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iShares Silver Trust

iShares Silver Trust (SLV)

At close: April 12 4:00PM
( -1.73% )
After Hours: 7:56PM


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
20.005.605.707.105.651.1218.73 %6154/12/2024
21.004.604.705.404.651.3031.71 %222094/12/2024
21.504. %02-
22.003.603.704.853.650.9524.36 %13414/12/2024
22.503. %29414/12/2024
23.002.622.682.682.65-0.23-7.90 %301884/12/2024
23.502.142.193.522.1651.2857.14 %111754/12/2024
24.001.661.721.731.69-0.32-15.61 %725114/12/2024
24.501. %3334974/12/2024
25.000.830.870.860.85-0.28-24.56 %6598984/12/2024
25.500.530.560.540.545-0.22-28.95 %5352,9064/12/2024
26.000.330.340.340.335-0.13-27.66 %5,3816,8044/12/2024
26.500. %5,9285,5594/12/2024 %18,0531,3264/12/2024
27.500. %4,9728804/12/2024 %2,7762,4114/12/2024
28.500. %3,7551,2234/12/2024 %2,1552774/12/2024
29.500. %4642104/12/2024 %8264884/12/2024


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade %00- %00-
21.500. %00- %048-
22.500. %3204/12/2024 %2005364/12/2024
23.500. %782634/12/2024 %7212,1314/12/2024
24.500. %1,3152,0674/12/2024 %6,0485,9774/12/2024
25.500.390.410.420.400.1768.00 %5,4632,7024/12/2024
26.000.690.720.700.7050.2452.17 %8,3421,4854/12/2024
26.501. %7,966354/12/2024
27.001.441.511.491.4750.2823.14 %2,021454/12/2024
27.501.911.961.921.935-0.02-1.03 %1954/12/2024
28.002.392.442.392.4150.2712.74 %2234/12/2024
28.502.862.922.902.890.041.40 %4874/12/2024
29.003.353.453.303.40-0.08-2.37 %16144/12/2024
29.503.853.954.003.900.000.00 %018-
30.004.354.454.434.400.000.00 %09-

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SLV Discussion

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AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 6 hours ago
Hey new guy. Can you explain the mechanics of the silver market for us?

Why is the price where it is?
How did the price drop by $1.50 today so far?
What controls the price of silver?
Who owns the most physical silver?
What is the CME?
How do the SLV futures markets work?
How many ounces of silver per contract?
Is their an algo that controls the price of silver?
Who created the algo? When?
Does the dollar affect the price of silver?
Who controls the dollar? What is the dollar?
Is the dollar fiat? Or is it backed?
Why does the price of silver and gold move EXACTLY the same way?
Do you have any original thoughts or do you parrot your favorite metal salesmen?
Does the number of paper contracts per ounce of physical matter?
Does SLV matter?
Who controls how much SLV is in the market?
How much SLV is there?
Does the price of SLV affect the price of silver?
Why has silver been sideways for 20 years?
Isn't silver supposed to be a hedge for inflation?
Why isn't silver going up the same pace as inflation?
👍️ 1
Princess17 Princess17 6 hours ago
Maybe in the 1800’s to early 1900’s
DarkPool DarkPool 6 hours ago
Worth zero. How many paper claims per ounce? Lmao lot more paper then physical.
AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 6 hours ago
Is physical one days pay for a dime? 1/10th of an ounce of silver?

Historically one days pay was worth one dime.

Is that the case?

Why not?

Here are 1 ounce rounds for 30 bucks. Is 3 bucks a days pay?
Princess17 Princess17 6 hours ago
Physical is not 26
Paper is 26
AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 7 hours ago
Why is physical only 26?
Princess17 Princess17 7 hours ago
It’s like a ticker tape parade today
So much paper
Princess17 Princess17 7 hours ago
Not for long
DarkPool DarkPool 7 hours ago
Not really. Where you getting physical less that $26
AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 7 hours ago
Physical price is dictated by SLV
DarkPool DarkPool 7 hours ago
Papers worth zero anyway. Physical price says it all
pack10 pack10 8 hours ago
Yes, that is the link that was referenced. Sure looks like we're all in for some huge moves the likes which we haven't seen in many years.
Princess17 Princess17 8 hours ago
I don’t feel sorry for them
AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 8 hours ago
Here is an article you may be interested in:

But always keep in mind that that NONE of these investigators ever talk about SLV. They only talk about physical, leased physical, naked shorts and shorts. And using PHYSICAL to manipulate the market. Also using shorts. They NEVER talk about SLV being used to control the price of metals.

SLV is an open ended fund. They can create quadrillions of ounces of silver with the click of a mouse. THAT is how they control the price of silver.

