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Duke Energy Corp New

Duke Energy Corp New (DUK)

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DUK Discussion

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barnyarddog barnyarddog 4 months ago
Electrifying our Fleet

To support Duke Energyโ€™s initiative to reduce overall greenhouse gases and lower emissions from the transportation sector, we have over 600 electric vehicles in our fleet, including over 220 on-road vehicles. We are committed to increasing that number by purchasing electric vehicles that meet our needs as new vehicle styles and classes are released.

By 2030, we pledge to convert 100% of our nearly 4,000 light-duty vehicles to electric and 50% of our approximately 6,000 combined fleet of medium-duty, heavy-duty and off-road vehicles to EVs, plug-in hybrids or other zero-carbon alternatives as more of these options become available.

February 21, 2023
Mount Holly, North Carolina
Duke Energy to mobilize first-of-its-kind microgrid-integrated fleet electrification center
Duke Energy has announced it will build a first-of-its-kind performance center that will model
and accelerate the development, testing and deployment of zero-emissions light-, medium- and
heavy-duty commercial electric vehicle (EV) fleets. The site will be located at Duke Energyโ€™s
Mount Holly Technology and Innovation Center and will incorporate microgrid integration.
oldstocks oldstocks 6 months ago
Time to Short DUK Duke is screwing over customers and it will come back to bite them.
Civil War General Civil War General 6 months ago
Not all Southern Civil War Generals were slave owners.
Not all Civil War Generals were Southern.
I donโ€™t care about what you think.
I-Man I-Man 6 months ago
I think you are nuts by your name, as right now Davidson College going to remove name on building because its Founder has a plantation and slaves back in early 1860's... And it's all Democrat and their loser followers ranting still about racism, reparations here nonstop... And I am not a Republican either...
Civil War General Civil War General 8 months ago
The woman from Charlotte ran as a Democrat and switched sides after she was elected.
Now the Republiklan party will pass their Fascist book banning, anti anything they donโ€™t like laws that will alter our state for quite a while.
The new Republiklan Nc Supreme Court overturned precedent because it didnโ€™t fit their agenda.
I-Man I-Man 8 months ago
How is it then with a Supermajority, Ole Roy Cooper was re-elected another term and is a Democrat?
Civil War General Civil War General 8 months ago
I also live in NC for more than 60 years and I disagree.
The Republicans control the House and Senate and have a Supermajority thanks to racially motivated gerrymandering and a party switch by a woman who ran as a Democrat.

The Democratic Governor who vetoed the Fascist legislation passed by the Conservative majority, now is effectively powerless to stop their legislation from becoming law.

Somehow the tRumpers believe that they are not the Fascists and that the liberals are the bad guys. Somebody is coming for your freedoms, and it is not the liberal Democrats.

Remember McCrony? The โ€œbathroom billโ€ was a red herring to distract away from the other legislation.
McCrony was funded by Dan Cathy, the ChicFilA guy who has a controlling interest in Foxwood Studios in Georgia. He financed the Republican takeover of NC in order to kill the NC film industry by removing the film subsidies (that are ultimately paid for with employee taxes.)
Cathy then โ€œlobbiedโ€ (paid) the Georgia legislature to INCREASE their film subsidies in order to steal films and workers away from NC.
He made millions on his โ€œinvestmentโ€ when he got Iron Man 3 to move from ILM.

This is what Republicans do.
I-Man I-Man 8 months ago
I live in NC.and besides its antiquated divorce laws, the Dems are still living in Civil War days and the Repubs are RHINOS all together... It is a fascist run State today...
Civil War General Civil War General 8 months ago
Combined with Republican tax cuts for the rich and massive Republican deficit spending, lets hope the Democrats can change the income shortfall and reduce the deficit as they have done every time they are in control of the budget.
Republicans call them โ€œTax and Spendโ€ but it is the Republicans that are the โ€œCut Taxes and Over Spendโ€ party.
Just check the history if you have any doubts.
Chuckie Finster Chuckie Finster 9 months ago
This one looks like it is ready to breakout
FritoNacho1992 FritoNacho1992 2 years ago
Iโ€™ve owned this for almost a decade

Great stock
Bountiful_Harvest Bountiful_Harvest 3 years ago
Energy crunch to 'continue well into 2022': Duke Energy CEO
I-Man I-Man 3 years ago
This morning CHarlotte, NC news, DUKE now going to raise all rates 50% for residents if legislation being voted on today forced them to close coal fired plants retroactively immediately- and the consumers here IN NC already strapped with the last rate increase a week or so ago for their cleanup of coal ash they again, are pushing onto the consumer here !

