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Bitfarms Ltd

Bitfarms Ltd (BITF)

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About Bitfarms Ltd

Security Brokers & Dealers
Security Brokers & Dealers
Toronto, Ontario, Can
Bitfarms Ltd is listed in the Security Brokers & Dealers sector of the TSX Venture Exchange with ticker BITF. The last closing price for Bitfarms was $4.13. Over the last year, Bitfarms shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.00 to $ 0.00.

Bitfarms currently has 334,153,000 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Bitfarms is $785.26 million. Bitfarms has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -7.55.

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BITF Discussion

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crufus crufus 3 years ago
Is Bift relisted yet? This seems to be taking a long time.
cottonmather cottonmather 7 years ago
FYI. I traded BIFT/BIFS in its glory days and made a lot of money. Then one day I slowed long enough to read about product demos in Myrtle Beach. Two other traders and myself went to South Carolina for a SWAMI demo.

We met with Jay Knabb and rode around with a laptop running a browser and a television channel at the same time without a blink at T1 speeds. We went atop a beach hotel and examined a tower claimed to be a SWAMI transmitter. Upon getting back to the office we all asked questions. We were assured Paul Allen was coming to Myrtle Beach the following Wednesday to finish the deal for a national rollout in concert with the Canadian cable giant. We believed the BS and I kept a $17,000 position knowing I was about to hit a homerun. Nothing ever materialized. He was manipulating the stock.

I heard a story where Jay Knabb was captured in his boat offshore South Carolina by two men who made him go overboard and towed his boat away. He survived.

Knabb then went to Texas and later to California where he was caught manipulating another communications company stock and went to prison. That was around 2006 or so. I have not heard anything more about Knabb.

An engineer who worked for BIFS was said to admit the only reason SWAMI fooled people on demos was all the signal repeaters and bridges strung along the demo route........ something Radio Shack would be able to assemble. In a practical national application, the configuration was laughable - a con job.

My advice.......... INVEST in legit companies - none of these OTC phonies. It is too easy to get fooled.

Good luck,


williamo williamo 10 years ago
Bernie my email is if you hear anything
williamo williamo 10 years ago
I also have 5000 shares. is there something going on with this company
bernie47 bernie47 11 years ago
cmon somebody help me out here
bernie47 bernie47 11 years ago
if it is I have 20,000 shares from the 90s that have been at 0 for years.
bernie47 bernie47 11 years ago
is this the same BIFT that is doing biofuel overseas?
wdk1227 wdk1227 16 years ago
WoW!! I cannot believe the company still exists. I was in this stock back in the late 90's when it shot up to $2+. I made a boat load on that trade. What ever happened to SWOMI?
Quik18holes Quik18holes 16 years ago
Mama..where are you now? lol. Ditched the MOD job eh?

sorry for those who lost on this joke of a company and stock. Sucks bad.
Geno4 Geno4 17 years ago
Sometime BIFT's will be back. Keep the faith
bizzzatch bizzzatch 18 years ago
bizzzatch bizzzatch 18 years ago
bjones006 bjones006 20 years ago
i dont know if anyone looks at this page but if you do, does anyone know what is going on with this company, i have stock in it and cant find any news or anything about it. if you could enlighten me that would be great. thanks!
Tommy_Hicks Tommy_Hicks 21 years ago
mama2 mama2 22 years ago
mama2 mama2 23 years ago
Relisting Update!!!
Sorry it didn't link. Cut and paste to your browser for the re-listing registration statement and a good source of initial DD. tal=2&back=1&g=


BIFS Technologies Corporation (f/k/a BioFiltration Systems, Inc.) has elected to
file this Form 10-SB registration statement on a voluntary basis in order to
become a reporting company under the Securities Act of 1934. The primary purpose
for this is that the Company intends to be listed for trading on the OTC
Electronic Bulletin Board. Under the current NASD rules, in order to become
listed on the OTC Electronic Bulletin Board, a company now must be a reporting
company under the Securities Act of 1934.

This registration statement, including the information that may be incorporated
by reference, contains forward-looking statements including, among other items,
statements regarding the Company's business and growth strategies and
anticipated trends in the Company's business and demographics. These
forward-looking statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties,
some of which are beyond the Company's control. Actual results could differ
materially from these forward looking statements as a result of factors
described in the section ''Risk Factors'' including, among others, regulatory or
economic influences.

papa papa 23 years ago
Hello all,been in since before split,ya I lost bigggg time myself,but still here,just don't post much anymore.
Charles here's some info for ya.
good luck


Watts Watts 23 years ago
This day is more like it.
Thanks for the news.
Go BIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mama2 mama2 23 years ago
Welcome Everyone!

Hi Charles (you're new to me, I know everyone else so that's why I single you out) I'm glad you spoke up here. Many of us feel the same way about RB and Agora and just want to discuss thoughts that's why we're here and at the MSN site.

I wouldn't presume to tell you where to find what you would deem reliable DD, but I'll give you a hint. IMHO, while everyone is excited and talks alot about the tech side, its the bio side that this company was founded on and will ultimately grow by. I'm not saying we don't have good tech, but to dig down deep, you've got to know what we're doing in bio to catch the necessary infrastructure that we're building that necessitated our diversification into the tech side. Check out every piece of wastewater treatment information you can get into and build from there.