Also remember that the largest holders of physical metals are the banks themselves. If the banks start to have balance sheet issues for whatever reason:

Hint hint:

So if the banks start to have issues......They can offset those balance sheet issues with an increase in metal prices. They own and control the world. The control all the metal prices. They are the largest holders of metals in the world. They can manipulate and do whatever they want with the price to achieve whatever goals they want. They have their finger on the button. And they know when they are going to push it.

Like the dollar smash they just achieved:

Do you think they did not profit from that 1 dollar smash? They play both sides. They hold all the physical and they control the pricing mechanism! LOL

Who lost the most from that 1 dollar smash? The banks or the longs that are excited and buying into the mania?
👍️ 2
pack10 pack10 9 hours ago
Thought you might know? I heard BOA has lost over 4.8 billion on silver contracts just this week. The article said this information was on this site

I've looked all over this site and haven't found anything? Maybe a wild goose chase, or is there something to it.

I also remember reading awhile back that for every dollar silver went down one of the big banks who trade futures made a billion dollars?

Just think its only the 12th of April

Just read your last post. With losses that huge it stands to reason these banks are going to knock
the price down
AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 9 hours ago
In the last 25 minutes they smashed the price of silver by over 1 dollar

Let's see how much SLV they used to do that tomorrow:

Hearts are breaking.......
Tadaaa Tadaaa 10 hours ago
Volume is WOW this first hour !!
AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 10 hours ago
From 2013 to 2020 they kept silver in the 14 dollar to 20 dollar range:


Then since 2020 they have kept silver in the 20 dollar to 26 dollar range. There have been a few anomalies where it went to 28 and 30 dollars. And currently.

Could this be a time where they allow the price to rise a little? I'm not sure. I'm not in control. They are. And I have proven that. Whatever is happening, they are allowing it to happen.

As for 3 dollars not mattering.....

"95,935x5000=479,675,000 ounces of silver to be delivered by the end of May."

If those contracts were created even at 26 dollars, let's look at what this will cost the big bullion banks.

479,675,000 ounces x 3 dollars. The difference between 26 dollar contracted price and current 29 dollar silver they will need to pay for physical prior to delivery.

479,675,000 ounces x 3 dollars=$1,439,025,000. That is a 1 1/2 BILLION dollar loss.

If the contracts were set at 23 dollars per ounce, double that loss. 3 BILLION.

Those are real losses. How does that effect the bottom line of JP Morgan?

Where does the money come from to cover those losses?

I think that this is why they stopped disclosing the settle prices for contracts. They don't want us to know what the contracts were set at.

I know for a fact that what is happening, whatever that is, is being allowed to happen. The market isn't magically getting out of control. They have the power to SMASH the prices.

Remember, if they are selling shorts into the market right now, if the longs are buying all the shorts they are selling. Once they SMASH the price of silver lower. They will PROFIT off the backs of longs. Why wouldn't they sell short if they know they are going to smash the price. They have the power to do that. You have all seen it! For decades.

Obviously, with inflation where it is at, the cost to mine has gone up. Eventually it becomes unprofitable to mine with increasing costs of machinery, equipment and gas. They will continue to want their mining companies to profit as well. So they need to allow some increases in the price of metals to compensate. When they allow these rises and for how much......I have no idea. They are in control, not me.

But it is fun to watch the metals move. I have been involved in the metal markets for nearly 20 years, and it isn't because I hate metals. I understand the fundamentals of metals. I understand the history of metals. I understand the economics of metals. I understand the value of metals and where that value comes from. However, I also understand how and why they have manipulated metals for so very long.
👍️ 2
dukelasilvertbird dukelasilvertbird 11 hours ago
Thanks Red, appreciate your time on the board.
Zardiw Zardiw 11 hours ago

Omar8 Omar8 15 hours ago

"The have not yet used nearly the power they can."

Why do you think it is they haven't used their powers yet ? Why let it run up to over $29 which is $3 higher than 1 year ago peak ? If they need to get it lower for May ? Is 3 plus dollars nothing to them ?

I'm impressed it has went this high, regardless if they use their power or not it seems a pull back should be coming soon, I imagine with $30 some might be thinking the ride is about end and get out. But who knows maybe this time it's different ?

What it does seem like to me they maybe letting silver bump up some maybe the new range is being set ?
AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 19 hours ago
Here is what I am seeing.

Right now they are using about 180,000 contracts of SLV to control the price of silver:

Those bars are rising. They are using more and more to control the price daily. Imagine if they weren't what the price would be.

I want to use a comparison.

Here are the numbers during the last "Silver Squeeze" in 2020:

The daily average was around 200,000 for almost a month and at its peak it was 400,000 contracts in one day.

