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Coretec Group Inc (QB)

Coretec Group Inc (QB) (CRTG)

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Updated: 12:04:11

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About Coretec Group Inc (QB)

The Coretec Group, developers of silicon anode active materials for lithium-ion batteries and cyclohexasilane (CHS) for cleantech and emerging tech applications, are experts in engineering silicon. Our groundbreaking silicon anode active material is revolutionizing the EV and energy storage markets ... The Coretec Group, developers of silicon anode active materials for lithium-ion batteries and cyclohexasilane (CHS) for cleantech and emerging tech applications, are experts in engineering silicon. Our groundbreaking silicon anode active material is revolutionizing the EV and energy storage markets and powering our Endurion battery program. Show more

Communications Equip, Nec
Communications Equip, Nec
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Coretec Group Inc (QB) is listed in the Communications Equip sector of the OTCMarkets with ticker CRTG. The last closing price for Coretec (QB) was $0.03. Over the last year, Coretec (QB) shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.0075 to $ 0.08.

Coretec (QB) currently has 284,104,032 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Coretec (QB) is $11.36 million. Coretec (QB) has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -3.96.
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CRTG Discussion

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pegs1 pegs1 48 minutes ago
No News! Bummer……..
Gunny Gunny 3 days ago
Until we hear news this up and down is temporary. Once we hear from CRTG the price will reflect reality. I wasn't sure if it was "inside knowledge trading" or a pump and dump. Mystery solved. Patiently waiting for announcement or Investors call. Semper Paratus...
👍️ 1
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 3 days ago
looks like someone tried to create a pump and dump this week and failed miserably and dumped their stock late Friday afternoon after it didn't work . This officially goes down as amateur week for them. Just buy and hold Coretec ...they will secure the needed partnerships and DATA and the stock price will move up on real news in time ...this company is the real deal..
👍️ 4
Testpilot Testpilot 3 days ago
My sentiments exactly, thanks for sharing
👍️ 2
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 3 days ago
The sellers today had to be the uneducated day traders... it had all the earmarks of amateur status trading . I don't believe it was Armistice Capital they dont dump and run they are more steady in their trading style . These were amateurs for sure . . After all when disclosers came out Feb 14th 2024 for Armistice stock holdings they didn't list CRTG as a stock they currently hold though they do have unexercised pre- funded warrants so they must have sold all the shares they had a while back . This was a Friday " Dump and run day LOL ( at the bid ) sell all the shares you have before close on Friday ( fast ) that they bought at probably 1 to 2 cents a few weeks ago when we traded down . They better buy back or completely miss the boat when big news comes out because its coming !!!! Why sell at 3 to 5 cents when CRTG is going to trade above a dollar one day !! Maybe sooner than later . Thanks for there cheap shares !!! Armistice never has , " Dump and run Fridays " ,these were amateur status traders for sure
👍️ 3
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 3 days ago
A must see ! Ramez Elgammal talking about the Coretec Groups Endurion battery Last Sept He's the first to present only 9 min long ... He said they were focusing on pushing past the 500 Wh/Kg battery which would make it the best out there .Amprius has tested a battery that hit 500 Wh/Kg.... CRTG I believe will surpass that Ramez seems very confident of this.It will take many suppliers to supply the battery silicon anode market and Coretec WILL be one of those !!
👍️ 2
Quikshft Quikshft 3 days ago
Stating the obvious here but Richman Chemical is a partner of Coretec's and they make the list on the company website. They are tasked with CHS production. Less obvious then is why aren't they producing CHS? The company stated back in 2020 that they WOULD COMMERCIALIZE CHS in 2021. Why there has been no progress on that aspect of the business is a significant mystery to me, but if I can speculate for a minute it could be that the Endurion technology is so dependent on CHS that the company has decided that it needs to be a material that is not quite as obtainable as other silanes. Coretec has a patent filing dating back to March of 2020 on a method of CHS synthesis, it has been four years since that filing and I suspect it could be granted literally any day now. Clearly, Coretec does not own CHS but if they have a patented method of producing it and it is key to the technology that makes Endurion a superior battery in terms of either energy density, charge time or cycle life or to some degree all three metrics then that might be a reason the company has been a little quiet about CHS these last several years.
👍️ 2
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 3 days ago
1,510,000 shares now show on the level 2 at .067 cents ( 101,000 thousand dollar trade) and 588,000 thousand shares ( 44,000 dollar trade ) just showed up at .076 ...Perhaps Armistice just showed back up or someone who loaded at .01 cents a few months ago ..We need some BIG news on the new Corporate Development to move past this wall of shares and CRTG has only traded 109,000 shares at this point .. If someone buys these shares it would make it interesting but it looks like Coretec needs some big news to gobble up this shares .. Hope for a big partnership or merger with someone with revenue..With the great battery data Coretec has so far this stock is probably worth FAR more than .076 cents and whoever is selling that many shares at these low prices is probably going to regret it BIG TIME ..Coretec pushing past a 500 Wh/Kg battery and a battery that NOW that charges to 80% in 6 min and as Ramez said ,With just " 30% to 40 % silicon added to the anode you can EASILY DOULBE THE RANGE ' so whoever is selling must NOT be paying very close attention to Coretecs battery data updates ... Giving up 1.5 million shares at .067 cents is crazy !!!
👍️ 3
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 3 days ago
Coretecs battery data has been outstanding thus far and getting better, Highlights from Ramez Elgammal and Matt Kappers podcast Sept 27 , Ramez interview Feb 14th and Ramez 9 min update on the Sept 29th panel discussion ( he's the first one to present ) . They cover 1.) energy density goal of going past 500 Wh/Kg plus other important info. ( Amprius only company to hit this 500 Wh/Kg mark Tesla at 250 Wh/Kg range ) 2.) From the Interview ...can easily double the range of an EV and can charge the battery to 80% in 6 min and Endurion battery works better than others in cold fridgid temperatures . 3) Matt Kappers podcast link starting at the 21 min mark Matt leads into the statement that Coretec is in discussions with Ford and they will test Coretecs materials

