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Tile Shop Holdings Inc

Tile Shop Holdings Inc (TTSH)

Closed June 15 4:00PM
After Hours: 5:39PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
6.44 Day's Range 6.75
4.33 52 Week Range 7.6699
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 691,430
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Tile Shop Holdings Inc

Tile Shop Holdings Inc is a specialty retailer of natural stone and man-made tiles, setting and maintenance materials, and related accessories in the United States. Tile Shop Holdings Inc is a specialty retailer of natural stone and man-made tiles, setting and maintenance materials, and related accessories in the United States.

Furniture Stores
Furniture Stores
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Tile Shop Holdings Inc is listed in the Furniture Stores sector of the NASDAQ with ticker TTSH. The last closing price for Tile Shop was $6.65. Over the last year, Tile Shop shares have traded in a share price range of $ 4.33 to $ 7.6699.

Tile Shop currently has 44,510,779 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Tile Shop is $64.99 million. Tile Shop has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of 6.45.

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TTSH Discussion

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Renee Renee 3 years ago
TTSH moved to the Nasdaq from the OTC:
Johnny Salt Johnny Salt 4 years ago
This Stock will sell for all time new highs by June 2023. Bank on it!!!
Renee Renee 5 years ago
TTS changed to TTSH and delisted from the Nasdaq to the OTC:
Murphster Murphster 5 years ago
Some useful info:
ClayTrader ClayTrader 5 years ago
* * $TTS Video Chart 10-28-2019 * *

Link to Video - click here to watch the technical chart video

PAC PAC 5 years ago
TTS 1.92 +17% serious insiders buys for delist. What does that imply
ClayTrader ClayTrader 5 years ago
* * $TTS Video Chart 10-23-2019 * *

Link to Video - click here to watch the technical chart video

rayank rayank 5 years ago
$1.50 may be support?
rayank rayank 5 years ago
Dead cat bounce?
VMB-1 VMB-1 5 years ago
~Delister and Now it Goes Up? Buying Shares to Cover?.....
PAC PAC 5 years ago
TTS 1.67 +55%
swampboots swampboots 5 years ago
Hate to post after the fact but with low vol. this morn did get 1.03 when I noticed the 1.45 minutes that is untypical with me.
ClayTrader ClayTrader 5 years ago
* * $TTS Video Chart 10-22-2019 * *

Link to Video - click here to watch the technical chart video

swampboots swampboots 5 years ago
Ya don't like now after the PR stuff?
Buckey Buckey 5 years ago
I never saw PM doesnt seem to want to move much past this 1.10-1.13 level
Actualfactual Actualfactual 5 years ago
Yes. New higher low of a $1 from premarket .94
Buckey Buckey 5 years ago
I jumped in at 1.11 on that pop - felt better about that tham trying to timne that 1.00

MY first round trip was 1.18 to 1.14 so a loss
Buckey Buckey 5 years ago
LOOks way better after bouncing off that Dollar. Insiders net worth sure took a shellacking today
PAC PAC 5 years ago
Yea. Small things first. Let's get over 50sma on 3/5min time frame
Buckey Buckey 5 years ago
23k bid at $1.00 - that falls we may see some free fall before next bounce -
PAC PAC 5 years ago
TTS 1.06 buy for technical bounce to 1.66
Buckey Buckey 5 years ago
$1.06 going private? delisting stock which may or may not go OTC?

Looked at Fins. yeah some debt but Balance sheet looks fine. Income statement interesting in that they run at very high margin ( Gross margin) but SGA is very high - I think. I dont SFA otherwise just seems odd that no details on going private? IE shares being bought for going private transaction?
Johnny Salt Johnny Salt 5 years ago
Technical Surge.
Breaking through the 20 and 50 on the same day can do that with continued momentum.
Fundamental improvement will soon follow.
Simon Sez….BE HAPPY
Johnny Salt Johnny Salt 5 years ago
TTS said goodbye to the 50 day in a very big way. this should continue to sail.
Johnny Salt Johnny Salt 5 years ago
Busted thru the 20 day, if it holds, next stop 2.89 is the 50 day. Break thru that and it's a bullish race.
Johnny Salt Johnny Salt 5 years ago
I made an all or none order and it didn't get filled til the price hit $2.64. Probably just a bunch of robinhooders trading those 100 shares.
Johnny Salt Johnny Salt 5 years ago
I meant to say very low interest expense(on debt). And it will stay that way.
Johnny Salt Johnny Salt 5 years ago
What's not to like at this point? Beatdown with good balance sheet and cash flow. Profitable after beatdown and still pays a 20 cent dividend. Very low debt. Sales will stabilize and interest rates will stay low for a very long time. Housing and remodels will start to soar and this company is poised to capitalize on it when they stabilize sales. I'm in at $2.69 23k shares.

