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PSQ Holdings Inc

PSQ Holdings Inc (PSQH)

Closed June 22 4:00PM
After Hours: 7:59PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
2.8638 Day's Range 3.14
2.8638 52 Week Range 35.5748
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 488,828
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About PSQ Holdings Inc

PSQ Holdings, Inc. operates a mobile app and website that offers disposable diapers and wipes under pro-family EveryLife brand. The company is based in West Palm Beach, Florida. PSQ Holdings, Inc. operates a mobile app and website that offers disposable diapers and wipes under pro-family EveryLife brand. The company is based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Advertising, Nec
Advertising, Nec
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
PSQ Holdings Inc is listed in the Advertising sector of the New York Stock Exchange with ticker PSQH. The last closing price for PSQ was $3.08. Over the last year, PSQ shares have traded in a share price range of $ 2.8638 to $ 35.5748.

PSQ currently has 31,391,595 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of PSQ is $95.74 million. PSQ has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -1.80.

PSQH Latest News

PSQ Holdings Announces Intent to Migrate PublicSquare Marketplace to Rumble Cloud Platform

PSQ Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PSQH) (“PublicSquare,” or the “Company”), America's leading commerce and payments ecosystem that serves customers and businesses that value life, family, and freedom...

PublicSquare Announces Inaugural Parallel Economy Summit - Shaping a New American Future through the Power of the Marketplace - Orlando, FL, October 10-11, 2024

Confirmed Parallel Economy Summit Speakers Include - Donald Trump Jr., Vivek Ramaswamy, Governor Doug Burgum, Kelly Loeffler, and Pat Lencioni, among others Event will include dedicated speaking...

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PSQH Discussion

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JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 4 months ago
This post didn't age well. Implode would have been the better choice of wording. Cuz that's what happened to Tucker.
TheSerb TheSerb 8 months ago
TUCKER IS NOW ON-BOARD!!!! Explode is an understatement!
stock01 stock01 8 months ago
This is going to explode. Millions in cash on hand. Subscriptions to their own baby care service equals continued revenue. Sales and subscribers up. Shopping season coming. In my opinion this is gold. But just an opinion.
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 8 months ago
It’s a battle of wits and you are unarmed.

PSQH is what…the 87th hill you’ve chosen to die on?

Not every company fails because “hedge funds” are out to get them.

Some companies just have a sh_tty business plan. PSQH is one of them.

BTW…how’d that SHMP “investment” work out?
TooFrank TooFrank 8 months ago
I suspect politically correct hedge funds with deep pockets want PSQH to fail.
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 8 months ago
Classic sleight-of-hand messaging….

“We lose a penny on every sale but we make it up on the volume.”

- Every CEO of a Company Losing Money
💨 1
TheSerb TheSerb 8 months ago
NEWS OUT! Why don't they merge with Freedom Square! Same platforms. They can raise millions more!
TheSerb TheSerb 8 months ago
Millions of dollars of cash on hand!
TheSerb TheSerb 8 months ago
DTC Brand EveryLife Reaches Estimated Annualized Subscription Revenue of Over $3.5 Million in First Two Months of Operations

Ended 3Q23 with Over $25 million of Cash on Balance Sheet

Management Reiterates Expectation of First Profitable Quarter in 2024

3Q23 Earnings Date is November 14, 2023

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- PSQ Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: PSQH) (“PublicSq.,”“the Company”), a leading marketplace of patriotic businesses and consumers, provided comments today from Michael Seifert, Founder, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, on the strength of the business and the ongoing growth at EveryLife, the Company’s premium baby-care brand. He also confirmed the Company’s next quarterly reporting date.

Seifert commented, “PublicSq.’s operations are going even better than anticipated, and I am excited to highlight the growth we have experienced, the strength of our balance sheet, and the continued commitment to our goals from management and our insiders, none of whom have sold any shares of our stock.”

Additional comments include:

- Our preliminary third quarter revenue grew approximately 300% sequentially from Q2 2023, to an estimated $2.2 million, which represents 1,600% year-over-year growth.

- Growth was led by EveryLife, our direct-to-consumer pro-life baby care brand, which has, in less than 3 months of operations, achieved over $3.5 million of annualized subscription revenue.

- Our eCommerce shopping experience will roll out on November 1st, in time for the holiday shopping season, and we anticipate over 400,000 products ready for purchase in app.

- Our next wholly-owned subsidiary after EveryLife, PSQLink, which offers a business management tool, will launch this month.

Seifert said, in closing, “These preliminary results speak not just to our rapid early adoption, but to our conviction that patriotic consumers and businesses alike seek a mission-aligned commerce ecosystem. We ended the third quarter with over $25 million of cash on our balance sheet and we reiterate our previous statement that we intend to achieve our first profitable quarter in 2024. We are continuing to build this business for the long-term and we are just getting started.”

The Company will report financial results for the third quarter of 2023 on Tuesday, November 14, 2023 after the U.S. stock market closes.