1.) Ramez panel discussion on 500 Wh/Kg battery

2) In an interview with EV Pulse, Dr. Ramez Elgammal, chief technology officer at The Cortec Group, said that “even with silicon loadings up to 30, 40% or so, you can easily double your range,” a staggering improvement, because it “has a theoretical capacity that’s 10 times that of graphite,” the material used in anodes today. And if that’s not impressive enough, Endurion batteries are expected to absorb energy far quicker across the board, able to hit an 80% state of charge in as little as 6 minutes plus they should be less susceptible to frigid conditions. “The active material in Silicon anodes is better at low temperature than [what] is in graphite,” Elgammal added, meaning EVs would perform much better in frosty winter weather.

3) Matt Kappers ' In discussions with FORD " start at the 21 min mark

Over all Coretecs Endurion Battery is shaping up to be the BEST on the market for many applications like Consumer electronics , military batteries, Evol , wearables etc...The data is proving that . On energy density Ramez said Coretec is looking at pushing past 500 Wh/Kg on the video presentation in Sept
👍️ 3
stockwatcher1970 stockwatcher1970 3 days ago
Thoughts on this article in relation to CRTG?
👍️ 1
Testpilot Testpilot 3 days ago
New post on LinkedIn from Richman Chemical
👍️ 1
Testpilot Testpilot 4 days ago
I think a PR, addressing the corporate development, will be released prior to the shareholder meeting, so CRTG can discuss the details and associated information
👍️ 3
Quikshft Quikshft 4 days ago
I'm with you, the sooner things happen the less it looks like a can kick.
👍️ 3
Testpilot Testpilot 4 days ago
The last two Shareholder Calls were announced 12 days and 7 days in advance respectively. So, hopefully we get word next week and the meeting takes place in March.

"The Coretec Group To Host a Shareholder Call on December 14 to Highlight 2022 Milestones and Outline 2023 Goals
December 2, 2022"

