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Digital World Acquisition Corporation

Digital World Acquisition Corporation (DWAC)

Closed March 02 04:00PM
After Hours: 07:59PM


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
34.004.956.1011.305.5250.000.00 %01-
34.505.255.805.855.5250.000.00 %103/01/2024
35.004.905.455.235.175-1.77-25.29 %2213/01/2024
35.504.555.150.004.850.000.00 %00-
36.004.304.804.554.55-5.45-54.50 %1603/01/2024
36.504.004.500. %00-
37.003.754.204.103.9750.6318.16 %4623/01/2024
37.503.503.903.773.700.000.00 %4603/01/2024 %140333/01/2024
38.503.053.453.153.25-1.54-32.84 %32163/01/2024 %50203/01/2024
39.502.703.052.952.875-1.30-30.59 %23143/01/2024
40.002.552.772.702.66-1.30-32.50 %1,1281003/01/2024
40.502.322.702.452.51-1.05-30.00 %20203/01/2024 %601573/01/2024
41.502.072.392.312.23-0.63-21.43 %26293/01/2024 %98373/01/2024
42.501.672.101.861.885-0.79-29.81 %14273/01/2024
43.001.612.031.901.82-1.10-36.67 %51413/01/2024
43.501.601.891.721.745-0.73-29.80 %20353/01/2024


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
34.000.780.950.930.8650.3252.46 %771163/01/2024
34.500.941.090.871.015-0.02-2.25 %28293/01/2024 %2121733/01/2024
35.501.231.461.251.345-0.30-19.35 %2233/01/2024
36.001.441.671.551.5550.4338.39 %96593/01/2024
36.501.581.931.741.7550.3626.09 %1243/01/2024
37.001.852.111.801.980.5038.46 %77803/01/2024
37.501.992.352. %36163/01/2024
38.002.312.672.502.490.6736.61 %1251493/01/2024
38.502.552.942.312.745-0.19-7.60 %270343/01/2024
39.002.743.453.103.0950.7531.91 %33763/01/2024
39.503.203.503.303.350.9741.63 %12273/01/2024
40.003.503.753.703.6251.2249.19 %2241283/01/2024
40.503.804.203.804.001.0739.19 %18113/01/2024 %22393/01/2024
41.504.404.954.554.6750.7519.74 %14303/01/2024
42.004.805.304.925.051.0627.46 %36403/01/2024
42.505.205.705.245.450.8920.46 %10323/01/2024
43.005.606.105.785.851.4834.42 %17593/01/2024
43.505.956.506.236.225-1.07-14.66 %21003/01/2024

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DWAC Discussion

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TrendTrade2016 TrendTrade2016 3 minutes ago
Trump Maggot was a rich kid with a father that did everything for him. You are a maggot with no brains just like him.
You are a spineless coward that hides behind your computer
louieforpar louieforpar 51 minutes ago
I swear every time I read a MAGA post I can faintly hear the banjo music playing from the movie deliverance.

Same normal Americans you will find sitting on a rain soaked couch on the front porch with the wife(AKA cousin),a dirt yard littered with old car parts,broken wash machine,children’s toys,Christmas lights left up year round,drinking a Pabst blue ribbon with a pinch of Skoal in mouth holding a confederate flag chatting to neighbors with a mouth that has about 9 teeth trying to determine if Volvo is a part of a women’s anatomy.
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 1 hour ago
There’s something very wrong with you ,

oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 2 hours ago
Most Normal people can see through their bullshit and stupidity, but are too polite to tell them.
The remaining normal people,
Hey Trump!— NomadMK15c (@NomadMK15c) March 1, 2024
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 2 hours ago
Ely Ely 2 hours ago
Hurry! Get your copy before sold out!!!
🐷 1 💩 1 🗑️ 1
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 2 hours ago
Trump loves him some Putin !

And they call themselves patriots,,,

👎️ 1 🤥 1
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 4 hours ago
Most Normal people can see through their bullshit and stupidity, but are too polite to tell them.

👎️ 1 🤥 1
louieforpar louieforpar 4 hours ago
Sure fire traits of Narcissism. They learned well from Trump.
👎️ 1 🤥 1
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 4 hours ago
These are people that never say please, never say thank you, never ask, always demand, never admit they’re wrong, always have excuses, and never apologize.

👎️ 1 🤥 1
louieforpar louieforpar 4 hours ago
Spineless azz kissing Republicans will never admit it in public.

