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Sidney Resources Corp (PK)

Sidney Resources Corp (PK) (SDRC)

Closed May 18 4:00PM

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SDRC Discussion

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rbtree rbtree 12 hours ago
Just another snowflake pumper....
RetroSpect RetroSpect 4 days ago
MrPuff MrPuff 4 days ago
You’re stupid.
RetroSpect RetroSpect 4 days ago
Good day to rethink your investment. This one is getting ugly real quick. Quite obvious p&d here IMO
🤡 1
bgoat bgoat 1 week ago
your "IMO" is a useless piece of 💩 go on your merry way
MrPuff MrPuff 1 week ago
rbtree rbtree 3 weeks ago
Followed your link. Thanks. Vast and Prelea sound legit.

Maybe there's a chance that SDRC will break the mold--that being that no OTC "mining" stocks are worth more than two bits.
barefootlad barefootlad 1 month ago
$SDRC is making positive moves that should lead to long term success.
👍️ 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 1 month ago
T-Trade taking price lower = blessing in disguise.

Price, for what was already a pretty locked up float amid impending company changing catalysts, is about to get even more locked up.

SDRC Twitter:
We wish to reinforce our commitment and confidence with current and prospective investors by stating that no board members or company executives have unrestricted or sold any stock. In addition to this, our target for a late Q4 distribution remains consistent.
👍️ 1
RetroSpect RetroSpect 1 month ago
Bloodbath here

Only will get worse imo
🤡 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 1 month ago
SDRC made decision to sell concentrates at this stage instead of refined/pure gold product as a quicker and cheaper path to revenue.

The company has figured that refining will be more time consuming as the entire batch will need to be shipped to wherever the refining will be done, and too expensive for the reward before they have built a refining facility of their own. It's a no-brainer until that can take place. The only thing is, in order for a buyer to accept concentrates, they will need multiple certificates of analysis from multiple labs accompanying the sale that certify the gold and silver content of the batch they are buying from. We saw 1 of 4 certificates that will accompany these particular batches of concentrates and we should expect the will also be to provide 4 sold for each sale from each future batch. Once the company gets those back, I think we will soon after see an announcement of their first gold sale.

Opinion / Projection:
Before the year is over, SDRC will have become cash flow positive, paid back all debt to management, issued a dividend to shareholders, initiated a stock buyback campaign, expanded their processing capacity, put wheels in motion to build a refining facility, and if the aforementioned raises the price of the stock enough, they will undergo an internal audit, bring their SEC reporting up to date, and hire a firm specializing in NYSE or Nasdaq IPO with the intent to do just that.

It's now or never for a company in this position. A new junior gold producer amid an unfolding gold bull rush.
👍️ 2
surrealistrader surrealistrader 1 month ago
The timing of SDRC's first gold sales: 🤯

Certificates of Analysis for the first 2 batches of concentrates ready to sell have been released. We are waiting for the rest of the Certificates of Analysis from the rest of the labs for these batches, and once they come back, I believe we get an announcement of SDRC's first gold sales. new highs in gold are showing every week these days it seems. As the generational bull in miners wakes up, I can’t think of a better place to be positioned....
👍️ 2
RetroSpect RetroSpect 1 month ago
Big dump coming soon imo
🤡 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 1 month ago
Bless your hearts oh relics of OTC past.

When was the last time you did any real DD besides judging that a company is a scam purely by what industry it operates in and what exchange its stock is listed on?

I would argue OTC is not what it was 10 years ago and it especially will be different 10 years from now. There’s actually legit startups in pursuit of capital and there’s capital in pursuit of legit startups here. A trend can be observed and you may not have been paying attention to the rule changes, crackdowns, and intellectual discussions of the past several years. There’s an infrastructure being built so proper accountability takes place and the means to do proper DD is available to investors. What is developing is unlike the OTC you learned to know and you have witnessed changes you wouldn’t care to admit.

But for arguments sake, let’s say a mining company begins pursuing its land prospects and catches traction while listed on OTC. Would you need to do any further investigation to determine that it’s a hoax and investors should be warned? No? You must see the logical fallacy only supported by many of the same old names frequenting this websites boards sharing the same jaded and stubborn sentiment. It does explain quite a bit as to why the group of you guys act the way you do and why you take people speaking highly of a company so personally. You must think I’m scum for liking SDRC.
WizardDomain54 WizardDomain54 1 month ago
I'm sticking around for the paydirt.
⌛️ 1
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 1 month ago
No sorry, they simply do not exist.
🤡 1
rbtree rbtree 1 month ago
Do you have any recommendations for legit mining / exploration stocks in US OTC as an alternative?