"The Coretec Group to Host a Shareholder Call on May 18 to Provide an Update on its Endurion Battery Development Program for Electric Vehicles
May 11, 2023"
👍️ 1
Quikshft Quikshft 4 days ago
Some perspective – we obviously aren’t hearing about a new date for the call this week, which will push that to the last two days of the month. Then, the actual date of the call could be an additional four weeks out putting us potentially into April. With that, they will have delayed the call by three months….. This is either something that has totally deflated and they’re just kicking the can as far down the road as possible, or it is really big.
👍️ 2
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 4 days ago
Somewhat related but unrelated to CRTG but Matt Kappers joined Amlitech on the board on Jan 25 2021 just after Amplitech got listed on the nasdaq on Jan 8, I believe .. Amplitech revenue in 2023 was only 20 million and they trade today at $ 1.96 ...So I believe Coretec can make more off their silicon anode tech if they get a deal with Ford and others such as battery manufacturers... Matt Kappers has some great experience with many companies and I think he today is getting us hooked up with the right companies to get to that first revenue and maybe even a nasdaq listing one day but I think we could see CRTG over a dollar for sure with the right partnerships !!!..The best is yet to come...
👍️ 2
Gunny Gunny 4 days ago
I've heard the same about "Robin Hood" trading. They can't buy OTC.
Juststoppingby Juststoppingby 4 days ago
I have an E*Trade account, and I have no problem buying CRTG or any other stock. I also have my E*Trade account linked to my bank account (B of A). If I transfer money by 8 pm Eastern Time, it will be in my E*Trade account the next day, free of charge. You can also transfer money on the same day, which will cost $30.
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 4 days ago
I noticed that Coretec CEO Matt Kappers was named to a director position about 3 years ago with this company Amlitech . Im sure a lot of these guys have rolls with different companies as board members or directors. Not sure what they do ...Maybe they will need Coretecs Silicon anode someday or a product with it in it. ..
👍️ 1
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 4 days ago
Interesting to see where Coretec posts job openings , nothing open now but will keep an eye open as they move to a bigger lab and expand
👍️ 1
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 4 days ago
Someone had said they count buy CRTG on E -Trade but I know quite a few traders that use E -Trade to buy CRTG . You just have to wait 3 business days for funds to settle sometimes .
👍️ 2
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 4 days ago
CRTG could really make a big move up on positive Corporate Development News . They usually involve major partnerships , mergers Etc.. On low volume and no news its moved off 2 cents to about 4 cents . There is not anything holding it back with a big news event and big demand for the stock. I remember CRTG hit 50 cents on no news about a year and a half ago but with concrete news and now with an anode that makes your EV battery go easily twice the distance and charge in 6 minutes to 80 % capacity with much better battery lifespan and that's a drop in material that works better in extreem cold conditions and Ramez said a while back they were working toward a 500 Wh/Kg battery which would match the best out there ( Amprius hit 500 Wh/Kg ) . I believe CRTG will surpass that . Teals battery is like 250 Wh/Kg . I was in Teslas Cyber truck the other day , at best they get 340 miles or so and can only charge to 134 miles in 15 min. With Coretec new anode Tesla could possibly charge to 80 % in 6 min and go twice as far . Ramez Elgammels interview the other day said 80 % in 6 min .and with just by adding 30 to 40 % silicon to the anode you can easily double the range . Great Data equals a huge move up I believe for CRTG !!! Great Data equals big partnerships and big Corporate developments which Coretec has said they are working out the details of one of those 6 weeks ago on Jan 8th ) Expecting news soon .!!!
👍️ 2
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 4 days ago
Ramez said in the recent interview that they would be sending out materials for evaluation later this year which could mean several months or 2 months . Im sure in the shareholder call Coretec will give us a detailed timeline of events and Corporate goals including when the new lab is up and running and when they will ship out materials. We must remember im positive they don't have to be in the new lab to scale up the active anode materials and ship see out . They said the new lab would allow them to scale up more materials than they can in a smaller lab and new equipment was needed for larger scale operation and the new larger lab gives the whole team room to have meetings and collaborations in the lab . Really just that simple ! New equipment can allow them to make More materials to ship out but they can do that Now on a smaller scale. So I dont think we should get hung up on them needing to move into the new lab before the silicon anode active materials can be properly evaluated or tested or scaled because they said they are doing that today.
👍️ 2
iamthe walrus iamthe walrus 4 days ago
Its obvious Armistice Capital has backed off selling shares as we haven't seen large ASK orders recently. They gave Coretec 6 million dollars and picked up 12.5 million shares , refunded warrants last May 8th of 2023. They may be out of those shares but still have 38.5 million refunded warrant remaining but can only own 4.99 % of the Coretec outstanding share count at a time. They also have 82 million warrant they can excersice at 7.99 % with the same restrictions on how many they can have a a time. Armistice Capital disclosed on Feb 14th 2023 that they held 13 million shares of CRTG and again received 12.5 million May 8th 2023 according to SEC filings posted by Coretec . We haven't seen any disclosers this year so maybe they are not holding any shares right now . Maybe this Corporate development has something to do with this . Maybe since they are an activist shareholder , investor in CRTG they are aware of the inside details of the new Corporate Development and cant trade any stock or receive any more stock right now until this new corporate development is public. ??? Institutional investors who are the main funders of small companies like CRTG have some influence but not final decision makers of a companies corporate activity. If this new development affects the shares , stock or stock value i would think they have been notified and had explanations of these events given to them . So the stock we see can move much easier without huge amounts of stock sitting at the ASK . Big news will provide CRTG of much needed demand and should move the ticker higher .
👍️ 3
pegs1 pegs1 4 days ago
Another competitor! But this one has drop in technology! I don’t know how the battery is constructed inside. But they’ve set up shop in New Orleans. Coretec needs to commercialize Endurion this year! :

technology company opens plant in New Orleans East
CityBusiness Staff Reports//February 1, 2024//
Photos courtesy ADVANO.
Photos courtesy ADVANO.
Listen to this article Listen to this article
ADVANO, which has developed a proprietary silicon technology for lithium-ion batteries, celebrated the opening of its new materials pilot plant at the New Orleans Regional Business Park in New Orleans East, across the street from NASA’s Michoud Assembly Center.