When is the madness going to stop!?

Already Governor Cooper re-extended rent moratorium another month, set to expire tomorrow, with thousands of people owning around $20,000.00 + now in back rent never paid on for 15+ months' time ...

Serious troubles coming to NC and elsewhere...

Couple that with CDC's stated Covid mortgage moratoriums at Federal level (why the hell CDC involved in anything financing or political?), and this is a massive storm brewing against the US economy like never before seen...
I-Man I-Man 3 years ago
Well here in NC yet again, DUKE got another 5% rate increase and it is crippling people across this State. Especially older, retirees on fixed incomes, etc etc
biotech_researcher biotech_researcher 4 years ago
Following the NEE business model. Rapidly slashing CO2, re-defining the business..
TFMG TFMG 4 years ago

$DUK | Good R/R Trade In #DukeEnergy

Potential long entry above $89.00
Upside target short term $95.00
stop loss below 200ma

mick mick 4 years ago
Duke Energy Corp New (DUK)
82.47 ? 0.8 (0.98%)
Volume: 3,854,686 @09/25/20 7:49:19 PM EDT
Bid Ask Day's Range
- - 80.95 - 82.59
DUK Detailed Quote
whytestocks whytestocks 4 years ago
NEWS: $DUK 3 Rock-Solid Dividend Stocks That You Can Buy and Hold Forever

Some people like the excitement of buying and selling frequently. They're always looking for the next hot growth stock in the latest arena generating the most buzz. But that's not every investor's cup of tea. There are a lot of investors who simply want to find stocks that pay great dividends q...

Got this from DUK - 3 Rock-Solid Dividend Stocks That You Can Buy and Hold Forever
lambchops lambchops 4 years ago
So you think DUK's PPS is coming down?
I-Man I-Man 4 years ago
NOW over $300million in unpaid utilities owed to DUK just in NC because of the Governor's shutdown policies, and now still extended Phase 2 here a 3rd time?

Duke announced over 1 million residences are behind on electric bills now since March time frame...
I-Man I-Man 4 years ago
SO massive gas pipeline project Duke was involved with has now been completely cancelled ! Democratic Governor Roy Cooper here in NC applauding the loss and "happy" to see it stopped...
I-Man I-Man 4 years ago
I did Azeem, but most other people just plain stupid today. Thank you for your post.

And I want to add as an Electrical Contractor firm as well here in NC, I made quite a stink few years back to top Execs at Duke who had some regional exec from Hickory Office contact me referring electrical service upgrades and residential properties then. Seems all these ancient "Zinsco" crap meter/breaker panels on outside of millions of NC homes Duke installed for free 40-50 years ago to get people onto DUk's system, the NC Utilities Commission has NOW made them fully liable for any type of damage, fire, explosion resulting to properties which these Zinsco meter entrances are still on. They want people to update their services and get away from that equipment, so DUK is no longer liable to that residence, but most local people in my region are of the mindset "My electricity working now, why should I pay $thousands to upgrade my service entrance"???

So we fight this here all the time. Just had another one yesterday in high $$$ area of Hickory, NC from 1962, and owners there think Duke will take care of it if they call them- NO! Duke provides only service lateral or drop to service equipment. The service entrance & equipment has to be replaced & rewired to current Code by licensed electrician and that Homeowners have to pay for - so most of them do not and let things stay as is on their homes... I have photo taken late yesterday even, of Duke's underground lateral coming up into old Zinsco service equipment, and it was installed with EMT conduit underground, with that EMT so rotted, corroded, etc you can see open feeder conductors and all it will take is for someone to bump/hit that rotted area, cut into those unfused service lateral conductors, and we got an explosion and/or loss of life !! But that new homeowner argued with me, and said they will call Duke to fix it- NO they will not, UNLESS you are upgrading your entire service to your home...

