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Protagenic Therapeutics Inc

Protagenic Therapeutics Inc (PTIX)

Closed April 21 4:00PM
After Hours: 4:23PM

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Key stats and details

Current Price
1.2499 Day's Range 1.389
0.6797 52 Week Range 2.32
Market Cap
Previous Close
Last Trade
Last Trade Time
Financial Volume
$ 5,757
Average Volume (3m)
Shares Outstanding
Dividend Yield
PE Ratio
Earnings Per Share (EPS)
Net Profit

About Protagenic Therapeutics Inc

Protagenic Therapeutics Inc is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of therapeutics to treat stress-related neuropsychiatric and mood disorders. It provides treatments for mood, anxiety, depression and neurodegenerative disorders by using peptide-based and brain activ... Protagenic Therapeutics Inc is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of therapeutics to treat stress-related neuropsychiatric and mood disorders. It provides treatments for mood, anxiety, depression and neurodegenerative disorders by using peptide-based and brain active therapeutics. The company's lead compound, PT00114, is a synthetic form of Teneurin Carboxy-terminal Associated Peptide, an endogenous brain signaling peptide that can dampen overactive stress responses. It has also created a portfolio of novel neuropeptides that are in various stages of development and preclinical evaluation for the treatment of mood disorders. Show more

Business Services, Nec
Books: Pubg, Pubg & Printing
Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Protagenic Therapeutics Inc is listed in the Business Services sector of the NASDAQ with ticker PTIX. The last closing price for Protagenic Therapeutics was $1.37. Over the last year, Protagenic Therapeutics shares have traded in a share price range of $ 0.6797 to $ 2.32.

Protagenic Therapeutics currently has 4,435,132 shares outstanding. The market capitalization of Protagenic Therapeutics is $5.72 million. Protagenic Therapeutics has a price to earnings ratio (PE ratio) of -1.14.

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PTIX Discussion

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Monksdream Monksdream 3 weeks ago
PTIX 10Q due 4/1 per Seeking Alpha
Monksdream Monksdream 1 month ago
PTIX under $2
glenn1919 glenn1919 2 months ago
Triple nickle Triple nickle 4 months ago
It’s getting there
Monksdream Monksdream 5 months ago
PTIX new 52 week low
willlbone willlbone 6 months ago
Buy the dip, Back to $1.40 in a month.
willlbone willlbone 7 months ago
Looks like insiders got some news. Dollar will fall.
Monksdream Monksdream 7 months ago
PTIX under $2
jalive jalive 2 years ago
Do you think this company is going to start trails in February?
jalive jalive 2 years ago
Whats the deal with this company now anyone know?
jalive jalive 2 years ago
Hey, I read through most of your post on the board here. Any ideas where this company stands today? Came across my radar and it seems they are still in IND phase. Interested to hear what you think, thanks in advance!
smoke_em smoke_em 3 years ago
CYDYWinning CYDYWinning 3 years ago
Hey clay is here! This is when you know it’s a pump and dump. Stay away.
lukin4winners lukin4winners 3 years ago
PTIX hits $4.06 pre market short squeeze. More to come.
ClayTrader ClayTrader 3 years ago
* * $PTIX Video Chart 05-10-2021 * *

Link to Video - click here to watch the technical chart video

Roadtojourney Roadtojourney 3 years ago
New bagholder here lol imo
cjstocksup cjstocksup 3 years ago
Buying the dips there awhile ago paid off nicely. Loved the swings today.
aristotelisonassis aristotelisonassis 3 years ago
Beast mode today!
KeepOn KeepOn 3 years ago
Maybe now?
KeepOn KeepOn 3 years ago
Maybe now?
trader59 trader59 3 years ago
Not a good look for the underwriter. Sold units of stock plus warrant priced at $4.15 (warrant at 120% of that), stock price plunges 50% on NASDAQ. Pretty sure their customers aren't happy.
honest dave honest dave 3 years ago
Been watching all day for bottom. I think we're there.
Renee Renee 3 years ago
PTIX moved to the Nasdaq from the OTC:
kkpennies kkpennies 4 years ago
There is a vote today:

To ratify the appointment of MaloneBailey, LLP as our independent registered public accounting firm for the year ending December 31, 2020.
jimmyburkitt jimmyburkitt 4 years ago

Soffi Soffi 5 years ago
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Soffi Soffi 5 years ago
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JohnnyRothrock JohnnyRothrock 5 years ago ABBA even still around? #ATRAIN4EVER lol
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
Keep hanging in there guys. You may want to tell your neighbors to buy as well.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago

If a companies piggy backed credit falls into the rears they the corporation that is piggy backed can sell there debt. This piggy backed credit will show up as a loss and partial tax gain.

The collateral is the credit pre taxed. If the credit is sold at a loss it shows up in the financials as a sharehlolders deficit. The money paid for the credit showes up as a tax credit for the money lost as well the tax on the credit sold as a net revenue.

If the debt holder had paid the creditors then only money on profit is taxed.

So selling the credit to a third party automatically sets up a tax credit for the full amount offered by the third party purchaser of the credit.

You cannot defer the tax’s as in the case of a direct payment from the debtor.

The reason for this is that there must be a way to separate the third party expenses.

Banks do this all time. It’s called accurred accounting. Accounting that shows all relative losses as they are presented.

Do your own DD. Don’t take anyone’s word not even ours.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
If everyone felt that way then your assumption is correct. The company is selling equity at far less to raise capital too cover there debt slowly diluting the five dollar interest you mentioned. It’s what comes out of the capital raised that is important boasting the retained earnings from the selling of the debt.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
So Sly because of this private placement we the early investors are not fully engaged in the collateral offering. I can only assume then there are others. This of course has let us participate in trading only a small portion of our interest. Will we be included in the second offering to hold an annuity position larger then the one we hold now?

I wouldn’t part with my interest for less then $5 a share. How do you feel about that?
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
Private placements of collateral for debt are very complex and are often if not always paid through equity dilution.

When paid in capital through retained earnings ie: the issuing of equity paper too the ones who put up the collateral for the debt by the means of restricted shares known as outstanding shares then trade there debt with the banks debt and the bank then sells the collateral or debt too new investors.

The investors who last bought the issued revolving debt then become the new collateral holders.

The question then arises what of the interest of the previous collateral holders. They in fact become unsecured creditors to the company ie: holders of treasury stock.

If there is no treasury then there interest has been abolished or removed. Held in trust by the government as a part of the tax debt owed to be paid by depreciated assets if and only if those costs can be forwarded to the customer or client of the service offered ie: retained earnings for the sale of equity above the capital cost of the equities par value.

You scratch his back the next group will scratch yours.

eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
Private placement will be carried out shortly. The way this often works is collateral will be put up for debt too sell equity. The person putting up the equity ie: placement for collateral. The money raised will be used too return capital to the debt holders. The ones who put up the collateral will be paid an administration fee for the use of the collateral and will share that gain with the new stake holders.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago

Make sure you understand all the finer details of the contract to lease.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
Mmmmm, so you say.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
There always set up as a lease to purchase. Meaning the equity is leased and the shares purchased back from the proceeds of the lease for the original stakeholders. Any new capital raised goes toward the equity purchase.

There is tax’s for the sale and purchase as well the generated revenue from leasing the interest. Any capital depreciation on the assets leased are reimbursed back to both parties involved. One as a notable tax savings or credit that will go toward the purchase off setting the companies tax’s owed ie: treasury minus shareholders deficit.

The lease costs take into account the recievables and payables. Liability is made up of all debt including the lease payments required. If the lease contract to purchase expires as stated in the perspective and articles of incorporation and is not renewed or fully fulfilled then proceeds will be returned minus any depreciated asset costs, and tax’s owed plus any shareholders deficit “ capital borrowed too full fill the lease obligations”.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
This is the way it works. Hang on for the ride of your live. There are three entities involved. Government, Bank and the company it self.

