MILAN, Aug. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr ZinX has launched their Patent Pending Zinc + Hinokitiol Oral Spray across Amazon EU today. This is the first time a Zinc Ionophore oral spray combination has been available to the EU market.

Dr ZinX Patent Pending Ingredient Combination: Zinc + Hinokitiol

"A combination of Zinc Salts and Hinokitiol can be applied as an inexpensive, effective and safe alternative approach to fight respiratory viruses." - Dr Nikola Kolundzic, Kings College London

Following wide publication and support from President Trump for the use of a Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc Combination, Zinc has come under increasing interest. Currently Hydroxychloroquine is only available through a prescription from a Doctor. This makes the launch of the Dr ZinX Oral Spray in the EU even more interesting given its status as a cosmetic, allowing doctors to issue it freely to patients, without need for a prescription.

Anti-Viral Role of Hinokitiol:

Hinokitol has been found to increase the cellular import of Zn2+ and to be effective in the combat with RNA viruses such as influenza virus, respiratory syncytial virus and picornaviruses. Hinokitiol is a tropolone compound with a seven-membered carbon ring and an isopropyl side chain. Zinc ion is of vital importance as a cofactor for various cellular processes and viral proteins. Metallothioneins regulate the intracellular concentration of free Zn2+. Intracellular Zn2+ concentration disrupts the replication cycle of certain RNA viruses. - MD MSci Marija Petkovic 

Role of Hinokitiol in Inflammation: 

Early evidence suggests that Hinokitiol has a role in dampening the immune response and preventing excessive inflammation. The culture of T lymphocytes generated from the spleen of mice resulted in reduced proliferation of lymphocytes and reduced expression of the inflammatory cytokine interferon gamma (IFN-γ) which has a strong role in inflammatory diseases and autoimmunity. It has also shown that it up-regulates p21, a regulatory cell cycle inhibitor. The inhibition of this molecule results in malignant proliferation of T lymphocytes and autoimmunity. 

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Dr ZinX Patent Pending
Dr ZinX Patent Pending Ingredient Combination: Zinc + Hinokitiol

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