Point is, here in NC, many people look at DUKE like a God or Nascar Racer seriously... So Proud.... They got Duke University, etc, and anything surrounding the name "DUKE" so many just support, praise, go along with whatever they say- just like the lost Democrats of today behind a party that no longer exists in America...
Azeem 12 Azeem 12 4 years ago
Did you know they was also partners with dam Enron
Azeem 12 Azeem 12 4 years ago
Exactly here in my state in South Carolina they going to break their Monopoly
I-Man I-Man 4 years ago
Read this. DUK needs to be worried. All the former farm acreage across NC they used for special solar farm deals from various small towns who then got cheap electricity from DUK, they then became their own regulating utility company (Such as Newton, NC), where then what happened was those citizens' bills escalated big % now as DUK no longer is who they pay, but the City of Newton for example. Pricing people without limitations now, and these town centers effectively can charge what they wish !

DUK got free power from the solar farms , plus Big $$$ Fed credts and $$$, but the end user (customer) is getting screwed even deeper monthly now. Just like DUK trying to get another rate Hike now for additional costs for their coal ash fiasco DUK created- NOT the citizens !!!

DUK pay your damn bills and take your hits to do so- LEAVE the NC consumer out of the picture for YOUR mistakes...
fuzzy fuzzy 4 years ago
Duke Energy declares dividend payments to shareholders
PR Newswire
CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 3, 2020
CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Duke Energy today declared a quarterly cash dividend on its common stock of $0.945 per share payable on March 16, 2020, to shareholders of record at the close of business Feb. 14, 2020.
The company also declared a quarterly cash dividend on its Series A preferred stock of $359.375 per share payable on March 16, 2020, to shareholders of record at the close of business Feb. 14, 2020. This is equivalent to $0.359375 per depositary share.
In addition, the company declared the initial cash dividend on its Series B preferred stock of $24.9167 per share payable on March 16, 2020, to shareholders of record at the close of business Feb. 14, 2020. Dividends on the Series B preferred stock will be payable semi-annually when and if declared by the company's board of directors.
Duke Energy has paid a cash dividend on its common stock for 94 consecutive years.
fuzzy fuzzy 5 years ago

Duke Energy Q3 Adj. EPS $1.82 Beats $1.68 Estimate, Sales $6.94B Miss $7.11B Estimate

6:49 am ET November 8, 2019 (Benzinga) Print

Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK) reported quarterly earnings of $1.82 per share which beat the analyst consensus estimate of $1.68 by 8.33 percent. This is a 10.3 percent increase over earnings of $1.65 per share from the same period last year. The company reported quarterly sales of $6.94 billion which missed the analyst consensus estimate of $7.11 billion by 2.39 percent. This is a 4.71 percent increase over sales of $6.628 billion the same period last year.
I-Man I-Man 5 years ago
Truth is Duke is getting as bad as Charter :spectrum) has become today even. Both Monopolies and too big for their brithches- and in America, you cannot have monopolies. Any MBA course will teach you that. It just cannot be allowed to happen for the stability of the Country...

And to hear this behemouth weekly on local news whine they need more funds to clean up messes "they" created, instead of using their own $Billions in profits is assanine! All us small business people are required to do the right thing and pay if we ever do damage or harm out of our pockets. DUKE needs to do the same damn thing- and STOP paying their exec board 50,000% higher salaries and bonuses and option over the average worker too...

STOP putting more costs on the general public for your problems and crimes DUKE !!
roger wilco roger wilco 5 years ago
Oh you cry cry cry... my utility company can't get something right like providing reliable electricity in a regular residential neighborhood. I recently wrote them a letter to tell them they suck. I would happily trade my utility company for one that could provide me with reliable electricity.

One would think I live in the sticks.. OMG that is so far from the truth...

