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Ring Energy Inc

Ring Energy Inc (REI)

( 1.60% )
Updated: 13:44:20

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Key stats and details

Current Price
1.57 Day's Range 1.63
1.25 52 Week Range 2.43
Market Cap
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Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 1,872,694
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Ring Energy Inc

Ring Energy Inc is an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Midland, Texas. Its activities include the acquisition, exploration, development, and production of oil and natural gas fields. These operations are focused in the Permian, Central, and Delaware Basins in Texas and Kansas,... Ring Energy Inc is an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Midland, Texas. Its activities include the acquisition, exploration, development, and production of oil and natural gas fields. These operations are focused in the Permian, Central, and Delaware Basins in Texas and Kansas, but a vast majority of production comes from Texas. The company's production is mostly done through the vertical drilling of wells. Show more

Crude Petroleum & Natural Gs
Crude Petroleum & Natural Gs
Carson City, Nevada, USA
Ring Energy Inc is listed in the Crude Petroleum & Natural Gs sector of the American Stock Exchange with ticker REI. The last closing price for Ring Energy was $1.56. Over the last year, Ring Energy shares have traded in a share price range of $ 1.25 to $ 2.43.

Ring Energy currently has 197,934,202 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Ring Energy is $314.72 million. Ring Energy has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 3.00.

REI Latest News

Ring Energy Announces First Quarter 2024 Results, Provides Second Quarter 2024 Outlook and Reiterates Full Year 2024 Guidance

~ Crude Oil and Boe Sales Volumes Exceed High End of Q1 Guidance ~~ LOE per Boe and Capital Spending Below Low End of Q1 Guidance ~ THE WOODLANDS, Texas, May 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ring...

Ring Energy Announces Timing of First Quarter 2024 Earnings Release and Conference Call

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, April 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ring Energy, Inc. (NYSE American: REI) (“Ring” or the “Company”) today announced the timing of its first quarter 2024 earnings release...

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REI Discussion

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glenn1919 glenn1919 3 months ago
softballdaddy softballdaddy 3 months ago
It's a crazy time to hold energy stocks (Ring is my only one) With the world in turmoil, Houthis attacking shipping in the Mideast, etc. this has a chance to spike nicely. All in my opinion but read my signature
👍️ 1
dealerschool2006 dealerschool2006 3 months ago
Curious to see how REI performs over the year...
softballdaddy softballdaddy 3 months ago
And we watch, but watching is more enjoyable
glenn1919 glenn1919 3 months ago
littlejohn littlejohn 4 months ago
Nice day to hedge 2nd quarter oil sales...

June demand could press the need

for above $70/bbl oil price...

so we watch...LJ
glenn1919 glenn1919 4 months ago
littlejohn littlejohn 4 months ago
REI has to be wishing you could buy

larger oil percentage leases in the

Permian as cheap as the public share

price of REI is discounted...

Haven't quite figured at how a trading

group has manipulated the price so

low in such lovely times...

So we watch...LJ
softballdaddy softballdaddy 4 months ago
I keep wondering, if with all the uncertainty in the Mideast ergo also in oil supply, if this could be a roller coaster, even with the debt...

As a wise man said...and we wait
littlejohn littlejohn 5 months ago
January,2025 Nymex has a decent hedge

forward price...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 7 months ago
REI $270+ million market cap, over $370 million

of revenue annually based on four

times recent, impeded revenue quarter...

Under 3 times recent quarterly revenue

on the market cap now...

This is real, and not scy fy...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 7 months ago
REI needs to drill more and keep increasing

oil production now...

$77/bbl WTI is nothing to sneeze

at in the sale lane...

REI sellers have no idea how much

money it takes to get a barrel of oil

out of the ground...

So we watch...LJ
1hot toddy 1hot toddy 8 months ago
huge buys 18k, 19k stock very undervalued $$$$$$$ look forward to record earnings
softballdaddy softballdaddy 8 months ago
Middle East tensions
We could see a spike in crude
littlejohn littlejohn 9 months ago
REI, being smaller, has capital constraints of

managing and balancing growing

production and reducing debt...

Conventional well results should have

a little better stickum to hold up with

less depletion than shale drillers...

[ I remember your class on this ]...

Lack of more capital to increase that

process increases the timeline...

But that also leaves the fruit of reserves

to drill on for longer...

Need more stickum on price rises...

So we watch...LJ
Bobwins Bobwins 9 months ago
Pretty big move for little Ring today. Got up as high as 2.01 but slipped back below 2.00 to 1.99.
If oil can hold for the rest of the month, Ring should have a nice Q3 and attract some attention with their latest acquisition adding a little $$$ and higher oil prices helping the bottom line.