On January 30, representatives from GNO Inc., City of New Orleans, and New Orleans Business Alliance attended a ribbon-cutting opening of the facility, which will increase the ability for ADVANO to deliver ton-scale volumes of its proprietary technology, REALSi, and enable the New Orleans-based company to enter electric vehicle qualification programs.

The New Orleans Regional Business Park has 7,000 acres, access to Highway 90, I-510, and I-10, and is near six Class One Railroads and the New Orleans International Airport.

“With this new location, our local, homegrown battery manufacturing company is better positioned to solve some of our national supply chain issues, bringing economic development to an underserved area, and innovating our way of thinking through ongoing energy challenges,” said New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “Louisiana is an energy state, and New Orleans-based companies, like ADVANO, are paving the way for us to lead the energy transition.”

Founded in 2016 and spun out of Tulane University, ADVANO is a Y-Combinator (seed funding program) graduate and is backed by globalinvestors Build Collective, Mojo Partners, DCVC, PeopleFund, and Mitsui Kinzoku. In 2020, ADVANO emerged from stealth and closed an $18.5-million Series A funding round. investors Build Collective, Mojo Partners, DCVC, PeopleFund, and Mitsui Kinzoku. In 2020, ADVANO emerged from stealth and closed an $18.5-million Series A funding round.

REALSi are drop-in technologies that provide cost-effective, high-performing solutions for lithium-ion batteries across various sectors, including electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and defense products. Essentially, the process involves replacing graphite in the core of a battery with a silicon carbon composite, a renewable energy process enabling the battery to hold a longer charge and therefore performing efficiently.

“The integration of our critical materials enhances EV consumers’ ability to qualify for substantial tax credits under the Inflation Reduction Act,” said Chris York, CEO of ADVANO. “This enables a clear path for cost-effective transitioning to EVs and assisting consumer choice to address climate change.”

ADVANO plans to deliver 3,000 tons of REALSi by 2026, with a scaling plan targeting 20,000 tons by 2030. The Specialty Pilot Plant features commercial-grade equipment necessary to accelerate the company’s production of silicon anode materials. The plant’s operations, now located within an Opportunity and Enterprise Zone, will initiate the next phase of growth for ADVANO to hire an additional 25 employees. ADVANO currently has 15 employees.

“This project is a great example of developing a clean energy solution while also creating jobs and investment in our communities. We see this project as a testament to the strength of the business infrastructure and assets in the region and state that can support companies like ADVANO from the lab to reality,” said Michael Hecht, president and CEO of GNO Inc.

In fall 2023, GNO Inc. worked with The Beach, a research and technology park at the University of New Orleans, to host “Power of Nature” – a renewable energy career day in which ADVANO engaged with over 300 high school seniors from the city to talk about career pathways in battery engineering, materials science, and entrepreneurship.

“ADVANO is exactly the type of next-generation advanced manufacturing company we want to see continuing to invest in our city,” said Louis David, president/CEO of the New Orleans Business Alliance. “We are proud to have worked with the company for years on site selection, talent connections, and community involvement. ADVANO’s new pilot facility continues a long tradition of cutting-edge transportation technology being developed in New Orleans, from NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility right across the street to ADVANO’s electric vehicle battery innovations.”
Testpilot Testpilot 1 week ago

I think CRTG will release the date for the next shareholders conference by the end of February. I remain optimistic that details will be given regarding the corporate developments during the meeting along with the commercialization plans.
👍️ 2
pegs1 pegs1 1 week ago
Test Pilot 🧑‍✈️
Do you think it’s going to take 6 months or longer to fine tune the anode? Quick Shift mentioned that’ll be 6months to set up shop in the new office. I sure hope not! From the picture of the lab, the equipment doesn’t look to be massive. !I would like to see a partnership or contract before year end. …..
Testpilot Testpilot 1 week ago

I believe CRTG is simply fine tuning the amount of silicon they get into the anode and achieve the highest power density along with maximum cycle life of the battery. Once that is completed the active anode material will be scaled for commercialization.
👍️ 1
pegs1 pegs1 1 week ago
Test Pilot
Yes I know they’re not like Coretec’s battery anode.But they are continuing with their testing of their battery. So do you think they can get to a point of competing with Coretec? Yet I don’t know how the battery is built inside. But it’s good that they aren’t a threat to Coretec……..
Testpilot Testpilot 1 week ago
The metrics they are talking about are not at all comparable to what CRTG is doing with Endurion. The are only seeing about a 14% increase in performance and they are still using 90% graphite.