“If we nominate Donald Trump, we will get destroyed — and we will deserve it.”

Senator Lindsey Graham
👎️ 1 🤥 1
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 5 hours ago
King Of Debt

Catastrophic 'domino effect' on existing debts

Crambone !!!
👎️ 1 🤥 1
Zorax Zorax 10 hours ago
Always welcomed rbtree. It has but never enough. Although don't post the link on the other no politics board as it will get deleted. I'll explain some other time.
Shitgibbons company tmtg and spac d-w-a-cked were created as his atm and they generated over 300 million in the sell off before the public offering for a fund that they claim was supposed to be for the future merger and company operations.

Basically this is just another scam by orangedonshittypants. Please excuse my nicknames for the orangeasshole - yes we can type that here, because I can't force myself to say his name any more.

Anyways, almost before it was publicly traded, the SEC was enlightened about orangeface' business dealings and likely illegal way of getting the feed money and who funded it. There was illegal communication pre announcement, 3 people at least have been indicted for insider trading and there is high odds there's more to the investigation by the SEC. Your info just adds to his list.

It took d-w-a-cked like 8 times to get 'votes' to okay the wording, but mostly to give orangeass and other insiders more stock and options and stock notes for salaries. You know typical penny stock scam operations.

And that's where you find this today. I'll just call orangefatass as cheeto for short. Cheeto was trying a hail mary to steal all the fund money and work out some sort of backhanded way of unloading his horde of stock. Personally, I believe he was going to sell it back to the company treasury, deduct all that cash and leave tmtg with nothing but stock that will fall to pennies. There never was and still isn't any real companies here. TS is a cheap shitty app and is not a company, its just a phone app. Run on rented servers.

Hope this helps. And watch out for the comrade maga's on the board.
👍️ 2 👎️ 1 🤥 1
blackhawks blackhawks 11 hours ago
White Rural Trump Supporters Are a Threat to Democracy


A new book shows how many supposed “elitist stereotypes” of rural MAGA voters are true—and backed by hard data.

Michael A. Cohen
Published Mar. 01, 2024 11:08 PM EST

OPINIONIllustration of a person in a MAGA hat with a pitchfork impaling an eagle
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty

In the popular imagination of many Americans, particularly those on the left side of the political spectrum, the typical MAGA supporter is a rural resident who hates Black and Brown people, loathes liberals, loves gods and guns, believes in myriad conspiracy theories, has little faith in democracy, and is willing to use violence to achieve their goals, as thousands did on Jan. 6.

According to a new book, White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy, these aren’t hurtful, elitist stereotypes by Acela Corridor denizens and bubble-dwelling liberals…they’re facts.

The authors, Tom Schaller, a professor at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and Paul Waldman, a former columnist at The Washington Post, persuasively argue that most of the negative stereotypes liberals hold about rural Americans are actually true.

They do not mince words about what this means for the future of democracy in America. “Rural voters—especially the White rural voters on whom Donald Trump heaps praise and upon which he built his Make America Great Movement—pose a growing threat to the world’s oldest constitutional democracy.”

And Schaller and Waldman bring receipts.

In a book filled with reams of data to back up their arguments, Schaller and Waldman show that rural Whites “are the demographic group least likely to accept notions of pluralism and inclusion” and are far less likely to believe that diversity makes America stronger.

In rural America, support for Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban ran 15 points higher than in urban areas. Rural Whites are 13 points more likely to view LGBTQ+ Americans in a negative light, and express fear and anger toward immigrants—both legal and undocumented—at much higher rates than other Americans. Less than half, 46 percent, say diversity in their communities is something they value.

They are the largest segment of the population that incorrectly believes Trump won the 2020 election, at 47 percent. By contrast, only 30 percent of suburban residents and 22 percent of urban dwellers feel the same.

“...rural Americans are more likely to believe that ‘it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government.’ Indeed, more than one out of four rural residents agree that Trump should be returned to office by force if necessary.”

Rural Whites are more skeptical of the vaccines to prevent COVID-19, and are more likely to think Barack Obama was not born in the United States. In a survey done in 2009 in North Carolina and Virginia, rural Republicans were 20 percentage points more likely to believe in birtherism than non-rural GOP members. Rural residents are also 1.5 times more inclined to embrace the QAnon conspiracy theory than those who live in urban areas.

