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Materion Corporation

Materion Corporation (MTRN)

Closed May 27 4:00PM
After Hours: 7:59PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
110.8257 Day's Range 115.37
92.23 52 Week Range 145.08
Market Cap
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Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 10,996,189
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Materion Corporation

Materion Corp. is a multinational company specializing in high-performance engineered materials. Among their products are precious and non-precious metals, inorganic chemicals, specialty coatings, beryllium, specialty engineered beryllium, beryllium copper alloys, ceramics, and engineered clad and p... Materion Corp. is a multinational company specializing in high-performance engineered materials. Among their products are precious and non-precious metals, inorganic chemicals, specialty coatings, beryllium, specialty engineered beryllium, beryllium copper alloys, ceramics, and engineered clad and plated metal systems.The company's engineered materials are used in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, automotive medical, industrial components, aerospace, defense, and optical coating industries. Show more

Metal Forgings And Stampings
Prim Smelt,refin Nonfer Metl
Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA
Materion Corporation is listed in the Metal Forgings And Stampings sector of the New York Stock Exchange with ticker MTRN. The last closing price for Materion was $111.46. Over the last year, Materion shares have traded in a share price range of $ 92.23 to $ 145.08.

Materion currently has 20,645,977 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Materion is $2.38 billion. Materion has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 24.83.

MTRN Latest News

Materion to Participate in KeyBanc’s Industrials and Basic Materials Conference

Materion Corporation (NYSE: MTRN) will participate in the KeyBanc Industrials & Basic Materials Conference on May 30, 2024. Jugal Vijayvargiya, President and Chief Executive Officer and...

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MTRN Discussion

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Monksdream Monksdream 3 months ago
MTRN new 52 week high
BottomBounce BottomBounce 9 months ago $MTRN
Alex2365 Alex2365 1 year ago
Indicator + Price Action
RSI Moving Average Bullish Crossover + Gap up with good volume. Looks bullish.
JY5 JY5 1 year ago
An Upcoming Rare Earth Play to Take Notice of
ADVFN_exotic ADVFN_exotic 2 years ago
Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy

"The walls of the JET reactor were changed to a material made from beryllium and tungsten"
Almosthere Almosthere 3 years ago
Still a big mistake padre.

Sold off 40 percent and the share price rockets!

Almosthere Almosthere 3 years ago
Big mistake padre!!!!
poop deck pappy poop deck pappy 3 years ago
Selling 40% of position.

Looking to return between $45-49
Dell_Griffith Dell_Griffith 3 years ago
Not stalking you, but was checking in on Materion and saw you posted here and read some of the posts.

To confirm your thoughts, 3-4 (maybe more) years ago, I spoke to Kelley (previous CFO) with Shamrock on the line. I’ll say, first, that Kelley did all the talking and Shamrock was there for “observation.” (It’s the smart thing to do, so that the person outside the Company can’t twist the words of the insider).

Second, I appreciated them setting up the call. Both of them were ALL class and really sharp guys.

Third, it was clear they did their part and tried to cultivate a relationship and introduce LQMT to their connections, but LQMT mucked it all up. No, they didn’t say it, but that was my conclusion and it wasn’t a guess because I could hear the frustration in Kelley’s voice; sort of like a professional helping a fellow professional, repeatedly, but then you realize that it’s a waste of your time. Now, who is it to “blame”? Hauck? Steipp? Combination of both? Kelley had too much class and professionalism to name names, but I remember that call SO vividly because it was clear to me, although Kelley’s words were understandably carefully crafted, that the Company I was invested in had a CEO and salesperson that were total muck-ups at LQMT (Steipp was just wrong for LQMT, Hauck is just a Hack). It sounds pathetic and contrite, but my heart sunk and that was the impetus to start a rotation out. (Hack selling was a revolting, disgusting sign, as well, and they should have canned his ass then, which maybe they eventually did because of it). Even if Steipp wasn’t to blame, and I know how much you despise the guy, he hired Hack, who I despise as much as you despise Steipp. I had my interactions with Hack and I’ll leave it at that and, believe it or not, in a professional setting, I don’t act like a petulant child, like I do on ihub, so my point is I tried to be professional with Hack, and was, but I read that guy, called his bluff, and he resented it. As much as Steipp hired him on, in my opinion, I think a lot of the bullshit, wasted opportunities, and misdirection was because of Hack because he was in over his head and he was completely full of shit and out for himself to the extent he’d walk over ANYONE to benefit himself.