“Preliminary testing demonstrates a capability to improve performance by more than 14% without noticeable first-cycle degradation”

“These benchmarks were then compared to the second batch, which consisted of a blend of 90% graphite and 10% of Novacium's first-generation engineered SiOx anode material.“
👍️ 2
pegs1 pegs1 1 week ago
Another competitor for Coretec:

Commercial Li-Ion Batteries Made with Novacium's First Gen Engineered Siox Material
HPQ Silicon Inc.
Thu, February 15, 2024 at 7:30 AM EST·7 min read
In this article:
HPQ Silicon Inc.
HPQ Silicon Inc.
HPQ and Novacium Gen 1 18650 industrial battery

Dr. Jed Kraiem PhD, COO of Novacium holding an HPQ and Novacium Gen 1 18650 industrial battery.
Dr. Jed Kraiem PhD, COO of Novacium holding an HPQ and Novacium Gen 1 18650 industrial battery.
Preliminary testing demonstrates a capability to improve performance by more than 14% without noticeable first-cycle degradation [1].

MONTREAL, Feb. 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HPQ Silicon Inc. (“HPQ” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: HPQ) (OTCQB: HPQFF) (FRA: O08), a technology company specializing in green engineering of silica and silicon-based materials is pleased to announce a first significant milestone reached by its France-based affiliate, NOVACIUM SAS ("Novacium").


Novacium commissioned an external laboratory to produce 18650 industrial batteries using its engineered SiOx material, for which HPQ Silicon Inc. holds exclusive global licenses. This process was initiated with the intent to validate the immediate industrial potential of its SiOx material.

The first batch utilized 100% graphite anode material, serving as benchmark batteries for performance comparison. These benchmarks were then compared to the second batch, which consisted of a blend of 90% graphite and 10% of Novacium's first-generation engineered SiOx anode material.

“Charging and discharging cycle tests are ongoing, and preliminary results, after 5 cycles, are not just promising, they exceed our expectations [1],” said Dr. Jed Kraiem Ph.D., COO of Novacium.

HPQ and Novacium Gen 1 18650 industrial battery
HPQ and Novacium Gen 1 18650 industrial battery
Image 1) Dr. Jed Kraiem PhD, COO of Novacium
holding an HPQ and Novacium Gen 1 18650 industrial battery.


Achieving a 14% overall improvement in industrial type full-battery capacity compared to the 100% graphite benchmark batteries is indeed a significant accomplishment. These results surpass HPQ/NOVACIUM theoretical estimate of validating a 10% improvement in battery performance for these tests.


The absence of a measurable first cycle degradation, despite incorporating silicon, is particularly noteworthy. Silicon is known to expand and contract during charging and discharging cycles, which can lead to capacity loss. The fact that this issue has been mitigated is a promising sign for the potential application of this technology in battery manufacturing.


Novacium and HPQ are focused on creating engineered SiOx anode materials designed to improve the performance of graphite-based lithium-ion batteries. These advancements target various applications, including energy storage systems, consumer electronics, and electric vehicles.

“Drawing on our technical expertise gained from the photovoltaic industry, our goal is to produce a proprietary engineered SiOx anode materials using cost-effective equipment and highly scalable processes that are already proven in a multi-ton-scale pilot manufacturing line, therefore allowing for the seamless integration of our engineered SiOx anode material into existing electrode mixing and coating equipment,” said Dr. Jed Kraiem PhD, COO of Novacium. “The resulting Graphite and SiOx mixture will not only significantly enhance battery capacity but also can be utilized without modification by large-scale gigafactories worldwide.”


The primary aim of making industrial batteries from the start was to showcase our ability to produce graphite and engineered SiOx anode materials that battery manufacturers can use without altering their existing production processes. This capability is central to our strategy. The initial outcomes not only highlight the adaptability and compatibility of Novacium's methods but also suggest the possibility for broader industry application.


Continuing the charging and discharging cycle tests will be crucial to further validate the long-term performance and durability of these batteries. If the positive trend observed in the initial cycles persists, it could significantly advance battery technology with potential implications for various applications, including electric vehicles and portable electronics.

“These first results exceed our expectations, especially considering that our initial series of tests used a non-optimized version of our SiOx material. This leaves room for further improved results in the future,” said Mr. Bernard Tourillon, President and CEO of HPQ Silicon Inc. and NOVACIUM SAS. “As more cycle testing results become available, we believe that they will further confirm our unique ability to make this product and the commercial potential of Novacium-engineered SiOx-based anode materials.”


The commercial-grade lithium-ion battery model 18650 was intentionally selected due to its widespread use in consumer electronics, power tools and electric vehicle battery packs. This choice was strategic and aimed at leveraging the 18650 battery's established reputation for durability, high energy density, and efficient power conversion capabilities. In other words, 18650 battery was chosen as “the most standard” Lithium battery on the market.