$DUK Duke isn't so bad...
I-Man I-Man 5 years ago
Channel 9 news Charlotte this morning now says Duke refusing to clean up more "unlined" coal ash pits as it would cost them too much to do so.. Boo friggin Hoo!! They created the mess, they should use their own profits to make things right !

No, DUK now saying they need another rate increase here in NC... WTF, they have had so many increases, so many people are being crushed by these rate increases.

I own a business, and if I did something wrong to environment, I would be required to clean and make that right using my own funds !! NOT go and raise rates more to make the general public clean up your mess you created knowingly in the 1st place... Just like the damn banking system today, using other peoples' funds to enrich oneself... it is wrong, immoral, and has to STOP!

They call GE "baby Enron" today. They need to LOOK into Duke Energy, its practices as well as Piedmont Natural Gas relationship and the true mega monopoly DUK has become today especially in NC.
I-Man I-Man 5 years ago
Heck my small business and many others donate to Salvation Army and Habitat all the time and NEVER get our names in the paper...

I advise all NC residents and DUK shareholders as well to look and watch what is going on with the recent C-11 Filing of PCG (Pacific Gas & Electric) as this could very well be where DUK ends up too. Already DUK is pricing many of tis NC residents out of the market as rates continually escalate year after year after year as they have been... Already massive proeprty revaluation went into effect last 2 weeks as all new Full Democratic Commissioner Board in Charlotte do what they do best- Tax & Spend and now thousands of Charlotte region residents cannot afford the higher energy rates but also higher property tax rates and is a massive problemm right now... They are being pushed/priced out of their homes and neighborhoods !!!
whytestocks whytestocks 5 years ago
News: $DUK Duke Energy Ohio and its customers donate $311,000 to the Salvation Army for 2019 HeatShare Program

CINCINNATI , Jan. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Salvation Army received $311,000 from Duke Energy Ohio for the 2019 HeatShare program. The Salvation Army administers the donations made to the program, in collaboration with Duke Energy Ohio, to provide people in need with financial a...

In case you are interested
whytestocks whytestocks 5 years ago
News: $DUK Duke Energy named one of Fortune's "World's Most Admired Companies" for second consecutive year

CHARLOTTE, N.C. , Jan. 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) has been named to Fortune magazine's 2019 list of the World's Most Admired Companies for the second year in a row. Duke Energy was ranked 5 th among gas and electric utilities. "Our people are working ...

Got this from
whytestocks whytestocks 5 years ago
News: $DUK Duke Energy preparing for winter storm in the tri-state; urges customers to do the same

CINCINNATI , Jan. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Like many Midwesterners, Duke Energy continues to monitor and prepare for a winter storm that has the potential to cause power outages across the company's Ohio and Kentucky service regions. Related: B-roll video of storm prep...

In case you are interested
KICK1 KICK1 5 years ago
Man, I have to see this! North Cacky Lacky is the Best
I-Man I-Man 5 years ago
DUK not happy with its current building, it's going to build new skyscraper tower in Charlotte...???!!!
I-Man I-Man 5 years ago
Duke is a Monopolized conjob on the public today. Here in NC, residents are getting squeezed so bad, as repeated rate hikes go into effect.

DUK not using its own funds to clean up its coal ash mess, forcing consumers to do so is criminal too !

And recently, held from News 3 & News 9 media out of Charlotte, Duke Energy employee(s) were caught in Hickory, NC high end community stealing packages off porches !!! One customer of mine in fact where we installed "Ring" security camers/flood fixtures, caught one on camera as Duke tried to argue with our customer, unitl they supplied the footage from the Ring system...

And a large coalition is being formed here in NC legislature to go after DUK being a monopoly. Think on terms of ENRON...
TechKim TechKim 6 years ago
Government should make tax free dividends for holders of electrical utility stocks. Greater incentives for investing in utility stocks.
Rebuilding the grid, not just for the present, but the future that we will not see.

