have come a very long way over the last couple of years and are reported on almost daily across the globe.

Critical minerals need insulation from China’s market manipulation
21 May 2024|Angus Barker
Thanks to its virtual monopoly in the global processing of rare-earth metals, China can shift value anywhere in its vertically integrated supply chain to squash incipient competition. For Australia and its allies, this is choking off access to private sector capital to build their own rare-earth mines, refineries and magnet-making plants.
ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 1 hour ago
Ooo sounds like competitive tension among those 3 entities. Sounds nice doesn't it? I skimmed the article too fast. That's good news.
PutzMueler PutzMueler 1 hour ago
As far as titanium tetrachloride, Mark specified in his January 19 video three different entities would like 100% of the titanium each.
It will be producing twice as much and the price of the titanium is twice as much as it was a year ago. But as you know the titanium price we have in our last feasibility study was garnered much longer than a year ago.

Mark stated any titanium tetrachloride offtake would come with a substantial financial position as well. I can’t remember his exact words.

How much of that study and analysis needs to go into the new FS
The article stated our new FS would not have to wait for these electrification changes, if NioCorp goes that route.

But as you can see by the share price, what does the market believe?
It certainly isn’t Mark
monocle monocle 1 hour ago
Only if they're bringing up front capital to the table. Whatever news they're expecting soon, it needs to involve money coming in from a partner right now.
ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 2 hours ago
I am just getting around after another huge round of rain and storms. What is making you refer to the ticl4? Is there talk of an offtake? Wasn't the price for the ticl4 oddly low in their presentation? Was that a typo? I hope so, or I am not thinking of the price per unit displayed properly.

This recent electrification article "news" is a joke. This counts as crickets. 26 trading hours before we need $3.3 vwap and 500k volume for 5 straight trading days. This isn't gonna do it. Maybe the company isn't worried about that issue at all I don't know. All they have to do is keep selling shares as long as there are buyers and reverse split if they have to. No sweat.

Also, one of the negatives in the chart in the stock titan article was
"Additional study work is required to confirm the benefits of the new approach." How much of that study and analysis needs to go into the new FS that we are starving for? I hope it can be integrated later.
PutzMueler PutzMueler 2 hours ago
A 100% tickle-offtake would be a-game-changer also. eom
👍️ 4
wagner wagner 4 hours ago
But I agree nobody will wait for ever or just "another year"...
walterc walterc 4 hours ago
I agree but making the project continuosly better will help to make the money flow.
wagner wagner 9 hours ago
They to show up with something that confirms that money is flowing in instead of studies that might show potential in the future if building has started
The_Gman The_Gman 11 hours ago
You're welcome. I think there's a well-documented argument to be made with us handing the mining/sourcing/processing reins to China, China's price manipulations for more than a decade, environmental issues and the objections that come along with them, permitting issues and previous low demand for these minerals, and ultimately high interest rates, that private investors could have had cold feet for US domestic mining projects. My position on this is very heavily weighted on the government's need and desire, on both sides of the aisle, for success here. All Mark has to do is step up and get them what they need. If he fails at that, there's no coming back, but I think they'll make sure we get over the finish line because right now NioCorp is the only game in town for much of what they are offering.