The have not yet used nearly the power they can.

There are 95,935 contracts due by the end of May:

They are moving a lot back to July. However they still have to deal with 95,935. Which is 95,935x5000=479,675,000 ounces of silver to be delivered by the end of May.

The price of silver throughout May of last year was between 23 and 26 dollars. So if the contracts were created last year for delivery in May of this year, they will want to get the price of silver as close to 23 and 26 dollars by the end of may.

I know it is exciting right now. And I assure you they are far more concerned with the price of silver than gold. They can let gold rise. They aren't using gold in consumer goods.

And it does not look like they are focusing on gold at the moment either:

But they will have to deal with the silver price.

The fact is that right now they are creating and settling contracts for Sept of '25 at 30 dollars:

March of '25 at 29.50

When they settle contracts they are legally binding.

They have to fill those orders. So if the settle price last year was between 23 and 26 dollars. And they have to buy that silver to fill the contracts. They don't want to pay more than the contracted price for silver. So I am expecting that throughout the month of May we will see the price of silver between 23 and 26 dollars.

May 2nd 2023 26 dollar silver
May 22nd 2023 23 dollar silver.
👍️ 1
dukelasilvertbird dukelasilvertbird 22 hours ago
Hay Red, when is the expected crash to fill the contracts. Read all your posts,thanks! I'm a old hippy. Timothy Leary said it best~~tune in~turn on and drop out. Appreciate your. reply. Duke. Sorry meant to be sent to red
a false profit a false profit 1 day ago
Princess17 Princess17 1 day ago
So funny now they do 10:30 slams
Zardiw Zardiw 2 days ago
NEVER keep your Gold/Silver in a bank.........the godernment will probably steal it like they did in the 1930' didn't know that?.......go look it up.......they paid people like $15/oz or something.......then a few weeks later they pegged the price at $35......STOLE the GOLD basically

Zardiw Zardiw 2 days ago
Keep will come in handy soon is my guess.........

JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 2 days ago
I know I was banking on it continuing to go to $50 last run up and was buying physical silver like crazy
BottomBounce BottomBounce 2 days ago
Gold Price Forecast – Expert Predicts $10,000 Gold and $300 Silver $SLV
Zardiw Zardiw 3 days ago
I hear ya.......I had a bunch more than now back in 2021........blew it on a

I hocked theory was when Silver went to $50/$100 I could sell some and get my silver out of like buying it at $25 when it was $100.....problem was it never really

JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 3 days ago
I’m hoping so, been stacking silver and safe is pretty full
tootalljones tootalljones 3 days ago
This analyst provides 3 different methods under which silver should be 300 to 330 bucks an ounce. Right now, not at some point in the future.
Princess17 Princess17 4 days ago
So true
BottomBounce BottomBounce 4 days ago
No bank is safe, implosion coming: 'Every single bank is insolvent' β€” Lynette Zang $SLV
Zardiw Zardiw 5 days ago
Here's my method for checking if there's any Silver shortage.......I keep track of this:

Right now it's at 684 - 30.38.....and here's a history of it:

Silv: 684, 623, 626, 660 -- Prices: 30.38, 26.05, 27.22, 28.16

SO, the number has actually increased.......and the price also

Silver 1oz Coins available now:

Zardiw Zardiw 5 days ago
Has taken a lot longer than we thought.......but it IS coming......2024 is the year.....just too much bullshit in the world happening....

a false profit a false profit 5 days ago
this is included in your post > $Gold Legal Tender GOD'S Real Money -
$GOD We Trust - Real Money - AU Safety 6000yrs . which god owns the rights to Gold ?
a false profit a false profit 5 days ago
AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 5 days ago
Why silver will be $2080 before gold? LOL Gold is $2330.

That video was from 2 months ago and the guy is already wrong.

Nice post........

BTW, what kind of person likes and thumbs up their own posts?
👍️ 1
NYBob NYBob 6 days ago
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AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 6 days ago
Remember that you can SHORT AGQ as well. You simply sell shares short. People that are buying AGQ long are buying your shorts. When the price goes down You GAIN in AGQ and in ZSL if you bought ZSL long.

So I am sure a lot of that volume is shorts selling on the bid and longs buying the shorts. That is where the volume is coming from in AGQ. In ZSL it is simply people buying long. I have no idea why anybody would be shorting ZSL right now. Look at the chart. It is screaming buy. AGQ is screaming sell.

You don't even have to play ZSL if you short AGQ. You can do it either way. And there are other plays as well. But those 2 are my favorites because of the volume. You can play any amount of money you want and you can sell your shares immediately. Even if you want to move a million dollar position.
Omar8 Omar8 6 days ago
The volumes of ZSL and AGQ...