Third Quarter 2023 Conference Call & Webcast

Management will discuss its third quarter 2023 results via webcast at 4:30 PM ET on Tuesday, November 14, 2023. The live webcast and replay can be accessed on the Public Square Investor Relations website Https://Investors.Publicsq.Com.

During prepared remarks, management will respond to inbound, submitted questions received ahead of the call. Questions may be submitted through the Say Technologies platform. A link will be provided two weeks before the call via press release and on the Public Square Investor Relations website.
TheSerb TheSerb 9 months ago
Heard the CEO on the radio again........he needs to partner up with Freedom Square. They have the same target audience!
TooFrank TooFrank 9 months ago
Hopefully people and businesses realize anti-woke doesn’t mean you are homophobic, transphobic and racist. People have been shamed and blamed into submission by a cultural movement that is part of a much larger one world government global agenda.
👍️ 1
TheSerb TheSerb 9 months ago
Heard the CEO on the Charlie Cirk show yesterday. There will be major upgrades to this site for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays! Stock holding steady and will greatly increase!
TooFrank TooFrank 10 months ago
I wasn’t aware of Freedom Square.
Thank you.
TheSerb TheSerb 10 months ago
This company needs to merge with Freedom Square as they both have similar platforms..............
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 10 months ago
PSQH…trying to stay relevant.
PhenixBleu PhenixBleu 10 months ago
You can trust that if this lockdown madness comes back, NONE of the businesses on the @officialpsq app will comply.

We will never comply with this authoritarian and unconstitutional act of tyranny.

We didn’t the first time, and we certainly won’t now.— Michael Seifert (@realmichaelseif) August 19, 2023
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 10 months ago
How many products that are manufactured in China…tyrannical China…just ask the Uyghurs…are available via PSQH?

No discernment there. Just blatant open-borders free-traitors.
TooFrank TooFrank 10 months ago
Public Square is ahead of the game.
I am usually about 18 months ahead of a general public consensus. My Last good trade was 6 figure profit on Covid lies.
I have 1000s of hours of DD on Covid, Vax, Ukraine War, Cultural Marxism, Congressional hearings etc… from MSM to obscure sources. I am now %90 cash, physical gold and silver. I believe we are headed for a severe correction.

In my very informed opinion. The collective west’s governmental bodies are currently controlled by Globalist. No one in the Congress Uniparty is against CBDC. The governmental bodies will enact CBDC into law. Once CBDC becomes law the people will be forced to abide by Agenda 2030. Five Eyes nation Australia is presently transitioning to a cashless financial system. Public Square like all other entities not inline with Agenda 2030 will disappear.
👍️ 1
TooFrank TooFrank 10 months ago
Public Square is against tyranny.
Censorship is tyranny
Fascism is tyranny.
Fascism is "Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” ? Benito Mussolini
Our federal government is working with corporations to censor opinions and ideas of citizens.
👍️ 1
TooFrank TooFrank 10 months ago
Woke is entirely political
The term is used abundantly by all factions of the political agenda.
Agenda 2030 is ground zero of ESG and DEI. Public Square is giving people an option to support likeminded businesses that don’t agree with the Marxist Agenda 2030.
Woke is Morphed Modern Day Cultural Marxism.
👍️ 1
retireat40 retireat40 10 months ago
Tyranny? Good lord. It’s amazing how the simple minded have been led astray into believing this utter rubbish.
retireat40 retireat40 10 months ago
To be clear, woke is not political, but it has been politically weaponized by bad-faith actors, mostly on the right. Being “woke” is not a term exclusive to the realm of social justice; it’s a decades-old slang in Black communities, meaning to “be aware. The Right has made “anti-woke” a rallying cry among the poorly educated and easily misled. The boogeyman framing around “woke” is intentional. In 2021, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott complained about “woke supremacy,” a term with inescapable echoes of “White supremacy”— creating a deeply racist, false equivalency that pandered to a faction of the GOP in his state. It’s a shame so many have fallen for this nonsense.
TooFrank TooFrank 10 months ago
You criticize with nothing to offer. Typical left brained criticisms.
Public Square has a vital role in the preservation of humanity from left brain control and tyranny.
retireat40 retireat40 10 months ago
This may be the dumbest, most wrong headed thing I’ve read in a long, long time.
TooFrank TooFrank 10 months ago
How can anyone believe anything coming from the Federal Government? At least for the last several decades. Public Square realizes we need to return to family and community. Our western infatuation with left brain hemisphere logic and reason has resulted in an emotional/mental health epidemic and a meaningless crisis. Only a return to
Inner Sovereignty
can restore what it means to be a human being not a human doing slave of the state.
Public Square is anti-Woke.
Modern day Woke Marxism pushes…
Nihilism - no faith
Self Censorship - no sovereignty
Children Belong to the State - anti-family
Restriction of Community Association - no freedom of association without mob rule consequences
TooFrank TooFrank 10 months ago
Public Square is way ahead of the curve.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists".

J Edgar Hoover
retireat40 retireat40 10 months ago
Prior to the pandemic (under Trump) 63.2% of eligible people were in the workforce. Now that number is 62.2%. A one percent drop.
retireat40 retireat40 10 months ago
What a crock of crapola.
elanfox elanfox 10 months ago
Agreed and agreed. It's just a matter of time.