There aren't any... Will Sidney break the mold? I'm thinking it will not.
🤡 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 1 month ago
You’ve seen some shit in your day, I’d bet.

Do you have any recommendations for legit mining / exploration stocks in US OTC as an alternative?
surrealistrader surrealistrader 1 month ago
Huggy bear, a renowned frequenter of iHub boards since 2009, thinks that SDRC flying equipment up the mountain via helicopter is necessarily a deceptive gesture. The idea being that just because a company evidently spends money, invests in equipment, hires workers, constructs a mine, etc, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a scam. This would especially be if the scam is making, or will make, a lot of money for the so called scammers.

Duly noted. Are you also assuming that the magical high-grade gold ore stockpiles that are being processed this year were placed in the forest, adjacent to SDRC’s claims, and the land subsequently staked, was a deceptive gesture as well?

The only thing here is, that the “scammers,” so to speak, are investors themselves. No preferred shares are under control by the CEO or anyone close to him. No current member of management has EVER unrestricted any of their shares in SDRC. If this gold selling scam is indeed to benefit the management, it will necessarily benefit the shareholders by proxy until circumstances change, and I see no sign of that yet.

It looks to me the highest incentive for management is to generate real cash flow and earnings for the company. It looks to me that if management were to achieve an “exit event” it would necessitate much higher liquidity than the stock is experiencing now, at a much higher stock price. It looks like their timeframe has gone years beyond most typical P&D schemes, and as efforts continue, is way more likely to produce a sustainable trend of growth.

Some people think the stock market as a whole is a scam. Or the US government. Or car dealerships. Or insurance. Or Walmart… Or anything else that makes money for that matter…
👍️ 1
Huggy Bear Huggy Bear 1 month ago
Hell of a fine mining scam right here. Keep up the good work.
🤡 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 1 month ago
Video released showing replacement auger flown in by helicopter.

That’s helicopter drop #2 of the winter season. They’re not letting snow or equipment malfunctions get in the way of their near term goals. Take it what you will.

Twitter link below:


On Wednesday of last week, the auger that feeds the #gold shaker table required replacing. The team worked swiftly, and with the assistance of T & S Sales in Spokane, they had one available for us to pick up on Friday.

Despite the fact that it was a holiday weekend, our…— Sidney Resources Corp. (@SDRCMINING) April 3, 2024
Common_Vengeance Common_Vengeance 1 month ago
Guys I understand Gold is knocking on heavens door, the BIS allocated gold as a T1 asset. I’m as bullish as we get for the coming cycle thats looming, however, please ignore my alter ego. Sidney is displaying a rather interesting pace in getting this entire project up and starting into test production. It’s quite impressive really how far they’ve come. If they can do even on the low end of what they are saying they’re recovering then this will be a truly unique property and project. I’m a small bull in hiding, excited for the future. See y’all back at .50+
surrealistrader surrealistrader 1 month ago
Gold breaking all time highs over $2300/oz.

SDRC has been processing their gold stockpiles all winter, testing their systems, modding or swapping out equipment as they go, with an intent to expand. They have also indicated some kind of report will be presented with independent accredited acknowledgement and will accompany first production numbers.

This is one hell of a time to become a new gold producer. The underlying commodity is experiencing a major generational breakout, creating nothing but wider profit margins and optionality going forward for this company, their endeavors in the surrounding districts, and pursuits beyond mining such as their technology development. They're discussing buybacks, dividend distributions, as well as continuing their trend of aggressive expansion as the breakthrough balance sheet gets logged perhaps as early as q4.

I swear, not only gold producers, but explorers, everything remotely gold related, every gold stock, even the filthy scams will catch a bid if this bull market in gold miners takes off. A tidal wave of money is coming into this market that will meet or exceed expectations of the bulls and will go on to meet or exceed imaginations. Find your gems now before the noise becomes overwhelming. Needless to say, I'm liking the risk/reward of SDRC quite a bit here.
bg4fish bg4fish 2 months ago
RetroSpect RetroSpect 2 months ago
🤡 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 2 months ago
Video showing secondary crusher and test milling in operation.