But the problems in rural America run deeper than hostility toward minorities and facts. Rural residents disproportionately express hostility toward basic democratic principles. They are more likely to favor restrictions on the press, oppose checks on presidential power, endorse White Christian Nationalist views, and support efforts to restrict voting access.

Finally, rural Americans are more likely to believe that “it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government.” Indeed, more than one out of four rural residents agree that Trump should be returned to office by force if necessary. As Schaller and Waldman argue, not all citizens with anti-government views live in rural America, but “rural Americans are overrepresented among those with insurrectionist tendencies.”

After reading this tale of woe, one might shake their head at the state or rural White politics but also wonder about Schaller and Waldman’s claim that such a small segment of the population has “more power than any other large demographic group in America.” After all, rural Americans are 20 percent of the U.S. population—rural Whites are only 15 percent. The other five percent are non-white, a group that the authors ruefully point out is seldom acknowledged in political conversations.

Their power is a by-product of America’s political system, which grants disproportionate power to sparsely populated states. In the Senate, for example, California and Wyoming have two representatives, even though Los Angeles County—with its 10 million residents—has a population that is 17 times larger. Indeed, L.A. County—which is home to just a quarter of California’s residents—also has a larger population than 40 American states.

In partisan terms, Senate Democrats, who currently hold 51 seats in the Senate, represent approximately 193 million people Senate Republicans hold only two fewer seats, yet they represent 140 million people.

Things are just as bad in the Electoral College. Wyoming has 18 fewer electoral votes than California, even though California has a population that is 68 times larger. Since Republicans are so disproportionately reliant on states with large rural populations, they are far more attuned to their interests than would be the case in a political system where rural areas didn’t have such built-in influence.

One might assume that such political influence would translate into tangible benefits. But as Schaller and Waldman note, the opposite is true.

Rural America is in deep economic and social decay, “defined by declining wages, rising unemployment, persistent poverty, and increased government dependency.”

Rural populations are aging as younger generations flee areas with few economic opportunities and increasingly blinkered worldviews. Those who remain in rural areas live shorter lives, have limited access to health care, and on any host of health metrics—from maternal mortality to deaths caused by drug overdoses—have a rate higher than any other geographic group.

Indeed, opposition to Obamacare was perhaps stronger in rural America than in any region of the country, even though no area was more likely to benefit from the legislation. (The Affordable Care Act reduced lack of healthcare access in rural America from 24 to 16 percent.)

In short, rural America has made one of the worst deals in American politics—they slavishly support a Republican Party that not only does little to stop their inexorable decline but actually makes it worse.

The GOP’s anti-abortion agenda means rural maternity wards got shut down. Opposition to public broadband most directly harms rural America, where there is little incentive for private companies to set up service. Republican attacks on higher education have a disproportionate influence on underserved rural universities. And anti-vax attitudes have led to COVID death rates that rival or surpass far denser population areas—an outcome that makes little public health sense but is easily explained by partisan politics.

Yet, none of this has stopped rural Americans from casting votes for Republican politicians. If anything, their support for the GOP has intensified as Trump has taken control of the party. In 2016, 62 percent of rural America voted for Trump. In 2020, it jumped to 71 percent.

Paradoxically, the worse things get, the more it increases despondency, disillusionment, and resentment—the three attributes Republican politicians most effectively mine to maintain their support in rural America.

Rather than offering an agenda for rural development, Republican politicians simply ladle out more steaming hot bowls of resentment and targets for rural anger, be they urban-dwelling liberals, undocumented immigrants, trans kids, beer companies, or the “fake news” media.

And rural MAGA laps it up.

Do Schaller and Waldman have a solution for this sad state of affairs?

I asked this to Schaller (who, in the interests of full disclosure, is an old friend), and he turned my question around. Why, he asked, is it the responsibility of liberals to solve these problems? The expectation that he and Waldman should have a solution to the ills of rural America is, he argued, part of the problem.

These answers can’t come from well-meaning Democrats and liberals; they need to originate from rural America itself. Until rural Americans demand more from their elected leaders, i.e., Republicans, their plight will only get worse.

In Schaller’s view, this doesn’t necessarily mean electing Democrats—but, rather, better Republicans. “If you’re not going to be an advocate for your own material needs,” says Schaller, “then you can’t expect others to do it for you.”

But, as Schaller notes, rural influence is not a constant. Rural populations will continue to wane, and as that happens, their power will decline, too.