Ring is definitely struggling compared to some of the bigger players. They have good profits and are using their capital wisely but market doesn't seem to care, giving them a 2 p/e while other bigger Permian players get 5+. I have a few shares of Matador and they are doing very well compared to Ring. Bigger players also make better acquisition targets for the really big Permian players. OXY or Pioneer would probably spin off the CBP acreage, even if they were interested in buying Ring's traditional horizontal drilling acreage. There has been a fair amount of consolidation in the Permian as everyone is trying to get bigger to ensure efficient operations. They're not making more Permian acreage so the big boys with lofty stock prices have a big advantage in bidding wars. Not sure Ring has the right acreage to attract the BIG players.

Still, I like their practical approach and the stock is still dirt cheap. Holding and Hoping!
littlejohn littlejohn 9 months ago
REI should have done a small reverse

split, like 1 for10, instead of raising

share count, IMO...

Then with a higher share price, we

could sell some calls with price rallies

and help make up some losses...

The lower share price area isn't drawing

more new investors for that reason...

It's hard looking way up and waiting...

So we watch...LJ
Bobwins Bobwins 9 months ago
Bought LEAPS over the past couple of weeks. Mature 1/25 with a $1 strike. Bought half at 1.15 and the other half at 1.05. Pretty low premium for over a 1 year time frame. If Oil stays around high 80's, Ring is going to be printing money and should move back above $2 easily. My avg cost is 1.11 so need share price to exceed 2.11 by 1/25 to make a little money.

Also someone posted that sale by Strongholder owners is done. 12.6 million shares were sold on 8/9/23 so that should not be holding back the stock. Next earnings may be the positive shock that this stock needs.
littlejohn littlejohn 10 months ago
Had a gtc buy order slapped so hard

in the morning that it stirred

up the chickens...

Might buy near the bottom one day...

So we watch...LJ
Bobwins Bobwins 10 months ago
Stronghold owners are selling 12.6million shares to fund a new venture. They announced on 8/9/23. You can see big dip and high volume for two days but not nearly enough to account for 12.6million shares. I got scared about oil and sold REI around 1.75 a few weeks ago. Regretted decision and so happy to buy back during this artificial weakness. Got some at 1.80 this morning. Hoping for more weakness. Fundamentals haven't changed. Biggest problem is mgmt is taking prudent course of action. Drilling low cost wells that don't produce high production volumes but are economically smart. My next buy order is at 1.75. We'll see if REI continues to sag. Volume is still suspiciously low. They must know that they are going to knock the price down. Sooner or later, they have to sell and get the money to move on. Hopefully it won't go too low. 52 week low is 1.68.
littlejohn littlejohn 10 months ago
REI,,, hopefully they maxed out forward natural

gas hedges on Wednesday...

That pump up price day was for

that reason with big production of

nat gas exceeding demand...

REI needs to make a good move

at some time that the market likes

to restore confidence...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 12 months ago
WAHA traded at 2.42 this week and up

from 2.11 last week...

Price is affected by heat wave...

Beats the almost nil levels of 4th, quarter

of 2022 which lowered nat gas revenues

across sector...

Good time to hedge sales ahead because

it may not stay so strong for very long...

So we watch...LJ
cuggegrosse cuggegrosse 12 months ago
👍️ 1
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
U.S. Commercial Oil Inventory is 2% below

the five year average for this

time of year...

Gasoline inventories 8% lower than

five year average this time of year...

Going into summer...

May SSTs in 2023 were much warmer

in Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean

than in past four years...

Caribbean is south of Gulf of Mexico...

Buyers may be on Tropical vacations...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
06/01/21, REI $2.70+ /share, WTI $73+ /bbl...

06/01/23, REI $1.80 /share,

06/01/23 WTI $70+ /bbl...

'What we have here, is a lack of


So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
Should have been enough time and volume for

warrants to be laundered into

the float now...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
REI should consider discounting their Delaware

Basin property of about 18,000

net acres to reduce debt...

REI has good operations in NWS

and CBP to support their higher debt

after acquisition in 2022 was done and

hold onto the Delaware Basin property...

Economics of reducing debt now with

higher interest cost favor selling it

more than holding it...

REI revolver debt went from about

$280 million at 03/31/2022 to about

$422 million at 03/31/2023...

Around $142 million higher due to

2022 acquisition...

Problem is higher interest rates have

increased the interest costs...

Interest cost of about $3.4 million at

end of 03/31/2022 grew to about

$10.4 million at end of 03/31/2023...

Economics now says there is greater

incentive to price the Delaware Basin

property to sell with the current higher

oil price market...

And that potential sale paid on the

revolver debt would reap compounding

benefits going forward with much lower

interest costs on the debt revolver...

03/31/2022 info...

03/31/2023 info...

And there are plenty of places for

REI to drill on their NWS and CBP

properties with more funds available...

