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Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (TEVA)

Closed February 25 04:00PM
After Hours: 07:55PM


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade %00-
8.503.354.450.003.900.000.00 %00- %00-
9.502.703.450.003.0750.000.00 %00- %09-
10.501.942.450.002.1950.000.00 %00-
11.001.352.302.201.8250.000.00 %01-
11.501.342.241.301.790.000.00 %06-
12.000.860.990.920.925-0.43-31.85 %8852/23/2024
12.500.490.530.500.51-0.20-28.57 %2054262/23/2024 %1,1234542/23/2024
13.500. %585962/23/2024 %441,8222/23/2024
14.500. %013- %012-
15.500. %00- %00-
16.500. %00- %00-
17.500. %00-


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade %00-
8.500. %00- %011-
9.500. %00- %05-
10.500. %021- %031-
11.500. %0286- %294682/23/2024
12.500. %4841,3532/23/2024
13.000.300.330.320.3150.0623.08 %11,10015,5472/23/2024
13.500.631.090.920.860.3458.62 %5542/23/2024
14.000.961.170.951.0650.000.00 %03-
14.501.542.321.381.930.000.00 %032-
15.001.362.410.001.8850.000.00 %00-
15.502.252.880.002.5650.000.00 %00-
16.002.503.800. %00-
16.502.994.400.003.6950.000.00 %00- %00-
17.504.555.650. %00-

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TEVA Discussion

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Zilla Zilla 9 months ago
Here's another biotech that keeps following a pattern of popping and dropping. lol 7.22 to 7.37 today but looking like it wants to go up again and was over 11 less than 6 months ago.
Zilla Zilla 12 months ago
Thank you...It IS a great plan...Looking forward to trying this elsewhere. =)
midastouch017 midastouch017 1 year ago
Eli Lilly ordered to pay $176.5 mln to Teva in U.S. migraine drug patent trial

Blake Brittain

Nov 9 (Reuters) - Eli Lilly & Co must pay Teva Pharmaceuticals International GmbH $176.5 million after a trial to determine whether its migraine drug Emgality infringed three Teva patents, a Boston federal court jury decided on Wednesday.

The jury agreed with Teva that Lilly's Emgality violated its rights in the patents, which relate to its own migraine drug Ajovy. Both drugs treat migraines by employing antibodies to inhibit headache-causing peptides.

The jury also found that Lilly infringed the patents willfully and rejected its argument that the patents were invalid.

A spokesperson for Lilly said the company was disappointed by the verdict but is confident that it will "ultimately prevail" in the case, and said the decision does not affect its ability to offer Emgality to patients.

A Teva spokesperson said the company is pleased with the decision and will "continue to vigorously defend its intellectual property rights."

Indianapolis-based Lilly earned over $577 million from Emgality sales worldwide last year, while Israel-based Teva made $313 million from Ajovy, according to company filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Teva has said that expects its two branded drugs, Ajovy and Huntington's disease drug Austedo, to generate a combined $1.4 billion in revenue this year.

Teva sued Lilly over the patents in 2018. The same day Teva sued, the court dismissed two related Teva lawsuits seeking to block Emgality from coming onto the U.S. market.

Teva also filed a separate, ongoing patent lawsuit against Lilly in Massachusetts over Emgality last year. (Reporting by Blake Brittain in Washington Editing by David Bario and Deepa Babington)
altruism altruism 2 years ago
4.25 $$$$Billion wow
Zilla Zilla 2 years ago
Bought some 7's for this week (.36) and saw we popped in the AH to 8.40's. Can't exercise in the AH and wanted to lock in that almost 300% gain by shorting the shares directly in the AH and covering with my 7 calls but I've got no clue if that's how it works. lol Ever do anything like that?
JLS JLS 2 years ago
It's not just a good plan ...

It's a great plan!

Once I got the hang of it, that's all I do and I've been doing it for years. I've gained so much confidence in how well it works such that I only use one stock symbol and go all-in using both my Individual and Retirement accounts.

The only caveat (which posed limits on what I could do years ago) was that one should (pronounced must) only trade stocks that have weekly options, which provides more opportunities to tweak the trades as the options come down in price quicker than they would if you were stuck with monthly expiration options. Using weekly options, I've had no trouble creating very high percentage gains at the end of every month and year.