The choice for rural America is to demand more or decline further. In the meantime, their problems will only get worse, and the threat to American democracy will remain with us.
👌 1 👍️ 1 👎️ 1 🤥 1
rbtree rbtree 11 hours ago
Apologies if this has been posted here..yet another lawsuit:
👍️ 1 🤡 1 🤥 1
satter satter 12 hours ago
Jack Smith would have to make the move I believe and probably would have delayed the case without knowing if she would have been removed or not, likely did not want to gamble. He did not know back then that Trump would be able to delay like he has, but knowing it was her as the Judge it looks like maybe he made a mistake.

Right now she appears to be skating by making 95% favorable Trump rulings but trying to avoid a real big one knowing it would/could lead to real trouble for her.

She reluctantly makes a ruling for Jack Smith when she has no choice. Like here below:

Experts: Cannon may have been reversed or "ordered to step aside" if she didn't reject Trump motion
Cannon shot down Trump request to see more classified evidence amid threat of reversal from 11th Circuit Court

US. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon on Wednesday denied former President Donald Trump's request to see more of the classified evidence federal prosecutors submitted in his Florida criminal trial over his alleged willful retention of national security materials and obstruction of government efforts to retrieve them. That level of access is not usually granted in these cases, the judge determined, noting that withholding the records would not weaken Trump's defense, The Washington Post reports.

Cannon, in the nine-page ruling, rejected the request to see the filings under Section 4 of the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA), which protects national security secrets of issue in criminal proceedings. She suggested that special counsel Jack Smith may have overstated the CIPA law in his argument against sharing the materials with the defense, noting that Trump's charges do not include transmission of the sensitive information. She added that she understood the law to mean judges have the authority to make that decision themselves. “As best the Court can discern following its rigorous analysis, Defendants’ rights will not be impaired by today’s ruling,” she concluded

"Judge Cannon's ruling is correct and obvious, and avoids her getting reversed for a 3rd time by the Eleventh Circuit," former Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann wrote on X/Twitter. "Predict she will also reverse herself on full disclosure of witness names/statements (for same reason). Many more motions for her to decide..."

"Had Cannon ruled in Trump's favor she would have [been] plainly wrong," former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance added. "Special Counsel would have had no option but to appeal & she would have been promptly reversed & perhaps ordered to step aside."

Cannon plans to hold a pivotal hearing in the case Friday where she will cover evidence disputes between prosecutors and the defense, the trial schedule and a related spat over proposed redactions in court records. This case is one of four criminal cases Trump has been charged in.

She has not yet reverse herself on full disclosure of witness names/statements. That is so dangerous putting those people in such danger. No other Judge would do that. She is a real nut case.( maga )
👍️ 1 🤡 1 🤥 1
Zorax Zorax 15 hours ago
I will go there, but you know the beer guy and thomas won't be paying any attention to anything coming in from dems or normal people.
👍️ 1
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 16 hours ago
Impotent ,
👍️ 1 👎️ 1 🤥 1
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 16 hours ago
Let the Supreme Court know online how you feel about their delay of Trump’s immunity case! I did! Takes 2 minutes.— Diana Manister (@DianaCialino) February 29, 2024
👍️ 2 👎️ 1 🖕 1
Diogenes of Sinope Diogenes of Sinope 16 hours ago


Marjorie Taylor Greene's former tantric sex guru lover touts sex retreats and 'ecstatic cuddle' classes at his Washington State commune - as congresswoman's husband files for divorce 10 years after her affair

So, Let’s Talk About Republicans and Sex Crimes

👍️ 1 💥 1 💫 1 💯 1 🤡 1 🤣 1 🤥 1
louieforpar louieforpar 16 hours ago
Even better.

“If you’re not Riden Biden ,
You’re Rootin for Putin.”
👍️ 2 👎️ 1 💩 1 😂 1 🤡 1 🤣 1
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 16 hours ago
If you’re not Riden Biden ,
You’re Rootin for Putin.
👍️ 1 👎️ 1 🤥 1
louieforpar louieforpar 16 hours ago
Vote Trump lose your country.
👍️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1 🤥 1
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 16 hours ago
GOP's Post-Roe Peril Spreads Like Wildfire

“Republicans are trapped in a political minefield over reproductive rights, paralyzed in fear that their vulnerabilities on abortion and in-vitro fertilization could hand Democrats the 2024 election,”

“Rarely has a political issue proven so salient, so personal and so animating for voters at both the state and national level. The Alabama Supreme Court’s ruling on IVF suggests the fallout from the end of Roe v. Wade is far from contained.”