Youtube Link:

JustinPCDiscord JustinPCDiscord 2 months ago
I'm going to have to ask you to post more. You've been wrong since 2019 about SDRC, a broken clock with no hands so I'm afraid you can't be right twice even. Nonetheless I enjoy a good futile Doomsday post, it makes me giggle. Please come back Retrospect.
surrealistrader surrealistrader 2 months ago
25 tons per day. Plans to expand.
Don Don 2 months ago
That would be a mighty small crusher or one hell of a large helicopter.
surrealistrader surrealistrader 2 months ago
Video showing replacement crusher flown in by helicopter.

Take it as you may. 😜

Youtube link:
Hawkeye_tt Hawkeye_tt 2 months ago
Next Wave has begun. Build that Flag Pole !

GL all.
Penny2Dime Penny2Dime 3 months ago
surrealistrader surrealistrader 3 months ago
Read 2023 annual disclosures. Feet are kicked up is all I have to say right now. Super organized company and poised for great growth upon multiple verticals. Gold making a new all time high, with first gold revenues on deck is bound to trip a few EPS growth scanners.
RetroSpect RetroSpect 3 months ago
Huge sells today! Don’t let the tap up confuse you. 50% of todays volume was market sells

This one isn’t looking good
👍️ 1 🤡 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 3 months ago
Q4 FY2023 Disclosures have been released on OTCMarkets:

In summary, and in my opinion, Sidney Resources Corporation's Q4 2023 quarterly filing shows a strategic approach to leadership, strengthening their network, efficient project development, and transparency. I do, however, have a few criticisms in the interest of strengthening investor confidence, and validating the company's market positioning and value proposition.

"Our exploration efforts at the Warren District Mine Project revealed five substantial ore stockpiles adjacent to the project location, totaling 25,000 tons of high-grade ore. Bulk sampling, which involved systematic grab sampling from various regions within these stockpiles, yielded impressive gold grades ranging from 0.72 to 1.78 ounces per ton (oz/ton) Au. A 50-pound bulk sample demonstrated an exceptional concentrated gold grade of 117 oz/ton Au, equating to an approximate bulk grade of 2.925 oz/ton. The estimated average gold grade across the stockpiles stands at a substantial 1.81 oz/ton Au.

These stockpiles are estimated to contain a total of approximately 45,250 ounces of gold, with a current market value of approximately $91,712,700. Sidney Resources Corporation now holds control over these valuable resources through placer and lode claims secured immediately after discovery. Additional small batch crushing and processing of this ore material revealed visible wire gold, with initial milling and smelting results indicating a gold recovery rate of 90 grams per 1,000 pounds of feed."

The mention of systematic grab sampling and the results obtained (gold grades and estimated gold content) indicate some attempt to address concerns related to non-representative sampling, sampling bias, and the statistical validity of their grade estimations. I think it will be crucial to supplement this with much-needed details on the methodologies used.

We should bear in mind that the breadth of such sampling efforts can still be showcased in the impending public release of assay results from Florin Analytical Services. My hope is that this has gone beyond the awaited assay report from a 50 lb bulk / 1oz concentrated sample. It should also come in the form of a public breakdown of quality control measures, and further third-party validations, or comparisons. I understand that Steve Dobson, WFEM’s geologist, who has not been mentioned with a specific accreditation yet, has ensured the integrity of such sampling process. Then again, "$91,712,700" is a lot of money to just find on the ground in the woods outside, so SDRC has no reason to spare expenses in adopting an effort to establish this figure as a proven reserve / on their balance sheet. This would necessarily entail directly and thoroughly addressing possible concerns about statistical validity and sampling bias, and a near term indication of this would be to read of the company's plans to engage with accredited independent third-party experts for verifying their sampling strategies and ore grade calculations. What happened to the work they announced with Pete Ellsworth PG/QP? Such a thing further enhance confidence, and put them in the much better standing that they deserve with the larger players in this industry.