I was born into a farmer family. My father had milk cows, and he also grew feed crops for those cows. That's a very smart way to run a farm because he didn't have to buy any feed crop from other farmers for the purpose of feeding his cows. Some of the grain that he harvested fed his cows, while the excess grain was sold to dairy farmers which didn't have sufficient land to grow all the feed that they needed. Bingo!

Buy all the stock you can afford. Choose one that is alive and well as shown by its pricing (feeding) habits. You know, like TEVA, as it goes up and down in relatively confined and predictable ranges so your stock might be assigned at the end of the first week or it might not in which case you sell Calls again during the next week, and maybe again during the following week. Hey, if you are going to own stock, at least milk it. If it gets assigned away at the end of the week, buy it back on the following Monday or a little later depending on how it's trending. You might get it cheaper than the price it was assigned at. Or buy that other milk cow you've been watching, then sell its Calls.
Zilla Zilla 2 years ago
Smart and sounds like a good plan.
I've only bought calls and sometimes puts. Haven't sold calls or puts as I feel too new to options and don't want to mess up. I think I accidently sold something once and I noticed it immediately and I made sure I bought it right back.
I assume a 'covered call' is selling the call of the shares you own. Example Buy 1,000 shares of TEVA @ 8 you sell the weekly call of 8 (10 contracts) so if the stock goes down you make money on the option and if it goes up against you the shares balance a gain to what you could lose on selling the option.
JLS JLS 2 years ago
Works for me ...

My favorite way of making money on stocks is to buy the shares then sell weekly Covered Calls against the stock week after week.

When finally assigned -- wash, rinse, repeat. That's a steady 52 paychecks every year.

This method even compounds: once assigned, there's more cash to buy more shares and sell more CCs.

However, there's one thing I wont do, which is to chase it downward when it appears to be trending that way. I'd rather just sit on cash and wait for a bottoming pattern.
Zilla Zilla 2 years ago
Under 8 bucks again...
WovenO2 WovenO2 2 years ago
Looks like TEVA might have sat down at the dressing table. Looking forward to them beginning to apply some makeup. Do we wait for the lipstick?
Zilla Zilla 2 years ago
One year later....

Well that would be a 100% gain from here.
Zilla Zilla 2 years ago
Wow people here again?!? OK not really with 10 total posts in 2021 but....I expect a global settlement in 2022 will liven this place up.
With the beating the market took after FED I'm shocked we didn't break back down to 8. Was hoping we could BUST through that 8.5 and stay above least it got above 8.60 for a little bit today. Looks like a range and had we won in court the ceiling would be 10.20's instead of 8.60....Settlement if favorable which I expect, should create a lot of POPS and DROPS but doubt we go back under 10 whenever that happens. Could see us touch 5's if overall market forces some others to have to sell to cover other stuff but should recover. I don't think were going to BK but I wouldn't doubt some 'rumors' spread to force a fire sale for a few days before an actual settlement.
weedtrader420 weedtrader420 2 years ago
TEVA. Narcan spray is huge WOOHOOOOOO
weedtrader420 weedtrader420 2 years ago
Weed oils do nothing for you it’s all bullshit. Oils cause seizures.
weedtrader420 weedtrader420 2 years ago
That’s why it’s probably still going down no money in weed. When you can grow it I can grow it it makes it worthless. All weed companies are going bankrupt.
FUNMAN FUNMAN 2 years ago
Teva Israel enters medical cannabis market with new partnership


JERUSALEM, Dec 26 (Reuters) - (This December 26 story was corrected after company clarified that the deal is with Teva Israel)

The Israeli unit of drugmaker Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (TEVA.TA) said on Sunday it was entering the medical cannabis market by signing an exclusive and mutual collaboration agreement with another Israeli company, Tikun Olam-Cannbit (TKUN.TA).

Under the agreement, Tikun Olam-Cannbit will produce several medical cannabis products that are administered as oils. They will be marketed by Teva Israel to patients in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and, when the market opens, Ukraine, the company said.

Once Teva Israel receives all the required regulatory approvals, the companies will collaborate for 10 years and that could be extended by another nine years.