Vote republican, lose your rights.
👎️ 1 🤥 1
louieforpar louieforpar 17 hours ago
Should be a continuous post.
👍️ 1 👎️ 1 💩 1 🤡 1 🤥 1
Zorax Zorax 17 hours ago
Right there she should have been removed.
I question why it didn't happen then as now. Someone or group behind shittypants is pulling the strings. As it's has been proven without a doubt that orangedonshittypants has neither the capacity or intelligence to pull it all off by himself.
👍️ 2 👎️ 1 💯 1 🤥 1
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 17 hours ago
Imagine Truth Social ,
Just orange stinking up the site with continuous right-wing maga Fake Junk. Represents maga as the uneducated in a big way. 🥱
That, plus crap…

👍️ 1 👎️ 1 🤥 1
satter satter 17 hours ago
What do you expect? Trump appointed her. She made some of the most outrageous rulings for him that the appeals court quickly and decisively overturned.

On Dec. 1, in a unanimous per curiam decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit ruled to reverse an order issued by U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon to appoint a special master to oversee the review of classified documents seized from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-lago residence on Aug. 8.

The 11th Circuit found that Cannon “improperly exercised equitable jurisdiction” in hearing the case and that the entire proceeding should be dismissed. Notably, the court also found that regardless of the status of a document in question (personal or presidential), the government maintains the authority to seize it under a warrant supported by probable cause.

The panel wrote, “The law is clear. We cannot write a rule that allows any subject of a search warrant to block government investigations after the execution of the warrant. Nor can we write a rule that allows only former presidents to do so.”
👍️ 1 👎️ 1 💯 1 🤡 1
oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 17 hours ago
Dr. Jill Biden Casts Donald Trump as a Threat to Women as She Opens a Tour of Battleground States

First lady Jill Biden is warning that returning Donald Trump to the White House would threaten women who already have watched the former president’s Supreme Court picks nix a federal right to abortion services

ATLANTA (AP) — First lady Jill Biden warned Friday that returning Donald Trump to the White House would threaten women who already have watched the former president’s Supreme Court picks nix a federal right to abortion services.

Trump has “spent a lifetime tearing us down and devaluing our existence,” she said in Atlanta, where she launched a multistate battleground tour to highlight President Joe Biden's reelection campaign outreach program aimed at women.

“I’ve been so proud of how Joe has placed women at the heart of his agenda,” the first lady said of her husband. She contrasted him to Trump, who she said “mocks women’s bodies, disrespects our accomplishments and brags about assault ” and, as recently as this week,
took credit for “killing Roe v. Wade.”

It was an unusually pointed take-down from Jill Biden. She has long been a smiling, supportive advocate for her husband, often telling endearing stories about their marriage and family and her own career as an educator. Her remarks Friday signaled a more aggressive role in what is setting up to be a bitter rematch of the 2020 election. Women are likely to play a crucial role, especially in the relative handful of states that will determine the Electoral College outcome.....................

👎️ 1 🤥 1
satter satter 17 hours ago
Just orange stinking up the site with continuous right-wing maga Fake Junk. Represents maga as the uneducated in a big way. 🥱

A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, poor or no sourcing to credible information, a complete lack of transparency, and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation

👌 1 👍️ 1 👎️ 1 🤥 1
schaub schaub 19 hours ago
Negative…will see a pop after Super Tuesday!
👍️ 1 💥 1 🤣 1
Nikodemos Nikodemos 19 hours ago
NEWS: "Donald Trump is broke hahahaha
SFGATE columnist Drew Magary writes about Trump's latest financial setback"

Did you hear the news? Donald Trump is broke as s—t! Sure, you already knew that the former president’s empire was built on bankrupt casinos, skyscrapers that are cratering in value, fake universities, fake shoes, unpaid vendors, dodged taxes, undrinkable wines and inedible steaks. You already knew that this man didn’t actually have an empire at all ... that he was full of s—t the entire time.

But now it’s OFFICIAL, because New York Attorney General Letitia James was able to prove it in an enormous, victorious civil fraud suit against the former president. After presiding Judge Arthur F. Engoron first ruled last fall that Trump had manipulated his net worth and submitted documents to lenders that “clearly contain fraudulent valuations,” Engoron ruled two weeks ago that Trump owed the state of New York $355 million, plus interest, for a total of $450 million. The court gave Trump 30 days to either pay the fine himself (HAHAHA) or secure a bond for it.