I-Man I-Man 6 years ago
DUK is hiding problems- like a new age ENRON... I am from Charlotte, NC region... Just like WFB hiding problems.. NC's corps very crooked today and many operate under old Taskmaster/Slave mentality internally truth be known...
TechKim TechKim 6 years ago
Southern Co. downgraded at Deutsche Bank in favor of Duke Energy
chmcnfunds chmcnfunds 6 years ago
Out @ $78.85. May continue higher but have learned to respect over-bought signals with this stock. Twice tried to hold out for a few dollars more only to lose hundreds. When it drops seems to be a steady path down:

TechKim TechKim 6 years ago
Politically, I would suggest the government make electric utility company dividends TAX FREE. It would help secure rebuilding the power grid and modernizing the grid with long term investment. The electrical grid is the heartbeat of America.

The use of electricity is still in its infancy. It was not so long ago mankind was in the dark. The world as we know it is not so old. That is, a world with an electrical grid.

My opinion only.
TechKim TechKim 6 years ago
Other than seeing some problems arising out of coal ash spillage. I really do not hear the public complaining. Actually, the public appears to be pleased as they go about their everyday lives.

Sweet dividend pays my electric expenses with plenty left over.
I-Man I-Man 6 years ago
I have custoemrs here who are retired Linemen from Niagara Mohawk (NY) and elsewhere now in my area, and my own father was a Lineman for Penelec in PA years ago. All of them are cut from same cloth- not today's Linemen or the energy company itself in how it operates today...

Duke Lineman and overhead transmission work is NOT the same as construction electrical work in any way; and as soon as we see some lawsuits from sloppy Linemen trying to do what trained licensed electrical contractors always did, Duke will be singing a different story... I have countless violations of NEC type work they are trying to get into where they ought not to be...

TechKim TechKim 6 years ago
The electrical grid is the heart of the American Society.
I-Man I-Man 6 years ago
There is NONE ! Duke forcing new digital meters on everyone, now monthly rates charges even higher than before !! BS crooks here in NC !!!
I-Man I-Man 6 years ago
DUKE is a fraud today here in NC!! It is trying to be the new Enron of 2018 and beyond... it is killing its citizens with increased rates time & again and now to clean its coal ash problems, when it should be using its own money to do so !! Just like Big banks did in late 80's S&L bailout where everything changed for worse for consumers there...

NOW here in NC, Duke is trying to act like some contractor referral service (like Home Advisor, etal) and is ridiculous !!! It/They are overhead power transmission ONLY. Not some trade electrical construction firm at all and certainly not a contractor referral program.. They in fact have instituted so much power on the State legislature and contracting industry, THEY are hurting licensed electrical contractors today stealing much of their former work regarding service installation and parking lot electrical work...

Linemen are NOT trade licensed electricians at any rate, yet Duke has overextended its reach and power here in NC to control everything, especially gas (Piedmont Natural Gas) in the State and elsewhere and it is more than a Monopoly and needs investigated for sure...
chmcnfunds chmcnfunds 6 years ago
Duke Energy +1.4% after easy Q1 earnings beat

May 10, 2018 8:59 AM ET|About: Duke Energy Corporation (DUK)|By: Carl Surran, SA News Editor

Duke Energy (NYSE:DUK) +1.4% premarket as Q1 earnings handily beat expectations and total operating revenue gained 7% Y/Y to $6.1B, helped by higher demand in its electric utilities business.

Q1 income from the Electric Utilities and Infrastructure segment jumped 28% Y/Y to $816M from $635M in the prior-year quarter, helped by a return to normal weather this year compared to the significantly warmer winter weather a year earlier and lower income tax expense.

DUK says its consolidated adjusted effective tax rate for Q1 was 15.7% vs. 32.5% in the year-ago quarter, primarily due to the impacts of the Tax Act.

DUK reaffirms FY 2018 EPS guidance of $4.55-$4.85, in line with $4.72 analyst consensus estimate.

fuzzy fuzzy 6 years ago
CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Duke Energy today declared a quarterly cash dividend on its common stock of $0.890 per share payable on June 18, 2018, to shareholders of record at the close of business May 18, 2018.
roger wilco roger wilco 6 years ago
Duke Energy announces new executive appointments

- Harry Sideris named senior vice president and chief distribution officer, succeeding Michael Lewis who will retire after 30 years in the energy industry.

- Catherine Stempien named Florida state president.

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