The government represents the public interest and appoints a board of directors to oversee spending.

The bank underwrites the offering by offering a credit contract to the company equity holders.

Let’s stop there and examine what that contract may or maynot have in it.

The company borrows stock from the bank under a written contract with collateral attached. The collateral is in the form of a derivative supported by personal collateral put up by participants.

This could be house, home or other business interest that the bank will use to piggy back from.

The company in the meantime will counter piggy back. The sale of the paper “shares” has to be reported as cost plus profits “ capital surplus and retained earnings” .

Retained earnings is the cost and capital surplus being the earnings above par.

This is all due too the effect of the banks equity being piggy backed and the government acting as the trustees of the investors.

The government will in good faith match dollar too dollar of lending capital for every dollar raised.

It doesn’t always have to be in dollars it could be in facilities and consumable goods.

The government assets are lent to the bank. The bank inturns leases the assets to the company at a profit plus expenses ie ( depreciation) the bank lends back its equity to the company and cause the government is the trustee for the public shares the debt for the lent shares show up on the equity side of the equation in reverse to what they should be. Once the debt is slowly paid then of course the retained earnings will rise and capital surplus will diminish.

Buyer beware, do your own DD and teach your self to follow the money through the appropriate Chanel’s.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
Last chance to bail. This is how it works. Removing any revenue generated by the sale of debt and it’s associated debt we can then look at the remaining earnings. The other component you must understand is the collateral that can be a combination of earnings and depreciated assets ( receivables) were the cost will be passed on too future equity holders or the customer.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say everything is begged, borrowed and stolen. We will use the term stollen from the new future equity players buying the debt.

So the companies laboratories are leased from the university along with the required equipment to carry on the work. The contract wages have been notably set and approved. There is no earnings but there is a substanuale
depreciated future costs that is based on 18% for every depreciated dollar held against future tax earnings for the government.

Now there are individuals who will claim it’s a Ponzi game that if there is no generated revenue from the sale of the debt and paper then there is no revenue so for there is no possible means to pay back the debt. This would be true if there wasn’t the intervention of the government, banks and the manipulation of shares through forward splitting and reverse splitting to implement fractional shares.

Time is compensated for to early investors that all who get involved will pay the same. That is if you don’t trade. If you trade and your good at it then that is a personal up side.

So what is the risk of purchasing a company with no legit revenue? First of if the business does not succeed then the accumulated deficit or depreciated assets can be sold at market value. Market value is dedermined on the currency rate at the time the assets are put up. You will have much more activity if the dollar is trading lower relative to other currencies in getting a deal done. If you have a high currency rate relative to the historical lows of the currency your trading in chances the market will be stagnant for the selling of depreciated assets.

So folks the last chance to get off board the rising ship is here. There is no telling if it will sink again. There is no legit revenue but there is going to be a wack of ilegit revenue made and that could lead into legit revenue down the road.

eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
A bid for .01 and a ask for $250. That has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago

One of the biggest benifits to this drug is it’s ability to calm a cow down while in being transported ect. Adrenaline other wise builds up in the animal. Now of course chickens, pigs ect. Are also effected. Adrenaline build up in animals is one of the greatest spoiler of the animal making it very tough.

To administer a drug too a animal requires less hurdles and subsequent less R&D costs along with a much faster entry into the market place. This application of a new drug too relieve stress in animals could, maybe be ready for licensing.

Hang on and watch the new revenue numbers come out. The new numbers will tell the story. Note all illigite revenue raised by the selling of paper ie: warrants under a class D arrangement purchased by the former listed public interest minus administrative costs for the above mentioned warrants are none dated leaving a convertible offering open that could possibly be filled at a new par value pending future legit revenue from the above mentioned should a deal be made.