Strong future sales with it's current balance sheet can really make this go kaboom.
sorkin sorkin 6 years ago
Sold TTS $6.2
JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 7 years ago
Now looking for reentry
girlfriend girlfriend 7 years ago
Beat earnings.....nice trade....yup
JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 7 years ago
been a great stock to trade, making a few bucks a day
2014trader 2014trader 7 years ago
hopefully this up coming week it will. TTS was brutally taken down. no reason for a 30%+ beating
JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 7 years ago
Bounce baby
JohnnyBlaze JohnnyBlaze 7 years ago
Nice trading opp here
Avispa Avispa 7 years ago
hwpbnj hwpbnj 7 years ago
Thank god for that dead cat
hwpbnj hwpbnj 7 years ago
Missed my bid by 10 cents.
Trueheart Trueheart 8 years ago
Interesting drop the past few days.

The company's sales grew but not enough for analysts.

magness magness 9 years ago
Tile Shop (TTS) Stock Gains on Earnings Beat $TTS
MiddleNorth MiddleNorth 10 years ago
MiddleNorth MiddleNorth 10 years ago
Oh joy - let's see how low it goes now.
Thanksforplaying Thanksforplaying 10 years ago
Wow. All the directors loaded up buying more shares
MiddleNorth MiddleNorth 10 years ago
Tts claims house sales are down? But they're actually up?? Are you confused with your stock price? Keep hiring those BB outcasts if you want to lose. Wake up CEO.
MiddleNorth MiddleNorth 10 years ago
Financials down this quarter? Gotta blame someone. More Best Buy outcasts invading. Who's next?
MiddleNorth MiddleNorth 10 years ago
Listening to the webcast now - sales goals missed due to weather? New strengthening leaders - Best Buys outcasts? Oh boy - Interesting future with TTS. Wake up CEO. imo.
stocky101 stocky101 10 years ago
Expecting a huge beat for TTS!!!!!
read_this_n0w read_this_n0w 10 years ago
all out today on this gap and rip
read_this_n0w read_this_n0w 10 years ago
TTS Tile Shop Completes Audit Committee Investigation; Guides FY14 Below Views

Tile Shop Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTS) announced the findings of the Audit Committee investigation into the nature and extent of its relationship with Beijing Pingxiu (“BP”), a licensed Chinese export trading company formerly utilized by the Company and certain of its Chinese vendors. The investigation was conducted by Dorsey & Whitney LLP, independent counsel to the Audit Committee, and an internationally recognized “Big 4” independent public accounting firm. The findings of the investigation concluded that while certain previously undisclosed related party relationships existed, there is no evidence that the Company’s historical financial results have been misstated or that the Company applied any improper accounting treatment with respect to its historical financial statements.

The investigation provided the following information:

-- Fumitake Nishi, the brother-in-law of CEO Robert Rucker and a former Company employee, acquired BP in late 2011. The investigation found that while BP primarily processed export transactions on an agency basis on behalf of the Company’s vendors, it also operated a business model that would take title to product and resell that product to the Company. The report confirmed that Mr. Nishi failed to disclose to the Company the existence of this “reseller” model and his ownership of BP. The total amount of payments processed by and through BP during the years ended December 31, 2011, 2012 and 2013 were $6.3 million, $12.5 million and $16.9 million, respectively. During fiscal years 2011, 2012 and 2013, the Company’s purchases that were fulfilled under BP’s agency model totaled $6.2 million, $9.5 million and $9.5 million, respectively, and the purchases that were fulfilled under BP’s reseller model were $0.1 million, $3.0 million and $7.4 million, respectively. The report found no evidence that the Company overpaid vendors through the BP relationship, nor did it underpay vendors through the BP relationship.
-- Mr. Nishi acquired a majority ownership interest in a vendor of the Company, Nanyang Helin Stone Co. Ltd. (“Nanyang”) in 2010. The Company purchases natural stone products including hand-crafted mosaics, listellos and accessories from Nanyang. The same products purchased from Nanyang were also purchased from other vendors and the investigation indicated that the prices for the products purchased from Nanyang were consistent with what the company paid the other unrelated vendors for the same or similar SKUs. Total amounts purchased from Nanyang during fiscal years 2011, 2012 and 2013 were $1.7 million, $2.1 million and $2.8 million, respectively.
-- Mr. Nishi personally received payments from representatives of certain vendors over the period September 2011 through December 2013. The investigation, which included local on-site interviews in China with some of these vendors, reported that certain vendors stated that the payments were in appreciation for consulting services provided by Mr. Nishi. The investigation identified approximately $1.1 million that was deposited into Mr. Nishi’s personal bank accounts in China over the above-referenced period.
-- There was no evidence that the Company’s inventories were overstated and/or its cost of goods sold was understated; inventory supplied from China was properly recorded at its purchase price.
-- There was no evidence the Company carries a material amount of discontinued or obsolete inventory on its books, and the Company applies its policy addressing this risk on an on-going basis.
-- There was no evidence of any payments to any vendors, either cash or equity, by Mr. Rucker in exchange for favorable pricing for the Company.
-- The investigation did not uncover any other third party relationships that require disclosure.

Mr. Rucker, CEO, stated “I am naturally extremely disappointed to learn of the nature and extent of the previously undisclosed relationships that Mr. Nishi maintained with our vendors. Our senior management team has had direct and pointed conversations with our vendors about this situation. We believe that by working together we will implement better practices to safeguard against any of these situations recurring in the future.”

Mr. Rucker continued, “The investigation took longer than we anticipated, but because of the diligence of the process, our Company will be stronger in the future. We have reexamined our business practices and have initiated the implementation of new procedures to better manage and control our vendor relationships. With that said, our entire organization can now re-focus its efforts on growing this Company as we continue to build out our national network of stores in a profitable manner.”

The detailed investigation included:

Multiple interviews with Mr. Nishi, senior management of the Company, and third party vendors located in China.
Examination of documents from the Company, Mr. Nishi, Mr. Rucker, various banks and certain third party vendors, including BP, Mr. Rucker’s brokerage accounts and stock transfer records.
Retention of an independent accounting firm to perform detailed analysis and testing of accounting records, supporting documentation and third party transactions.
Review of relevant documents, including public filings, financial documentation, correspondence and emails.

The Company is taking the following actions as a result of the investigation findings:

-- The Company discontinued its relationship with BP as of December 1, 2013.
-- Mr. Nishi’s employment was terminated effective January 1, 2014 for multiple violations of the Company’s business ethics policy. The Company will actively pursue recovery from Mr. Nishi of all monies he received from sources other than the Company while he was an employee of the Company.
-- The Company is establishing new procedures to ensure that it has complete visibility to its vendors’ invoices.
-- The Company has notified Nanyang that it will continue business with Nanyang only if Mr. Nishi’s ownership is transferred to an unrelated party and Mr. Nishi is not an officer or director of Nanyang.
-- The Company is establishing a new export trading company which would be operated by Company employees, so as to properly identify and fully control all vendor invoices, vendor relationships and vendor payments.
-- The Company will install multiple points of contact with vendors and rotate primary vendor relationships every 24 months.
-- The Company will reorganize purchasing oversight responsibilities and implement additional segregation of duties and control procedures.

The Company will file an amended Annual Report on Form 10-K for fiscal 2012, which will include disclosure of Mr. Nishi’s previously unknown ownership interests in BP and Nanyang, and the salary paid to Mr. Nishi as a Company employee.

2013 Preliminary Results

The Company is providing select preliminary financial information for the year ended December 31, 2013.

Revenues for the fourth quarter 2013 were $57.8 million and for the full year were $229.6 million, representing an annual increase of 26%. Comparable store sales for the fourth quarter of 2013 were 10.1% and for the full year 2013 were 12.4%.