I may stick around for your reply, but I’m signing off ihub today (going full circle, I guess, first connecting with you here on ihub and closing out with you here). Either way, don’t think I’m being insolent if I don’t reply to you. When I think I’ve suffered (“suffering” is all a relative term, of course) holding that other Company, I can’t help thinking how tough it is to have held much longer. Hoping you guys get your payoff this year, although I’m sick of “hoping.” I’ve kind of had enough of a lot of social media outlets. They’re a big part of the problem.

I still have enough shares for it to matter, not like you bigger shareholders, but with all that you bigger holders have been through, NO ONE can say you don’t all deserve it. Never say never.

Best of luck.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
What impact is the corona virus having upon Materion. I imagine a lot of imported rare earth metals are being impacted. Hope Materion has sufficient inventories to ride out this pandemic.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago

Pretty good summary
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Eutectix, which manufactures liquidmetal formulae for Materion, is a supplier as well for LQMT, which formerly subcontracted the mfr of liquidmetal to Materion. Eutectix is able to manufacture a much larger quantity of bmg and is much more productive in doing so than Materion. Pure economics drove the spin-off of the Materion operation to Eutectix, along with two of their key people.

It is important to understand that Eutectix has no intention of going upstream into the products business. They are merely holding onto Liquidmetals recently transferred equipment and machinery for safekeeping. Such machinery and equipment remain on LQMT's books. Eutectix is not paying them squat for any of the old LF plant's contents. They will not become a sub-contract mfr for LQMT. They will retain the same relationship of vendor that Materion has with them.
Out The Window Out The Window 4 years ago
Also... if you do some digging, you’ll find that Musk is linked to that entire commerce center
Out The Window Out The Window 4 years ago
Wrong...consigned is Chargepoint...Extron charges additional for that service
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago

Anybody with intelligence would know that the consignee is EXTRON
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
This is the most succinct and accurate presentation of the current relationship of Materion, Eutectix, and Liquidmetal.

Thanks to Josh for this one.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
So, how far is the Coronavirus from Mr. BMG's nexus of plants in Hubei and the surrounding provinces. Is the production of BMG's threatened by this pandemic? It seems there will be a direct impact upon not only Materion and Eutectix, but also upon Engel and LQMT. This could be devasting to this fledgling industry. What say ye?
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
It appears that the production capability of BMG that Materion initiated with LQMT and later sold to Eutectix as contract manufacturer is now back in play with LQMT:

Materion still has an ongoing relationship with Eutectix who is one of their subcontractors.

But obviously, one middleman has been cut out of the BMG supply chain for LQMT.

Still, no word on any purchase contracts which show sales or revenue by LQMT. Also, absolutely no indication that Eutectix will supply bmg for US operations of LQMT or to manufacturing subcontractors or turn key plant purchases.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago

Find out at the next open house from your buddy Lugee.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Lugee Li is busted on his broken assurances to Materion, Engel and Liquidmetal investors. He has not fulfilled his pledge to have a profitable operation at Lake Forest, California. Utterly irresponsible and not trustworthy.

Lake Forest is shutdown. Materion and Engel are cut-off from LQMT.

A Scam is a Scam. A Scammer is a scammer.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Three hours left to the promise of profits NLT 1/27/1945.

Doesn't look promising.

Potential for Scam is becoming more and more kinetic.

I now realize exactly how Materion and Engel felt at the O.H while everyone else was eating roast beef sandwiches...the only answer to shareholders persistent ASHM question:

"Where's the Beef?"
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Thanks to all of my friends from Materion, Engel and LQMT who wished me well today on my 75th birthday.

Still waiting to get a call from Lugee Li today for him to tell me the good news that he has asked Materion and Engel to make a joint venture with him to market on LQMT's behalf in Europe and North America.

I will report to all here if I receive a call today from him.

Thanx, Professor Li, in advance, from all of us at Materion, Engel and LQMT where most of the dust has already settled.