The 18650 battery, characterized by its cylindrical form factor (18mm x 65mm), offers a balance between size and power, making it larger than standard AA batteries but significantly more potent, with a voltage of 3.7v and capacity ranging from 2500mAh to 3500mAh. Its high drain capability and ability to be recharged hundreds or thousands of times without significant degradation make it an ideal candidate for projects demanding consistent, high-level power output. By selecting this battery type, which is a cornerstone in the EV industry, we ensure seamless integration and avoid potential issues related to power conversion when transitioning between different types of batteries.

This decision capitalizes on the battery's reliability and efficiency and aligns with industry standards, providing a familiar reference point for further development and application in various technological arenas.

We are aware that in the future, the standard battery will evolve toward the 21700 battery, therefore we are in process of preparing a next series of test using these types of industrial batteries.

“Today's announcement marks a significant milestone, reinforcing our strategic alliance with our associated company, Novacium. With our exclusive global licenses, HPQ is strategically positioned in the global market as a reliable and sustainable source of innovatively engineered SiOx battery materials," Mr. Tourillon added.




Novacium technical team analysis of the data from the ongoing charging and discharging cycle tests conducted at a world-leading university, the name of which is kept confidential for competitive reasons.


Novacium is an HPQ associated company started in Q3 2022. This green technology startup is based in Lyon, France and is a partnership with HPQ and three of France’s leading research engineers, Dr. Jed KRAIEM PhD, Novacium's Chief Operating Officer (“COO”), Dr. Oleksiy NICHIPORUK PhD, Novacium's Chief Technical Officer (“CTO”), and Dr. Julien DEGOULANGE PhD, Novacium’s Chief Innovation Officer (“CIO”). Novacium is a new Research and Development company which allows the researchers to develop their own technology in high added value fields connected to renewable energy, and allows HPQ Silicon Inc, a Canadian company, to expand the depth and reach of technical team to help develop its silicon and new renewable energy projects.


About HPQ Silicon

HPQ Silicon Inc. (TSX-V: HPQ) is a Quebec-based TSX Venture Exchange Tier 1 Industrial Issuer.

HPQ is developing, with the support of world-class technology partners PyroGenesis Canada Inc. and NOVACIUM SAS, new green processes crucial to make the critical materials needed to reach net zero emissions.

HPQ activities are centred around the following four (4) pillars:


Becoming a green low-cost (Capex and Opex) manufacturer of Fumed Silica using the FUMED SILICA REACTOR, a proprietary technology owned by HPQ being developed for HPQ by PyroGenesis.


Becoming a zero CO2 low-cost (Capex and Opex) producer of High Purity Silicon (2N+ to 4N) using our PUREVAPTM “Quartz Reduction Reactors” (QRR), a proprietary technology owned by HPQ being developed for HPQ by PyroGenesis.


Becoming a producer of silicon-based anode materials for battery applications with the assistance of NOVACIUM SAS.


HPQ SILICON affiliate NOVACIUM SAS is developing a low carbon, chemical base on demand and high-pressure autonomous hydrogen production system.

For more information, please visit HPQ Silicon web site.



This press release contains certain forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, statements containing the words "may", "plan", "will", "estimate", "continue", "anticipate", "intend", "expect", "in the process" and other similar expressions which constitute "forward-looking information" within the meaning of applicable securities laws. Forward-looking statements reflect the Company's current expectation and assumptions and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, our expectations regarding the acceptance of our products by the market, our strategy to develop new products and enhance the capabilities of existing products, our strategy with respect to research and development, the impact of competitive products and pricing, new product development, and uncertainties related to the regulatory approval process. Such statements reflect the current views of the Company with respect to future events and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties and other risks detailed from time-to-time in the Company's ongoing filings with the security’s regulatory authorities, which filings can be found at Actual results, events, and performance may differ materially. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements either as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as required by applicable securities laws.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

This News Release is available on the company's CEO Verified Discussion Forum, a moderated social media platform that enables civilized discussion and Q&A between Management and Shareholders.


Source: HPQ Silicon Inc.
For further information contact:
Bernard J. Tourillon, Chairman, President, and CEO Tel +1 (514) 846-3271
Patrick Levasseur, Director Tel: +1 (514) 262-9239

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at

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Juststoppingby Juststoppingby 2 weeks ago
This is interesting.
“We don’t know yet when it would be commercialized,” said Elgammal, though when Endurion technology does hit the market at scale, he noted it should have cost parity with graphite anodes while providing numerous other benefits.
The cost of EV-grade graphite typically hovers around $6 per kilowatt-hour (kWh).
The more silicon you use, the more the cost goes down.
👍️ 4
Testpilot Testpilot 2 weeks ago
Sounds like it's not a matter of if, but when:

"Will your next EV feature a silicon-rich battery pack that can fully charge in less than 10 minutes and have 1,000 miles of range? Probably not. “We don’t know yet when it would be commercialized,” said Elgammal, though when Endurion technology does hit the market at scale, he noted it should have cost parity with graphite anodes while providing numerous other benefits."
👍️ 3
pegs1 pegs1 2 weeks ago
Quick Shift & Test Pilot,
Correct me if I’m wrong, but this news seems to say that there isn’t any new corporate developments. Especially since they are now thinking about partnerships & distributing materials to 3rd parties later this year! Then why not reschedule the investors call? CEO needs to address the investors!……
👍️ 1
Quikshft Quikshft 2 weeks ago
That statement is actually quite disappointing to read, given that partnerships were on the schedule beginning in the third quarter last year. Regarding supplying materials to third parties "later this year", what is wrong with today? Coretec seems to not be in a hurry to do anything, while the cash continues to flow from their reserves.
Testpilot Testpilot 2 weeks ago
I believe it’s an updated version of last year’s statement, but I’d have to compare it to the original from last year to be certain
👍️ 1
stockwatcher1970 stockwatcher1970 2 weeks ago
Is this a current statement or last year’s statement? Just wondering if the product testing has started yet.
stockwatcher1970 stockwatcher1970 2 weeks ago
Is this a current statement or last year’s statement? Just wondering if the product testing has started yet.
👍️ 1
Testpilot Testpilot 2 weeks ago
“As for manufacturing and selling finished batteries, that’s not something The Coretec Group is focusing on. “We do have plans for later this year to start providing materials to third parties for evaluation,” said Elgammal, but “the overall business model right now is either to look at licensing opportunities for the technology or think about forming partnerships.”
👍️ 1
Testpilot Testpilot 2 weeks ago
New article out today
👍️ 1
pegs1 pegs1 2 weeks ago
Test Pilot 🧑‍✈️ & Gunny,
Well I’m in too deep to fold at this point! I hope that whatever problem arose, it will be resolved quickly with the office move. Praying for news soon ……..
👍️ 3
Testpilot Testpilot 2 weeks ago
Excellent post, I wholeheartedly agree
👍️ 1
Juststoppingby Juststoppingby 2 weeks ago
How I see it.
Quotes from Coretec e-mail. 2/7/2024
The Coretec Group is in the process of moving to a larger lab and office space within MIHQ (our current landlord), which is needed to increase production of the Endurion material. In addition to the spacious countertops and cabinets, this new location will allow space for needed, additional equipment, such as a chemical hood and glovebox, thus improving throughput. Further, the layout is such that lab personnel can interact regularly with non-lab personnel, creating stronger team dynamics.
This tells me they are doing more than just samples to send out to potential customers. Somebody is interested or committed, and they need to increase the production for them to use.
The Coretec Group continues to optimize the chemistry of our silicon-based active anode material, and we are seeing that optimization have an effect in the improvement of standard battery tests, including initial capacity, and cycle life.
If I was worried the Endurion material wasn't working, this tells me it is working just like they said, possibly better because they keep optimizing and testing. If it wasn't, they wouldn't be mentioning it.
I agree that this is taking longer than I hoped for, but then again, most things in life that are good take much longer than I want. 😊
👍️ 2
stockwatcher1970 stockwatcher1970 2 weeks ago
Hopefully, sooner rather than later, we’ll get news! The larger facility is really good news, in my opinion. As long as we don’t get news of toxic funding, we’ll be okay. CRTG has been involved in several recent articles so I really don’t think what they have will be outdated anytime soon, even with the competition. Time will tell but I’m with you…all in. I’ve been in too long to fold now!
👍️ 1
Gunny Gunny 2 weeks ago
I agree. CRTG management has allowed this to devolve into an intolerable situation. This has been fumbled from day one and it appears CRTG got caught off balance by whatever developments changed the script. I don't know what is keeping them from communicating but I'm getting the feeling it's not an NDA. My gut impression is there has been a (major) problem with facilities or personnel and the timing caused problems to cascade. My sunny outlook is now partly cloudy however comma the option still is ...Hold or break even...
👍️ 1
pegs1 pegs1 2 weeks ago
Test Pilot 🧑‍✈️ & Quick Shift,
I tried calling Coretec. I left a lengthy message regarding investors call, new office, funding, competition, & the lack of news! I said that time is ticking while competitors are working on contracts (such as military). Meanwhile cutting edge silicon batteries are being developed such as silicon gel batteries! Also where’s the new corporate developments. I asked for the ceo to address the investors!
I know there are those who feel that Coretec is under NDA. I surely hope so! But ultimately management could’ve rescheduled the investors call! Especially since management could put out a pr on the new office. …….
👍️ 2
stockwatcher1970 stockwatcher1970 2 weeks ago
I have to ask “where’s CRTG” after reading this article! Time is definitely ticking for them to get to market!!
pegs1 pegs1 2 weeks ago
Silicon gel batteries, time is ticking Coretec:
EVs that go 1,000 km on a single charge: Gel makes it possible
February 7, 2024
Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH)
Engineers apply electron beam technology to develop an integrated silicon-gel electrolyte system.