Keep the faith. Trust the government! 🤣 OK, wait, like not completely, but they are good at getting what they want. I'll mention again that I went through fairly similar events with another company and they've come back strong, just took awhile to get their footing and they keep getting better..
👍️ 5
stark12 stark12 12 hours ago
Thanks for your response. I used to give them the benefit of the doubt. I actually asked Jim years ago why they didn't design the ground freezing over the pipeline in the previous FS. My recollection is that they knew about the technology but SDS or SDK or whatever the top-notch firm overseeing the entire FS was rejected it at the time.
The repeated over-promise, under-deliver has worn me down. I have no reason to trust Mark and many reasons not to. It's a good project, but I've listened to too many webinars, watched too many video interviews and was swayed by effective sales. I cannot recover the lost time value of money by giving Mark the benefit of the doubt. Transparent communication and accepting accountability are not skills he has demonstrated. I give him and his team credit for what they have accomplished but they don't get a pass from me on the many failures. Who knows? Maybe after repeated swings and misses they finally hit a home run with the next FS.
👍️ 5 💯 1
LCP77 LCP77 13 hours ago
That is an unfortunate conclusion. The past counts. Brain dead would be a worthy assesment of your post.
👎️ 1 🤡 1 🤥 1
Richard Thomas Richard Thomas 14 hours ago
Railveyor posted.
We are excited to be considered as a potential partner to NioCorp at the Elk Creek Critical Minerals Mine. Railveyor is a fully autonomous and operationally efficient material haulage solution that can deliver an immediate economic and environmental benefit to the project.
👍️ 3
The_Gman The_Gman 14 hours ago
I was not here and I don't disagree with any of what you wrote. I just have a slightly different perspective because I haven't seen a repeated cascade of failures so I'm still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and a little wiggle room. The SPAC deal obviously didn't go as intended and clearly impacted the money they thought they would have available. NASDAQ didn't deliver. Toxic funding. They're not the first company to deal with these types of setbacks and I'm quite sure they won't be the last. I'm still hopeful they will pull a fluffle of rabbits out of the hat and make this happen sooner rather than later. The government mandates along with the laws and policies enacted, combined with the industry and media attention to critical minerals are very powerful indicators that this will happen. In addition, this deposit has been studied by multiple entities for more than 50 years, so arguments that there's nothing there are ridiculous at best.

The first Railveyor North American installation was in 2018 in Canada and the second was in the U.S. later that year, but probably didn't have significant results for either until at least 2019, so it was still relatively new. By then, the 2017 FS had been completed and the 2019 was probably already well underway. Perhaps the technology was still too new to be assessed at that time. Surely by 2022, they should have had good info, right? Perhaps they didn't think they needed something different and more efficient and cleaner because they weren't on public land and weren't seeking public money.

Ground freezing and zero water discharge have both been around for quite awhile, so no clue why they would seek to build a 30 mile pipe to a river, so I won't comment on that. I'm sure the experts here will chime in and share their knowledge!

I've said it before and I'll say it again, maybe he's not the right CEO going forward, but here we are. I'll give it a little more time before I get completely disappointed.
👍️ 4
LCP77 LCP77 14 hours ago
👎️ 1 🤡 1 🤥 1
Landmark8211111 Landmark8211111 15 hours ago

Landmark8211111 Landmark8211111 15 hours ago
👍️ 1
LCP77 LCP77 16 hours ago
The have a decade of experience of mining shareholders bids to fatten their bank accounts via obscene salaries and bonuses on this deal alone!!! That takes skill. And they are setting up to milk that nipple for years more. So many fish. So many paychecks.
LCP77 LCP77 16 hours ago
It is a desperate pump. And a very pathetic effort.
🤥 1
th6565 th6565 16 hours ago
“Their collective years of experience in mining” can’t apply on Elk Creek Project unfortunately.
danieldeubank danieldeubank 16 hours ago
NASDAQ:NB hashtag#NioCorp - Study Finds Electrifying NioCorp’s Critical Minerals Mine Could Lead to Faster Time to Full Production Plus Significant Economic and Environmental Gains
stark12 stark12 16 hours ago
You haven't been around for the previous feasibility studies. Mark touts all the great consultants and experts that went into helping to create the prior feasibility studies. I don't want to sound more negative than I am, but I suspect millions of dollars went into designing and planning the water removal and mine shaft designs. We subsequently learn that ground freezing and Railveyor technologies are superior design options. Why not get it right the first time? I can't recall if it's two or three feasibility studies later and we wait. Time and money wasted at our expense. Management touts their collective years of experience in mining. Today's announcement makes me question why they can't get it right the first time. Am I missing something?
👍️ 2
tedro84 tedro84 17 hours ago
Sounds like they are trying to get ahead of the huge increase in CAPEX that will come if they are able to get the FS funded. Got to keep control of the narrative after all.
👍️ 1 💯 1
ge11 ge11 17 hours ago
👍️ 1
The_Gman The_Gman 18 hours ago
I picked up on that too. Doesn't exactly inspire a lot of confidence.
👍️ 2
PutzMueler PutzMueler 18 hours ago
Thanks ge11, good find,
I just now received it in my email, so I’m assuming the company disseminated to the entire public through press releases prior to sending it out to people on the NioCorp email list.
👍️ 1
LCP77 LCP77 18 hours ago
A scoping study is akin to PEA. They better have something a lot better than that to avoid loan default.