By the time we get another earnings report they won't be able to hold this down. Income will be constantly growing.
pitacorp pitacorp 10 months ago
thinking the same, this Q looked pretty good, and not much huppla about this... I honestly thought this would be upper teens by now... i still think this sill triple very soon, but, i honestly remember seeing santa last christmas sliding off the roof, so, lets see if this goes better than what santa had to endure....
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 10 months ago
How about that still no one has a clue what kind of revenue PSQH is actually generating. And that most of the shares represented by the trust account are still redeemable.
elanfox elanfox 10 months ago
Damn. We have earnings out and not a whisper in the Internet. Looks good also, at least to my untrained eye.

Maybe they are trying to hide this from the public.

Next quarter should be even better.

Am I crazy or is there really no coverage on psqh?
elanfox elanfox 10 months ago
Damn. We have earnings out and not a whisper in the Internet. Looks good also, at least to my untrained eye.

Maybe they are trying to hide this from the public.

Next quarter should be even better.

Am I crazy or is there really no coverage on psqh?
Looking like a bounce opportunity
TooFrank TooFrank 11 months ago
NYSE: PSQH) (“PublicSq.”), a leading marketplace of patriotic businesses and consumers, will report financial results for the second quarter and first half of 2023 on Wednesday, August 9th at 8:00 am ET. Management will host prepared remarks at 9:00 a.m. ET. The live webcast and replay can be accessed on the PublicSq. Investor Relations website at
TooFrank TooFrank 11 months ago
5th Gen Warfare of information and perception has the unsuspecting propagandized under control.
pitacorp pitacorp 11 months ago
the whole market does this.. even stocks with good earnings do not do well with market manipulators.. this is just a game, like the roulet wheel,, play the hot plays, but know going in someone with more smarts wants all your money and does not care leaving your broke
TooFrank TooFrank 11 months ago
Not that PSQH is any great stock at the moment but… the entire US stock market is a bloated pig trading on the coat tails a once prosperous nation. With the recent credit downgrade, national deficit, strengthening of BRICS, and interest rates the US economy is headed for a collapse. According to insurance actuaries 29 percent of the workforce since 2021 is dead, disabled or out sick. Employment numbers aren’t a reflection of a growing economy. Hopefully people will migrate towards community and local businesses promoted by PSQH during difficult times.
PhenixBleu PhenixBleu 11 months ago
Follow their X account for updates. Download the app and least window shop to see the products.

Their X account:

Stories like this are what drive us at @officialpsq 🇺🇸

We’re representing America’s small business community to a group of well over a million consumers that are passionate about supporting them and it’s the most rewarding journey.— Michael Seifert (@realmichaelseif) August 2, 2023
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 11 months ago
The “cause” is to take money out of your pocket and put it in the pocket of grifters who prey on “patriots”. They ripped a page right out of Trump’s playbook.
elanfox elanfox 11 months ago
What's going on here. No info about what the company is doing? I can't find anything. It's a bit scary. I believe in the cause but I'm not sure if I should be holding right now.

I want something from the company. The whole Internet is bare to indo about publicsq.

Anybody know what's going on?
Monday Monday
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 11 months ago
PSQ Holdings...holding less and less each day.
Slow day
Goggle it
TheSerb TheSerb 11 months ago
Over $50,000,00 in trades so far, this WILL be a huge stock!
TooFrank TooFrank 11 months ago
Trump has nothing to do with Public Square. Trump is an egotistical buffoon.
Tucker Carlson doesn’t need the money. He was fired from a Fox for refusing to be censored concerning J6. He gave up a lucrative contract with Fox News to be able to have freedom of speech
Tucker now has tens of millions of viewers on his Twitter Platform that will reach tens of millions of likeminded potential Public Square viewers and business owners who have come to realize the dangerous infiltration of Cultural Marxism into every facet of the USA.

If you don’t want to be under a similar CCP government rule in the US I suggest you stop doing business with corporations that seek to enslave you and censor you like the CCP does to their citizens.
JoshTaeger JoshTaeger 11 months ago
Tucker Carlson? The guy that hates Trump? That guy?

Anything for a buck, I guess.

PSQH can wrap itself in whatever patriotic lingo it wants. It’s still aggregating sellers of cheap sh_t from China.
TooFrank TooFrank 11 months ago
Public Square has the full support of Tucker Carlson not only as a business relationship but as core values against the infiltration of Cultural Marxism into every facet of life. His support will accelerate awareness, growth of subscribers, and enrollment of participating businesses.
Tucker will begin promoting Public Square in August 2023.
TooFrank TooFrank 11 months ago
You are missing the point.
Here are the core values of Public Square.

We are united in our commitment to freedom and truth — that's what makes us Americans.

We will always protect the family unit and celebrate the sanctity of every life.

We believe small businesses and the communities who support them are the backbone of our economy.

We believe in the greatness of this Nation and will always fight to defend it.

Our Constitution is
non-negotiable — government isn't the source of our rights, so it can't take them away

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