Trump, of course, is no stranger to using other people’s money for his own benefit, so what was a $450 million bond between him and one of his wealthier friends or donors?

The answer: about $350 million too high. From the New York Times:

“Donald J. Trump offered a New York appeals court on Wednesday a bond of only $100 million to pause the more than $450 million judgment he faces in his civil fraud case, saying that he might need to sell some of his properties unless he gets relief.”

That appeals court just rejected that offer and demanded that Trump, for the first time in his life, pay the full tab. This bill comes due after another New York court ordered Trump to pay writer E. Jean Carroll another $83.3 MILLION for defaming her after she accused him of sexually assaulting her in a department store in 1996. In 2019, Trump denied Carroll’s accusation in characteristic Trump fashion, by crowing that she was “totally lying.” Well, the jury in that case found that to be, like, totally defamatory, because Trump knew what he was saying was false (and that what Carroll had said was true).

Trump is also in deep doo-doo with both the Georgia district attorney and the Department of Justice after pressuring state officials to “find” him votes in 2020 and then amateurminding the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol. Oh, and Trump’s Republican Party currently only has $8.7 million on hand.

So now is when you and I get to spike the football and do the happy dance. BROKE-ASS DONALD TRUMP IS BROKE AS S—T! YOU PATHETIC LOSER! YOU SAGGY-ASS HOBO! YOU DON’T HAVE NO ICE CREAM ... YOU DIDN’T GET NONE! YOU DIDN’T GET NONE!

I know that you’re wary about exulting here. Save for the 2020 election, every celebration of Trump’s demise has turned out to be premature. Liberals like me loved cooing, “ooooh, he’s in trouble now,” after Trump fired James Comey, after Robert Mueller was assigned to investigate him for high crimes, after he tweeted New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was totally into him and after he was impeached … twice. You’ve been hurt before. I get it. You also live in a political media ecosystem that’s DYING to keep Trump’s election prospects alive so that they can get juicy copy out of it.

But let me explain why you should cast those worries aside this time around. It’s because Donald Trump is a deeply, deeply stupid man. History’s greatest dumbass. Trump amassed great wealth and power as an unhappy accident, the byproduct of an inherently corrupt nation designed to prop up his ilk at the expense of normal, cool people. He then used that wealth and power to brainwash our dimmest citizens into believing that he was a new messiah, with big strong ideas and even bigger, stronger pectoral muscles. He was the take-no-guff rich guy that his voters imagined they themselves could one day be. He was their proxy. And now he can’t even find $450 million in his couch cushions, almost certainly because he never had it to begin with. Look at this joyless, penniless loser as he’s forced to look into a working mirror for perhaps the first time ever:

Former U.S. President Donald Trump sits in the courtroom during his civil fraud trial at New York Supreme Court on Jan. 11, 2024, in New York City.

Do you really expect me to be intimidated by this guy, or by a cash-poor Republican Party whose best alternative to him was Nikki f—king Haley? I said it here before and I’ll say it again: These people don’t know what the f—k they’re doing. At all. Donald Trump has no idea how he’ll pay off these debts. His party is physically incapable of passing any law in the House. They couldn’t even pick a House leader, and the one they did pick has both a name and a face that scream “in witness protection.” And the Republican Senate leader/strategic mastermind is a miserable simp who just turned in his junior dictator badge because he may or may not poop himself all day long.

You’ve long known that Democrats are stubborn and idiotic, often because they play not to lose rather than to actively beat the opposition. But again: LOOK at this opposition. Look how broke, stupid and ugly they all are. Kick them while they’re down, and then rejoice. Because I wouldn’t hire Donald Trump to park my car, and that’s a fun little bit of irony because he could probably use the cash.

Which means he's gonna DILUTE this PIG to the HIGH HEAVENS the MINUTE he's able!! LMMFAO!!


can't even hold


& is




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oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 20 hours ago
Yep, those comrades are going to the dustbin soon

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oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 20 hours ago
Did you notice that orangefatass could only go three words without reading from his script? He can't stand to talk without his teleprompters and he's totally stupid trying to make shit up. Worse public speaker ever.

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Nikodemos Nikodemos 20 hours ago

[] & NOW realized...

FD: Shorted from $50.00 & ADDED in the upper $40's...