Delaware Basin property isn't really

cheap either to be selling from...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
REI 88 million revenue versus 68 million

revenue in quarter a year ago...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
Ruff time to report earnings in oil patch...

U.S. oil inventories have dove

downward over past month,,,

while U.S. oil exports accelerated,,,

while China is buying heavy due to

reopening their economy after two

years of shutins for citizens...

And oil price is Well below $100/bbl.

this year so far...

Keeping a cap on rig counts in play

with high drilling costs...

Ruff time to report earnings...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
New warrant shares may not be laundered

out by then if volume doesn't

pick back up...

Penny stock investors are very educated

as you see by the declining volume...

Dilution is driving share price down

while many well run oil companies

have put share buy backs in place

with good oil prices...

So we watch...LJ
GrandAdmiralThrawn GrandAdmiralThrawn 1 year ago
May 9, 2023
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
1. no, 2. no, 3. no,, 5. yes,,,

5. yes, need firm to double check

company accounting...

If you didn't price a prior deal at

total value from start in past, then

why should you be allowed to

disperse more shares that way?...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
REI needs some managers with brains even if

they have to adopt some...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
REI 1.84, only shows about half float shorted

on Yahoo stats page...

Why would anyone try to squeeze

something so cheap and unwanted?...

Lol, better question, who is doing the

math for the percentage of the

float shorted on REI?...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
REI CEO bot 100,000 shares on Wednesday...

Let's see how he likes being

a bagholder...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
Yes, REI increased over 5 million BOE per

day in 4th quarter versus yearly

average after late 3rd quarter deal...

So that is only reason that the yearly

increase was highlighted more...

Getting the pipeline from Permian Basin

to SoCal reopened in March should

help all producers with WAHA pricing...

REI getting back to Howard projects

should help them the most...

So we watch...LJ
Bobwins Bobwins 1 year ago
Production is really forecast to stay flat for 2023. Ring was producing around 13Kboepd when they bought Stronghold and they added 5K boepd so the combined total was 18K. That's what Ring is projecting for all of 2023. They are going to drill horizontals and cheap verticals to offset declines in existing wells. I expect them to focus on debt reduction so they are in position to make further acquisitions. Increases in oil and ngas would help them speed up the process a lot. I expect oil to move up before ngas. There will probably be a surplus of ngas in the US in 2023 because there are no LNG projects coming online until 2024-5. That's when ngas should move back up. A recession could impact both oil and ngas prices to varying degrees.
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
REI CC projects 40% to 50% boe/day increase

in production for all of 2023

versus all of 2022 averages...

CC link...

They all seem calm, but didn't toss

out a token stock buy back program

to keep up with those share incentive

bonuses they get that increases the

overall total steps

there might help share price...

Still can't believe insider and 5%

owners aren't detailed in 10K filing...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
REI 10K showed that they finished paying

the 15 million owed to Stronghold

and the other 8 million, or so, held

in escrow was also paid per terms

in February, 2023...

So that lowered overall debt more...

Which makes me wonder why the

controlling shareholders would have

been selling out shares...

Stronghold should have made a deal

with a higher oily percentage company,

REI, to get better valuation on their

assets on a longer term basis...

Alas, the 10K filing has no description

on the Ownership positions to sway

either argument on the subject...

Which I find surprising...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
REI company presentation link...

so we watch...LJ
Bobwins Bobwins 1 year ago
Missed the call. Will try to find a replay this afternoon. Don't expect anything spectacular. Mgmt is conservative and going for low cost, conservative ways to drill smaller, high return wells. I imagine steady as she goes narrative to drill out the many opportunities they have.

I was disappointed in eps for Q4 but hopefully hedges will even out over time and they get a little help from price of WTI going forward. Gotta believe those Chinese drivers and travelers are going to stoke crude demand going forward into 2023-4.
cuggegrosse cuggegrosse 1 year ago
That could be it,thanks, did u listen the call,how did ot go????? !!!
👍️ 1
Bobwins Bobwins 1 year ago
have to remember, they issued 63 million shares to Stronghold owners in August and September. Those folks have seen their shares fall and they want their cash. Another couple months and the sellers should be gone.
cuggegrosse cuggegrosse 1 year ago
A new year low just showed up $1.90
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
Lucy, someone has some xplaining to do...

or everyone forgot and sold...

so we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
Can China wipe out 2 months of inventory

building in U.S. with 10 measly

ships in March?...

Reported inventory builds haven't

been going to Cushing,a little has,

so they may be stored near ports...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
REI must have had a good year in 2022

to be awarding restricted stock...

They aren't supposed to be just,

show up, restricted awards...

If only the share price would show

up as Well...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
Some light, oil related news for the

shorts on a cool morn...

So we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
Permian Basin Deal news article from past


so we watch...LJ
littlejohn littlejohn 1 year ago
China issued second 2023 import quota increase...

so we watch...LJ

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