“It should be noted that this scoping study was restricted to initial mine design, cost modelling, and scheduling. There has been no work completed on portal boxcut geotechnical, updated mine electrical distribution system, or modification to surface ventilation infrastructure. All assumptions utilized industry standards and best engineering judgment. NioCorp would require more study work to determine if this approach would be beneficial for the Company, but initial findings are positive.”
DakotaBoy DakotaBoy 18 hours ago
We need finance news , everything else is FLUFF
👍️ 6 💯 1
stark12 stark12 18 hours ago
From the article:

"The Railveyor system is a tried-and-true technology that has been in operation for years in underground mines," said Scott Honan, NioCorp's Chief Operating Officer. "NioCorp is examining this option very seriously, and we do not anticipate that choosing this technology pathway will delay an update to the Feasibility Study for our Elk Creek Critical Minerals Project."

So why are we only hearing about this recently?? Given the information about CAPEX and OPEX reductions, perhaps designing this into the previous FS would have presented a better package for investors and financers.

Went down a similar waste of time and money getting permitting and other requirements to pipe water to the Missouri River. That design was cut when ground freezing was subsequently adopted and a new FS was released. The issue I have is the ground freezing technology wasn't new either.

Makes management look ill-informed and making bad decisions when these "new approaches" (which are really old approaches) are subsequently touted.
👍️ 3 💯 2
SagittariusA SagittariusA 18 hours ago
I wasn't able to digest the news in full detail.
The outlook to save a great amount of money CAPEX + OPEX is of course great.
However, since I haven't looked at it in detail I am a bit sceptical if this technology is substantial and feasible or if this is just the next hype. What puzzles me is where is this suddenly coming from and why haven't we heard about it before?

I also would like to know when they plan to finish the next FS and what the obstacle are for it.
I contact Jim from time to time and sometimes I get an answer and sometimes I don't.
I will do so again after I was able to read the news and think about it.
👍️ 1
monocle monocle 18 hours ago
Sounds exciting, they better take a good long time to consider this option. Thank goodness they didn't break ground in 2017!
👍️ 1
Landmark8211111 Landmark8211111 18 hours ago
A recent study by Optimize Group Inc. suggests that NioCorp's Elk Creek Critical Minerals Mine could achieve significant economic and environmental benefits by switching to an electrified Railveyor system. This new approach could reduce initial capital expenditures (CAPEX) by 53.1%, operating expenses (OPEX) by 1.5%, and sustain capital expenses by 8.2%. The electrification could also cut the time to full production by five months and lower the mine's carbon footprint. The transition to a fully electric Railveyor system is not expected to delay the updated Feasibility Study.

Key findings include the potential for significant initial CAPEX reductions due to decreased pre-development time and infrastructure complexity, a reduction in operating cost-per-tonne of ore, and increased schedule flexibility. However, additional studies are needed to confirm these benefits.
👍️ 4
Landmark8211111 Landmark8211111 18 hours ago

“Study Finds Electrifying NioCorp’s Mine Could Lead to Faster Time to Full Production Plus Significant Economic and Environmental Gains“
👍️ 3
OmniPro OmniPro 18 hours ago
People: WAKE UP!! You continue to WASTE your time posting on here. THERE IS NOTHING TO REPORT...other than bad news. But you WANT to keep believing.....bc you WANT easy money..... even though IT'S CLEAR this has been a con-job....just like MolyCorp....and IBC...
Just STOP with this NONSENSE.....posting per a comment from JS.....posting per a rail system....posting posting posting. There is NOTHING to post, but the record....LIES LIES LIES / EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES.....NB is GOING NOWHERE bc an updated FS will demonstrate the con this has been....
As stated previously, IF the materials/elements are in the ground TO THE EXTENT CLAIMED....there would have been a passion to COMPLETE IT.....and the resources allocated to do so! All lies folks. WAKE UP! This stock will be where IBC is by next year at this time.....largely due to another RS....get ready....this is who MS is....
monocle monocle 18 hours ago
I think it's been clear for a while that it wasn't going to happen this quarter. Management still trying to raise money to satisfy due diligence plus looking for separate funding from exim for its feasibility study.
👍️ 2
The_Gman The_Gman 18 hours ago
Additional info - full article on Yahoo
Study Finds Electrifying NioCorp's Critical Minerals Mine Could Lead to Faster Time to Full Production Plus Significant Economic and Environmental Gains
NioCorp Developments Ltd.
Mon, May 20, 2024, 2:01 PM MDT
👍️ 1 🙄 1 🫠 1
grunt23 grunt23 19 hours ago
Thanks Greg:

Have a great evening!
👍️ 2
ge11 ge11 19 hours ago
👍️ 7
Landmark8211111 Landmark8211111 19 hours ago
How do we STEM the BLEEDING ??? this is getting STUPID!!