Additionally, expanding on the specifics of how environmental and sustainability goals intersect with mining operations, particularly in terms of reducing the carbon footprint and improving water quality, could complement the technical and operational efforts to ensure the company's long-term viability and appeal to ESG-focused investors, and broader mining-industry standards.
gitreal gitreal 3 months ago
That video did not show "milling".
🤡 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 3 months ago
There are instances where clarifying terminology is crucial for clear communication. This is not one of those scenarios.

The video is indeed about milling because the lode material must be crushed, dried, and pulverized before it reaches that table, and in this case, that milling setup is successfully feeding that table automatically.

The math to determine bulk grade will be supported via third party assay, but I maintain, they should validate their processing methodologies with an independent third party prepared comparable. We can only hope.... but regardless, money will be flowing soon, which I reckon, will positively impact the stock's value.
gitreal gitreal 3 months ago
It is not "unnecessary clarification" to point out that this company used faulty math to back-calculate a grade for their stockpiles, resulting in a gross (and very misleading) valuation.

And when you say a video is about "milling" when it clearly isn't milling....I don't mind clarifying that also. Just trying to help and you don't seem to appreciate it at all. Ungrateful!
surrealistrader surrealistrader 3 months ago
I maintain that the confirmation of bulk grades (from both the historical stockpiles and the mined vein) will be the most significant catalyst for this company in near term. Whether that will be achieved by logging revenues with a verifiable amount processed, or by some kind of independent-third-party comparison to their own processing methods, along with independent-third-party assay, this is a key time for this business. The beginning of cash flow results from either scenario, so as many of us are waiting for a bottom line, it will soon only be a matter of how sustainable it will be before more expansion will be needed, and they aren't going to wait to run out of ore before they do that. So far they have expanded and progressed their projects very cheaply. Just imagine what they will do after gold sale's begin, now maintaining a spot price of over $2000/oz.

The company is racing an uphill battle better than most in this class run downhill. The ratio of dilution to results far outclasses anything else I've seen in this industry on USOTC. It was even confirmed today that the trading float now matches the number of unrestricted shares.... a fertile time for a surge in buying volume to resume the stair-stepping trend into higher highs and higher lows....
surrealistrader surrealistrader 3 months ago
I know you Gitreal. You use semantic arguments primarily as a diversionary tactic. You nitpick over the language used instead of engaging with the substance of the discussion or argument, ie, SDRC's accomplishment of getting their milling setup working and showing its successful operation as it automatically feeds their concentration setup. Perhaps you do this simply to shift the discussion to a topic where you feel more comfortable or knowledgeable. Perhaps you wouldn't care to comment on the significance of the new developments in SDRC's processing, or maybe you would, but definitely not before establishing that the proponents of SDRC's work are less knowledgeable than Thou, oh King of Unnecessary Clarifications.
gitreal gitreal 3 months ago sure get triggered easily.
🤡 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 3 months ago
Dear Jackass,

The conduit from the ball mill is feeding the shaker-table, so the milling is indeed up and running.

If you're about to insist that milling only includes the crushing, drying, and pulverizing of lode material, then no, that's what's on the other side of the wall, shown in previous videos from Sidney, as seen here, feeding the shaker table in the foreground. What you see in this particular video is the process of (gold) concentration, of which, I am about to be educated by Gitreal, should not also be included in the broader term of "milling."

...I need to keep reminding myself that we are in the company of smart-asses that will jump at every opportunity to argue semantics, in order to steer the discussion away from the company's performance... 🤦
gitreal gitreal 3 months ago
That's milling?
🤡 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 3 months ago
Oh look, their milling op is running. (Youtube)

surrealistrader surrealistrader 3 months ago
As a prudent step, Sidney Resources should consider having Florin Analytical Services do some some drying, crushing, and concentration of their own to compare with SDRC's internal concentration process. This will not only validate their internal processes but also adds an additional layer of credibility to the assay results (especially important in light of an unsung ihubber's accusation of "statistically invalid sample results.") Third-party validation can help ensure that the methodologies used for sampling and concentration are robust and that the assay results are accurate and representative of the ore body being evaluated.

Given the ongoing collection of assay data from different parts of the stockpiles and now from vein material, Sidney Resources Corporation is likely compiling a comprehensive dataset that will help in accurately assessing the gold content and potential of their mining projects going forward.
surrealistrader surrealistrader 3 months ago
Let's take a look at this mornings video from SDRC.