Please, stir some things up!
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Last day for the ghost of Materion and Engel, LQMT to resurrect itself with fulfillment of Lugee Li's promise to perform with profits by Jan 27, 2020.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Tomorrow will be the proof of the pudding that Lugee Li failed miserably to resurrect LQMT.

It is clear that MTRN is HISTORY in the relationship with LQMT.

It is clear that ENGEL is HISTORY in the relationship with LQMT.

Both Materion and Engel have proved to be successful in their respective endeavors.

And Eontec has totally crippled the future for LQMT who has only a skeletal crew in a rented out section of an abandoned mfr operation in Lake Forest CA.

I remember the day of the OH when Egdar Vidal of MTRN and his associate Jason, now at Eutektix manufacturing LQMT plugs of BMG's and Marcus, the sales engineer at Engel in Corona CAsaid on the day of the OH that they were shocked by seeing the LK machines on the floor and that they were very fearful of the role that Eontec would take in the future to take out MTRN and Engel as vendors.

That was the day that Hauck never showed up. He knew the writing on the wall.

The OH proved to be a SCAM.

Tomorrow is confirmation: The last day of the period in which Lugee Li told us that LQMT would be profitable.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago

One of my better posts.

All the questions are still worth pondering and applying to Eontec, who has replaced Materion and Engel.

The still viable question is what does Bromage do after 8 years of botching the sales and business development, which is WHY HE WAS HIRED in the first place.

Why did he totally destroy the sales and marketing and what little production LQMT had.

Materion and Engel are no longer around. LQMT is not around. Only Eontec. But is Eontec actually still around?

What is LQMT today? Where is Bryce Van? Where is Bromage? Where is the guy with the girl from Hubei province (Isaac Bresnick)

Where are all the assets of LQMT? Are they still in a US Bank?
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Countdown: 2 days left until the explosion. Watch and see on Jan 27, 2020, 75 years transitioning Brush-Wellman to Materion.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
I am quite aware of Eutectix. Materion contracted with them to manufacture bulk metallic glasses...even sent their employee Jason to manage the operation.

Can't believe how Professor Lugee Li burnt all the bridges that LQMT had made with Materion and Eutechtix and Heraeus. Seems that they would have been good partners for European markets, in particular.

Now with the US government seeking rare earth independence from China, it makes you wonder why Lugee Li deep-sixed the US operation.

I suspect that the US government will seek to ban imports of rare earts from China down the road, so it seems a little counterintuitive to shelve the US operation in Lake Forest, California.

Materion probably has some insight...perhaps they are even seeking to prevent Eontecs exports of product to the USA. This would benefit their partnership with the US government, which will most likely, as they have in the past, partner with Materion and subsidize some of their future mining of rare earths from US soil.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Time has proven your call to be very prophetic. There appears to be no relationship at all.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Yep, this is where I post about the lack of progress. Looks like Materion is completely severed from LQMT, except that they still remain a licensee, unless Eontec has quashed the old agreement. What do you think?

I am guessing, that with the new Corona virus, that Lugee Li may have pulled the plug on the Lake Forest operation prematurely. Dongguan is not immune from the Corona virus.

What a coincidence that Engel's Liquidmetal machine outlet in Corona California has the same name as the virus. Looks like Engel is shut out of future involvement as well.

The great Engel, Materion, LQMT trifecta has been tabled indefinitely.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Buying and holding MTRN as you did has been a terrific investment.
Today the price is triple from your first purchases. Congratulations.

Anyone buying LQMT in the same time frame has lost 75 percent of their investment.

So much for penny stocks.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago

Does this apply to Materion investor's as well?
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Materion and Engel were both dumped by Professor Lugee Li as suppliers to Liquidmetal at the 2017 Liquidmetal Open House.