While the annual result is within the guidance range previously communicated of $227 to $237 million, the fourth quarter sales were lower than anticipated. The Company noted that revenues trailed off from earlier 2013 trends starting in mid-November due to a reduction in traffic, limited benefit of promotional activities and inclement weather in several of the Company’s key Upper Midwest and East Coast markets.

Gross margins will be below 70% for the quarter but will approximate 70% for the year. Cost increases, discounts and promotional activity all impacted gross margins in the quarter.

Adjusted EBITDA is expected to range between $8 million and $10 million in the fourth quarter and $53 to $55 million for full year 2013. The Company had provided guidance that Adjusted EBITDA would approximate $60 million for the year.

The lower than anticipated revenues, coupled with the lower gross margins, were the primary reasons that Adjusted EBITDA will be below expectations. Also contributing to the Adjusted EBITDA shortfall was:

-- An approximately $1.1 million increase in sales and marketing expenses, which related to a planned advertising initiative that did not produce revenue related benefits in 2013.
-- Higher than expected health and benefit costs in the fourth quarter.
-- Pre-store opening expenses in the quarter were nearly $1.0 million which was approximately $200,000 above expectations due to slightly longer construction times and higher costs of certain locations.

Adjusted EBITDA excludes any costs associated with the independent investigation and other non-recurring items, as further described in “Non-GAAP Financial Measures” below. The costs for the investigation are anticipated to be in the $1.0 to $1.5 million range, which will be recognized as incurred in the fourth quarter 2013 and first quarter 2014.

The Company opened eight new stores in the fourth quarter, bringing the total for 2013 to 20 new stores. Two additional stores were opened in early January 2014.

“Late in the fourth quarter, there was a noticeable drop in customer traffic and our sales in the quarter ended below expectations. Harsh winter weather conditions in important markets had a meaningful effect on our daily orders and order deliveries in the quarter. In addition, planned promotional activities that were executed in the quarter did not yield the return we expected, which impacted our gross margins”, commented Chief Operating Officer Chris Homeister. Our team is carefully examining the cost/benefit relationship of our current promotional practices so as to consistently return to 70% gross margins. We are modifying our advertising approach to employ more dynamic messaging and personalized media capabilities as we enter into 2014. We will continue to invest in new stores and targeted promotional activities to drive sales growth in the most profitable manner.”

Mr. Rucker concluded, “While we are disappointed with our performance in the fourth quarter, we are still energized and excited about our long-term growth strategy. The opportunity for growth in our market niche is significant and our new store performance continues to demonstrate that the fundamental business model is sound. Our business is extremely well positioned to take advantage of the existing market conditions and we will strive to improve all operating metrics as we move forward. We are at the very early stages of a long term expansion opportunity and we remain committed to substantially growing shareholder value every year.”

Initial 2014 Guidance

The Company is providing initial expectations for 2014, based on past performance, anticipated new store openings and current economic conditions. Guidance includes the anticipated impact from challenging weather in key markets in January 2014 and resulted in the temporary loss of selling days at select locations in three important markets.

For the full year ended December 31, 2014 the Company expects:

-- Revenue to range from $285 million to $295 million.
-- Comparable Store sales to range from 5% to 7%.
-- Earnings per share to range from $0.43 to $0.47, assuming approximately 70% gross profit margins and 51.9 million fully diluted shares outstanding.
-- 20 new store openings, with two already opened, and no additional distribution center.

*** The Street sees FY14 EPS of $0.58 and revs of $297.9 million.

The Company anticipates that it will report 2013 full year results on February 20, 2013.
read_this_n0w read_this_n0w 10 years ago
Earnings outlook

Tile Shop Holdings Inc <TTS.O>:
* Announces independent investigation results, provides preliminary 2013
results and 2014 outlook
* Sees FY 2014 earnings per share $0.43 to $0.47
* Sees FY 2014 revenue $285 million to $295 million
* Q4 revenue $57.8 million versus I/B/E/S view $59.7 million
* Findings of investigation concluded there is no evidence that company's
historical financial results have been misstated
* Sees FY 2014 comparable store sales to range from 5% to 7%.
* Says comparable store sales for the fourth quarter of 2013 were 10.1%
* FY 2014 earnings per share view $0.57, revenue view $297.4 million -- Thomson
Reuters I/B/E/S

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