Futuristic advancements in AI and healthcare stole the limelight at the tech extravaganza Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024. However, battery technology is the game-changer at the heart of these innovations, enabling greater power efficiency. Importantly, electric vehicles are where this technology is being applied most intensely. Today's EVs can travel around 700km on a single charge, while researchers are aiming for a 1,000km battery range. Researchers are fervently exploring the use of silicon, known for its high storage capacity, as the anode material in lithium-ion batteries for EVs. However, despite its potential, bringing silicon into practical use remains a puzzle that researchers are still working hard to piece together.

Enter Professor Soojin Park, PhD candidate Minjun Je, and Dr. Hye Bin Son from the Department of Chemistry at Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH). They have cracked the code, developing a pocket-friendly and rock-solid next-generation high-energy-density Li-ion battery system using micro silicon particles and gel polymer electrolytes.

This work was published on the online pages of Advanced Science on the 17th of January.

Employing silicon as a battery material presents challenges: It expands by more than three times during charging and then contracts back to its original size while discharging, significantly impacting battery efficiency.

Utilizing nano-sized silicon (10-9m) partially addresses the issue, but the sophisticated production process is complex and astronomically expensive, making it a challenging budget proposition.

By contrast, micro-sized silicon (10-6m) is superbly practical in terms of cost and energy density.

Yet, the expansion issue of the larger silicon particles becomes more pronounced during battery operation, posing limitations for its use as an anode material.

The research team applied gel polymer electrolytes to develop an economical yet stable silicon-based battery system.

The electrolyte within a lithium-ion battery is a crucial component, facilitating the movement of ions between the cathode and anode.

Unlike conventional liquid electrolytes, gel electrolytes exist in a solid or gel state, characterized by an elastic polymer structure that has better stability than their liquid counterparts do.

The research team employed an electron beam to form covalent linkages between micro-silicon particles and gel electrolytes.

These covalent linkages serve to disperse internal stress caused by volume expansion during lithium-ion battery operation, alleviating the changes in micro silicon volume and enhancing structural stability.

The outcome was remarkable: The battery exhibited stable performance even with micro silicon particles (5µm), which were a hundred times larger than those used in traditional nano-silicon anodes.

Additionally, the silicon-gel electrolyte system developed by the research team exhibited ion conductivity similar to conventional batteries using liquid electrolytes, with an approximate 40% improvement in energy density.

Moreover, the team's system holds significant value due to its straightforward manufacturing process that is ready for immediate application.

Professor Soojin Park stressed: "We used a micro-silicon anode, yet, we have a stable battery. This research brings us closer to a real high-energy-density lithium-ion battery system."

This study was conducted with the support from the Independent Researcher Program of the National Research Foundation of Korea.

Matter & Energy
Materials Science
Earth & Climate
Energy and the Environment
Environmental Science
Microchip implant (animal)
Battery (electricity)
Electron configuration
Electron microscope
Story Source:

Materials provided by Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH). Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

Journal Reference:

Minjun Je, Hye Bin Son, Yu-Jin Han, Hangeol Jang, Sungho Kim, Dongjoo kim, Jieun Kang, Jin-Hyeok Jeong, Chihyun Hwang, Gyujin Song, Hyun-Kon Song, Tae Sung Ha, Soojin Park. Formulating Electron Beam-Induced Covalent Linkages for Stable and High-Energy-Density Silicon Microparticle Anode. Advanced Science, 2024; DOI: 10.1002/advs.202305298
Cite This Page:
Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTECH). "EVs that go 1,000 km on a single charge: Gel makes it possible." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 7 February 2024. .

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👍️ 1
Dreamer50 Dreamer50 2 weeks ago
Joanders made a good post to that point yesterday. I'd like to see some of the Ford speculation drop off, personally. Link below discusses companies we should all be hoping CRTG can find a way to do business with so we can stop talking about fringe players and competitors... these are the major battery manufacturers in the US:,-Commerce
👍️ 3
Gunny Gunny 2 weeks ago
Electric vehicles are not the only demand for better batteries. There is a great need for solar storage, back up system and austere location dependable power. There are tons of companies CRTG could partner with that aren't on most peoples radar. Cell phone batteries that could last for days or generators that only run the Internal combustion engine (ICE) for an hour but give full power for four hours would be a huge market.
👍️ 3

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