MANHATTAN, N.Y., July 11, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- DO-200B, "Standards for Processing Aeronautical Data," is a cornerstone within modern aviation. While DO-178 and DO-278 garner a greater portion of mindshare, DO-200B is the workhorse upon which all modern aircraft rely, both directly and indirectly. Why? Because DO-200B governs the means by which data necessary for safe aircraft operations is prepared, updated, utilized, and maintained.

To succinctly summarize, DO-200B provides guidance for the following aeronautical aspects:

  • Minimum standards and guidance for processing aeronautical data;
  • "Aeronautical Data" = data used for navigation, flight planning, terrain awareness, flight simulators, etc.;
  • Criteria for developing, changing, and supporting aeronautical data;
  • Ultimately providing the user with assurance of data quality.

A free introductory whitepaper on DO-200B is available from AFuzion here: Free download AFuzion DO-200B Introduction Whitepaper:

AFuzion has won five of the world's top six DO-200B / Aeronautical Data services contracts in the past year covering Military aviation, UAM, eVTOL, and civilian aviation. AFuzion's new DO-200B Training and DO-200B Auditing services expanding worldwide. AFuzion's DO-200B training classes have been attended by 1,700 engineers worldwide - additional information here: AFuzion DO-200B Aeronautical Data Training Class Information:

AFuzion also has a free DO-200B Aeronautical Data webinar on August 5th; registration is free but limited to 1,000 persons (mas three per company please). Register here: Free DO-200B Training Webinar Registration:


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