PS; It is a huge risk and you could lose your shirt. Like with any penny invest only what you can lose. Personally I can only invest in long term pennies unlike many people I know who are good and make money day and week (short term) trading. Its important to know what style of penny play you are comfortable with; something that may not pay off for years or put a lot of $ (ie own a lot of shares) into something for a few days and have a couple of cent increase be a windfall. Good Luck to you!

mama2 mama2 23 years ago
Words from the COO on TV + site:

BIFS Technologies Corporation subscribes to a business philosophy that is fundamentally centered on providing advanced technologies to our customers, which meet their demands for service and which assures their satisfaction with our products. It has been our goal to make certain that all of our products provide both value and reliable performance. BIFS Technologies Corporation’s business approach differs considerably from many of our competitors, who nowadays rush to spend their capital assets in hopes of being first to the market and garnering a return without first assuring that a sound business plan is in place and that a strategy for success is fully developed prior to execution. The executives of this company have taken a very different and deliberate approach in all of our business ventures. Our philosophy is a throwback to yester year and has been derived from the decades of professional corporate experience possessed by our personnel.

Our business strategy endeavors to “build” the business, through the establishment of a solid foundation, while avoiding corporate indebtedness during the development phases of our products and by assuring a stable year-over-year growth pattern. This philosophy applies to all of our divisions and all of our products, whether they are offered through our core business or through our Emerging Technologies Division. The people of BIFS Technologies Corporation are convinced that a well crafted and strategic approach to business will best serve our company and its investors for years to come, as we continue to grow. We believe that companies that fail to employ sound business fundamentals, will be short lived and will be forced out of business, as evidenced by the demise of many of our competitors during the past year.

The products developed by our Emerging Technologies Division, like the TV+ Internet system, are intentionally engineered with this philosophy in mind. Our goal has been to avoid the high costs associated with a conventional rollout strategy for broadband telecommunications infrastructures and to maximize the potential for success by carefully building a solid business foundation for the program. BIFS Technologies Corporation formulated its strategic plan for the TV+ Internet system, which we believe eliminates many of the pitfalls experienced by our competitors. The TV+ Internet program optimizes the benefits brought through our strategic partnership program with local television broadcasters and makes it possible for them, under their broadcast licenses, to compete in the ISP market with only a limited capital expenditure and to participate in a profit sharing arrangement that is both lucrative and sustained. This approach creates an entirely new revenue stream for our broadcast partners and provides their viewing customers with a new and valuable service. The TV+ Internet program focuses on amalgamating a series of advanced technologies into a single Internet delivery mechanism that surpasses conventional Internet delivery practices in both its capability and in its cost benefit to the consumer. The result has been the creation of a wireless delivery mechanism with tremendous range, that costs relatively little to deploy, and which provides demonstrative broadband capacity.

After witnessing the mad scramble by many companies over the past several years to aggressively spend billions of dollars of investor money to develop hardwired broadband infrastructures in only a handful of large cities, while simultaneously incurring enormous debt, and all the while hoping to attract a customer base in the face of overwhelming competition, we at BIFS decided that there must be a more attractive solution. As these companies engaged in the fight over market share with their competition, the executives of BIFS Technologies Corporation conscientiously decided on a very different strategy, which focused on developing a new vision of communications technology along with a 1950’s television broadcasting approach to its delivery. Our intent has been to design and build an advanced broadband infrastructure that can provide a variety of advanced telecommunications services, while avoiding the high cost typically associated with the deployment and maintenance of these types of systems. It has also been our goal to purposively test the marketability of these selected broadband products, within selected test market, to see exactly where consumer preferences reside before adopting an extended rollout strategy and, given this information, to refine our product engineering to assure that our deployment strategy avoids the mistakes made by many of our competitors. The TV+ Internet system, we believe, achieves these goals.

The people of BIFS Technologies Corporation are dedicated to the success of this program and as we progress in our rollout campaign we will be announcing major developments concerning the TV+ Internet system as they occur. Over the next several years, we plan to fully execute the deployment phase of our business plan and intend to make this exciting technology available in many cities and rural regions throughout the globe. We trust that you will be pleased with our progress throughout the coming years.


Frank Bridges, Chief Operating Officer
BIFS Technologies Corporation

charles12 charles12 23 years ago
Hi all,
I'm new to posting, however i've read RB/Agora for a while.
I don't believe much of what I read on either site, RB is a battle zone, and Agora is too one-sided so I don't post on either. Regardless, I have tried to do DD on this company, but haven't really come up with anything other than their website and some company PR's. When I talk to brokers, they tell me I'm nuts, WAY too risky. Well, sometimes you have to go way out on a limb.Anyway, if anyone coiuld point me to wome reall DD, it would be appreciated.

Elvis Elvis 23 years ago
Hey MAMA.......Look who is here!!!!!!!Just little old ELVIS!! LOL!!!!This board could be fun......E...

hpgg hpgg 23 years ago
Thanks Katie..You are always doing good things..

for us..

Look forward to finding more good stuff on our little (For now)


Confirmed BIF$Ter..

Have a G'Day and thank you!! Hank

BeJOE BeJOE 23 years ago
I am in ..... lol .....always stretchin' and BeWATCHin'
Count me in with decent BIF$ters n genuine bonafide posters!!!
lol ;)
Thanks (F)


Watts Watts 23 years ago
Thanks mama2. I like the new site so far.
My only question is when will BIFT start pulling in revenues so the stock price can go up?
I've been long since May 2000.

mama2 mama2 23 years ago
Welcome everyone! I hope you will use and enjoy this site for news, thoughts, and tips. OT's are welcome too as long as they are considerately identified. Good Luck!.....Mama2


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