"Today, it is clear to many in the pharmaceutical industry and in the medical community that use of oils produced from specific cannabis strains may provide additional treatment options and respond to unaddressed medical needs of patients," said Yossi Ofek, chief executive of Teva Israel.
WovenO2 WovenO2 2 years ago
Do or die TEVA
IPO$ IPO$ 2 years ago
Jan β€˜21 $9 puts have 75% chance of expiring worthless per Stock Option Channel.
BottomBounce BottomBounce 3 years ago
Opiods appears to had hundreds of thousands of deaths $TEVA
WovenO2 WovenO2 3 years ago
Should start moving after current pullback
Melia10 Melia10 3 years ago
Teva up you go $20
Seeker213 Seeker213 3 years ago
Hopefully, in 2021 they get their sheet together
Seeker213 Seeker213 3 years ago
$TEVA slowly coming to the realization they have to become more aggressive and pay down debt. Target 15-20 within 10-12 months
BottomBounce BottomBounce 3 years ago
weedtrader420 weedtrader420 3 years ago
TEVA buyout coming $25 Target price
weedtrader420 weedtrader420 3 years ago
weedtrader420 weedtrader420 3 years ago
Seeker213 Seeker213 3 years ago
I smell a takeover. Maybe CAH. TEVA hasn’t moved like this in years. The frat houses are loading up..
Melia10 Melia10 3 years ago
What happened to Teva today this sudden jump
Seeker213 Seeker213 3 years ago
TEVA looking better than before. Target for 2021 is 15-18
weedtrader420 weedtrader420 3 years ago
WovenO2 WovenO2 3 years ago
Option time
Seeker213 Seeker213 3 years ago
$TEVA difficult to crack resistance @9.75
ClayTrader ClayTrader 3 years ago
* * $TEVA Video Chart 11-05-2020 * *

Link to Video - click here to watch the technical chart video

Seeker213 Seeker213 3 years ago
$TEVA can break resistance over 9.05. Lifeless to say the least without any good news. It’s shameful management has no confidence and increase their Buyback of shares.
whytestocks whytestocks 3 years ago
News; $TEVA 3 Top Stocks You Can Buy and Hold for the Next Decade

Successful stock investing requires you to have a long-term focus. Because the market sometimes crashes , you need at least a five-year time horizon when considering any stock investment. On the opposite end of the time horizon question, Warren Buffett has said that his favorite holding period...

Got this from TEVA - 3 Top Stocks You Can Buy and Hold for the Next Decade
J Pow Wannabe J Pow Wannabe 4 years ago
ALERT! TEVA Charged For Generic Drugs Price-Fixing Probe

U.S. Poised to Charge Teva in Generic Drugs Price-Fixing Probe
Aug. 25, 2020, 2:16 PM

U.S. prosecutors are preparing to charge Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. with conspiring with competitors to raise prices for generic drugs, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The Justice Department is planning to charge Teva as soon as Tuesday after the company rebuffed a settlement that would have required paying a criminal penalty and admitting wrongdoing, said the person, who declined to be named because the matter is confidential.

A spokesperson for Teva, which is based in Israel, declined to comment.


Drug firm bets it won't be charged

In the coming days, the Justice Department will decide whether to file criminal charges against one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies suspected of colluding with rivals to inflate the prices of widely used drugs.

The company, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, is betting that in the middle of a deadly pandemic, the Trump administration won't dare to come down hard on the largest supplier of generic drugs in the United States.

It is a high-stakes gamble that could affect millions of Americans who rely on Teva's dozens of inexpensive generic drugs, as well as its brand-name products like Copaxone, for multiple sclerosis, and Ajovy, for migraines. Teva officials say criminal charges could cripple the Israeli company and potentially leave it unable to sell drugs to federal programs like Medicare.

For years, the Justice Department and state prosecutors have been investigating what they describe as a conspiracy by pharmaceutical companies to increase the prices of popular drugs. The department has already extracted guilty pleas and $224 million in penalties from four other drug companies.

Lawyers for Teva, which prosecutors believe was deeply involved in the conspiracy, until recently had been holding settlement negotiations with officials in the Justice Department's antitrust division. But in April, the company all but walked away from the talks, according to people on both sides of the discussions.
ClayTrader ClayTrader 4 years ago
* * $TEVA Video Chart 08-18-2020 * *

Link to Video - click here to watch the technical chart video

JLS JLS 4 years ago
Interesting ...

TEVA goes down because of a repeat of very old news.


Makes me wonder where these investors come from.
JLS JLS 4 years ago
TEVA, a little closer look:

Already have recent shares and sold CCs multiple times, so just sitting on shares as of last Friday -- reconning day. That was a profitable week. Going to see if this one is.

It's sort of like fishing for crappies -- I've got a baited hook on bobber and waiting for a little surface activity off the bottom line then I'll huck all-in: hook, line, and sinker by selling CCs against my shares in two accounts and see what I catch by the end of the week.