However, Materion is now in partnership with Engel and Heraeus.
Svatman Svatman 4 years ago
No problem I think it’s worth watching. I’m holding a lot of UCORE right now. I’m wondering if Materion might try to purchase UCORE. I don’t have anything to back that idea up just thinking out loud. At any rate something seems to be happening there.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
Thank you for a superb link/explanation.
Svatman Svatman 4 years ago

Eutectix manufactures heavy earth magnets. I think it’s all connected. I think they are going for the whole process mine to magnet. It’s part of the DOD plan to get rare earths independence from China.
Svatman Svatman 4 years ago
Svatman Svatman 4 years ago
They are partnering up to try to get the Government contract for REE processing. It was in the news a few weeks ago I’ll find a article.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
What relationship, if any, still remains with LQMT and MTRN?
Does anyone have an answer?
Watts Watt Watts Watt 4 years ago
What is the UCORE Partnership? I have not heard of it.
Svatman Svatman 4 years ago
Any thoughts on the UCORE partnership?
Spartan Spartan 5 years ago
The relationship between Materion and Liquidmetal does not seem very strong.

whytestocks whytestocks 5 years ago
News: $MTRN Materion Corporation Reports Record First Quarter 2019 Financial Results and Raises Full-Year 2019 Earnings Guidance

Materion Corporation (NYSE:MTRN) today reported first quarter 2019 financial results. First Quarter 2019 Results Net sales were $301.4 million; value-added sales increased 4% to a first quarter record of $187.7 million Operating profit was a record $21.4 million, or 11.4% of va...

Read the whole news
Dano10 Dano10 5 years ago
Wow! Very nice after 4th quarter earnings
poop deck pappy poop deck pappy 5 years ago
Closed MTRN $40 JUNE puts.

Looking for reentry on rally.
poop deck pappy poop deck pappy 5 years ago
Covered March 2019 $50 puts.

Still open Jun 2019 $40 puts.

$35 target by March.

Considered cover calls if you are long and pocket the premium as it goes down.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 6 years ago
I would really appreciate a breakdown of Materion's Beryllium and Composite Division's sales of bulk metallic glass. This was predicted by Hippel to be selling like gang busters within 5 years, all of which have now come and gone.

I remmember, too, how Europe was going to be the first break-out of orders as opposed to the US.

We haven't heard anything of SAGA's purchases of BMG from either Materion or Heraeus.
Watts Watt Watts Watt 6 years ago
Dr. Edgar Vidal, Manager, Market & Business Development, Materion Beryllium & Composites, sees a bright future for the alloy as it finds its market. “Within five years, Materion can expect to be the world’s premier supplier of this alloy, at the lowest cost,” he says. “And we will identify additional methods of fabricating the material.”

Watts does not think that this forecast, made 5 years ago, has panned out.

I would imagine that Lugee Li is selling more of his formulation for die casting than Materion is selling for injection molding on the Engel machines.

Watts Watt Watts Watt 6 years ago
I wonder if such an investment in Materion paid off?

Today a more than doubling, almost a triple from 19 looks pretty darn good.

A lot of things look better now that Hipple is no longer there.

At least Materion is still a partner at LQMT:
Watts Watt Watts Watt 6 years ago
No. However, here is a current link as of today.

What particularly concerns me, however, is why the total silence about Materion of late.

I attended the Open House last year and Edgar Vidal and his right hand spokesperson (forgot his name) were making presentations at the individual breakdown sessions about how Materion had reduced the cost of making the Vitreloy formulations, including LM105 by subcontracting them out to another manufacturer.

However, no discussion at all was made about Materion becoming a contractor to make Lugee Li's formulation which he is using on the LK die cast machines.

I would think that all parties would want it to be known which suppliers of bmg's are still relevant when it comes to Liquidmetal making purchases of ingots and other raw materials.

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I do know that Materion was not too happy with the DC machines, which, to me, is a way of saying that they will lose business as a supplier of bmg to LQMT, since, apparently, Lugee Li has his own formulation and makes it via another Chiness partner for supply to the LK machines in China. I would assume that they will also get the supply contract for the LF machines as well.

Another interesting subject today is that the Chinese have developed their own rail gun for ships, quite similar to the US Navy's rail gun and projectiles.

I wonder what China is making their projectiles out of?

Do the Chinese have the same concerns about Depleted Uranium and have developed a BMG projectile?

Hope someone can come up with the answers to these questions.


At one time, Materion was hoping to get a supply contract for BMG containing projectiles.

NB: I wish I had put all of my LQMT investment into Materion. I would be sitting very pretty today and would be a multi-millionaire. Instead, I dumped it in Liquidmetal and have lost a ton of money.

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