The_Gman The_Gman 19 hours ago
Niocorp isn't on either the 5/23 or 5/30 EXIM board agenda so that effectively eliminates a final decision by the end of Q2, but doesn't rule out other news by then.
👍️ 1 😓 1 🫠 1
wagner wagner 19 hours ago
Dear Yorkville and Management,

we get excited.....
ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 19 hours ago
Oh I fully expect silence up to and past 6/1. No idea what the plan could be.
Rader1977 Rader1977 19 hours ago
If the "big" news announcement this week is just an article from SafeCapital or Macro Trends, we're in trouble. Those are paid marketing outlets and shouldn't be considered as the news that will get this stock past the minimum trading baseline to avoid the loan repayment.

At this point, I fear only substantial news about EXIM or Stellantis can get us over the hump.

Meanwhile, Jim Sims and Mark Smith are focused on IBC earnings this week, not NioCorp.
👍️ 1
NorCalTommy NorCalTommy 21 hours ago
Monocle- I think that's what threw me (and maybe other investors off) i.e., when we finally learned from Jim S in my early April '24 email exchange, that we were waiting on raising financing for the FS (but i was under the impression that oh well, since it wasn't a foregone conclusion, rather TBD, that EXIM actually needed the FS to move forward with the financing processing............... but then, we found out later that we are also waiting on financing for the EXIM due diligence........SUPRISE........ so the thought of getting EXIM approval by the 'conservative estimate' of first half of '24, doesn't even seem possible?? is it just me, or does it always seem that there is a great deal of ambiguity on sequence of tasks and interdependence of task(s), i.e., which task is a prereq. for other tasks..... here in NioVille......... Lots of confusion on that front with this company...... hard to keep score of where we are at any moment in time here in Nio-mine-Ville.... we could think that we are waiting patiently on some pivotal, massively important, share price moving NEWS on the EXIM financing decision front....... when in actuality, we are just waiting to scrape up some money in order to pay for the EXIM due diligence!! arghhhhhh................. since when does a gub'ment agency request the lendee to pay for the due diligence for the loan request!? dang.... that's kinda why we are asking for a loan homer... cuz we don't have no money..... $$$ Hashtag/#DOH!!

Always another 6-9 MONTH ' ReStart the clock over again' twist or turn around the next corner with the Nio chuggga chugga train......

Choooooo Chooooooooooooo...... and Koooo Kooooo (clock restart) and yaddda yaddda!
NCT- ridin' the train..... and re re re resetting the clock........ ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
👍️ 1
danieldeubank danieldeubank 21 hours ago
Q&A from the 5/20/2024 IBC Investor Webcast as recorded by D. Eubank in real-time "5/20/2024 IBC Investor Webcast"
Get this information before IBC posts the Webinar at:
monocle monocle 22 hours ago
They need to raise money for exim's due diligence too. Can't be much going on right now... waiting for $$$
PutzMueler PutzMueler 22 hours ago
I had holiday’s on the mind today, since it’s a holiday here right now in the Great White North.

Wasn’t deliberately trying to get points at your expense, but of course that is always fun to do at times. Haha
🤣 1
ColdDarkHole ColdDarkHole 22 hours ago
First read the news release about the financing agreement:

in that is the "measuring period". The 5 consecutive trading days leading up to the payment date.

5-24 is the 1st of the 5 days because 5-27 is a holiday in the US and markets are closed. The equity conditions stated in the agreement must be met on each of the 5 days of the measuring period or the payment terms laid out in the agreements begin on June 1st. At least that's how it reads. There may be more legalese I don't understand behind it. Putz pointed out that I forgot the holiday in my own country LOL so the company has until friday this week to pull something out of the hat or we will be in default of the agreement this Friday by market close if we arent at 1.2x2.75usd VWAP and 500k volume. You need the closing price to calculate the VWAP.
👍️ 2

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