Usually I get something for the pan and I can keep on fishing week after week. Adds up pretty quick. Get to use that to buy more shares next time. I've heard that's called compounding.

JLS JLS 4 years ago
Well, I wouldn't call it a channel.

Channels have parallel lines. These two blue lines are converging and ultimately touch, forcing price to break upward or lower.

The pattern is a horizontal triangle. Those two lines are clearly not parallel.

If the history of the last few months repeat, price bounces off the lower blue line (which is actually floating above, and sometimes touching, SMA(100)) then goes higher until price reaches the upper blue line.

Teva is being held down by a "price fixing" law suit. Other companies (identified within that same law suit) have settled (AKA bought their way out by forking over money without admitting fault), but TEVA refuses to do that (and probably for good reason as they were just following the pricing of the other companies they were competing with).

$treet $inatra $treet $inatra 4 years ago
great strategy, JLS!

looks like double top at 12.80 and oscillating now to test the lows of the channel around 11.25 on the hourly.

very nice channel to predict the next oscillation unless it breaks out after coiling in a tightening triangle formation

JLS JLS 4 years ago
TEVA trading at bottom of pattern.

Most likely will trade higher next week (assuming pattern continues). However, the pattern says it won't trade much higher than $12.50 (extrapolating the upper blue line).

I initiated trades on this stock near the end of July. I'm currently on my third trade for this cycle. The method I follow all the time is to buy a stock; sell weekly CCs against it; then repurchase the stock if assigned then write more Calls. Without reinvesting earnings, the volatility of this stock suggests an annual return of about 80% while using this CC method.

But I reinvest earnings when the income allows buying an additional 100 shares (which is needed if I want to sell an additional Call option). That expansion of holdings (AKA compounding) makes this CC method capable of annual gains much higher than 80%.

Qualification: this only works for stocks with predictable behavior.

$treet $inatra $treet $inatra 4 years ago
nice grab off the daily MA20/MA50 for a quick pop.. could test $13.30
Tigerbalsam Tigerbalsam 4 years ago
The World Health Organization (WHO) welcomes the initial clinical trial results from the United Kingdom (UK) that show dexamethasone, a corticosteroid, can be lifesaving for patients who are critically ill with COVID-19. For patients on ventilators, the treatment was shown to reduce mortality by about one third, and for patients requiring only oxygen, mortality was cut by about one fifth, according to preliminary findings shared with WHO.

JLS JLS 4 years ago
Resistance they say.
And gaps to fill.

Better off going to the beach, but stay out of the water. There are sharks lurking there.

On a daily basis, the trend is still down.

SPX Resistance.

JLS JLS 4 years ago
Alternative way of looking at it.

The fun and games can continue if $SPX doesn't break below that bottom tine. There was a similar scare two weeks into May. There were two red candles heading into the bottom tine then also, but there was a green candle that tagged the bottom tine, so the fun and games continued.

But there's a difference this time. There was no gap down into those red candles in May, but there was a gap down into yesterday's red candle.

JLS JLS 4 years ago
Closed this trade for a loss.

Both accounts, IND and SEP. Debated with myself about that as TEVA started trading below the daily S1 Pivot, and below SMA(50).

The last time I did this was when I got out of the market back in late February. There's been a string of Fridays wherein they've all closed green (indicating no fear of the weekend) -- but that could easily be history as of today.

SnP is red today (a Friday), for the first time in several weeks.

Also, Thursday's trade for all the major indices (and TEVA) were not just red candles but also a full gap down from Wednesday's trade.

Therefore, it's a good time to get out. And I'm not letting the door hit me in the ass on the way out, so I'm running out. Hate to do it but gotta do it.

JLS JLS 4 years ago
Surprised this board has no monitor.

I’ve seen boards where nobody has posted for a couple years and yet there is one or more monitors listed.

I’ve been trading this stock recently because, during a health crises it seems logical that healthcare stocks ought to hold up better than stocks in other sectors. Apparently the illogical are in charge of the market this week.
WovenO2 WovenO2 4 years ago
Great information JLS! Thank you for taking the time for explaining a quite powerful trading strategy. I’ve done pretty well with TEVA over the years. Haven’t posted much since late 2019 and probably should check if I’m still a moderator on this board. Thank you for posting as you have over the recent months.
Good trades, stay safe ...regards.

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