Pathetic POS can't hold $40 & when 3x the shares current GET DUMPED shortly... This POS will fall lower. Some $4B worth of value is soon to be DILUTED HERE.... Da man needs DA MONEY!! ~$500M+ in JUDGEMENTS (so far) to pay -- & NO CASH with which to do so!!









All the REST is pissing in the wind....



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Zorax Zorax 20 hours ago
Zorass the dumbass lol Comrade, my good comrade.... don't you realize that no sane intelligent reader would ever click on your ruski links because we know that they are just malware and lies. But like massive mail order mailings hoping a few actually read them, someone is bound to make a mistake and click on one of them.

Then one needs to do a complete virus check because of it.

Oh the irony. Clicking on one of dw-w-acked comrade dudette choo choo links and getting a ransomware virus...
d-w-a-cked is ransoming common shareholders and getting a real ransomware from your links...hahah ...get it?... oh nvm you don't give a shit.
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Zorax Zorax 20 hours ago
Yep, those comrades are going to the dustbin soon. But that is their job to spread propaganda for pukein and to disrupt the board.
Can you blame admin for setting up this second board and more or less writing it off? I don't.

But it's a good thing both sides are heard, no matter how mentally challenged the maga/comrade side is.

Have you noticed almost none of the comrades post to the real d-w-a-cked board which is moderated by the site and a even split of maga to normal mods?
Because they have nothing to say constructively or intellectually about d-w-a-cked.
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Zorax Zorax 20 hours ago
Did you notice that orangefatass could only go three words without reading from his script? He can't stand to talk without his teleprompters and he's totally stupid trying to make shit up. Worse public speaker ever.

He even needed big que cards for his asinine celebrity show because he couldn't remember a thing.
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Thomas@yahoo Thomas@yahoo 20 hours ago
Zorass the dumbass
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Zorax Zorax 21 hours ago dumbass dudette choo choo. Do you get your propaganda direct from dictator puken or do you do your own searching on russian search engine using 'i hate biden', 'nazi's are us' or 'destroy america' in the search fields.

How many rubles does it take to equal a dollar? You have to cash those rubles in somewhere.
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Thomas@yahoo Thomas@yahoo 21 hours ago
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Running Wild Running Wild 21 hours ago
I had to add Thomas choo choo to ignore also.

He just brings nothing useful to the table. Just posting links of random fake news sites without any reasoning upon them.

Like elly or that wolf guy, just endless nonsensical noise on the timeline.

Have a great weekend Z!
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oystersnbeer oystersnbeer 21 hours ago
Stay as far away from the GQP ,
as humanly possible.

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Zorax Zorax 21 hours ago
tick tock...tick tock.... tick TOCK ... TICK TOCK ..... TICK TOCK .

It takes a lot more shares to drop the price than to rise the price. Lower pps when chasing you have to sell more... when rising you can buy less and move the pps up.
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Thomas@yahoo Thomas@yahoo 21 hours ago
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Thomas@yahoo Thomas@yahoo 21 hours ago
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Thomas@yahoo Thomas@yahoo 21 hours ago
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Zorax Zorax 21 hours ago
How very odd. Comrade mr. plagiarizer stopped posting at 02/26/2024 03:14:20 PM and comrade dudette choo choo started posting to d-w-a-cked 02/26/24 10:50 AM with a love post to mr. plagiarizer. Then literately 3 hours later mr. plagiarizer disappears. Along with comrade zunelox showing up a half day earlier and both comrades now work the propaganda 24/7.

And yet both haven't posted a thing about d-w-a-cked itself or troofsoshallow just hate shit against other members and Biden.

Seems about right for a bunch of nazi magat's.
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sweet crude sweet crude 21 hours ago
Data Privacy against Big Tech

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SWISF is committed to safeguarding what many consider their most valuable asset – their privacy. At a time when data misuse runs rampant, public trust in digital platforms wanes. SWISF does this by offering a critical solution, allowing individuals to shield their information from surveillance.

For conservative investors who prioritize stability and ethics, SWISF represents a unique opportunity. Demand for robust data privacy protections continues to grow. As awareness around this issue rises, so too will the need for solutions like those SWISF provides.

Take a Look at DWAC

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SWISF isn’t just about potential returns. More fundamentally, it’s an investment in the basic right to privacy and the preservation of democratic values in the digital sphere. In a world where personal data is freely exploited, tools to guard our information uphold foundational freedoms.
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Diogenes of Sinope Diogenes of Sinope 21 hours ago



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