Are significantly up compared to their averages, either direction this goes there will be some disappointed people for sure.
AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 6 days ago
I WILL be revisiting this post. Of course.....

There are many that are watching and not commenting. There are many that have learned and are profiting from this deception. This SLV manipulation. To those that have learned from me and have profited. You are welcome. I find that the most gratifying thing.

I was once the manipulated. I was once the guy that believed that the metals would run. I was the guy screaming from the mountain tops BUY SILVER, BUY GOLD! THE COLLAPSE IS COMING! For like 7 YEARS. From about 2010 to 2017 I would say. I watched my portfolio go up and crash, go up and crash. Sideways for 7 years. I even started buying Gold and silver mining stocks. Because the metal salesmen told me to. And the only reason I am glad I did is because that is when I learned.

I saw the metals moving with the price of silver. I watched every other month the charts go up and down. Swing. Then it started to click. I then leaned about SLV futures contracts and the way SLV is used to control the market. I figured it out. Then I started to try to teach. And every metal bug is a fist fight. It was, and still is, like I was fighting myself from years ago. Collapse, metals are going to explode, 1000 dollar silver, silver shortage, this is the time, over and over again. The same story. And people fall for it again and again. Short memories I guess.

And you still see it. Like right now. When the price is allowed to rise prior to delivery months there is MASSIVE excitement in the metal community. The stackers start buying again. LOL, Yeah, at the top. The metal salesmen start sending out massive ads. I am getting them daily right now. I can't delete them fast enough.

The mania gets crazy. Like during the "Silver squeeze" attempt 4 years ago. YES that was 4 YEARS ago already.

EVERYBODY was screaming that this was the time. All the silver is out of stock. Blah blah blah. And look what happened then. Do you remember? It ran to 30. SMASHED back down to 20. How could that happen when all the metal salesmen were out of stock and Ebay was cleared out?

Is Ebay cleared out right now? Are the metal salesmen short metal supplies? Why are there so many metal salesmen ads right now wanting YOU to buy?

Is the metal predicament NOW worse than it was then during the "Silver Squeeze" attempt? And that wasn't my first silver squeeze party. I was around for the Max Keiser attempt in like '08 or whenever it was.

So what is different now?

Same excitement now. Same build up. Same parroting words. The same old people popping out from under their rocks. Chirping.

When you feel that excitement. When you see that happening. When you see those signals..........SELL!
👍️ 1
Zardiw Zardiw 6 days ago
2 Days in a row $SLV was up 4%.......that's a record I think.......willing to bet that this could be the start of a MAJOR run in Silver........

And it's about f*cking

👍️ 1
NYBob NYBob 1 week ago
👍️ 1 😀 1 😊 1 ☺️ 1 ♥️ 1
pack10 pack10 1 week ago
Why are these prices inaccurate? They haven't been right for about three days. Does anyone know why?

Precious Metals
Futures and Options
+1.397 (+5.39%)
Last Updated 05 Apr 2024 11:59:18 AM CT.Market data is delayed by at least 10 minutes
pack10 pack10 1 week ago
WOW!!, Seems our money system is so overwhelming many just can't understand how it works. Or is it that they are so invested in 1000 oz silver that that has altered their thinking. I'm over 70 and you have taught me the how's and whys of something I always knew was manipulated. So it just goes to prove you can teach an old dog new tricks, lol.
Over the last 2 and half years my trades have all been positive. Thanks.
Princess17 Princess17 1 week ago
Thank you….. I did know
Mr Red is a know it all
💩 1 🤡 1 🫵 1
Princess17 Princess17 1 week ago
Wow you really think you’re supierior!!
Your NOT
💩 1 🤡 1
AlwaysRed AlwaysRed 1 week ago
Reading and comprehension is important:

It's like kicking a dead horse around here. It's no wonder people think there are 26 genders and can't figure out what bathroom to use.

We are literally living in the movie Idiocracy!

Fiat fiat fiat. LOL. Stupid. The dollar is not simply printed up and dished out. Fiat is where a government simply prints currency and distributes it. If you think that is what the dollar is you are ignorant. 100%

"Despite being charged with managing the money supply, the modern Federal Reserve does not simply run new paper bills off of a machine. Of course, real currency printing does occur (with the help of the U.S. Department of the Treasury). However, the vast majority of the American money supply is digitally debited and credited to commercial banks. Moreover, real money creation takes place after the banks loan out those new balances to the broader economy."

I have been talking about this for YEARS on this very board and you STILL have not figured it out.

Discover what an IQ of 80 means:


I actually heard that the number is now 15%.

I believe it.

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