Here we have Steve Dobson, the geologist from Western Frontier Exploration (a Third Party Contractor of Sidney Resources Corp) chipping off vein material underground to be sent off for a lab assay at Florin Analytical Services.

The video was 1 minute long, but was noted to have been recorded on the morning of the 31st, immediately after Gitreal last accused the company of basing projections off of "statistically invalid sample results." How these samples are chosen, nor how many samples will be collected before the company releases lab results, hasn't been made clear yet, but it looks like these particular samples are selected and gathered visually. From the looks of the video, and based on the sampling size recommended from the labs, this will also be collected in 5 gallon buckets until 50 lbs is attained. They will then crush and concentrate that down to a 1 oz sample to send to the lab. I am wondering if they will have FAS do some of these for them in order to compare theirs with a 3rd party’s so to simultaneously measure the effectiveness of their concentration process?

Anybody can ascertain information about FAS’s process of lab analysis, lead times, and what kind of reporting of results we can expect by going to Florin Analytical Services’s website. All their info and forms are public, and their process looks to be as thorough and good as I would expect any metallurgical lab to be. Lead times for sample analysis are typically 7-10 business days upon receipt but rush service can also be ordered.

It was November 8th that SDRC said they sent out the samples for analysis of the stockpiles, “taken from multiple regions, including the top, middle, and toe sections of each of the five stockpiles.” These are separate from the vein material showcased today. If testing has been ongoing since then, SDRC must have collected quite a bit of assay data already. It looks to me that we should be getting a detailed report sometime soon synthesizing all this data together. A preview of this can be found on FAS’s website, under the title of “FAS QA/QC Procedures”
👍️ 1
surrealistrader surrealistrader 4 months ago
In the interest of a stronger SDRC, this is no time to celebrate or derive validation from price.

Success in stock price is a product of establishing expectations; a recent example being the promotion of gold sales projections, dividend distributions, continued expansion, continued proving of mineral assets, and a continued raising of this company's standards for disclosure, accreditation, and credibility in order to fit in with larger players in this industry. Management's success will be in meeting or exceeding those established expectations.

Sean, in reference to the Twitter post below, I understand you began with SDRC as a retail investor yourself. On Twitter, you straddle a line between being both a giddy investor but also a CEO. I see these in conflict somewhat. To me, seeing a member of management celebrating or deriving validation from price, before fulfilling the expectations IR has established for the business, sends the message that the product your company is selling is not the gold per se but the growing number of shareholders themselves. You should not be focused on selling liquidity. That all comes later after getting the real job done, which is selling gold - necessarily to the degree that expectations were established.

That being said, as a shareholder, personally, I would be dishonest if I said I wasn't happy to watch the stock price steadily rise as it has over the past few years. I stay invested as I affirm that the company's product is indeed gold. As a thank you to me for the trust I offer you as a continued shareholder, I will accept that you continue improving and growing in line with your established expectations, and most importantly, continue nurturing the integrity of your product.

$SDRC in Review. 3 years ago a friend introduced me to the company and my network began participating in the company. The three Major US indices are the lines at the bottom that have barely shifted. Invest domestic. Invest $SDRC #GOLD #ESG #SILVER— Sean-Rae Zalewski (@SeanRaeZalewski) February 1, 2024
👍️ 1
JustinPCDiscord JustinPCDiscord 4 months ago
First: I just clowned you below, so as far as ignoring goes, look in the mirror. You are infamously wrong about your price predictions here and have called for the death of the stock since 2019. It's 2024. Take your meds and get scooting. Get a life.

Second: The CRAZY thing about stocks in general is that they are there for the company to issue shares to raise money to grow the business or take on new projects. Whoaaaa, I know. And SDRC issues restricted shares and as such any holder of restricted shares is within their right to unrestrict their shares and (1) hold onto them or (2) sell them when the terms of the restricted issuance are met.

And seeing how price closed at 0.319 yesterday up from .1299 when you started posting here again in Jan 2023, you are now just clowning yourself. I am embarrassed on your behalf and for everyone with some sort of grudge against the success of this company and stock.
🎯 1
RetroSpect RetroSpect 4 months ago
Did SDRC increase their unrestricted shares?

It’s a yes or no question.

The answer is YESSSSSS
🤡 1
RetroSpect RetroSpect 4 months ago
Did the unrestricted not go up?

Why you ignoring that
🤡 1

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