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ModivCare Inc

ModivCare Inc (MODV)

Closed July 13 4:00PM
After Hours: 7:59PM


StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
12.5011.0015.500.0013.250.000.00 %00-
15.008.5013.000.0010.750.000.00 %00-
17.506.1010.500.008.300.000.00 %00-
20.003.908.000.005.950.000.00 %00-
22.501.005.503.823.250.000.00 %01- %00-
30.002.552.752.552.650.000.00 %05- %00-

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StrikeBid PriceAsk PriceLast PriceMidpointChangeChange %VolumeOPEN INTLast Trade
12.500.002.650. %00- %040-
17.500. %00- %00-
22.500.501.900.501.200.000.00 %01- %00-
30.002.656.200.004.4250.000.00 %00-
35.007.3011.500.009.400.000.00 %00-


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Bionic Man Bionic Man 5 minutes ago
I see the newest podcast is available.
ignatiusrielly35 ignatiusrielly35 7 minutes ago
He or she receives a rather mundane wage for the effort. A person who doesn’t really understand anything and occasionally gets fed a substantive talking point to regurgitate.
RichieBoy RichieBoy 12 minutes ago
I've seen it before, still blows my mind.

How did Patrick get on the Board of Directors at Connectbase. The common purpose appears very tight indeed.
Ranb2khz Ranb2khz 13 minutes ago
We – Together

“But when they measure themselves by one another and compare themselves with one another, they are without understanding.” ~ 2 Corinthians 10:12

We live in a world full of gifted people. Everywhere we go we are surrounded by the beauty, skill, and passion
fuagf fuagf 14 minutes ago
Lime Time. You first suggested you would be back in a month, then it was two, now you make it three. Do it.
fuagf fuagf 17 minutes ago
Lime Time, "I'm way smarter than you." Trump thinks he is too, but doesn't think you are.
fuagf fuagf 24 minutes ago
Lime Time, So you are in favor of allowing a tyrant who assassinates
his political opponents to invade and take over a sovereign country.

Just as you are in favor of a wannabe domestic tyrant
destroying the democratic institutions of your country.

Real McCoy Real McCoy 24 minutes ago
You said “the coming months”. Since I’m 100% confident this is all worthless garbage, let’s get a countdown going for 90 days, OK? There will be NOTHING but your complete fantasies that someone somewhere is “working” on some “case” that message board posters, whose identity you’re also fantasizing
schnittke schnittke 28 minutes ago
That is a disclosure, and the risk is mentioned in every annual report
Bayou Man Bayou Man 28 minutes ago
I'm still holding brother. I to believe our time is coming after all these years.

Good luck to all..!!
jrsh jrsh 34 minutes ago
OMG.... not this one with the legal excuse as well!!!!

Remember back in March they said the same about the licences!!!

Seems very much that's their standard excuse when they don't want to discuss an issue anymore!!!
HyperPhoenix1 HyperPhoenix1 42 minutes ago
Thank you. If you play with the model, you will see that in all scenarios, the upside is huge. Even without FDA approval, x7 to x10 on current stock price seams easily achievable. I cannot understand that the market did not value the european and now UK market authorization. Have a nice week end
Wise Man Wise Man 45 minutes ago
16 years into a Conservatorship for the rehabilitation, you talk about a "distressed" scenario.
What happens is that you are annoyed with your JPS. An AT1 Capital instrument that "MUST HAVE DIVIDEND DISCRETION" (Definition), to meet the criterion for inclusion, meant for the recapitalization
bbotcs bbotcs 54 minutes ago
Elon backs Trump:
bbotcs bbotcs 56 minutes ago
lj: I assume the top two people in the Executive Branch were Barack Obama and Susan Rice, and I am not joking!
bbotcs bbotcs 57 minutes ago
lj: Speaking of TSLA, the left-leaning fund managers will no longer buy TSLA:
Bull_Dolphin Bull_Dolphin 59 minutes ago
Fox in the hen house:
toncatmad toncatmad 1 hour ago
Well would you look at that. Just as has been stated here. Both BioAmber Sarina and BioAmber Canada have their dissolutions pending for non compliance. Won’t be long now and those two corps will be gone for good

Corporation Number
Business Number (BN)
Chiugray Chiugray 1 hour ago
XMaster, thanks much appreciated.
noradio noradio 1 hour ago
I'm no expert, but does marketing require substantial capital investment? I mean it's not like building a mine or a powerplant/factories or oil wells. Seems like it's a more creative business and more about talent and strategy. I'm not saying no capital investment is required, obviously offices will
fuagf fuagf 1 hour ago
Lime Time, What sort of a voter would vote for the guy who after his 1st stint is ranked last of 45
by experts in the field. Yeah, he was judged the worse we've ever had, let's have him again.
toncatmad toncatmad 1 hour ago
That has to be one of if not the dumbest nonsense I have read on the FKA BioAmber board.
Let us know what the Canadian judge thinks of your baseless claims as anything would have to go through him.
Make sure to tell him that you all think that insolvent FKA BioAmber that was liquidat
Chiugray Chiugray 1 hour ago
Ilovetech, Speculating, but I believe monetizing the platform will be what the Franchise model does. Possibly the franchisees will be oncologists and BPs, who all want access to DCVax for their cancer patients. Doctors get support for off-label use. BPs get access to DCVax for combination therapies

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