There is a huge market as due noted by the mice reaction to the drug in the agriculture industry sector. Do your own DD. Never act on information given that isn’t backed up by a 8K SEC filing.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
Well for the ones who attended I’m sure that you were very impressed as I was with what was said along with the future prospect of this company.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
Will be interesting to say the least next week.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
Once the preliminaries are done with we will be moving forward. Warrants will be exercised adding much needed revenue as well the selling of tax debt ie: converting of the tax debt too equity.

The process does one of two things. The first of course is the tax credit from depreciated assets creates a share holders deficit or credit. The other is the releaving of the tax debt too the new equity holders allowing the tax debt to be transferred goes right to the bottom line of your revenue.

Now yes this does increase the future tax bill but the company has the option of paying the tax’s or opting for another round of financing in selling the newly created tax debt “ treasury stock “

Now we all know it’s not legit revenue in the sense that a product is being sold. What is happening is capital is being built. The company can piggy back by purchasing stock in another company that is creating legit revenue.

This will often show up in your recievable assets as well by taking your gross revenue and subtracting the retained earnings that is your capital surplus minus the tax debt paid. The capital surplus is made up of borrowed capital as well options and warrants that are exercised.

Because capital borrowed is not taxed of yet a tax debt is then applied that can again be sold to the public under an equity offering to raise additional capital. The tax from capital debt can be withheld until the proceeds are used. It is very important to take into account the companies cash position and the future tax debt that can be brought forward ie: treasury stock

There is plenty of simpler ways to express what I said above. The bottom line is there is a huge capital requirement to move the company forward and I hope as a person buying an equity stake understands the importance of supporting those very capital requirements that will be needed to see the company create legit revenue by its own created synergies or by the purchasing of other legit revenue generating avenues.

Don’t let recievables scare you off. Under many private placement situations using various different financial instruments they can hedge them selfs from the liability risk the recievables may hold.
eddy2 eddy2 6 years ago
The tax debt is in place to raise the capital you mentioned. They will sell the debt that was accumulated through the sale of equity above its par value. This has set in motion a government credit due too the original bank debt being sold to equity holders with after there previous taxed money used for the purchase.

More debt could be used. I guess time will tell if there is sufficient collateral raised to support the debt. There is a share holders deficit ie: money raised and tax debt sold and lent back to the company. This company needs a legit revenue source as leveraged tax debt is raised and sold further diluting the existing shareholders of there position.
point_east point_east 6 years ago

Protagenic Therapeutics is committed to advancing its biological expertise to help build a strong presence with novel, first-in-class approaches in the treatment of a variety of psychological and psychiatric diseases. We believe that understanding the biology of disease as well as the mechanism of action of a potential intervention will help facilitate more efficient and speedy clinical development while improving the probabilities of success in clinical trials. We expect our IND-enabling studies to be completed by March 2018, followed by IND submission to the FDA in the 2nd quarter of 2018. If this IND is accepted by the FDA, we anticipate being able to commence Phase I clinical trials in 2018.
point_east point_east 6 years ago
some action could be coming mid-2018

from the 04/05/2018 10K

"(2) In the absence of a licensing opportunity with a large pharmaceutical partner, we may undertake an equity financing in mid-2018, in order to raise $5-10 million in working capital to fund our first two phases of clinical trials. In this event, Management would aim to disclose additional pre-clinical research results prior to or coincident with this possible equity financing, because this would represent a developmental milestone that could increase the value of the Company’s equity in the view of future investors."
smakkdaddy smakkdaddy 6 years ago
Sitting here listening to this song...

Knowing how I put myself in this position...

Searched myself through and through...

Then glory!! (IMO)

Found something that has been stable, stable stable.

Potentially ready for lift off.


$34K worth or better and climbing.

Well over 2000 oz.


smakkdaddy smakkdaddy 6 years ago
Dude, is this thing ever going to launch or what?

No pumping from PTIX or squat.


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